The Great Reset – PLUS a massive Dennis data dump of Links

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Good morning sentients. I have been away from my computer for the past couple of days…repositioning [again] and renos taking up my time. But sometimes these “down” spaces are an opportunity for deeper analysis, self-reflection and re-evaluation of the minor details of the events around us. Once evaluated these events can then be located into the bigger picture…which is the mission statement of this blog.

A couple of insights I’ve had in no particular order;

The Great Reset – now again being called the “New World Order” by the PerpZ…is actually yet another attempt to take over/coloniZe Russia and all its massive land and resources in Siberia. This was one of the goals of WWI and WWII as well. The PerpZ have always wanted to take over Russia, destroy the Orthodox Christian Slavs and set Russia up as another homeland/hub of the “usual suspects”…as it was way back in the 800 AD’s.

Putin has always known this and has prepared accordingly. What is being played out now are the first shots being fired across the bows…The “cancelling” of Putin/Russia by the PerpZ most deadly weapon, the MainZstream Media. Russia has responded by demanding that it’s oil/gas be paid for in Rubles. Putin knows that the West can NEVER agree to that because it would mean the final destruction of the Dollar…or whatever the PerpZ want to call their fiat money scam/system.

So, folks we really are at the End Times. As usual, the sheeple have been completely hornswoggled into thinking Putin/Russia are the enemy when, in fact, Putin/Russia are their last hope for survival as a free human species. One of the main goals of the Great Reset/destroy and coloniZe Russia is to destroy the white, Christian race which is perceived by the Satanists as their greatest enemy.

I was thinking over the past day or so over my long 75 year life. I realized that it has been bookended neatly by two antithetical leaders…let’s call them JFK and JFT. Readers will know exactly who I mean. JFK was a leader when I was in my formative teen years. I remember him clearly and even today his complete honesty when speaking to the public shines out like a diamond in a pile of political horseshit. There has been nobody since who spoke truth the way that JFK spoke truth…which is why the PerpZ killed him. At the opposite end of the spectrum, we have the bookend called JFT. Every single thing that comes out of his anus/mouth is a perverted, mendacious/lowlife lie. Witness this atrocious lie that should have put the bastard in jail:

Yes, folks, the fucking bastard told Canadians right to their faces that our freedoms were gone...and nobody said nothing!

Penny for your thoughts is an excellent blog and I’m proud to call her a close blogging colleague of mine. She’s been giving us the real skinny on Ukraine.

Apparently, at least in some other countries that are not under heels of dictators like Canada is–voices are rising in opposition to the Great Reset Agenda of destroying and rebuilding Russia as a Perp Homeland:

Here are some more insights into the Russia/NATO Ukraine conflict:


Gregory Copley – Scott Ritter – CGTN – Glenn Diesen

Countering the general Western mass media take, Gregory Copley gives a good overview of the Russian military action. You don’t take over a country the size of Ukraine with under 200,000 military personnel.

Here is a Tweet where the identification of the Ukraine war with the GlobaliZation gambit is clearly identified;

Here is the Saker with an Update on the Ukraine War


Greencrow continues: Here’s a breakdown of the geopolitical factions in the Great Reset aka The New World Order. These groups are now meeting in Dubai and the question they’ve been asked to consider is: “How can we bring about the New World Order”?


“The so-called “elites” in society are all part of secret cabals:

In the beginning it was the “Milner Group”…

The Club of Rome.

The Royal Institute for International Affairs.

The Council on Foreign Relations.

Skull and Bones.

The Bilderberg Group. 

Bohemian Grove. 

And on top of that the more open groups that are part of the conspiracy..

Group of Seven (G7). 

And of course your favorite, the World Economic Forum. 

And so MANY more, public and private.

The members of these cabals conspire to dominate governments, nations, people, and the planet.”


Greencrow continues: I saw a headline on the MZM this morning that said Russia is demanding that the US have a “Regime Change” and reinstate the rightful winner of the last US selection – Donald Trump. This, no doubt, is in retaliation for Biden’s demand last week that Putin be removed from office. Folks, it doesn’t matter WHO is in the White House any more. Can’t people see that? No matter WHO is US President, the Globalist agenda moves ahead like a bulldoZZer…mowing down everything in its path. By contrast, it DOES matter who is leading Russia. Putin has REAL power…ergo, Putin MUST go.

