Snake vax furor – plus: Biolabs in Ukraine manufacture the Snake mRNA vax?

Deceased Artist David Dees Knew H/T FreakedOut

Good morning brilliant sentients. Several days have elapsed since the massive Snake Venom Truth explosion. The mushroom cloud is just starting to dissipate, revealing the altered landscape below. I was so overwhelmed by information and questions yesterday that I was unable to complete this post. New ideas and new questions were coming at me in warp speed.

Just a few words about my interraction with NTS on his blog. NTS and I go waaaaaaay back. We’re both in the same business. We disagree at times and it’s no big deal. I realized recently how much my friendship with NTS meant to me when he got sick and I had a few sleepless nights worrying about him.

Northerntruthseeker frequently, in my experience, comes late to the “Truth Feast” when some new aspect of the Perp evil is revealed. Last time was over the possibility of graphite oxide [basically the stuff in pencil leads] being in the vaxxxZines. Took him months to come around to that possibility. I OTOH am generally first on the truth bus. Is that a good thing? Perhaps and perhaps not.

It doesn’t matter…as long as we all look at the evidence closely with an open mind and eventually reach a consensus. Now, on to my latest mental meanderings:

What kept me mute yesterday was thinking about all the dogs that are not barking over this. Regular readers will know that this “Sherlock Holmes metaphor” is something I always apply to a new piece of information. Who’s barking and, perhaps more importantly, who is NOT barking. Not barking likely means: a) they already knew the factoid and, b) they’re complicit in it.

So I asked myself the question: Why Dr. Brian Ardis????? Why would a chiropractor come up with this thesis when those such as Drs. Judy Mikovitz, Carrie Madej, Mike Yeadon and Sucharit Bhakti, just to name a few, did not. All the latter doctors mentioned have much more credentials in the area of biochemistry than the chiropractor/acupuncturist Dr. Ardis. This is a stunning silence. When are we going to hear from these doctors? The silence of their non-barking is deafening!

Two factors I always include in my analysis of a new piece of evidence are TIMING and LOCATION.

First, Timing: Why now? Does the timing serve the PerpZ or the Sentients? Jury is still out on this one. Something I have learned about the PerpZ psy-op/gaslighting agenda is that they never let two successive weeks go by without reinforcing the matrix. Whether it be a weather event, a new “outbreak” of the Plandemic HOAX, a war, a mass shooting, whatever.

Next, Location: We should never assume that the PerpZ will target the unwashed masses with their depopulation schemes. Look at it this way: At base, The Great Reset is a colonial-style resource theft. Who has the most resources? The Upper Middle and Middle classes. So if they are going to poison the water [for instance] it would be much more likely they would target the rich communities…with elderly rich people. Like Collingwood, Ontario where my two years older brother lived before he died at the hands of the Hospital Protocol administrators in March 2021.

But back to the “Snake Venom Thesis”. This revelation by Dr. Brian Ardis comes at a relatively quiet period of the global psyop…just in time to deflect from the failing war in Ukraine and the failing uptake of the poisonous vaxxxZines. Just saying.

Another one of the measures of the validity of the theory…and this has always been significant is the reaction of the lying, criminally complicit main$tream media. If they ignore it…that’s a sign it’s valid. If they attack the messenger [physically or “journalistically”], that’s another good sign. These indications seem to be happening. Apparently the knee-jerk vilification of Ardis has begun although I have not personally seen any such articles. I am waiting to learn that, years ago, Dr. Brian Ardis fucked his first cousin [male] in the back seat of a ’55 Chevy. When I find that out, I will know that he’s telling the truth and is not just another asset.

In the meantime, here are some more links to reports that are piling up. Please have a look and I will have concluding comments to follow:


Regular contributor Simon Hicks: resent the original bombshell documentary for those who have yet not seen it:


or if you’re pressed for time, this is an excellent summary


These excellent background links from Dennis

FDA and Pfizer Knew COVID Shot Caused Immunosuppression


Dennis says: “Caitlin Johnstone is an interesting writer. Realistic but hopeful. The links in the article also good.”


From FreakedOut and Dennis:

Dr. Aryiana Love brings the patents and receipts PROVING Dr. Ardis’ claims in the “Watch The Water” Documentary. The plot to envenomate the World was a long-term plan, and Dr. Love joins the Stew Peters Show to reveal her findings to the world and confirm the horrors of Covid-19 that are now being brought to light.


