Greencrow update: Plus The Long Arm of the Law Extends both ways

Faerie Forest #1

Good morning Sentients. A huge wind/rain/hail/snow storm went through lower British Columbia yesterday. It was not forecast and caught a lot of people by surprise. There were power outages across the lower half of the province. Our power went out for a few moments but luckily was restored before we had to turn on our generator.

I will return to the latest BC “extreme weather event” in a moment but just a brief personal update. I am not posting as frequently due to feeling “sandblasted” by the news and national events involving the Turvert’s imposition of a medical tyranny on all of Canada–without the knowledge and/or consent of the people. Here is just the latest headline from MSN this morning:

Most Canadians support Liberal-NDP deal but feel it betrayed voters: poll

Can you believe the duplicity of that headline? That’s a perfect example of what I mean by being “sandblasted” with the news. The headline contradicts itself within the twelve words contained in it. Canadians support the secret Tyrannical deal…BUT feel betrayed by it. Banging one’s head against the brick wall of these Satanic lies does do damage after a few years, folks. But I prefer to compare it with a marble stone being continually sandblasted by tiny grains of sand…steadily eroding it away to nothing. This is their methology. This is why I have to take a break. At the moment I am working on a very complicated artwork [photo above] which I call Faerie Forest. It is for my grandchildren and will be a backdrop for the wood carving of the faerie sitting on the mushroom that I carved a few years ago shown in the photo below

Little Green Faerie Wood Carving 2018

When the Faerie Forest Backdrop Acrylic painting is completed I will have my husband frame it in a dark wood frame and it will be hung over our dark wood bar with the wood carving and the stained glass lamp displayed in front of it. It will be an enchanted Forest tableau in our cabin living room for our grandchildren to enjoy. If you look closely at it…there are three pixies, two of whom will represent my two granddaughters. So, folks, If I am not posting on this blog, at least you know what I’m up to…beats being sand blasted with Turvertian Tyranical newZ, that’s for sure!

In the meantime, I recommend those who haven’t done so, have another look at my previous post which has been updated and which contains 14 [at last count] comments that are extremely cogent…full of useful information.

FreakedOut posted the link to the Stew Peters interview with Chris Sky wherein Chris gives a crucial update to what will be happening here in Canada over the next month or so. [NOTE: I see today that Stew had his home “SWATTED” over the past 24 hours–so obviously Stew is right over the target–as FreakedOut puts it]. Chris Sky [seen in his latest Twitter post below]…

….told Stew Peters that Bill Gates and Al Gore will be coming to Vancouver for a “Ted Talk”. These “Ted Talks” are basically opportunities for the PerpZ to put their ideas, plans and ideology out there in the public eye…kind of informing the public what’s gonna be shoved down their throats next. Chris said that Gates will be advising the public about a new vaxxxZine that will be mandatory to take “once a year”. Al Gore will be spewing the usual bullshit about “Climate Change” and IMO, the un-forecasted extreme “weather event” that passed over BC yesterday was perpetrated in preparation for Al Gore’s speech. British Columbians should prepare ourselves for another uninterrupted stream of extreme weather events like we had last year…which included: “Heat Dome”[TM], unprecedented heat wave/drought, Forest fires, “cluster tornadoes” coming off the Pacific, Atmospheric Rivers [TM] and record breaking snow falls… All this is to facilitate the stripping of humanity off the land, warehousing us in Chinese Communist-style “Smart” [24/7 surveillance] Highrise Ghettos… with the technocracy perpZ stealing their land at rock bottom “fire sale” prices. So that’s what Al Gore will be bullshitting about at the Ted Talk here in Vancouver.