Yesterday, JFT called for Russia to be removed from the G20. So appalling, especially in light of Turvert’s disastrous trip to Brussels last week to speak at the EU Plenary Session. 50 out of 705 MEP listened to his speech and about 25 clapped afterwards. It should have at the least humbled him and shut him up. But JFT does not have control over what he says and what he does not say. JFT is merely a Globalist puppet. He does not have any power other than that given to him by his International Handlers. He is so hated [the most hated man in Canadian history] that they just might remove him to recover some “soft power” in Canada. If CPC MP Pierre Poilievere gets put in as leader of the Conservative Party…it’ll be back to bidness as usual…Poilievre is a member of the WEF. His photo was on their website before he had it removed prior to throwing his hat in the CP Party leadership ring.  So, folks, you see how it works? The PerpZ Control all the opposition and squeeZe the independent thinkers out like a giant Boa Constrictor squeeZes it’s prey to death…slowly and inexorably…tightening and releasing the pressure…all the while cracking the ribs and bones–in preparation for swallowing whole. This is what they’re trying to do to Russia via the Ukraine War.

Here in Canada the same strategy is being employed on a smaller, more provincial scale. The Provincial PerpZ in British Columbia, as an example,have lifted the mask mandate and say they’re going to lift the lockdown of the unvaxxxZed on April 8th. BUT every day we see the CovIDian Cult fear porn headlines–with their fake stats ever escalating in order to bring back the crisis to “lockdown/mask” levels again thus permitting them to “invoke the Emergencies Act” all over again. This is how they’re doing it. I highly doubt I’ll be able to go out to bars and restaurants on April 8th, 2022 as promised by the Whore-gun/Bullshitter/Dickhead oppressors. The giant Boa Constrictor will again be in deep pressure mode by that date.

As promised at the outset of this post, I am now going to paste some links forwarded to me by Dennis for your reading enjoyment. But before that, just a brief update on my other blogging colleague, Northerntruthseeker. According to his last post he seems to be on the mend from being attacked by what appears to have been a bioweapon. Humanity needs to come to stark terms with the growing evidence that, with their EMP’s, 5G radiation poisoning and all their Chemtrailing with gawdknowswhat substances, humanity is under constant physical attack by the PerpZ. All of these techniques are being covered up and distracted from by the never ending stream of mainZtream media fear porn/Fake News.



Now, without further ado, here are just a few of the excellent links sent to me during the past week or so by Dennis. Dennis has been sending me links for over a year now. All I know about him is that he’s a Canadian of senior years. He doesn’t say much but has told me that he shares many of the excruciatingly painful battle wounds that I have suffered during the Plandemix HOAX/Great Reset war on Humanity. I thank Dennis very much for his steadfast loyalty during these difficult times:



“This is not recent, but a good reminder that this clown is unrelenting in his evil. 

“Regardless of the fact that we are attacking your fundamental rights, or limiting your fundamental rights, and the Charter says that’s wrong, we’re still gonna go ahead and do it”


Hi gc:

Re: Toronto murder victims – Big Pharma drug manufacturers

Honey and Barry Sherman

Do you remember how quickly the Toronto police tried to dismiss these murders as murder/suicide and ignore the event?  The ties between Apotex with the Clinton Foundation are well known. Dr. Zelenko says that Apotex was manufacturing hydroxychloroquine sulfate! 

I think inspector Clouseau could connect the dots.



Greencrow comments: But, coincidentally, Arthur Topham just sent me this assessment of Zelenko by longtime Truther Brother Nathaneal…Who to Believe???



Some of us have know for a very long time.



Dr Paul Alexander | Danger & failure of the covid “vaccines”

  • Dr Mark Trozzi March 29 2022

Covid “vaccines” drive more infectious variants & possibly a lethal one – Dr Paul Alexander, PhD with Bright Light News.

Alexander recently turned down a $1 million signing bonus and $50,000/month salary with Pfizer–effectively a gag order–to continue leading the charge to have our freedoms restored. After fighting alongside the Ottawa Freedom Convoy, he has been embraced by the American convoy parked on the Maryland freeway.

In this explosive interview, learn why he turned down the ludicrous Pfizer payday, the latest science on Covid-19 vaccines and how they are driving more variants, including a potentially lethal one, and why he’s putting everything on the line to fight for democracy on behalf of free-minded citizens. The fully “vaccinated” are becoming much more infected than the “unvaccinated” and spreading Covid-19 to the “unvaccinated” in a very rapid manner.


790 Athlete Cardiac Arrests, Serious Issues, 510 Dead, After COVID Shot


Russians Were Welcomed as Liberators in the Southern Ukrainian City of Henichesk

 Sonja Van den Ende  March 25, 2022 

Last week I was embedded with the Russian army and visited two towns in southeastern Ukraine. The first town was called Henichesk, a port city along the Sea of Azov in Kherson Oblast (province) of southern Ukraine, bordering on Crimea.

