February 18, 2022 Ottawa Police Cover-up?

Randy Hillier is a member of the Ontario Provincial Legislature

Good morning readers. We have a mystery on our hands to solve this morning. This mystery started on Friday, February 18, 2022 in Ottawa, Canada and continues to this day. It revolves around the demonstration that took place outside the Chateau Laurier Hotel in downtown Ottawa, which is located very close to the Canadian Federal Parliament buildings.

Outside that hotel was the main confrontation between the peaceful but determined Trucker Convoy protesters and the police. The police were composed of Ottawa city police, the RCMP and other police of undetermined origin [foreign mercenaries?] who had been hired by the Federal government of Justin Trudeau.

At the height of the confrontation, which was being videotaped live by multiple cell phone users and professional media, RCMP on horseback galloped through the unarmed civilian crowd–and two individuals were videotaped as having been mowed down and trampled by the horses. A middle aged man in a tan-coloured winter jacket and an elderly woman in a red and black outfit.

In this shot [near the letter “B”] you can see the man in the tan-coloured jacket being trampled

I was watching Rebel News live at the time on February 18th and saw this happen. I saw the horses galloping through the crowd and then heard the journalist screaming to the effect that people had been trampled and “What have you done!?” Then the crowd and the police converged and it was impossible to see what happened to the man and woman.

I do remember in the immediate aftermath of the incident I heard that the man had died. Yes, I do remember hearing that and now, in retrospect, it dovetails nicely with the essential lesson that we learned from 9/11–the truth is usually contained in the immediate reports–and then what you hear later is government/media concocted cover-up/lies.

So, in the day or so after the incident, we only heard about the woman who had been trampled. We had conflicting reports on her medical status and even her name. First, we heard she had died from her injuries. Then, finally, we heard that she was an indigenous woman and that she had “only” suffered a separated shoulder. Yesterday, I was very surprised to see a Tweet reportedly from her saying Cathy Seros had decided to move out of Canada and go and “live with her family in Florida.” Well, that did not sound right to me. A woman who was such a dedicated activist that she would write freedom slogans all over her pick-up truck would not suddenly, of her own volition, move out of the country while the battle for freedom still raged.

Cathy SerosWoman who was trampled by RCMP horseback police recovering in Hospital says she has now moved to Florida?

Flash forward to this morning when I see on Twitter the video below from Ontario MLA Randy Hillier. Randy is asking what happened to the middle-aged man in the tan-coloured 3/4 length winter jacket.

Close up of Horse Trampling Man – How could anyone have survived this???
Close up of man immediately after being trampled in defensive motion to protect head. This screenshot was taken from a video by JP Sears that can be viewed HERE. The Screenshot was taken at 4:34 moments into the video

What News sounds like to Truthers.

Here is my blog post about the Horse Trampling Incident:

Randy is not the first sentient who has asked this question. Rebel News Journalist Alexa Levoie, who was herself brutalized by the police in Ottawa, has asked the same question during the past few days:

Alexandra Lavoie Injured by Police in Ottawa

Unfortunately, the Rebel News report where Alexa asks what happened to the man in the tan-coloured jacket has been scrubbed from the Internet. I searched for it this morning and found nothing. So the mystery has deepened this morning after a TikTok video has turned up and was given to Randy Hillier. In this video, a lifeless body is seen dragged away by police from outside the Chateau Laurier. Was this the man trampled by the horses? Or was this some other unfortunate protester who suffered serious injury at the hands of the Trudeau-diktated police? Watch the video at the odysee.com link below and make up your own mind…or do an investigation on the Internet and report back if you have seen any relevant information.


The video below seems to have been tampered with. Does anyone know how to adjust odysee audio settings? And the brief video snippet Randy included in his video seems to have disappeared. This was a TikTok video where a TV is on in the background and shows two policemen dragging a lifeless body across the snow-covered ground.


It seems extremely strange that one of the trampled individuals [the woman] would be the subject of an intense dysinformation campaign in the hours and days after she was trampled and the other, the mysterious middle-aged man in the tan-coloured jacket– after very briefly being reported to have died–has disappeared entirely. Meanwhile Cathy Seros probably knows who the gentleman in the tan-coloured winter jacket was…but now she has suddenly “moved to Florida”.

