“We need you all now”. + Cdn. Parliament votes to keep mandates

“The Canadian government is the first Domino of [worldwide] corruption…[therefore the WEF cannot afford for it to fall].” FollowMr. Bill K. For Freedom (Gettr: @KieserBill)@KieserBill

Justin Trudeau did not get his Reichstag Fire – but killed Cdn Democracy Just the Same

Pierre Trudeau brought in the War Measures Act and used it to round up his political opponents. His RCMP committed arson and theft, and fabricated evidence. Will Justin Trudeau do the same? “Just watch me.”


UPDATE: 5:20 pm PST February 15, 2022 this just in from Dennis:



We are calling upon all Canadians, concerned with the extreme measures taken by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in now using the Emergency Measures Act (EMA) against peaceful Canadian citizens, to join us on an EMERGENCY CALL TO ACTION.

Our Webcast/ Live Feed is tonight, Feb 15 at 9 PM ET/ 6 PM BC Time – Canada Connect Webcast, with numerous streaming options.

To be clear, the EMA is being used by Trudeau as a weapon against peaceful citizens of Canada purely for their political or personal beliefs. Let’s be clear, the action of the Prime Minister is classical ‘persecution and purge’ of political opponents, typical of dictatorships. Its very dangerous and it must be stopped.

The good news, since there is no actual emergency, there are things we can do to put a quick end to the Justine’s EMA, but we must act fast. Tonight, we will share those details of actions that we can and must do.

Last night we conducted an emergency call to provide firsthand account of what is happening right here in Ottawa, the epicentre of the Freedom Movement spreading around the world. The truckers are standing firm to stay and in their demand ALL MANDATES MUST END. Our special guests last night included Randy Hiller, freedom warrior/MPP from Ontario, as well as our own ‘super-star’ doctors, Paul E Alexander and Roger Hodkinson.

Please spread the word far and wide for tonight, as we will be issuing a National Call to Action, to put a stop to the actions taken by the Prime Minister. Go to Canada Connect Webcast for options to view the live stream.

BACKGROUND ON WAR MEASURES ACT: Yesterday’s invoking of the Emergency Measures Act (EMA) is only the second time such extreme measures were taken against a wide swath of the citizens of Canada, the other being Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s declaration during the FLQ crisis in 1970. In those days the EMA was actually called the War Measures Act, giving you a pretty clear indication as to circumstances such extreme measures were intend to for. Violent crimes were committed in 1970 by the FLQ, and even in that circumstance most historians agree that the actions of Sr Trudeau were an extreme overreach of power.

Now 52 years latter, the current version of Trudeau is coming against peaceful truckers, farmers, and other freedom supporters, in essentially the same fashion they were hunting down murders and kidnappers in 1970.

FACTS ON THE GROUND: Fact is, since the Freedom Convoy arrived in Ottawa, crime in this city is down 50 – 90% (depending on category) There have been no incidents of violence on the part of the truckers or their supporters for over 15 days now.

Join us TONIGHT at 9 PM Eastern Time/ 7 PM MT/ 6 PM PT. We will have ‘well thought out’ action items to share with you. Spread the word far and wide.

Yours For Freedom

TBOF Leadership Team

Taking Back Our Freedoms

Our Webcast/ Live Feed is tonight, Feb 15 at 9 PM ET/ 6 PM BC Time – Canada Connect Webcast, with numerous streaming options.

UPDATE: 1:40 pm PST February 15, 2022

This is one of the Turvert’s ilk. Listen to what he says about those who have chosen not to participate in the Global mRNA gene therapy experiment:

Mark Slapinski who describes himself as a “Tech”


UPDATE: 12:45 pm PST February 15, 2022 Just got this in an anonymous e-mail from Ontario. Folks. Canadians used to be known as having the greatest national sense of humoUr in the world. Comedians Jim Carrey, Mike Meyers and many others are Canadians. But, in the past few years, with the advent of the Turvert…things have not been so funny. A letter from the Canadian Union of Public Employees [all Federal workers] to all its members…is a return to our comedic roots and rightful role as Funniest Nation in the World.

Watch this video for proof that comedy is not dead in Canada:

Why are ALL Canadian Male Sentients so Fucking Handsome! Or, is it just me? LOL


UPDATE: 11:45 am PST February 15, 2022 From Twitter:

“Trudeau allowed ISIS fighters to return to Canada, but he wants to use terrorism financing legislation to freeze the bank accounts of Canadian families who donated money to a peaceful freedom convoy.

