The humanimal-fication of Canadians

Deputy Dictator and Future Dictator Chrystia “Shit Stain” Freeloader Tells Canadians they will Never Again Be Free

Good morning PTSD wounded warriors. I am sure you have all been psychologically wounded [broken, but more about that later] by the events of yesterday….as I am also. Seeing your fellow sentients corralled like animals in front of the Chateau Laurier in downtown Ottawa, standing on the frozen snow…STAZI THUG police closing in on them…when the Freedom Convoy’s entire three-week protest has been peaceful. Seeing the RCMP horses being galloped into the crowd, mowing down elderly demonstrators. As James asked in the comments: “How come when a car is driven into a crowd of people it’s considered a crime but when horses are driven into people it’s OK?”

The piece of shit stain filth in the photo above went on TV a few days ago–before the long planned take down our Canadian democracy–and said the following in the video below:

As Simon Hicks asked:

“How can she say this [i.e., that some of the diktats being brought in with the Emergency Act will be permanent] when it hasn’t even reached finality with the debate, vote, & senate?

What does she know that we don’t? What does Anti Hate Canada haved planned with their $45 mil that was given them by JT?…more of what happened with Coastal GasLink near Houston, BC 2 days ago?…or is she aware that WW3 could be on our doorstep & martial law would be needed?….LOTS of questions?”

This morning when I opened my e-mail I read a notice from Rebel News editor Ezra Levant:

“…Moments ago, Trudeau’s police attacked our reporter Alexa Lavoie.

She was simply doing her job: documenting Canada’s shocking descent into martial law. She’s not a protester. She’s a journalist. But she’s not one of Trudeau’s journalists.

So when one of Trudeau’s cops spotted her today, he made a bee-line for her. He beat her with a stick, and he shot her in the leg with a tear gas canister. Take a look:…”

Trudeau has a vendetta against Alexa. You might remember, Alexa asked the best question in the entire 2021 election debates — about why he doesn’t recognize natural immunity when it comes to Covid. Trudeau was so flustered by the question, he refused to answer her.

He’s never forgiven her for making him look like a fool.

So today he got his revenge — he sent an armed thug to beat up a woman.


Greencrow continues: Alexandra was beaten as an example–to strike fear into the demonstrators. Dennis sends the following links please review and I will have concluding comments to follow:

There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.” –Søren Kierkegaard

Greencrow concludes: My fully vaxxxZinated husband was a horse wrangler in his youth. Over the 43 years of our marriage, he has told me a lot about horses and how to break their spirit. Funny, during the first few years of our marriage, I sometimes had this very weird feeling that I was a horse being broke…albeit very gently. As readers know, however, he was never completely successful in breaking me. I still ride free like Robert the Bruce in the video below. And that is the spirit I will take to my grave.

But, yes, my husband was a horse wrangler in his youth and taught me some things about horses and about breaking horses. That, my dear sentients, is what is now going on in Ottawa and all across Canada. Canadians’ spirit is being broken, as methodically and as strategically as horse wranglers break horses. The corralling, the intimidation…

…the steady alternating between application of tension and release of tension. The application of manacles/coverings to the face…all of it. It is a psychological operation.

When this breaking of our spirit is complete we will be rendered just like horses and/or other domesticated animals. Horses, cattle, sheep, and other animals have been broken, bred and used as slaves for human purposes for millennia. Now human-imals will be considered the same as other farm animals–by ilk like the shit stain frau in the photo at the top. So, sentients, watch on TV, while humans are being broken by the human wranglers and as the humanimal-fication of Canadians proceeds apace.

6 thoughts on “The humanimal-fication of Canadians

  1. A reporter making turvert look like a fool. He has that market cornered all by his lonesome. I can only dream that one day the treasonous balllicking actor is hanging from a rope. He makes me physically ill.

    Ps Thank you for all your hard work and passion Greencrow

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