illusion of War replaces illusion of global pandemic – while Illusion of Climate Change remains a priority

Good Sunday afternoon folks. The Shapeshifters and their earthly puppet assets are on the move. A sea change is presently going on regarding the 24/7 brainwashing of the sheeple. The perpZ are slowly moving away from the CovIDian Cult Plandemic HOAX and towards the next phase [or is a Plan B?]–the illusion of war against Russia. Illusions are their stock in trade. Deception is their primary strategy…even if the truth suits their goals…they avoid it They have to coat truth, manipulate or twist it so it becomes their native tongue…lies.

Folks, one of the several reasons I moved to the Malahat forest was to get away from the police sirens that were constantly piercing the night silence [at least four or five times a night] in the Vancouver suburb of Coquitlam where I lived. I knew these sirens were intentional. I knew they were a method of gaslighting and terrorizing the population–giving the illusion that there were a lot of people sick and dying of the plandemic even though the hospitals were virtually empty.

Now, I have peace and quiet where I live. I am not being gaslighted by their illusory terror gambits. Yesterday, I was sent the following link by great Canadian editor and truth teller Arthur Topham. The link below contains a series of videos made by a traveller/videographer who actually went to Ukraine recently. In one of the videos he describes police sirens going off in Kiev regularly, even though there is no emergency. So they are also using this SOP over in Ukraine where, according to this videographer, there is no war going on…just a whole lotta psy-ops folks.

And it did occur to me when I heard about the numerous bioweapons labs discovered in Ukraine by the liberating Russians–perhaps this is where all the chemtrails are manufactured that, along with the weaponiZation of the weather–contribute to the despoiling of our planet by these PerpZ. But, more about that later.

First, you have to ask the question. Why would the PerpZ have a real war with Russia when they have the means [via their control of the Western Mainstream Media] at their disposal to create a very convincing “illusion” of a war. Hiring “crisis actors” and setting up fake “refugee stations”, filming fake chaos and blasting it 24/7 over the Western Newzzz is a lot easier than having a real war…which can quickly spin out of control and, most significantly…which they would likely LOSE.


Here is the Link to the Illusion Warfare Report

H/T Arthur Topham

Illusion Warfare Report: The Road to Ukraine.

-Join me as i LARP my way onto the Hollywood movie set we know as Ukraine.


Someone on Twitter noted this morning that the language of the illusion has changed slightly from “Vaccine Passport” to “Digital ID“. That’s how they move the illusion along folks…tweaking the language slightly. Dressing up the same old caper in new buZZwords–so that, after a few false starts, they can still can re-cycle it…run it again up the flagpole and see who’ll salute. They keep offering “freedom carrots”…restoring abilities that we used to take for granted–like travelling:


So far the carrots of travel/attending large scale events has not convinced sentients that it’s worth the risk of ruining our health forever…and furthering their agenda for complete control. It’s a work in progress. But while they’re giving the CovIDian Cult/War on Russia a refresh…I truly wish they would get rid of our gaslighting Canadian Prime Minister. We’re soooooooooo tired of the Turvert’s facile, hypocritical, unctuous lies. He’s not even doing the PerpZ any public relations favours at this point. He needs to go [face justice].

The reason the PerpZ suddenly changed the dial from Covid to Russia/Ukraine is because they needed to distract from the new data that keeps ooZing up through the floorboards about the deadly vaccines they tricked/frauded/bullied/terrorized the majority of the population of the West into taking. Here’s yet another honest doctor with another expose about the bioweapon and the vaxxxZines:

H/T FreakedOut


Greencrow continues: Yesterday I went grocery shopping maskless for the first time in over a year. Despite masking being dropped province-wide by the Bullshitter, about 75% of the shoppers still wore masks. Those who didn’t smiled and gave one another the thumbs up. I believe the Bullshitter, the Whore-gun and the Dickhead eased up on the mandates due to the activist campaign of mailing dirty masks into the bullshitters Ministry of Health office. I personally believe that was the tipping point. Whore-gun went on TV and testily told activists to “Get a hobby.” and dissed us for making things difficult for the government/bureaucracy. The constant demonstrations every weekend in Victoria are beginning to take a toll on their “be kind, be calm” mantra.

Here’s a video of all the lies being told by all the Chief HELLth Authorities across Canada. The resistance against this authoritarianism has grown exponentially in the past year. An entire generation of social activists is being trained and is forming nation-wide networks. What to doooooooo? No wonder they have to quickly change the channel. People are catching on–as their lies and missteps are piling up.

