Half the Trudeau cabinet are Young global leaders + Satanic half time?

This photo shows human sentients the closest representation to the titanic battle going on on earth between God and Satan – think of the battle in Milton’s epic “Paradise Lost”

Good afternoon sentients. I have been avoiding this post for days now because it is so emotionally traumatizing for me to write and likely for my readers to read. So if you are squeamish about Satanism…I would suggest you pass.

Ever since beginning to blog full time in 2013 I have referred to the enemies of sentients as “Satanists”. Astute readers may have noticed that I never go further than that. I never describe what Satanist are or who their representatives are here on earth. I have often referenced John Milton’s epic poem “Paradise Lost” as a graphic depiction of the first battle that took place between God the creator and Satan the destroyer. Since that battle there has been an ongoing war of attrition on this planet between the two existential forces.

Today I will be more specific about who is on the side of good and who is on the side of evil. Reason being, we are on the precipice of another battle…perhaps the last…between Satan and God.

The other day I watched a video about Satanic rituals that some believe go on all the time all over the world. Jeanette Archer has come out and said she comes from a Satanic family and her mother took her to the rituals. Jeanette says the only reason she has survived to tell the tale is because, while she was completely naked during the rituals, a wristband was placed on her wrist which denoted that she was not to be killed. Do I need to go further to describe what else Jeanette said in her video? I think not. If you feel strong enough…you can watch it at the link below. The video stops 35 minutes in but the audio remains and is well worth listening to as it is a primer of what Satanism is all about.

Jeanette names some names at the end of her video of well known public figures who she accuses of being Satanists. One of those figures that she says she actually met at some of the rituals was Klaus Schwab. Now do you see where I’m going with this? Below are some more links about Klaus Schwab that should be kept in mind after learning about his connection with Satanism. Please review and I will have final comments to follow:

Ever wonder what happened to Justin Trudeau as a child? Perhaps he experienced something similar to what Jeanette Archer describes.

British lady [Jeanette Archer] exposes Satanic Ritual Abuse at Windsor, England. video freezes at 35 mins, but audio goes on. her name is Jeanette Archer, and the video was recorded October 15, I believe. The global elites who rule this world are dark occult Satanic pedophiles. It’s high time to take down the Satanic scum elites who corrupt our world.

Jeanette Archer describes her childhood as a victim of Satanic Ritual Abuse. Do I believe what she says? It defies belief, much of it. Our brains are simply not configured to absorb such horror. However, here’s the conundrum. If we are not aware of the possibility, and the extent of the evil…we leave ourselves open to becoming one of its facilitators. So, it is a raZors edge we walk on when we look into the pitt of hell that Jeanette describes in the video above. We have to hold our hands over our eyes but peek through for a few seconds just to get a brief glimpse to arm ourselves…but we cannot soak ourselves in this shit [there are many other videos like this and much worse on the Internet but I warn readers not to watch them…I have not and never will] or we will eventually be destroyed by what we “cannot unknow”.

Klaus Schwab and three other Cult members?

Here is a good video to watch as a footnote to the Jeanette Archer video…this wise man tells you exactly how they suck the sheeple in to their politics.


So, as we stand on the precipice of WWIII I ask readers to remember how one of Putin’s first decisions when he took over leadership of Russia was to bring back Orthodox Christianity to Bolshevik/atheist Russia. He certainly did not have to do that. Putin is now in direct opposition to the forces under Klaus Schwab. After what Jeannette Archer says about Schwab, what side does that put Putin on? Finally, what are Putin’s targets in Ukraine? Well, have a look at this map and the list below.

Greencrow concludes: From what I have learned in the past couple of days…since being infiltrated by NATO, Ukraine has become a supplier of Adrenochrome to the elite. Enough said and stay tuned as the next days, IMO, will change the world.

Note the Illuminati “Eye” on the Ukraine currency

5 thoughts on “Half the Trudeau cabinet are Young global leaders + Satanic half time?

  1. Great post and compendium GC…as usual.

    I am still reflecting and digesting the events over last week here in Canada moreso Turdeau tyranny and his expeditious 180 degree surrender re the Emergency Act. I submit that the masses had their voices heard LOUD and CLEAR through back channels….such as the Senate..their banks etc etc.

    I’ve submitted to others that trying to coerce/force Canadians is like herding cats.
    Multiculturalism is a blatant failure….as over 90% of the Freedom Protestors were of European ancestry.

    The sheer irony is others line up by thousands to come to Canada because of the foundation established by those of European ancestry…yet did NOT stand tall to buttress this foundation ?
    F*ck em…

    I know we have American followers..but sorry..USA has never won any war they have engaged in,(maybe Grenada???) … the USA was created to be the Perpz bully… that is well- documented starting with Teddy Roosevelt.
    BTW half my family are Americans.

    This seguays into why US bailed out of Vietnam….its called guerilla warfare…the well -armed useful -idiot US soldier was no match for a Vietnamese guerrilla who would sit in a foxhole for a week on rice rations waiting for the right moment to spring.
    In other words…nothing to lose..so f*ck off and die imperialist dupe- puppet.

    Forget cartoon villain Schwab and disciples…reflect on what the Canadian “guerrillas” achieved.

    That is making Perpz shite their silk diapers….serious strategic miscalculation.
    …grassroots are on FIRE !!!

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  2. I don’t think it can be ignored the demographic makeup of most of the demonstrators. European and many of eastern European ethnicity. They KNOW what Communism looks like and smells like.

    That’s why the 24/7 TV propaganda trying to convince viewers that Canada is primarily inhabited by black, brown or oriental peoples. They want to ignore and minimize the majority of Canadians…LOL…good luck with that!


  3. The WEF Logo has 666 in it with the intersecting line going through the O’s. Ottawa logo to.

    Quebec leader François Legault flashed a 666 hand gesture – can see it on the June 8th 2021 CPAC youtube channel title is Le Québec poursuit son déconfinement et autorise les bals de finissants – 8 juin 2021

    Then Microsofts 666 Patent involving biosensors sending data to a remote server


  4. Hi there,    the link for J. A. video is missing?   Or am I not look in the right place?   Thank you for attempting to share at that level, btw!!!  I totally agree that more people need to be exposed to see the true nature of these creeps.  AL


  5. Greencrow,

    Here in US Biden is flying unaccompanied migrant children in the dark of night to city airports.

    When airport security confronts the airplane personnel. They tell them that they are US Government contractors and they just do what their contracts tell them to do.

    This has been going on for a long time with these criminals.

    In Haiti a Clinton crony was caught trafficking 30+ Haitian children across the Haitian/Dominican border.

    She was thrown in prison. But surprise – Bill Clinton flew down there to get her set free.

    A former US president intervenes in a child trafficking operation?!!!

    You can make a lot of money selling children into slavery.


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