From FreakedOut

Here’s the Mike Adams article on the snake venom disclosure:

“VenomTech company announces massive library of SNAKE VENOM peptides for pharmaceutical development; “nanocarriers” stabilize snake venom in WATER (PubMed)”

Let me quote Mike from the article:

“The only people lashing out against Dr. Ardis’ claims about snake venom in covid-19 vaccine formulations or snake venom peptide exposure through various environmental vectors (water, air, contact surfaces) are people who are uninformed about the widespread use of snake venom peptides in medical research and drug delivery systems.”

“Water, Air and Contact Surfaces”?

I suppose if they can poison us with chemtrail crap why not water supplies?

In addition to all the ABOVE ground biolabs I sure would like to know what they’re doing in all those Deep Underground Military Bunkers(DUMBs) that the late Phil Schneider has mentioned in his lectures. Probably not setting up Microbrews for beer.


Greencrow comments: Regarding the mass manufacture of the snake mRNA and inserting it in the VaxxxZines, water supply and elsewhere. My general rule of thumb that I have followed throughout my blogging career since 2013 is: IF THE EVIL ONES CAN DO SOMETHING…THEN THEY WILL DO THAT THING. THEY HAVE NO MORAL COMPUNCTION. HUMANITY MUST ASSUME THAT WHATEVER THE EVIL POSSIBILITY IS…THEY ARE DOING IT! So, as you are reading through these links keep that in mind.


From Simon Hicks:

the title & skimming through it will give you plenty of info if you don’t have precious time to go through it all


More from Mike Adams sent by Ron

Mike Adams about the common use of snake venom by Big Pharma


Greencrow Comments: One of the biggest pieces of information that proves the validity of Dr. Brian Ardis’ “Snake Venom” claim is the assassination of researcher Dr. Bing Lui below. WHERE IS HIS RESEARCH? This entire story could be immediately dismissed if this research were published and did not support Ardis’ theory. Again, the University Lui worked at and that holds his research materials is yet another Dog that is not Barking!


This from Red Voice Media on the perhaps related assassination of Dr. Bing Liu:


The Assassination Of Dr. Bing Liu: Exposing The Biggest Lie In History – Cross Talk News


Greencrow concludes: Folks we are in the very early stages of this latest chapter of the depopulation/apocalypse agenda of the PerpZ that began over two years ago. A lot of unanswered questions need to be addressed such as:

All the [scientific researchers] dogs that are not barking about the Snake Venom Theory of Dr. Ardis

If there is a mass poisoning going on, we need to know if it is in the water supply and/or in the chemtrails. Why is everyone [other than little moi] not addressing the chemtrail possibility? Also, all the bottled water that is being drunk in our society…especially by athletes…this is a much easier source of water to contaminate than the municipal water supplies. It could also explain why all the athletes are dropping all over the world…they drink more bottled water more quickly than any other group!

Also, this snake venom theory could be an excuse to shut down the Internet and/or increase the oppression on the sentients…calling them “snake believers” and selectively locking us down and out of society…like they supposedly are doing in Shanghai:


Mass suicides in locked down Shanghai

We really don’t know what is going on in Shanghai. As RAH suggested, this could all just be CGI…to scare the Western populations about what might be coming unless we all knuckle under. As JFT said a day or two ago…demonstrations are okay as long as they’re “legal”. Just like in Communist China…the government alone get’s to decide what is “legal”. Timing is everythingwe need to look at the Shanghai lockdown in relation to the Snake Venom revelation…both occurred in the same two week period.

Most of all, we need to ask all the scientific/medical “dogs” why they previously didn’t bark–and why, still today, they aren’t barking!

50 thoughts on “Snake vax furor – plus: Biolabs in Ukraine manufacture the Snake mRNA vax?

  1. You pose some excellent questions today Green Crow! The thesis presented by Dr. Ardis stretches credibility, lets be honest. Perhaps we should all join the Northern Truth Seeker in stepping back for a while to see if those well versed in virology and epidemiology can shed more light on this. Whatever the toxic pathogen turns out to be, it is for damn sure a high crime against humanity.

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  2. Thanks Radar. I am always open to alternative views as well as the possibility of being wrong. Asking questions is one of the major tools to get at the truth and I am going to ask lots of them. In order to ask the right questions…you need to first read all the evidence. Let’s see what pans out on this.


  3. Good points Radar and Greencrow, it’s still early after the disclosure by Dr Ardis so I’m hoping we’ll see more expert testimony on the subject.

    Right now with all that’s going on in our crazy world it’s tough to keep ones head from spinning and stay focused.

