Trudeau’s leadership crisis: An implosion of sanity

Good morning folks. Yesterday in my first post I called for the arrest of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the Airport Tarmac when he returns from his European photo-op, warmongering jaunt.

I said Trudeau was insane. That was not a figure of speech. In my opinion, Trudeau’s mental health has deteriorated to the point where he is a danger, if not to himself, then to Canada as a nation and all Canadian citizens. Trudeau must be removed from power as soon as possible before he does a “Jack D. Ripper” and presses the nuclear button. Here is real journalist Candice Malcom with a very good summation of Trudeau’s trip to Europe so far–chock-a-block full of hypocrisy, hubris, gaslighting, threats and bullying. Please watch video below to get an idea of what I’m talking about:

Greencrow continues: Such a fucking hypocrite.

Fucking Hypocrite in Action

In one of the video clips Candice presents Trudeau is blathering on sonorously about needing to listen to alternative views and the dangers of authoritarianism. Yet just last week he cancelled the rights of Canadians to go to several alternative websites for “alternative views”. One of those websites is Russia Today. Well, thanks to someone’s advice on Twitter, I am now able to access Russia Today via the web browser It is a time-consuming and tricky process but well worth the effort. Here is RT’s report on Trudeau’s statement responding to Ukraine’s Zelensky’s request to have NATO declare a “no fly” zone over Ukraine. Apparently, folks, our prime minister is “heartbroken” that he cannot get a nuclear war going over Ukraine with nuclear armed aircrafts from NATO and Russia shooting down one another out of the skies. Please read the following report cut and pasted out of RT [I cannot provide a link due to Trudeau’s censorship]:

“Canadian PM answers whether NATO can grant no-fly zone over Ukraine

Justin Trudeau said it was ‘heartbreaking’ to turn down Zelensky’s request

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Friday that NATO couldn’t declare a no-fly zone over Ukraine at President Zelensky’s request, citing fears the decision could lead to a direct conflict between Russia and NATO.

It is something that is heartbreaking. To have to say we can do so many things to support, but the risk of escalation, the risk of spreading… of involving NATO in a direct conflict if we send NATO planes over Ukraine to shoot down Russian planes,” Trudeau said during an interview with Canada’s CTV News, confirming that Zelensky had asked him directly to implement this measure during a phone call on Thursday.

We can do an awful lot and we’re doing everything we can. But we can’t do that,” the premier added.

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, speaking with CTV News alongside Trudeau, claimed Canada was throwing “everything we have at this” and noted that economic sanctions imposed by numerous countries on Russia have already made their impact.

The Russian Stock Exchange has been closed for the ninth day running. Russian government debt has been downgraded to junk status and ratings agencies are warning of an imminent Russian default,” she told reporters.

Ukrainian officials have been repeatedly asking NATO members to impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine for many days since the Russian offensive was launched late February. The idea, however, was rejected by many Western leaders due to fears that this measure would lead to a direct confrontation with Russia, since NATO aircraft could be forced to shoot down Russian planes entering Ukrainian airspace.

Moscow attacked its neighboring state at the end of February, following a seven-year standoff over what it says is Ukraine’s failure to implement the terms of the Minsk peace agreements, and Russia’s eventual recognition of the Donbass breakaway republics in Donetsk and Lugansk. Russian officials claimed the attack was necessary to eliminate threats coming from Ukraine towards its breakaway regions and towards Russia itself, and demanded neutrality from Ukraine, while Kiev has called the Russian attack an unprovoked act of aggression and denies claims that it was planning to retake the breakaway regions by force. Western nations and other countries strongly condemned the hostilities and, in retaliation, imposed unprecedented economic sanctions on Russia, on its top businessmen and on officials.”


Greencrow continues: Yes, Trudeau is “heartbroken”. Yet in the photo-op of him in his latest role as “Wartime Prime Minister” [posted above] he is seen with the biggest, ugliest grin on his face you can possibly imagine. He’s craZy, folks. He lurches crazily from one self-manufactored crisis to another. When Canadians think about it, it’s been one crisis manufactured by him and his craZy cohort Chrystia Freeland, for over two years now…with no end in sight.

Trudeau didn’t give Canadians even a week to recover from his last self-made crisis…the Trucker Convoy Demonstration. Out-of-work truckers went to Ottawa to peacefully protest his socially draconian and economically catastrophic CovIDian Cult Mandates. He called them fringe and refused to meet with them. Then he ordered in police goons and horseback police [who may have killed one protester–we still do not know the fate of the “man in the tan jacket” on February 18, 2022 in front of the Chateau Laurier] to break up and arrest the peaceful but determined protesters. Now we have another mystery. Who were all the people “arrested”…so many in fact according to the “authorities” that they had to invoke the Emergency Act. Now we can’t even get their names:

Identities of nearly all the people arrested at the Freedom Convoy protest remain secret

Greencrow continues: Folks, the fallout from Trudeau’s insane overreaction to the Trucker Convoy [who only wanted someone in the government to listen to their cause] will take years if not decades to settle. Please watch the following video:


This is a bombshell ! Barry Mackilop, a senior terrorist expert for the gov. Of Canada admits ” the trucker convoy and it’s supporters posed NO TERRORIST THREAT, the only mistake these people made was believing they lived in a free and democratic society”

Greencrow continues: Trudeau, rather than ramping back the failed Globalist CovIDian Caper…is doubling down behind the scenes and trying to ram through legislation and regulations that are absolutely shocking in terms of our Democracy.