How messed-up is that?”

UPDATE: 11:30 am PST February 15, 2022 Two very important updates regarding the GiveSendGo controversy: First a message from GiveSendGo I found on Twitter:

Second and even more importantly. CBC has been misusing their taxpayer-funded mandate by conducting a criminal intrusion into the privacy of contributors to the charitable fund.

UPDATE: 11:00 am PST February 15, 2022 Northerntruthseeker has published an important post this morning with crucial updates on the Freedom Trucker Convoy. Please watch the two videos he uploaded: 1) Former RCMP Cpl Daniel Bulford clarifies the planting of weaponry to discredit the truckers; 1) Freedom Convoy Organizers give a press conference with very important information for all supporters of Freedom and Democracy.

UPDATE: 10:30 am PST February 15, 2022 Former Newfoundland Premier and only living signee to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms Brian Peckford has publicly declared he is a member of the Peoples Party of Canada and fully supports its leader Maxime Bernier.

UPDATE: 10:10 am PST February 15, 2022 Despite much fake news to the contrary, Tennis Ace Novak Djokovic has not taken the Experimental mRNA Gene Therapy. From the criminally complicit tool of the New World Order BBC: “Novak Djokovic willing to miss tournaments and sacrifice trophies over vaccine”. [gc comments: Novak may not have anyone to play against if all the world class tennis players take the vaxxxZine and succumb to adverse events.]

UPDATE: 10:00 am PST February 15, 2022 The Chief of the Ottawa Police Department has resigned. This individual has been accused of all manner of corruption and of even being a former member of the FBI!!! The Ottawa Police have been accused of not coming down hard enough on the legally Dissenting Truckers. So, according to this same report, the Turvertian authorities have arranged for 800 new individuals to be sworn in to police Ottawa. These individuals are no doubt the brainwashed TelevisioniZed Thugs that the Turvertian Authorities are needing to accomplish their future crimes against humanity.


Good morning beloved sentients. I know YOU are all awake and have been for well over two years. But are our fellow humanoid species, the “Sheeple”, awake yet? Is there some tiny glimmer of awareness on the horiZon of their “black as the night from pole to pole” brains? Well, we can only live and hope. Yesterday, Trudeau attacked Canada with a dull hatchet, bludgeoning it again and again, blood spurting out in all directions–coast to coast to coast.

Did that knock some sense into them? I am still prevented from loading videos from Twitter onto this blog. This prevents me from showing, in real time, developments as they are uploaded onto Twitter news feed. I recommend readers to go to Twitter to keep abreast of all the warp speed developments in this crisis. Here is one Twitter account to follow regularly:

Unacceptable HonkHonk Chicken Gate 🇨🇦 RetweetedTrans(je suis #PPC)@TransSplendor·6m

The guy in the video at the top of Chicken Gate’s account is great. Nobody knows what his name is but he represents and talks to the truckers on this video.

I will continue as best I can to sum them up over the course of today in a timeline I’ll set up at the top of this post. In the meantime, here are some links and quotes already posted to Twitter and other forums this morning. The first is actually left over from yesterday and is an analysis of how the PerpZ tried to set up a “Reichstag Fire” pretext before invoking the Emergencies Act yesterday...but failed. This was the huge mistake the Freedom Convoy Trucker Leaders DID NOT MAKE. They did not allow the Trucker rank and file to be provoked [by the Turvert’s florid psychosis language–full of insults and threats] into violence and thus predicating a “convenient” forcible intervention:


But, undeterred that they had no legal reason to do so, the Tervertian “authorities” went ahead and invoked the Emergency Act anyway. They knew that their complicit Treasonous MZM Press and their corrupt/criminal Black Ops police have already and will in the future manufacture the pretexts for the coming assault on the Truckers in Ottawa. This will be accomplished by dinning the public with 24/7 lies, brainwashing programming, manufacturing False Flags, planting weapons on the Truckers–all these crimes are soon to come our way, folks. Read the following quotes from social media forums and I will have final comments to follow:


LOL this is from another forum:

“…It occurred to me yesterday morning: what if all of us visualized Turdeau breathing hard desperately and sweating for about 20 seconds and then blowing his brains out with a pistol of your imagination (or obviously, we could come to a consensus which brand would be used🙂)?  We know that prayer works.…”


The Full Monty: mandatory medical treatments, enhanced police powers, state-sponsored media, financial surveillance, asset seizure, crypto supervision, licence suspensions.