Greencrow concludes: Yes, Premier John Horgan was unusually testy during his last presser where he tartly told British Columbians, millions of whom have been locked down, fired from their jobs, forced to mask and stay at home and otherwise subjected to psychological terror…to “get a hobby”. But we have a hobby now, John. We’re going to keep growing in numbers–and escalating our resistance–until you and your criminal cabal get the fuck out of our province and/or get arrested.

Watching BC Premier John Horgan on TV, I wondered whether he has received any threats from the Perps about future weather events in British Columbia lately. I am of the opinion that the “so-called leaders” are all being blackmailed with weather weaponization events should they fail to meet their Agenda 21/Digital ID quotas. Will British Columbians be subjected to “record droughts and floods” again in 2022–the way we were in 2021–and the way that Australia has been attacked in the past few weeks? Watch the latest Max Igan video and see what’s been going on with the PerpZ weather weaponization war against Australia:


Max Igan Describes Unprecedented Floods in Australia
Max Igan says latest floods are most severe in Australian memory

Dear Readers, weather weaponization is IMO being used to blackmail so-called national leaders and is the only rock that has not yet been turned over on the Globalist beach. When we activists turn that rock over I expect to find some very nasty critters scurry off into the distance. I imagine there’s a weather weaponization hub somewhere on earth, perhaps some isolated military base like Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. Weather weaponiZation is being used to create the illusion that our planet is not able to sustain humanity, as it has since the beginning of time. The illusion is that humans must knuckle under, move off the land, give the land over to the big corporate companies, eat bugs, never travel again, OWN NOTHING and God knows what else.

I was very heartened to see that Max Igan feels exactly the way I do regarding the weather weaponization illusion. John Horgan, if he cared a whit about humanity, instead of testily telling British Columbian activists to “get a hobby” would come clean and tell us what he knows about the evil weather weaponiZation blackmail…hopefully before British Columbia experiences another “Heat Dome”, unprecedented drought, cluster cyclone or atmospheric river(s)–like we did in 2021. Stay tuned.

But the Turvert Hates “Authoritarianism”

7 thoughts on “illusion of War replaces illusion of global pandemic – while Illusion of Climate Change remains a priority

  1. Greencrow,

    Yes you are completely correct about the sirens. Here in Northern Virginia I rarely heard emergency vehicle sirens before the Cofraud. Maybe once or twice. But now I hear them up to twenty times a day.

    I can’t bug out because of family (my mother).

    This whole disaster has put me in a deep state of depression. All my travel was cancelled (a trip to Africa and Hawaii). Two women I dated went into Covidien insanity. One actually got a facial fungal infection from mask wearing. And another refuses to dine indoors.

    Max Igan is completely correct. Things are going to get worse before they get better.

    I believe in weather control but I don’t know to what extent.

    On a different note I’ve found that turtles are smarter than most humans. My pet turtle will not wear a mask. But she’s pretty good at social distancing.


  2. Hi Bob:

    Sorry to hear about your depression. I also am prone to depression as it runs in my family. I use music therapy to help throughout the day. The TV has music only channels that I have on all day according to my mood–I mostly listen to the Spa channel.

    Glad to hear your turtle is another sentient.


  3. Sorry to hear of all your depression, it is totally understandable. We have shouldered A LOT. It has been really hard psychologically on a lot of us sentients during this scamdemic. Knowing the truth can be a lonely, frustrating, depressing road to walk when most of those around us don’t have it, when we desperately want them to.

    As time goes by I see the jabbed get more and more fearful, while we get progressively stronger. We are survivors, and that’s a good thing to be in this clown world we are forced to put up with. Oh, and having untainted blood is priceless.

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  4. Hi Sheila:

    You’re right. As the scamdemic winds down I feel stronger and stronger and totally convinced I made the correct decision not to get tested and/or vaxed. I’m alone amongst my entire family in this decision. As a matter of fact, I’ve decided never to submit to a vaccine of any kind for the rest of my life. All vaccines are harmful I have decided. I believe the polio vaccines I received as a child may well have caused the colon cancer I successfully fought when I was 50.


  5. Hi GC, I too have never doubted my decision to ignore our un-health leaders calls to get tested and jabbed. I never trusted these big pharma perps and their ilk before, and I absolutely don’t now, so I am with you on not submitting to anything our “leaders” ever ask/require of me again. They are not our friends and they do not in any way, shape or form have our interests at heart.


  6. I just heard from Jeff Rense, through one of his friends, that in South Korea the MSM is talking the TRUTH about the bioweapon jabs!😲👍 His friend says the MSM is now telling people the injections are killing people “matter-of-factly”. Good to hear!

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  7. My music is Beethoven and Sun Ra.

    It’s hard to believe that public service has descended into total corruption.

    33 years in public service and I never would have imagined it.

    Sun Ra believed his black race was to become a myth.

    He maybe right.


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