Chris Sky also told Stew about the upcoming resumption of the “Fuck Trudeau” marches on Ottawa at the end of April, 2022. He said, in addition to more truckers travelling to Ottawa, there will be loggers, and other trades, and, most importantly, bikers! I love bikers. When we visited Russia in 2014 we discovered that the biker class is very high up the demographic ladder there. Bikers can mobilize quickly to travel to areas where there’s government overreach…crime…anything...and do something about it. Well, folks, the bikers from across Canada are going to Ottawa at the end of April. That news should have the Turvert, also known as JFT, shitting in his pants. Prepare for some False Flag in the form of new lockdown/mask/vaxxxZination mandates to come down shortly in a governmental effort to head off that coming public demonstration!

In closing, and as promised in the headline, here are some links that show the battles going on in the courtrooms of Canada regarding these illegal, unconstitutional mandates. As I have said for the past two plus years…the issues will most likely be resolved in the courtrooms…because they are basically criminal acts that should be dealt with by way of the exercise of our judicial system–if it is able to work as designed over thousands of years.

Here are some links showing the back and forth battle over the mandates in the courts. Please have a browse and I will have concluding comments to follow;


The Long Arm of the Law Extends Both Ways

I Remember there was a “Long Arm Of The Law”. Today? Notsomuch.


This could be a very good thing. If Randy gets before an open court he can ask aloud what happened to the “Man in the Tan Coloured Jacket” who was trampled by Trudeau’s horses on February 18, 2022.


Dozens of former CP Rail employees suing for 1 Million dollars each in damages over CovID-19 firings…claim their Charter Rights denied.

COVID-19: Two-tiered vaccine exemption system favours public servants, lawyer argues

Look at this graph and look at the summary analysis. 

Twenty million people have not complied completely with the Vax mandates.  Including 5.3 Canadians [like myself] who have refused it altogether!

Major lawsuits coming down the pike…unless…unless…unless…they can cover the entire catastrophe up with a big distracting WAR on RUSSIA!


Greencrow concludes: Folks, somedays I think we can beat these bastards and some days I get very discouraged. One thing I never change my mind about however is the necessity of humanity to fight back. We have absolutely no choice but to fight back with all our might. For our children and grandchildren. They are coming for them with the VaxxxZinations and with the 5G. I am now in a state where I wonder whether the 5G is covering up the vaxxxZination adverse effects…or the vaxxxZinations are covering up the 5G effects. We must keep both sets of weaponry in our gun sites when fighting back against the most Satanic enemy in human history during this existential apocalypse we’re presently enduring. Stay tuned.

18 thoughts on “Greencrow update: Plus The Long Arm of the Law Extends both ways

  1. I, too, am feeling sandblasted as you put it. It has affected how I react, procrastinate, perform, concentrate. And my concentration is suffering. Give me a book and it matters not the time of day but I will nod off in seconds. Me who used to read 24/7. That applies to on line reading as well. It is overwhelming at times and I certainly appreciate the beauty and outlet of your art. Your little fairy is both gorgeous and gracious.

    Regarding Trudy. He is what he is. He will never change even if forced to change. He is permanently corrupted but such creatures have risen to power for millennia. Humanity has, until now, survived such evil. But it is so much deeper than that in this modern world. It is global and instantaneous.

    When asked why I do what I do, think as I do, yadda yadda, I usually respond for our descendants and NO ONE seems to get it. Is this because we are old enough to see the generations and the ever-changing, interwoven patterns of humanity? Then to make things worse (haha) I casually toss in, “And since I live according to reincarnational beliefs, I am no altruist, I do it for myself.”

    And yes. The winds have been horrendous down here. Major rains. And the trees are still swaying more than normal here on Tuesday morning. The ocean is all white caps. And it is cold, a to the bone cold, due to the wind. We usually get a good storm around the end of March, early April, to make pink confetti snow but this one has been extreme. Winter had events but was not all that cold but this current stuff is extreme. Must be that environmental/atmospheric river thing they keep talking about.

    OK. Gotta go listen to Stew and Chris. Blessings.

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  2. Yes, listen to the Stew/Chris interview. Lots of info there! Chris Sky is probably the most effective leader our Canadian resistance has when all is taken into account.