Plain as day for anyone to see.


Justin Trudeau didn’t even need to stage a Reichstag fire as a pretext to invoking the Emergencies Act. He just needed his state-funded media to tell Canadians there had been such an incident. Whoever controls the media, controls the mind. -Jim Morrison


So the guy who told Canadians outright he was going to destroy Canada’s sovereignty by making it the world’s first post national state,  is now using the act designed to protect Canada’s sovereignty to dismantle the group that’s  actually trying to protect Canada’s sovereignty.


Greencrow continues: And, just in case any Canadians still believe the government is here to protect Canadian freedoms…the Parliament today nixed a motion to rescind the Mandates [thus allowing the hopeless Truckers to gain a bit of confidence they could have their lives back…and return home] No. The government, including the Treasonous, Corrupt so-called “Opposition” NDP voted to maintain the Globalist agenda/WEF mandates that the Truckers have come to Ottawa to oppose. Here are the words from the Government reporting documents that show the details of this Treasonous Act:



That, given that provinces are lifting COVID-19 restrictions and that Dr. Theresa Tam has said that all existing public health measures need to be “re-evaluated” so that we can “get back to some normalcy”, the House call on the government to table a plan for the lifting of all federal mandates and restrictions, and to table that plan by February 28, 2022.

In the link below are the results of the vote regarding lifting mandates presented by Candice Bergen. I believe everyone should know how their representative voted. This page shows the results by party, but you have the option of checking the vote by Province/Territory and Member of Parliament. 

Vote Detail – 24 – Members of Parliament – House of Commons of Canada



Greencrow concludes: Yes, folks click on the link directly above–to see who betrayed you this morning. Another day, another betrayal. Stay tuned for more betrayals and above all…


24 thoughts on ““We need you all now”. + Cdn. Parliament votes to keep mandates

  1. Caught this…I suspected that Trudeaus declaration was vey insidious …we simply had to let it unfold.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi FreakedOut
      Thanks very much for posting this important message from RCMP Cp[ Bulford. This is going to be their main strategy for the immediate future. Relentless False Flags and Media Lies–to provoke Fear Porn in the MASS-Media-Brainwashed sheeple.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. What a disgrace the RCMP continue to be…

      The weapons cache??? looked like they were bought the day before.(or maybe the RCMP stole them ??)

      …..and the RCMP actually admits to sabotaging heavy duty equipment parked on private property.

      The RCMP roots and role have always been the Cheka thugs of Gov’t..


  2. GC Says:
    “This is one of the Turvert’s ilk. Listen to what he says about those who have chosen not to participate in the Global mRNA gene therapy experiment:”

    That Mark Slapinski POS needs a good slap upside the head for being the ultimate MORON.
    Hoping on a “Lights Out” moment for the idiot on any future video interview.👍😄 It’s only a matter of time.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I sure hope all the people that get contacted by the Communist Broadcasting Corporation have enough sense to either tell them to f*ck off, or to ignore them all together. There is not a pond big enough in this world to hold all the scum that has surfaced during this plandemic.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Greencrow,

    The Republican Governor of Virginia has passed a law making mandatory masking of school children illegal!

    The legislature of Virginia hand carried the passed legislation to Governor Youngkin for signature. Very unusual

    Let Poopy Pants Biden try and enforce his mask and vaccine mandate now in Virginia.

    The Federal Mandates are Bullshit and the Biden (Poopy Pants) Administration knows it.

    And now it comes to light that the Clinton regime used treasonous spying to try and oust Trump!

    Your RMCP seems to be a bought and paid for subsidiary of our FBI.

    I always had this vision of Canadians as being the toughest and hardiest of all. Unfortunately most are very tough but too trusting!

    I worked for the US Department of Transportation for 30+ years and I can tell you that governments are much more corrupt than people would like to believe.


  5. Tory staffer suddenly departs Queen’s Park after donating $100 to convoy protests

    Solicitor General Sylvia Jones’s director of communications is out of a job after donating $100 earlier this month to the illegal truckers’ protest, sources told the Star.


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  6. Hi RAH
    It is precisely these tactics that will wake up the middle class sheeple who are holding up the tyranny by “just following orders”. When their own freedoms get threatened they will finally understand…but will it be too late?


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