UPDATED: Humanity won a battle…and I can see my brother again!

UPDATED: Setsah just sent me a couple of blockbusting links. Folks my brother in the photo below was injected twice with the PfiZer vaxxZine. Here is some breaking news that PfiZer has just filed a form with the stock exchange to get itself de-listed. Please watch at the links below:

Satseh says: “greeting GC, so happy to hear about the great news,  here’s another one!” 



Greencrow and her brother Paul in 2018

Dearly beloved sentients. Today humanity won a skirmish in the Existential War on Humanity here in British Columbia. The War is far from over…in fact the main conflict has just begun…but we must celebrate our victories. In this case, please read the letter I just sent to my disabled brother Paul who lives in a staffed residence in Burnaby, BC

Dear Paul:

This is your sister Brenda.  I love you very much and miss you very much.  I have some good news.  We have won a huge battle in the war I, and millions of other people, are fighting against the bad people who want to stick needles into people without their permission and without telling them the truth about what is IN the needles.  Today the government backed down.  The government said I will soon be able to visit you again. And I don’t have to have a needle stuck into me to be able to see my brother.

B.C. to end mask mandate Friday, vaccine card program next month (cheknews.ca)

I believe the government backed down because of people like me, who never stopped fighting and refused to pretend that what the government was doing was okay.  I want to thank you for being very patient with me for not calling you.  I did not call you because I did not want them to think what they were doing was Okay.  In my mind I believed you and I were BOTH fighting for what was right…like our mother and father taught us to do.

I will be coming to Vancouver at the end of March and I will come and visit you in about two weeks.  We will give each other a BIG HUG.  I will bring you coffee and a treat again, Paul.



10 thoughts on “UPDATED: Humanity won a battle…and I can see my brother again!

  1. Good battle victory…but far too soon to celebrate.

    As I posted before…while Chief Health Officers cancel Mask mandate and Vaxx passports, it could be a hollow victory.

    David Menzies latest report harkens to Monty Python Dead Parrot sketch 2.0


    Gov’t will look good subcontracting/ deferring their Covid dirty work to smaller entities, Public and/or Private.

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  2. Thanks, all. I am looking forward to phoning my brother Paul tomorrow night…after the CDC has made it’s announcement. I want to wait for the “Person in Charge” at the residence has time to grasp the evil that she was facilitating, not only regarding me and Paul but with all the other residents.

    I decided, after listening to the smug satisfaction in her voice when I called to speak with Paul over a month ago…and she told me that I could no longer visit him due to not being vaxxxZinated, that I would not call at all until the mandates were lifted. It was a hard decision to make but I wanted to bring it home to her and the non profit society as a whole—that people simply would not tolerate being coerced into harming OUR bodies…NO MATTER HOW HIGH THE STAKES ARE!

    So, thanks to relentless efforts of activists here in BC we have won this skirmish. Another factor in the Bullshitter’s decision to lift the mask mandate IMO was the project of having everyone mail in their dirty, bacteria-laden masks to Bonnie directly. I have mine all ready to go. I found it out on the road. It’s a black one like the Turvert wears. It has been run over several times and has a big rip in the middle. It is soaked in road dirt. I still think I will mail it off…


  3. Update:

    — Global BC survey says 67% of BC residents say they will still wear masks.

    — Federal Gov’t still mandates masks for all air travellers.

    Like I said….this is not yet a victory…


  4. Rah
    There is no cure for stupid. i have a bet that with another fringe individual he says 70 percent of the fools will be still wearing diapers after they are not forced to. i say 50 … looks like i am losing the bet.

    Kudos to you greencrow pointing out that Nova Scotia is the the most corrupt province in the country. turns out the mass murderer had ties to organized crime (Hells Angels) nary a peep about this from the msm

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  5. Hi Nova Savant: Nova Scotia has more Canadian Senators than BC in spite of the difference in population numbers…same with MP’s. IMO that’s ONE of the reasons it is so corrupt. More bang for the corrupt Dollar$. I discovered the corruption of Nova Scotia in 1969 when I spent almost a year living in Halifax. I had interaction with the provincial government during that period and found the bureaucracy very corrupt indeed.

    Just went to the grocery store and checked out the Masking Cult numbers. I would say about 75% masked. As the weather warms…this 75% will feel more and more foolish.


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