    Listen to what he says happened to his Royal Bank personal account. This is the way they’re gonna go…didn’t even have time/space in the post to mention that.


  3. Re: Weather Warfare and my spidey senses….

    When we had the massive floods in BC last fall…the cover story was “rainy season”.

    Between then and now. …..snowfall would ramp up and accumulate over winter.

    However, as Spring ramps up……this could be the PerpZ WMD….whereby a combination of more snow , heavy rains and/or major heat wave would again devastate areas with floods.

    Stay Tuned….

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  4. GC Says:
    “I see today that Stew had his home “SWATTED” over the past 24 hours”

    Right from the mouth of Stew and he ain’t happy!😲

    Stew on Telegram @ Stew Peters:
    “My home was just SWATTED. My children were home and had to witness everything. The person who made the call impersonated me, gave my home address, and claimed that I had a hostage and was going to shoot them.

    Let me make something VERY clear: I will NOT be intimidated. I have the best lawyers and investigators in the country working to subpoena the Minnesota Police Department for the suspect’s information who made the call that resulted in a potentially dangerous police-involved situation, risking the lives of my kids.

    From what I understand, this is happening to many conservative show hosts in order to have their homes raided, their privacy violated, and to put their lives at risk.

    This is how people get killed, and it ends now.

    We won’t stop until this stops.

    I am PISSED.”

    AND(probably what the raid was about):

    “ATTENTION FEDS: The Dr. Ardis story is in the can, and it’s being held with documentation in multiple places on different continents.

    Taking me out won’t stop what’s coming.

    It’s coming out. Period.”

    “EXPLOSIVE: “Watch The Water” Covid Bombshell EXCLUSIVE! The Great Lie Revealed, Coming Soon!”
    My heart goes out to Stew and his young family, the kids must have been traumatized having cops show up with guns drawn. Prayers to Stew and Family!

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  5. Probably the PerpZ told the cops to do it. Just like the PerpZ told the Calgary Remand Centre Prison Guards to “incentivize” Pastor Powlowski’s fellow inmates to beat him up. Luckily, by that time the good Pastor had restored the humanity of his fellow inmates to the point where they unanimously refused the bribery of the prison guards.

    What a tale Pastor Artur Powlowski told in that interview I posted. That should be made into as movie some day.

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    1. Background on Alberta. Selection going on and the Premier, Jason Kenny, is a very strange bird…read his Wiki bio for some flavour of what he’s been up to. Never graduated from university even. He’s a WEFer and probably has some predilections that also start with “p”.


  6. Hi GC:

    Re: Dr Bullshites update….

    I really didn’t pay much attention…seems like they will not require Vax passes after Friday…but definitely pushing boosters. As we discussed earlier…calm before the storm….as the W.H.O. will likely drive this Global culling train- wreck soon.

    BTW: I encourage people to get the FREE rapid tests now available in BC …have a party…and use NON Human items (ie fruits..vegetables etc.)……video record the results and post.

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    1. What a waste of money those “rapid tests” are…when our economy is falling apart with inflation/supply issues! Apparently Stew Peters is going to reveal the real truth behind the CovID scam and it’s going to be a shocker. Can hardly wait.


  7. Greencrow,

    I’m still recovering from grief from my mother’s death.

    She could have lived longer if not for this Cofraud. It made it much harder for me to properly get the care she needed.

    All these criminals need to be held to account.

    Joe Biden is so corrupt and out of it.

    He keeps lying when he doesn’t have to.

    Now the Biden truck driving lie resurfaced. But with an embellishment.

    He claims he drove the 18 wheeler with a person (maybe/probably a woman?!) called “Big Mamma”.

    I still remember when this corrupt idiot ran for president in the 1980’s. He plagiarized all his political speeches. And he was so stupid he didn’t plagiarize less known intellectuals. He plagiarized John Kenneth Galbraith!