Bill S-233 is currently waiting for third reading in the SENATE, if passed it will be made law which means if you are not vaccinated you will not receive EI, CPP, OHS, Social Services or Pension that YOU PAID INTO.

Greencrow concludes: Trudeau is also bringing forth two legislative packages to end freedom of speech on the Internet…as well as bring in his social credit digital ID system.

As we found out during the Emergency Act debate…the NDP party of Jagmeet Singh which is propping up Trudeau’s minority government…is totally in the pocket of the WEF globalist handlers who pull Trudeau’s strings.

The two year nightmare continues and will not end until the insane Prime Minister is removed from office…hopefully before he provokes a thermonuclear war with Russia. Of course, one of Trudeau’s brain figments is he thinks he can threaten Putin. Sane Canadians know that all Putin has to do is phone his Mutual Defense Agreement Partner Xi of China and say: “Xi, how about we wage economic thermonuclear war on that turd in Canada—why don’t you phone up your major manufacturing companies and tell them to stop delivering equipment and parts to our Canadian “partner”. And why don’t we as the largest single landmass on the planet...declare a “no Fly zone” and force all the Western airlines to do expensive [fuel] detours around our borders to get to, say, Japan and South Korea?”

What would our insane Prime Minister do then? How would he respond? Perhaps something like this?

Insane Brigadier General Jack D. Ripper in “Dr Strangelove”

12 thoughts on “Trudeau’s leadership crisis: An implosion of sanity

  1. Greencrow,

    As a long time US Goverment public servant it’s a fact that insane corrupt people move up very quickly.

    I mean bug eyed, screaming, spittle spewing crazy. Now this person is a top US Government Official.

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  2. BC premier John “Dead Man Walking “Whoregun shot his wad today.

    Totally insulted BC Protestors with “Get a Hobby”……scolding the UNvaxxed…whilst submitting BC will be welcoming thousands of Ukrainian refugees.

    BC citizens are being oppressed by unelected dictator Dr Bullshite???…peacefully protesting,??? , our economy is tanking….we have many homeless, shortage of affordable housing…thousands are dying from Opiod crisis,

    ………but we will simply exacerbate the situation by allowing in thousands of refugees.
    While I have sympathy for begins at home.

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    1. Hi RAH:

      Here is the link to support your comment about Whore-gun
      Obviously the Unblessed Trinity in Victoria–Whore-gun, The Bullshitter and the Dickhead are getting a bit testy with the non-stop protests going on in Victoria and throughout BC. They think they have the right to impose tyrannical diktats on citizens without even having a debate in the Legislature. And they’ve gotten away with it for two years.
      I have a message for the Whore-gun. Get used to demonstrations. People have woken up. We are not going to put up with your communist fraud/hoax mandates anymore. We see what you have up your sleeve and around the corner and we will not take it anymore!


      1. Trudeau’s national security adviser: Freedom Convoy planned to ‘overthrow the government’
        One of the prime minister’s top intelligence advisers, Jody Thomas, thinks that the Freedom Convoy had intentions to topple the Canadian government.


        If one has 2 brain cells to rub together…the tactic is to label any/all dissent as potential terrorists. in sync with Ukraine Russia issue.

        If there was an intent to overthrow the Gov’t they could have done so with far fewer people in less public fashion…GOOGLE Bolshevik Revolution.

        Paranoia and Propoganda are a very volatile mix.


  3. Is anybody investigating the more than 7 million dollars worth of lethal weapons Trudeau sent to his friend Zelensky -machine guns, pistols, carbines, sniper rifles, 1.5 million rounds of ammunition and more…. to see whose hands this weaponry wound up in, and if any of it has been used against Ukrainian citizens, or been used to hold citizens hostage as human shields ?

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    1. From what I am seeing..we have Holomodor tactics unfolding.

      The PerpZ are playing games with energy….boycotting Russian Oil and concurrently stopping Canadian Oil and favouring Saudi Oil. Saudis are actually Jews and run a brutal regime.

      The PerpZ(many politicians) had inside info of the “war” and are making a fortune via Saudi monopoly…when their own countries could supply the needs….its called WAR PROFITEERING.

      Of course the sheeple think that reducing domestic oil helps bogus climate change scam. oh f*ck..


    1. RAH says:
      “United airlines is also welcoming back UNvaxxed employees”

      I saw that news report. Do you think the A-hole corporate management team decided to do that after seeing many of their jabbed employees get seriously injured or drop dead post jab? Maybe the idiots at United Airlines also found the VAERS database.


      1. Hi:

        From what I am gathering and deducing, court cases are coming forward which airlines realize they will lose,

        ….. in addition,as you say..they need UNvaxxed employees who won’t die on the jab…err job


  4. “… court cases are coming forward which airlines realize they will lose,”

    This is the circumstance the PerpZ have been avoiding at all levels for two+ years. Facing the opposition in a court of law. Reason being they do not have a legal leg to stand on. All of what they’ve been doing for the past two years has been grossly illegal. That’s why the Bullshitter & Co are pulling back on the mandates here in BC. Court case coming up in June.


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