UPDATED: Freedom Protest was Legal – Ottawa now being sued – Turvertian crisis continues

UPDATED: April 8, 2022 – Folks I’m going to leave this post up for a few more hours. I have enriched the content with several links sent to me just this morning by my loyal readers Simon Hicks and Dennis. If you’ve already read it have another scan. Thanks.

Map of a Karen Brain

Good morning readers. Another grey day on the Malahat…looking forward to doing more work on my large acrylic painting today. Also getting out for a walk with my dog Maki [older dog Joey being too old for walks…he only goes on a “modified walk’ around the perimeter of the property now]. As said in my last post, I am working through some rare [for me] “writer’s block” related to the sandblasting of newZ we’re getting these days. The lies are coming thick and fast as the CovIDian Caper is undergoing a Controlled Collapse into it’s mendacious footprint.

Here is a headline I saw on Twitter this morning:

Yes, all across Canada and indeed the western world, the lawsuits related to the illegal and treasonous overreach of the Globalist-occupied governments are starting to move their way through the court systems. It is the piling up of these lawsuits that is causing the political perp puppet assets to head for the hills…or slowly sink off into the sunset. Case in point the BC Bullshitter, Bonnie Henry. She and her cohort the Dickhead gave their “final” regular presser the other day. She says the lifting of the anti-vax prohibition from restaurants and bars will happen tomorrow, Friday, April 8th, 2022 here in BC. She implied that this is due to some easing of the covidian Plandemic or perhaps the goodness of the government heart.

The truth of the matter is that BS Bonnie is scheduled to go before the BC Supreme Court in June and she wants to be “long gone” by then. She wants it to appear that the plaintiffs in the lawsuit lodged against her last year are just stirring up a dead issue...because the cause of their lawsuit has been resolved. Folks, that will be the strategy all over the world re the lawsuits. The perpetrators of the harm/injustice that led to the lawsuits will have disappeared into the ether by the time they come to court. These terminally corrupt career scofflaws have NO RESPECT FOR THE LAW OR THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM. Witness what JFT, who’s been avoiding paying his share of taxes for decades, is now doing to small business via the tax system:




German Victory for the People Against Mandatory VaxxxZines

Greencrow continues: Yes, all over the western world the CovIDian Caper is collapsing. In Germany, earlier this morning, the parliament failed to pass the mandatory vaxxxZine bill–and the people cheered in the streets. As an added bonus, the Germans now know who amongst their parliamentary representatives are WEFer’s and can now charge them with Treasonous Conflict of Interest. This is what is also eventually going to happen in Canada. ALL the WEFers in Parliament and other Institutions will be gradually cornered, identified and charged with Treason. But, by then, they will have, as I mentioned earlier, slunk off over the horiZon, like the cowards they are.

And it all boils down to the mandatory vaxxxZine. Nobody [with half a brain] wants to surrender their bodily autonomy. That’s why enlistment in the military and in the police forces has fallen drastically recently. See below how the RCMP enrollment has fallen by 50%. Why would anyone join a police force which has to be injected with an Experimental substance and then go forth to beat and batter those who refuse such injections? It’s a non-starter. How they thought they could pull this one off will be studied by psychologists and historians for generations.

Shouldn’t Brenda resign over this? Common Sense would Dictate So…but Common Sense has flown out the window in the era of the Nationally Detested JFT

Greencrow concludes: Along with the assets slowly “resigning” getting “CovID” and having to “work from home” and all the other bullshit associated with the collapse….Canadians are starting to hear the next excuse being made for the Treasonous obliteration of our fundamental rights over the past two years. Secret international “security” agreements were signed that the national governments HAD to abide by. This is what the Turvertian government of JFT is now putting out as to why the unvaxxxZinated are not allowed to travel internationally or even nationally by public transport.

Now they’re saying the prohibition of travel by the unvaxxxZed is because of an international health security treaty.

Greencrow continues: Well, IMO, this just proves the case that the Turvertian Federal government is Treasonous to the core: 1) Why would the Federal Government engage in the signing of an agreement that would deprive it’s citizens of the most fundamental of all human rights…the right to move from one place to another…without any public discussion? Especially: 2) Why would it sign such an agreement without informing the citizens beforehand of it’s actions and/or debating and voting on the matter in the Federal Parliament of Canada? The above two questions are the most essential questions that have been asked in the past two years and they MUST be answered!

If we don’t demand answers to the above questions and an end to the oppression, Humanity will leave itself vulnerable to the Globalist WHO’s next Power Grab:

As everyone is slowly beginning to acknowledge…the Trucker Convoy caused a sea change not only in Canada but around the world. People finally got hope…then they began to push for change. Perhaps the lawsuits against the governments would have brought it eventually on their own–but the Trucker Convoy was the catalyst that let the resistance know we were not alone and, perhaps more importantly, woke up and put the ignorant and somnolent Sheeple on notice that there was ANOTHER WAY OF LOOKING AT THE COVIDIAN EXPERIENCE– AND IT BETTER DAMNED WELL BE RESPECTED!!! Because the adherents of this alternative viewpoint ARE NOT GOING TO GO AWAY. We are going to continue to rush against the wall of ignorance/oppression until we break our way through. This is what we’ll be doing again at the end of April, 2022 via the Bikers Ride to Ottawa. We’ll keep on battering away until the Turvert and his ilk are gone! The sooner they’re gone–the better for them. The more animosity they build by dragging their heels–the more the Resistance will deem them fodder for long incarceration–under conditions similar to what the perv Jason Kenny Premier of Alberta subjected Pastor Artur Powlowski to for 51 days.