    Kate Dalley has some great commentary on the “Watch The Water” documentary(start around 16:20 MM):
    “Is The Water Supply Tainted To Poison The World’s Population With ‘COVID’? – Kate Dalley [VIDEO]”

    I like Kate, she’s a real critical thinker and great presenter.

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  4. Hey GC!
    I’m going to take a wait and see approach as well- it’s all new to me and sadly right now I can’t dig into this.
    But, thanks for bringing it to my attention! 🙂

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  5. I was cyber de – toxing since Monday…now catching up.

    Re: Dr Ardis and snake venom theory..ok assume its true
    Now what?

    Either way..simply distraction from action.
    ……like “aahhaaa caught you with pants down”.

    …….soooo…now what?

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  6. Greencrow, Thanks for sharing this information. I shared it on my own blog as one of the most interesting ideas pertaining to this whole covid narrative so far. The more we can learn, the better we can prepare ourselves. The graphene oxide info was just as far fetched, but turned out to be true. Why NOT snake venom? We’ve been told that the “perpZ” are trying to dehumanize us and change our DNA, to remove the image of God we carry. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to find out it is snake venom in all reality… The devil is called “that old Serpent”…

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    1. After reading more about this, I’ve decided to remove my post on it until I can further confirm it. I was hasty. It does look like another rabbit trail, though it IS VERY INTRIGUING… But the question keeps coming up: why was this vital information not released earlier?

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  7. Fear porn and mind f*cks

    An earlier post alluded to “nuclear “weapons may be let off in USA

    Sorry..NO proof they exist..
    ….if anyone has proof please submit……there is substantial proof they do NOT exist……its been a psy-opp for decades.

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  8. Greencrow,

    The spike protein does contain snake venom like proteins. This was well known.

    They are now hammering Ardis.

    Richard Fleming was awful. He tried to discredit two papers Ardis cited. So he’s tarnishing not only Ardis but researchers who published peer reviewed findings.

    I think being outdone by a Chiropractor/Acupuncturist is bringing out the worst in some people.

    Ardis is not claiming that the water supply was poisoned, but that the CDC was monitoring waste water. Then the CDC could predict outbreaks to scare people.

    At least Florida Governor DeSantis is listening now. Thousands of Floridians have been injured and the Florida AG has jurisdiction.

    Yeah you had Bill Gates and ‘The Man Bear Pig’ himself Al Gore up there in BC. I went thru Al Gore’s Reinventing Government. What a FUBAR.

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    1. “Richard Fleming was awful. He tried to discredit two papers Ardis cited. So he’s tarnishing not only Ardis but researchers who published peer reviewed findings.”

      Ever hear of Professional jealousy?

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      1. Yes, I know about professional jealousy.

        I knew a very diminutive very introverted Chinese American man. He was given a windowless office and very complex problems to solve. He dutifully solved these problems.

        There was no doubt he was a genius. And he wanted career advancement. But he was so naive he didn’t realize his assigned work blocked him from advancement.

        When he realized this he became very upset and retired.

        His brilliant work was specific to projects and wasn’t showcased.

        So all he was to his supervisors was a lowly drudge.

        I remember him telling me ‘Everything will be wonderful’.


  9. Some good Quotes:

    1) “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”
    Arthur Schopenhauer

    Anybody ever see this happen in life?
    I have.

    2) “To live alone is the fate of all great souls”
    Arthur Schopenhauer

    3) “Just remember, once you’re over the hill you begin to pick up speed.” 👍
    Arthur Schopenhauer

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  10. Something of interest to check out here:

    “Water As A Weapon”
    by Janet C. Phelan Sunday, May. 06, 2007 at 6:00 PM

    “In August of 2004, quietly and without fanfare, an article was published on the Los Angeles Independent Media website revealing a plan by the U.S. government to depopulate the country via the water system. The article alleged that the water system had been reconfigured country-wide so as to function as a finely honed targeting system, which, when deployed, would selectively target individual homes with undrinkable, or “death” water. The article alleged that this had been accomplished by the construction of a complex system of double lines and mixing capabilities on the main lines. In this manner, certain, pre-selected homes would receive the ordinary water while the targeted homes would receive the mixture. It is the contention of this reporter that the mixture will kill those imbibing the water….”