The mystery is compounded by what has happened to the relevant video-tape. the video of the body being dragged off by the police has completely disappeared from the Internet. The brief clip given to Randy Hillier was a TikTok clip taken from TV coverage immediately following the incident. It appears that the original clip of the man being dragged away by police was taken from a window of the Hotel Chateau Laurier. As only police were allowed to stay at that hotel during the time in question…it is likely that a police person filmed the clip of the body being dragged off from the hotel window. So the entire mystery boils down to “Who was the person who’s body is being seen dragged off by police from outside the Chateau Laurier Hotel on the day of February 18, 2022? It appears there is a high level cover-up going on.

Here is the letter that Ontario MLA Randy Hillier has written to all the authorities who could possibly be involved in a cover-up of this magnitude:


The entire caper, IMO, smells and sounds like the mastermind workings of the “Turdblossom”. Regular readers will know who I’m referring to.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled and stay tuned.

17 thoughts on “February 18, 2022 Ottawa Police Cover-up?

  1. Greencrow,

    The trucker protest is coming to DC.

    I got my Gopro video and my bicycle armor ready.

    DC has the National Guard ready for the protest.

    Commenting on your previous post regarding Satanism.

    It’s in your face!

    Biden is flying unaccompanied children into airports all over the U.S.

    Also 30+ kids were being transported across the Haitian/Dominican border by some woman after the earthquake there.

    She claimed these children were orphans which was not true. Many of these children were not orphans.

    She got arrested by the Haitian authorities.

    But miracles of miracles. Bill Clinton showed up to save her.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi GC:

    Yes…I did see (2) people trampled by horses….one has been allegedly identified.

    Rebel News has been inquiring re: the other person…

    To be blunt…who knows what the truth is ??? ie maybe the 2nd person is fine but told the STFU ???

    Something doesn’t smell right.

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  3. MEMO to self from this incident. Don’t ever go back to a post describing an incident and correct/edit the facts after listening to the MZM.

    Instead. Leave the post exactly as is and do another post with the factual changes. That way. I will always have the original version intact. In the first version of the relevant post I reported that someone had died from the horse trampling. Then I went back and corrected it.


    1. Hi GC:

      Not sure what’s happening re me last post … but the link to Hillier video you posted above still works.

      I noted that the (2) people who dragged the person..one looked like a UN goon and the other is wearing a strange uniform..I think it says POLICE.

      Other thoughts are do you drag an injured person along the ground before you assess injury ?
      …… and those huge horses charging through a crowd are as dangerous as driving a vehicle.


      1. I’ll try and listen to it again. My version has the audio slowed to a crawl. However, so long as my readers can hear it properly, it’s all good. Wonder how the PerpZ will worm their way out of this one…besides wetting their pants over Ukraine and trying to start WWIII.


    1. Hi Ron:

      I do remember that report. They were joking that “The horses are fine”. You know? I wouldn’t be surprised if those were foreign mercs with foreign horses that trampled the crowd. I still can’t believe the RCMP who used to thrill me as a child with their “Musical Ride” would ever stoop to such a disgusting criminal act.


      1. Ron also sent this to my e-mail address:

        “I tried to post this several times to your blog but each time it disappeared then I hit the post button. I think it is because it is a Rumble video.

        A Canadian military veteran totally shreds the RCMP in this video. He calls them a criminal gang with badges and guns. You can try posting it if you want. The video is very good and he talks like Corporal Bulford.



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  4. I strongly believe that the horse brigade was from Toronto Metro. As far as I know…..the RCMP only have the dark coloured musical ride thoroughbreds. This does need clarification.


    1. You are absolutely RIGHT Mac! Now that I think of it…I thought there was something strange about those horses. All the horses in the musical ride were dark. So this was probably a Merc Horse Brigade and those riders may have been foreign. Looking forward to seeing what the government response to Randy Hillier is.


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