Yes, I would love to see JFT in his final stage costumean orange jumpsuit…off to the Calgary Remand Center and then the Edmonton Prison/Looney Bin...see how he does there! Stay tuned.

Or Covertly Kill you by Trampling Horses–and Cover it up Like I did to the Man In the Tan Jacket
The Federal Government of JFT has [so far] been able to completely cover up the crime photographed above.

UPDATE: April 7, 2022

As I say in my comment to FreakedOut below, Canadians have absolutely had it with JFT and will not be waiting until 2025 for him to leave. Justin Trudeau is a dangerous menace to Canadian democracy. We want him gone [preferably in jail] like yesterday. Here is a graphic I just saw on Twitter:

He’s more than an embarrassment…JFT is downright dangerous on the global stage!

11 thoughts on “UPDATED: Freedom Protest was Legal – Ottawa now being sued – Turvertian crisis continues

  1. Nice to see a politician confirm what we’ve been reporting on(44 second video):

    Australia Senator Confirms: COVID Vax Contains Nanotechnology; self-assembling inside PEOPLE. Calls it “Genocide”


    I hope this senator is an expert in self defense. Watch your back!!

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  2. Greencrow,

    Now this man knew how to live his life!

    Warren Zevon was everything Trudeau and Biden aren’t.

    The bad thing is he has to leave his children.


  3. Hi FreakedOut

    Turvert’s European Reception was one of the biggest diplomatic black eyes that Canada has ever received. Europe was the last refuge for JFT. He cannot appear in public in Canada any more. Coast to Coast to Coast he gets booed and swore at. He literally gets run out of town. So he went to Europe self-assured that he would “show” Canadians how loved and admired he is over there. Not so. What a shock it must have been for him to speak in that virtually empty European Parliament.

    What he still does not get yet is that Canadians have HAD it with him. We will NOT be waiting until 2025 to vote him out of office. IMO, Canadians will continue to travel to Ottawa to hound him out…all summer long if needs be. He is just too dangerous to have in power. God knows what stunt he will try to pull next. He’s handing millions of our tax dollars to the Ukraine NaZis while our cities are crumbling and our First Nations Communities do not even have proper drinking water [because we poisoned their lakes with mining, etc.]

    Christine Anderson is a great leader. I look forward to her becoming leader of Germany some day. What a great thing that would be for all of Europe!

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  4. As a long time US Government Public Servant the worst thing you can do is acquiesce.

    My big regret was not standing up until the last part of my career.

    What they do is beyond reprehensible.

    Two stories:

    My office had a man who suffered from epilepsy. Came to work suite and tie everyday on time and did his job. But they wanted him gone because a younger more energetic person could do his job cheaply.

    They hounded him out, even though he could have fought.

    I worked with a person who fled a third world country who was appalled that they were doing this to this man and he confronted ‘them’ that this was shameful. The response was demonic “WE’RE NOT A CHARITY!”. Of course most of these people who tormented this poor man are dead.

    The second story is similar.

    This man had a nervous breakdown and he was mandated to attend this training (bloviating bullshit).

    He couldn’t fight back and retired.

    They came after me but it was the end of my career. I ignored them and wouldn’t even respond to them. Nor would I attend any of their BS meetings.

    It turned out I could do my job better without any contact with upper management. Very puzzling.


  5. Thanks FreakedOut.

    I will certainly watch that. Remember how I’ve recently been comparing the government mandates as kind of a giant boa constrictor technique? Slowly squeeZing the breath out of the prey and then releasing for a moment, repositioning and then squeeZing again? Well, coinkadynkally the origin of the “covID virus” has something to do with a snake…either snake venom or something like that.

    And the people who know what its about keep saying how evil it is. Hmmmmm…


  6. “Slowly squeeZing the breath out of the prey and then releasing for a moment, repositioning and then squeeZing again?”

    An interesting analogy GC, and probably accurate.

    “Well, coinkadynkally the origin of the “covID virus” has something to do with a snake…either snake venom or something like that.”

    I wanted to mention that MIT scientist researcher Erica Khan was mentioning to Jeff Rense about the pharma industry using toxic PEPTIDES from a species of venomous cone snails:
    “Cone snail venoms are mainly peptides…”

    Maybe same peptides in certain snake venom?

    Just thinking…🤔

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  7. Great gonnection FreakedOut! I have been pondering what Stew Peters and Dr. Brian Ardis are going to reveal Monday night ever since the first trailer to their documentary came out. “Watch the Water” is the title of their documentary. Could it be insertion of the [perhaps synthetic] snake venom in bottled drinking water? I have always suspected bottled drinking water might have harmful additives. Could it [the evil] be spread via chemtrails, which then come down as rain and enter our water system?

    Sitting on tenterhooks waiting to find out.


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