Updated: Pastor Artur’s 51 days in a Canadian Prison – Alberta’s shame

Every Sentient Canadian Must Watch This Historic Interview

UPDATED: April 4, 2022 – Folks make sure you check out the comments to this post. Some very good points and information contained in them. I have added an update at the bottom of this post, wherein I copy an e-mail sent to me by Rebel News Adam Soos who did the excellent interview with Pastor Artur Powlowski above. I also give a commentary on Alberta Premier Jason Kenny, a WEFer with has an odd and perverse obsession with religion, same sex marriage along with his infamous persecution of outspoken pastors. Check it out and…stay tuned.


Earlier post:


Good morning sentients. Want to look at the underbelly of Canada’s “Justice System”? Want to have a clearer understanding of why Canada has sunk into a “Soviet Style” dictatorship under the Turvertian Communist Gang? Well, watch this video and learn what happens to someone who dares stand up for freedoms endowed to Canadians in our Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms. This interview will shake you the foundations of your humanity. And I guarantee…there won’t be a “dry eye in the house”.


Exclusive: Pastor Artur on his 51 days behind bars

We joined Pastor Artur Pawlowski at his home immediately following his release on strict bail conditions after 51 days of incarceration for an extensive and intimate conversation about his time behind bars.

Pastor Artur Pawlowski’s first dramatic swat-style arrest, we have endeavored to provide you with unparalleled coverage of his story. Frequently, that meant going directly to Artur to get the story straight when countless other media outlets relayed second-hand and often inaccurate details. Our coverage of his story at SaveArtur.com has garnered international attention.

Over the last 51 days however, with Artur incarcerated on charges arising from his Pastoral visit to the Coutts blockade and his insistence on feeding the homeless, opening his charge and attending protests throughout the height of COVID-19 restrictions, we have had very few opportunities to speak to the man himself.

I was very fortunate to receive a phone call from Artur from the Calgary Remand Centre, which you can listen to here, but we relied almost entirely on the Pawlowski family, particularly Marzena, Artur’s wife, and Nathaniel, his son, for updates on Artur’s condition. We also had frequent opportunities to speak with Sarah Miller, Artur’s legal counsel, to garner legal updates and keep apprised of court proceedings as they unfolded. Without their willingness to share in the challenging and tiresome times, we simply would not have been able to do justice to Artur’s story.

Now, nearly two months after Artur was first locked up at the Calgary Remand Centre, with Artur released on strict bail conditions, I was able to sit down with him at his home and get a firsthand account of what he has been through. His experiences, from horrid conditions, draining isolation and constant fear of assault to friendships forged with inmates, prison ministry and bible studies span a range of emotions one cannot fully appreciate without having lived it.

Artur shared intimate and emotional details about the hardships, corruption and personal struggle he endured all for daring to stand up for himself, for his rights and for his fellow Canadians in this exclusive and extended interview that is an absolute must watch.

If you want to help pay for Pastor Artur’s legal fees, you can make a tax receipt eligible donation to The Democracy Fund at SaveArtur.com. Your contribution will keep Sarah Miller and her team at JSS Barristers working tirelessly for justice for Pastor Artur.


Trudeau is all about punishing those who will not be crushed under his Dictator Jackboot

Greencrow UPDATE: Jason Kenny, Premier of Alberta has been nothing less than an immoral provincial factotum for the Diabolical JFT Federal Liberal party of Canada. Here is what Rebel News Adam Soos had to say in an e-mail about Kenny I received today:

“Dear gc, Over the past two years, amid stiff competition, the province of Alberta has earned the dubious distinction of having arrested the most Christian pastors in all of Canada.  Pastor Artur Pawlowski, Pastor James Coates, and Pastor Tim Stephens have all been behind bars for refusing to bend the knee to the litany of COVID restrictions forcing them to close their churches when people needed them most. 

Premier Jason Kenney put more pastors in jail over the past two years than Communist China. (We even put a billboard up reminding Albertans of that.)  There’s also Pastor Derek Reimer. A Fight The Fines alumnus who received multiple fines for carrying on his pastoral duties when the state considered that a “high-risk” activity. He beat those fines with the stellar legal help he received thanks to our viewers’ generous donations towards his legal fees.

This weekend, Pastor Derek found himself in trouble with the law once again. He allegedly violated an injunction issued to the City of Calgary, which banned honking and loudspeakers. A move clearly meant to stifle the city’s weekly freedom rallies. We covered the rally this weekend and obtained footage of the arrest from one of Derek’s congregants shortly after it happened. The attempts by Alberta’s political class to silence religious leaders and COVID dissidents from voicing their concerns against government overreach have been a blight on the province.