The Russian army, patrolling the city, went with us—the embedded journalists—for protection. But actually the protection was not really needed; the people in Henichesk, at least the majority with whom I spoke, were very happy that the Russian army was there.

The people that I spoke to all said the same thing: They felt protected from the criminal gangs, with their Nazi ideology, who raged the towns. They in turn hoped that Ukraine will prosper again.


Russians brought Ukrainian commander Azov to look into the eyes of the people at which he shot

Published March 26, 2022

Language barrier: No idea if the description matches the event. But here it is:


A Manufactured World Crisis

03/23/2022Llewellyn H. Rockwell Jr.


Capital Flows Confirm War is Coming!

Posted Mar 26, 2022 by Martin Armstrong


Dr Mark Trozzi March 27, 2022

Many people know that the covid agenda is evil. They are trying not to take the shot, make the best of their current situation, and are a little relieved when the authoritarian boot standing on their human rights lightens up a little.  

When some “covid restrictions” are loosened, they get out and enjoy a little taste of life BC (before covid). They might even get to walk down a street without a muzzle on their face, or go into a store without proving that they have submitted to unsafe and ineffective experimental genetic injections.

Their critical thinking is intact. The people know that Fauci, Gates, Tedros, Schwab, Trudeau, Freeland, Tam, and others are wicked. They know that these villains are deeply committed to premeditated and orchestrated, poisoning and enslaving of us all. We’ve been living like slaves for two years already over a fake pandemic , false statistics, and misleading PCR tests, culminating in deadly forced injections. All of this was imposed by the cursed WHO.

Stop the World Health Organization!

WHO is WHO director Tedros?

5 awful facts about WHO’s Tedros Adhanom: The Communist politician and theorist, Not a medical doctor


Greencrow concludes: Finally, I am going to post the last link in this data dump sent by Dennis with the WARNING/caution that you not click on it. I did, but just for about two seconds to confirm it was an active link. It’s about the ultimate horror on this planet. This is what I call “The Final Secret” that, if the Sheeple knew, it would be game over for the PerpZ


Can We Be This Evil?

Greencrow comments: “WE” can’t be that evil. We can’t even absorb into our consciousness the enormity of that evil. This is why, as I posted a few weeks ago…those at the very top of the Pyramid of Evil…who ARE that evil…must not even be humans…they must be an alien species…as Alex Collier said years ago. That is the most likely conclusion.

The Four Horsemen of the Canadian Apocalypse

12 thoughts on “The Great Reset – PLUS a massive Dennis data dump of Links

  1. Greencrow,

    I know for a fact that young children’s blood is sold quite openly.

    The company is called Ambrosia.

    Whether it sells adrenachrom I don’t know. I wouldn’t be surprised.

    It’s very strange because adrenachrom can be synthesized. Still very expensive but would be perfectly legal.

    Well I just returned from my mother’s funeral. She was 95 but I felt she could have lived a few more good years if it wasn’t for this Cofraud. It made it harder on me to provide care.

    The Church priest still wore masks during the service. I was not going to wear one under any circumstances.

    I think NTS may have been a victim of shedding or poisoning. He would be easy to single out.

    My brother in law is thinking about getting the Novovax. Somehow he thinks this ‘vaccine’ is safer. I told him no. But people will do strange things when their livelihood is threatened.


  2. Hi Bob:

    I am very sorry to hear about the passing of your mother. We’re never prepared for this level of grief…take care of yourself and remember that love is eternal.


  3. Backpay ordered for unvaccinated Richmond city workers
    The vaccine mandate will be lifted for Richmond city workers on April 8


    “……A mediator ruled at the end of March Richmond city staff members who were put on unpaid leave on Dec. 20 will be allowed to return to work and get back pay to Feb. 21.

    This decision comes just days before the city lifts its vaccine mandate on April 8 when these workers would have been allowed back to work anyway.

    Thirty-six city staff workers, including nine fire fighters, refused to show proof of vaccination and were put on unpaid leave late last year.

    Three unions – representing Richmond fire fighters, inside workers and outside workers – grieved the vaccine mandate imposed by Richmond city council last fall.

    The issue was settled with a mutually-agreed-upon mediator, Randall Noonan.

    Noonan was the arbitrator who ruled in December that the city’s vaccine mandate could continue when the unions asked for an emergency decision.

    In his January decision, Noonan said he didn’t have enough evidence to prove there was an acceptable alternative to the city’s mandate that would “meet the goals of preventing the spread of the virus while eliminating those personal consequences.”