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    1. Hi All:

      Thanks for your comments to this post. I’m going to give the blog a rest for a few days. But, I appreciate your ability to ride this latest storm over Dr. Ardis’ Snake Venom Theory. Some of us have more difficulty with transitions than others…and that’s for a reason. We shouldn’t ALL plunge pell mell down every rabbit hole that we encounter on life’s pathway. Many animal species send out “scouts” to explore…while the main pack stays together for safety. I consider myself one such “scout”, with all the perils that implies

      Also, as a scout I’ll try to separate myself [and others] from the controversy itself…so that it doesn’t become “personal”. Personalizing a difference of opinion on a theory is a dead end.

      Finally, It being Easter Weekend and me being happily preoccupied with all things rabbits and Easter eggs for my granddaughters our family will indulge in a little Spring Cultural celebrations…including a community Easter Egg Hunt down by the mountain lake.

      Happy Easter to all.


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  11. Re: snake venom theory..

    It is clearly a divisive topic which may be the intent.
    If it is “true”….. it’s too late anyway…damage is done.

    I’m paying attention to the unfolding global cl*sterfuck.
    Wars,…vaccines….sanctions….inflation etc. etc.

    IMHO…the Perpz will soon re- visit the Covid scam with new/updated mandates.
    Keep an eye on the ball…

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  12. If you listen to Erica Kahn she admits some of the spike protein poisons are analogous to snake venom proteins along with other poisons.

    Including rabies!

    Water supply poisoning is almost not possible.

    People are actually travelling to other countries to get different (poison) vaccines!

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    1. Hi Bob:

      Thanks for this. Do you have a link to the Erica Kahn video/podcast? I never mentioned in any of the three posts I’ve done on this topic that I relied mainly on my spideys to suss out whether the theory felt right or not. Still after almost a week it still passes the sniff test. It sounds like something the demonic perpZ would do and enjoy doing. I figure the mRNA had to come from somewhere…and why not a poisonous snake rather than an aborted fetus as we were told. After all…everyone agrees that their agenda is depopulation. Why NOT cut to the chase? Why fuss around with something that won’t kill as fast? It just makes sense from a functionality standpoint.


  13. Greencrow,

    She’s on a radio show with Jeff Rense.

    Her name is Erica Kahn.

    Rense is controlling though. Although he is mostly an honest person.

    The interviews are on his website.

    She has impeccable credentials.

    The thing that is strange to me is that I knew this was a very bad thing in May 2020 and tried my best to inform people. No one listened. I have no medical credentials at all.

    I went into a deep depression when Biden cheated his way into the US Presidency. I thought his political career was over in the 1980s when he was caught plagiarizing his speeches.

    Not only plagiarizing, he plagiarized John Kenneth Galbraith! What a dumbass!!

    Biden is so senile now he’s trying to shake hands with invisible people.

    Dr Ardis has enough vetted information to prove snake venom proteins are part of the spike protein toxin. He doesn’t have the whole picture, but neither does Fleming.

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    1. “She’s on a radio show with Jeff Rense.
      Her name is Erica Kahn.”

      I’ve been following Jeff and Erica KHAN from the beginning….and,,,,IMHO, that was THE worst show I’ve ever heard from those two. Both Jeff and Erica spent much of their commentary ridiculing Dr Brian Ardis. That ‘s the “First Stage” of dealing with the Truth according to Arthur Schopenhauer. Jeff suggested it was a “psy-Op”. Also, they BOTH did NOT have ALL the facts to hand to properly evaluate the big disclosure, shame on them both! I emailed Jeff to let him know. NO response.

      “She has impeccable credentials.”

      I also have NEVER heard Jeff mention Erica’s exact credentials on any show, it’s always” “she’s an MIT research scientist”. Never heard her called “Doctor”. Maybe she’s a “Masters Level” researcher? Don’t know, so please enlighten me as I searched past shows to figure out her credentials, maybe I missed something? I also emailed Jeff and asked about her credentials, sometimes new folks to a Rense Show want to know background. No response. He’s never responded to any of my emails!👎

      “Water supply poisoning is almost not possible.”

      Did you see my post on the article from the past about a possible way to contaminate peoples municipal water, I would have figured with your government background you would have commented on it?


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      1. In other news, things are really heating up in Ukraine with Russia after the sinking of their Flagship Guided Missile Cruiser “Moskva”. The Russians are really pissed!


        “Infographic Of How The Russian Missile
        Cruiser The Moskva Was Lost”



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      2. You have to listen carefully to Erica.

        She admits that snake venom proteins are part of the spike protein toxin along with rabies and other proteins.

        She deflects by saying this was well known years ago.

        Ardis has so much documented evidence of snake venom involvement in this Covid crime it’s painfully obvious.

        The water supply contamination is still a stretch for me.