Details are still short on the legal implications of Pastor Derek’s arrest, but we will be speaking with him soon for his personal account of what happened.  And while we turn our attention to Pastor Derek’s plight, Pastor Artur sits under strict house arrest conditions with the legal fight of a lifetime ahead of him.  To learn more about his case and to donate towards his legal fees, please click here or visit SaveArtur.com

Yours truly,

Adam Soos” 


Greencrow concludes: When governments are terrified of religious leaders preaching to the people, we know we’re in serious trouble. Freedom from Religious Persecution was one of the first freedoms enshrined in any national constitution after centuries of major wars fought over religion. Looking at Jason Kenny’s Wikipedia entry it appears that he has been focused on religious matters [and issues to do with same sex marriage???] since he was a young man. I also have heard rumours Kenny, who has never been married and has no children, has traveled on holiday to far eastern nations where child trafficking attracts western tourists.

So here we have a strange political bird who is attacking clergymen for going about their ministry. The closer you look at Jason Kenny, more you realize that he’s got an agenda that has very little to do with furthering the interests of average Albertans. Knowing he’s a WEFer makes it all the clearer that he needs to go.

19 thoughts on “Updated: Pastor Artur’s 51 days in a Canadian Prison – Alberta’s shame

  1. Greencrow,

    I never would have imagined even 1% of what has happened.

    Here in Northern Virginia Region all the church’s have this LGBTQ flag and BLM banners.

    To confess I know a transgender person. She told me it’s very rare to be transgender (maybe 1 in 10,000 if that). I didn’t know and asked her out!

    Ashamed – no. Stunned is the word. She declined and said she would pray that I find someone.

    This sex/race thing is a non issue, it’s meant to hurt and divide.

    NTS is back up, he should become a snowbird in retirement. He can escape the Manitoben winters along the gulf shores of Florida, Mississippi, Alabama. If Turdeau lets him escape.

    Snowbirds are the term for Canadians flying south for the winter by us Americans.

    Even more stunning is Hunter Biden’s laptop. Not only does he rape little children, he films and photographs it! And brags about being a bag man for his VP Father (aka the Big Guy). Bribes from the CCP and Ukrainian mobsters.

    On an end note things are going to get worse and very strange.


    1. Hi Bob:

      NTS, like me, is forbidden by our federal government from leaving Canada due to our unvaxxxZinated status. There are five million Canadians in our position. The Trudeau government has contravened the Canadian Constitution and our Charter of Rights and Freedoms to steal this fundamental right of mobility from us.


    1. Hi James:

      I have known for about three decades that vaxxxZiines are not healthy for humans to be injected with. I have long known the connection between learning/behavioural disabilities and childhood vaxxxZines. The dropping rates of fertility is also connected with vaxxxZines as are rising rates of cancer and other chronic diseases.

      Probably a moratorium on all vaxxxZines should be made globally while a real investigation into their efficacy is conducted. Here is a panel of members of the European Parliament who raise some serious questions about the roll out of the covID-19 vaxxxZines in Europe…Rife with corruption all the way to the President of the EU Parliament having personal connections with the CEO of PfiZer and negotiating the deal to purchase vaxxxZines for all of Europe!

      That’s such a huge conflict of interest that they demanded her immediate resignation. Of course, like our Canadian dictator, Justin F. Trudeau, she never will resign because she doesn’t feel any responsibility to the people…only to her fellow Globalist Communist Mafia Criminal Gang.

      If YOU want to know more about how deep the VaxxxZine Rabbit Hole goes, I suggest YOU read the book “Dr. Mary’s Monkey”. That’s the book that opened my eyes.



      1. Hi GC ,,
        No no , I’m not saying you don’t know that vaccines are bad ,
        I’m saying , This book : The Poisoned Needle by Eleanor Mcbean Written in 1950s ,, it Goes All The Way Back to 1830s With Vaccines ,, Covers The Vaccine Fraud from the Beginning , please it’s Very Worth while.
        Great Information that’s very useful Going Forward , take a look , ya won’t be disappointed.
        I learned about Vaccines in 1975 , Trust me are always fatal last words but honestly This Book has A Ton of information and it’s A Free Link.



        How about Dr. David Martin article and Video on DNA turns out we been lied to About DNA also.




  2. Dead man walking BC Premier Whoregun has apparently caught COVID…mild, though allegedly fully vaccinated,…..
    ……… “coincidentally” a day before Dr. Bullshite and Dickhead have a presser tomorrow, which many predict they will not rescind the Vaxx Pass as scheduled , but instead continue it..
    ……….and announce approval of the 2nd booster.