    Every journalist pundit at the time said his political career was over! Boy were they wrong.

    Apparently he can have a bag man son who rapes little children, who is a depraved drug fiend, who sells acess to a sitting US Vice President and only now the MSM are reporting on this.

    Also I viewed an online movie about a doctor that may have cured cancer. He is from Poland and lives in the US. He endured decades of abuse. Four or five Grand Juries with no indictments!

    I can’t remember his name.

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  8. Hi Bob:

    The frustration you feel about your mothers [lack of] care is familiar to me. I am still grieving my older Brother’s murder by the hospital he went to for treatment of an inflamed prostate [common on the male side of our family]. The negligence my brother endured was horrific and there isn’t a day I don’t feel weak with the grief of what he endured.

    All we can do is redouble our efforts to spread truth and get these bastards off their pinnacles of power. Biden is just the latest of an unbroken stream of progressively worse US leaders. The agenda is to destroy the US from within. Then the parasites/vultures can sweep in and mop up all the assets…land and the rest.

    The Parasites/Vultures have already set their sights on their next host/prey. They are after Russia which is the one land mass they have never entirely conquered/stripped, I don’t think they’ll achieve their latest goal…they may have to wait for a few more centuries. But they NEVER give up and the Satanists have all the time in the world…because they’re not even of this world.

    Cancer is ONE of their culling methods. They have many. At the moment, keep your eyes on 5G. I believe that’s responsible for many, if not most, of the adverse reactions they’re blaming on the vaxxxZines. Stew Peters and Dr. Ardis [sp?] are supposed to be coming out with bombshell info as to what’s really in the vaxxxZines. I hope that happens soon and that it does answer some of the burning questions about what the PerpZ have really been up to for the past two and a half years.


  9. Re Dr Bullshite and crew and relaxing mask and vaxx pass rules

    IMHO this is simply a test to see if the sheeple will beg for more abuse with masks and vaxxes.
    They are trying to slide in the 2nd booster/4th shot for seniors over 70 and First Nations over 55.
    SADLY….The First Nations just don’t get it…the Pope and Gov’ts are luring the into a trap with the guilt fest against NON First Nations…who are made to feel privileged and hence more willing to get the death jab.

    I told a colleague someone should post a web site for businesses that don’t require masks and vaxx passes.

    (*NOTE:I am not one to be vindictive and demonize those that still require them…many are caught between a rock and a hard place.)

    VOTE with your wallet !!!


    I also think this returned God given freedoms is a distraction for other communist agendas being ramped up…here is a beauty from Dan Dicks:…….

    “Woke Communism ON STEROIDS…UBI EXCLUSIVELY For Trans/Non-Binary Regardless Of Earnings ???”

    In a rather blatant discriminatory move a California city council is planning on giving Universal Basic Income (UBI) exclusively to transgender and non-binary residents regardless of their earning levels because it’s the woke thing to do in 2022…The new pilot program will have $200,000 set aside for allocation after a unanimous vote by the Palm Springs City Council last week.

    More Communism ala Agenda 21. /Agenda 2030

    Dan Fumano: Is this the end of ‘single-family zoning’ in Vancouver?

    Analysis: The zoning map in the draft Vancouver-wide plan leaves no area of the city reserved for only detached houses and duplexes.

    IMHO Pure Communism….single family home owners are being subtley demonized, and BLOCK BUSTING will occur…ie their neighbour/s sells to a developer/s…multi family units build next door..more noise…more cars, become UNliveable….then sell….domino affect….

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  10. Lots of very good points made in your comment, RAH. Could be summed up by warning of “encroaching Communism by stealth” worldwide.

    The US perpZ are going NutZ distracting Americans from the daylight theft of their nation. They’re distracting them with all this prurient bullshit like Critical Race Theory, trans, pedo-Disney and so on. Not that it isn’t all true and disgusting…but what they’re being distracted from is thousands times worse.

    The US is going to hell in a handbasket at warp speed!


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