        Rense is somewhat of a jerk sometimes.


  14. Hi Greencrow, and Happy Easter;

    Very interesting articles and comments.

    I have a story with regards to delivery systems.

    As you know, I live in a region of northern Ontario. Fifteen years ago I was working at a private health clinic. From my work there I was aware that a “flu” was slowly spreading from south to north across our region. After about three weeks the “flu” was almost to my house, as 12 of the 14 people in an Amish family had become ill, just two lots west of me.

    April 24, at 3AM, I was lying awake in bed when I became aware of what sounded like one of those old propeller driven water bomber type aircraft approaching low and slow from the west. We’re not all that far from an airport – as the crow flies – and I just figured they were transporting aircraft ahead of the forest fire season. Anyhow, this plane was coming in very low and slow from the west. It was almost right over top of my house when it suddenly went completely silent, like someone just flipped a switch.
    I jumped out of bed and ran to the window,but couldn’t see a thing – it was flying “dark” as well as completely silent.

    On the 26th, it was our turn to be sick with the “flu”. That’s when I realized what was going on in our region. We were being treated or vaccinated or something by means of a secret night-time aerial spraying program. Obviously the plane had returned to where it had left off previously – somewhere between the Amish family and me, before it went into stealth mode.

    “They” have the ways and means to target and deliver their payload over large regions, such as ours in northern Ontario – or small targets such as a meat processing factory. A city is easily within their capabilities.

    Monitoring the waste water would be a means of confirming the delivery.

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  15. Here in BC Canada…in the Lower Mainland….years ago we had an alleged issue called the Gypsy Moth, an invasive species that allegedly attacked certain trees. After weeks of propoganda…they stated they would do aerial spraying in grid pattern which they did.

    In hindsight..was there really an issue re a Gypsy Moth issue or was “something else” sprayed ???

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    1. Hi RAH:

      I have always been suspicious of the “Gypsy Moth” program. Same with “Lyme Disease” all these environmental threats are more likely “opportunities” for the PerpZ to attack us…the same as the “Climate Change” BS is.


  16. HI Bob, FreakedOut and CanadianNotCommunist

    Thanks very much for your comments. The plot is definitely thickening with what dogs are barking and as I always say…more importantly, what dogs are NOT barking. On a scale of 10, Jeff Rense gets a reliability score of 5 in my books…same score that I give “Apollo believing” Michael Rivero. They are both gatekeepers IMO.

    I have always believed the water supply systems of all communities are vulnerable. Interestingly, our cabin is serviced by a well. A month or so ago the water usage rate went from “2” [you can use as much as you want] to the highest level “4” which means you must ration water sparingly. Someone asked why when there was so much rain, etc. The answer from those in control was that they had had to do some “maintenance on the well”. Suddenly, when I heard that, a slight chill went down my spine. This was a month or so ago, before any of this snake venom in the water crap came out.

    Also incidentally, I came down with what thankfully was a mild case of the flu around the time the “maintenance” was done on the well.

    We’ll probably never know for sure what the real skinny on all this is. As I said in the post, Bottled water would be a more likely target than municipal water supplies and I would avoid bottled water…which I have always done because I’m leery of it. Especially when one new brand of bottled water on the market is called “Smart” water. Now THAT’s scary!


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    1. GC says:
      ” On a scale of 10, Jeff Rense gets a reliability score of 5 in my books…same score that I give “Apollo believing” Michael Rivero. They are both gatekeepers IMO.”

      I agree. IMHO, I would add Jim Stone and Clif High to those two Jim Stone’s Fukushima report was outstanding and he’s had some good input on other issues too. He also replied to an email I sent him once.👍
      Clif High has had some interesting comments but overall he’s a disappointment in my books, I haven’t found him to be too accurate in many of his predictions.

      Oh ya, Mike Adams is another gatekeeper who occasionally puts out some good stuff, he needs to get off the “evil Nazi/Hitler schtick.

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  17. Here is an interview of Dr Braun, the person who sent the text message to Dr Ardis inspiring him to investigate the venom theory. This is from the Dr Ardis show done after the Stew Peters shows.

    “Dr. Braun is a U.S. National Counterterrorism & EMS Advisor and Trainer, Chief Scientist, CounterBioterrorism Division, BioChem Engineering, Executive Director of the Violence Prevention Agency, and Clinical Psychologist. He researched and discovered the origin of Covid 19 was snake venom, before Dr. Ardis. Find out what happened when he submitted his research to the FBI!”

    They discuss the theory of using municipal water to distribute the poison.