    Nothing to see here folks…

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    1. Hi Greenncrow ,,
      Ohh no no The Poisoned Needle by Eleanor Mcbean Written in the 1950s ,
      Definitely Blows Dr Mary’s Monkey out of the water,,
      Dr. Mary’s Monkey only covers a small fraction of info Compared to The Poisoned Needle by Eleanor Mcbean ,,
      The Poisoned Needle goes back to The Very Very beginning way before Pastuer in the 1880s ,,
      The Poisoned Needle goes Deep in Details , History , and Dangers , like No Other ,,,
      You’re missing a Great book ,, at least skim the Contents and See what I’m trying to share and pass your way..
      I have been against vaccines since 1975 !!!
      Check the table of contents..

      Here’s two links.



      Now here’s something that will Really Blow Your mind.
      By Dr. David Martin Says We don’t have DNA.


      Article with video inside , DNA is Explained by Dr. David Martin ,,
      Very worth while to check out….


  3. I was going to suggest as much in my next post RAH. They are gaslighting the public about rescinding the vax mandate. Trudeau probably ordered that it not be rescinded…just like he ordered the gaslighting and torture of Pastor Artur Powlowski in prison for 51 days. If you watched that video you will see that, while the guards sometimes voiced sympathy with the Pastor…they always said the gaslighting/mind fuckery “came from the highest levels”. I personally believe that Trudeau gets off on torture and has all Canadians in a state of dictatorship/occupation so he can torture us all at will.


  4. Hi GC:

    I will post a video re: Romanian dictator Ceaucescu last speech…before the public rendered long overdue/well deserved justice (aka executed him and his wife).

    Analysis of this is quite fascinating.

    He tried to stage a massive public gathering using operatives as crowd organizers…but it failed miserably. He was stunned and very shaken. In other words things began to spiral out of control within minutes of the start.

    The Turd and his ilk cabal should watch this video…..given Canada is effectively the worlds largest prison based on Turds whims we cannot exercise our 40 year old charter rights of mobility if we don’t capitulate to being lab rats for oligarchs.

    IMHO..if Dr .Bullshite, Whoregun and Dickhead do not rescind the Vax Pass and/or mandate a 2nd booster, I think our future options become much clearer and more focussed.

    As Jim Stone submitted, and is often proven bang on, the SHTF re vaxx deaths will ramp up around now in late March / Early April . He did a screen shot of a blogger who asked followers if they knew of anyone. who had been injured or died of vaxx….he had 41% of replies knew of vaxx victims…..many knowing several vaxx victims who are injured and/or dead.

    We need to watch our backs….


  5. re Pastor Artur:

    IMHO the vast majority of Christians( and other faith groups) should do some serious reflection re; how humanity charts moves forward.

    As a “Catholic” (?!?)…..I am absolutely disgusted at how the head office in Rome and their global franchises effectively capitulated to a non- existent entity called Covid and its high priests..the Satanist called politicians , MD’s ,etc.

    I have stated to many friends the Pope has influence over 1 billion Catholics, with any papal edict to challenge the Covid scam we would be back to olde normal in a heartbeat.

    Instead of providing leadership..the Pope’s knees are dirty and lips are brown from kissing the asses of any group that claims victimhood. Hey Pope…that’s a HUUUUUGGGEEE line up.

    Pastor Artur did a major service to ” Christians” by being somewhat of a sacrificial lamb and test the waters of historical war of spirituality vs secular dogma…no other larger denominations had the “balls” .
    PS Hey Satan..F*CK OFF..

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  6. 22nd December 1989: Romanian Communist leader Nicolae Ceausescu overthrown in the Revolution of 1989

    Five days before his overthrow, Nicolae Ceausescu had ordered the military to put down a revolt in the western Romanian city of Timisoara. Triggered by government’s attempt to evict an ethnic Hungarian pastor who they accused of inciting ethnic hatred, the Timisoara uprising quickly became a broader anti-government demonstration. News of the government’s crackdown was not shared in the heavily-censored press, but quickly spread through western-operated radio stations such as Radio Free Europe.

    With unrest increasing, Ceausescu addressed a staged demonstration from a balcony of the Central Committee of the Romanian Communist Party in Bucharest on 21 December. Despite the presence of the secret police known as the Securitate, the crowd began to heckle him with chants of ‘Ti-mi-soa-ra! Ti-mi-soa-ra!’

    Having failed to calm the crowd, Ceausescu was moved back inside the building by his bodyguards. The speech had been televised around Romania and the video feed was only cut after the start of the crowd’s protest. It was clear to anyone watching that something monumental was unfolding in the capital.

    Over the next few hours the streets of Bucharest filled with protesters. Unable to regain control, the following morning Ceausescu and his wife fled the Central Committee building by helicopter. Their pilot soon faked a threat of anti-aircraft fire and landed, leading to the later arrest of the Ceausescus. They were subjected to a show trial on Christmas Day and found guilty of crimes including genocide and illegally gathering wealth. Having been sentenced to death they were quickly taken outside and shot.