    Those employees who aren’t vaccinated cannot work in “front-facing” jobs until the vaccine mandate is lifted on April 8, explained city spokesperson Clay Adams.

    Some staff who went on unpaid leave chose to use their vacation time to cover this period – this vacation time will be reinstated, Adams explained.

    While the city has to pay retroactively to Feb. 21, this money is in the city’s budget, he added. … ”



    We could have a major precedent here…
    ………but as usual Gov’t bullies put taxpayer on hook for ill-advised illogical policies.


  4. This precedent is a very important test of the legality of the mandates. BIG FAIL this could cascade nationwide and bankrupt the Turvert Liberal Government. and all the provinces….


  5. RAH and Greencrow:
    “Backpay ordered for unvaccinated Richmond city workers”
    This is encouraging, and, as Greencrow says, a legal precedent. One can only hope that the case / common law system still holds. So much today is done by Statute regulations and edict.

    Great links from Penny, Arthur Topham, and others, leaving us with lots to think about.
    There is so much here that the mainstream media will not touch.

    “Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught in falsehood’s school. And the one man who dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool.”
    – Plato (429-347 BC)


  6. Ruby Princess ship docked with COVID cases in San Francisco, has since left on new cruise


    Princess Cruises’ Ruby Princess docked in San Francisco Sunday after a 15-day Panama Canal cruise with a cluster of COVID-19 cases on board.

    The ship departed later that day on its next voyage – a 15-day cruise to Hawaii – Negin Kamali, spokesperson for Princess Cruises, told USA TODAY.

    The cruise line said in a statement shared by Kamali Monday that the COVID-19 cases were discovered among both passengers and crew members. The company did not specify the number of people on board who tested positive.

    “They were all asymptomatic or only mildly symptomatic and were isolated and quarantined while monitored and cared for by our shipboard Medical team,” Princess Cruises said.


    Passenger and crew vaccination rates were at “100%,” according to the cruise line.


    The passengers who tested positive and have not finished the isolation period but had disembarked were set to complete their quarantine at home after private transportation or were provided with shoreside accommodations at hotels set up in coordination with the CDC and San Francisco Department of Public Health.

    In January, the same ship docked in San Francisco with COVID-19 cases found through random testing.



    WTF ????

    So…the sheeple ( crew and passengers ) waive the white flag…..bend over…100% capitulate to the vaxx…..still an outbreak…???

    YET……..they tested people DURING the cruise…found positive cases…and people were quarantined during and after the cruise?

    Why would anyone even consider a cruise.??

    …why would a cruise line do this to its clients during a cruise?

    Finally…a cruise with 100% vaxxed is simply a petri dish experiment with 1000’s of people shedding and spreading an infinite variety of vaxx and vaxx byproducts.

    ,,,again WTF???


    1. The perpZ do not want the grunts [us] to travel at all. They want us staying home being indoctrinated 24/7 by the brainwashing TV. Therefore they are systematically destroying all options for international [and even national] travel. “Dead people don’t travel” is their motto.


  7. From Jim Stone:

    VAX DAMAGE On the tennis court

    A TOTAL OF 15 TENNIS PLAYERS AT THE MIAMI OPEN COULD NOT COMPLETE THEIR GAMES DUE TO “PHYSICAL STRESS” AND OTHER OBVIOUS VAX RELATED REASONS. USUALLY THEY NEVER LOSE A SINGLE PLAYER. FANS ARE STUNNED, AND ANSWERS ARE NOT BEING GIVEN BY THE SCAMMING MSM. They just said “One guy got a blister on his foot” and another player was “stressed”. What happened to the other 13 that had to quit mid game?? This is what a Pfizer future looks like.



    Breaking story that cruise ship docked in Vancouver has CANCELLED the cruise due to Covid.

    I am deducing that the Perpz want to unleash sheer panic onto the masses that they are F*cked which ever way they turn.

    This may in turn have the vaxxed lash out and do a zombie attack onto the UNvaxxed.


  8. Start of B.C. cruise season delayed as first planned arrival in Victoria scrapped

    “……Under the new cruise rules, all passengers must be fully vaccinated in order to enter Canada as well as take a molecular test within 72 hours before boarding and an antigen test within one day of boarding….”


    My spouse and I had a cruise booked in early 2020…..cancelled , ….payment refunded …and still a cruise credit.

    She is vaxxed..I am not…

    Regardless…..There is ZERO way I am going to cruise under olde rules..and morseo now that this bullshite is in play .


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