    Wow deja vu..
    .a PASTOR being attacked by Gov’t triggered a revolution that created attitude adjustment
    …… mind you a bit harsh,,,or f*ck em all…take no prisoners.

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  7. Hi RAH:

    When the story of this two years of horror are finally written, an entire chapter should be devoted to Pastor Artur Powlowski and how he took the WEF puppet Globalist/Satanists on practically single-handedly…and won.

    Like the murderer he befriended in jail told him. “I feel the light coming.”



    1. Thanks FreakedOut2

      It is crucial that people be aware that W.H.O. has had a plan to make vaxxes a mandatory global initiative.

      The original plan was to have it in place by now…but it appears to have been deferred till summer 2022.

      This W.H.O. plan effectively absolves each nations Gov’ts of any/all responsibility/liability under the olde “Koom Bay Ya” agenda. Pro Choice/Anti Vaxx types will be increasingly marginalized/threatened etc.

      We TRUTHERS are aware a communist agenda is in play….communism is effectively/historically a massive cull of population concurrent with power consolidation..what we see unfolding in 2022 is THE final battle for humanity.

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  8. Shanghai defends policy of separating Covid-positive kids from parents


    Around 25 million people remain locked down in China’s largest city and financial centre, as authorities try to snuff out the country’s most severe virus outbreak since the end of the first pandemic wave in early 2020.

    Under China’s unbending virus controls, anyone found positive — even if they are asymptomatic or have a mild infection — must be isolated from non-infected people.

    That includes children who test positive but whose family members do not, health officials confirmed on Monday, defending a policy which has spread anxiety and outrage across the city.

    “If the child is younger than seven years old, those children will receive treatment in a public health centre,” Wu Qianyu, an official from the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission, said Monday.

    “For older children or teenagers… we are mainly isolating them in centralised (quarantine) places.”

    Parents and guardians voiced their anger at the policy on social media.

    “Parents need to meet ‘conditions’ to accompany their children? That’s absurd… it should be their most basic right,” one unnamed commenter wrote on social media platform Weibo.

    Unverified videos of babies and young children in state-run wards have been widely shared.


    1. From Jim Stone:


      If your kid tests positive, it is ADIOS.
      And let me guess: Your kid “tests positive” based on your social credit score and what you believe in, NOT COVID. No brainer that.

      Another thing – many states are now legalizing abortion at birth, and many are attempting to legalize abortion after birth. Reason: Because the pfizer shot is going to produce so many still births that they have to re-define where life starts to avoid getting sued to oblivion.

      Anyone who tries to sue for killing their baby now has a mountain to go up just to prove the baby really was a life if it could simply be ended after birth. It’s a liability thing.


      IMHO Jim Stone, at minimum, does great research, analysis and future projections.
      I don’t like fearmongering, but forewarned is forearmed.

      What happens in China is likely a dry run for rest of the planet.

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  9. Hi RAH

    This news about Shanghai goes together with rumblings I’ve heard on the Internet about growing popular dissatisfaction with the Communist Chinese Tyranny. The Chinese Government is cracking down on the few freedoms left in China [the freedom for families to be together, for instance] in order to show the people whose boss.
    Again, as in all the countries of the WEF, they’re using medical tyranny to do the job.

    In centuries past, the Tyrants used religion as a sledgehammer over the people. Now it’s medical persecution that is being used in exactly the same way that religious persecution once was.

    Incidentally, I visited Shanghai in 2018 as part of our tour around China. Shanghai has the population of all of Canada in a very small geographic space. It is laid out very orderly with absolutely huge skyscrapers in the downtown center. I went up one of the skyscrapers and saw the entire city laid out below for hundreds of miles in all directions.

    The thing about Chinese families is that children are so expensive to have and raise that comparatively few couples can even afford to have one. If they do, they treat their child like a little prince or princess…catering to his or her every whim. We saw these families in the parks we visited. The entire family of adults, grandparents, parents, extended family…all following meekly after the little toddler, dressed to the nines!

    These families would be extremely traumatized to have that child removed. So they are absolutely going for the heart of the society in this medical tyranny attack in Shanghai.


    1. Hi GC:

      As a first generation Canadian, I grew up with 3rd generation Asians.

      They would be “spoiled”..ie often gifted cars. etc. …..but they would admit that was the price to pay to be their parents “Old Age Security”.

      Given 4th generation industrial revolution….ALL of humanity is at risk to being replaced by AI , deemed useless eaters by PerpZ and situation re “numbers” adjusted accordingly.

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