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  18. Re Dr. Ardis and FreakedOut 2 link

    Dr. Ardis did great work exposing Remdisivir
    However…the “water” issue keeps getting muddier (no pun intended).

    Re Covid-Sars in water…it apppears he is alluding to some areas where they take waste water..treat it and return into drinking water supply (GROSS).It is well know that the treatment process does NOT capture all contaminants so Covid Sars pooped out may be recycled into drinking water. Of course..this fits the Agenda 21 etc. water as a “limited resource”,must be conserved,recycled thus another insidious venue vector to poison us.

    Ardis also muddies the water re: the “snake venom” appears many people are believing there are some huge facilities that are milking millions of venomous snakes. If you listen closely he then seguays that the “snake venom” in vaxxes manufactured/recreated, NOT natural. By throwing the term snake venom around it just creates more ill – advised fear porn.

    My concern is some of these truthers have had their 15 minutes of fame…..get addicted to the notoriety and try to maintain some semblance of relevance with new theories. .

    That can be dangerous.

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  19. Hi Ron RAH and FreakedOut

    Just watched the Braun/Ardis video in its entirety:

    More convinced than ever that the venom theory has legs. I keep going back to this simple question…if truthers accepted the mRNA theory [which Big Pharma also espouses] in the vaxxxZines…then why is it such a leap to change the mRNA from aborted fetus mRNA to snake mRNA? Why is that such an impossible mountain to climb?

    Especially when as it turns out most pharmaceuticals throughout all of human history have been based on one type of venom [plant or anima] or another??? Drs. Braun and Ardis agree that it is a mass genocide…with emphasis on the elderly/vulnerable in our society. I believe it was timed to get rid of the Baby Boomers in society and steal their wealth in a standard colonial kill/steal resources gambit.

    They both insist that this bioweapon has been placed in the only medicine used to treat covid in the hospitals [Remdesivir]. in the vaxxxZines and in the water supply. I have yet to see convincing evidence that it is in the water supply but it seems obvious that it has been put into Remdesivir and the vaxxxZines. Perhaps truthers can agree on those two vectors and wait for more information on the water vector.

    All in all I highly recommend the Braun video…and can hardly wait for Part II when he and Dr. Ardis begin to unpack the methodology of the attack.

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    1. Hi GC:

      The Ardis/ Braun video was interesting..but really nothing new.
      Brauns resume’ seems to be all over the place…he is a psychologist and____ and___ and____?

      What I got out of it is many drugs etc are allegedy venom based…difference between Treatment and Poison is DOSE..
      …..and that the Covid vaccines have the alleged “programmed ” ability within our bodies to replicate these otherwise natural venom/venom components.

      At the end of the day…avoid vaxxes regardless and us purebloods may still get compromised through various vectors outside our control.


  20. Greencrow,

    This reality we are living through is like being the Spencer Tracy’s MaCreedy character in the movie Bad Day at Black Rock.

    I would have never imagined any of it.

    On a happier note, my one niece got accepted to a very good law school on full scholarship. I never knew she was that smart. Well Lucille Ball always said ‘The women are smarter’

    And my other niece got a rescue beagle puppy from a research lab. But this triggers the knowing that Fauci had flies eat beagle puppy faces in one of his sick US tax payer funded ‘research’ projects.

    My Chi (Chihuahua) died and I gave her things to my sister’s Chi, Harry. Who is a complete bastard! Harry even inherited a St Francis medal which he does not deserve.

    This Dr Ardis controversy is one for the ages.

    A bright spot is I’m going to a Moonshine meetup (mostly young women drinking too much). If you ever get a chance watch Moonshiners on the Discovery channel.


  21. On Global…Reported that the Gov’t is going to spray Glyphosate in logged areas between Hope and Squamish (100+ mile long stretch)to stop various plants from competing with preferred species…..even thought this is a chemical proven to have a major impact to health.????


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  22. Excellent..highly recommended article and GREAT VIDEO INTERVIEW with Mike Adams:

    Discuss how farmers will not be able to provide food..engineered shortages coming.
    Shippers not supplying fertilizer..etc. etc.planting season starts soon..crop collapses …supply chain collapses..Shanghai lockdowns…billions may starve..the dominos are falling

    Discuss the snake venom/ drugs issue …well done and easy to understand. Adam lays out the details that many drugs do have venom components.

    EMERGENCY ALERT: After Rail Carriers Cancel Grain Shipments, CF Industries Warns FERTILIZER Rail Shipments Now Being Halted During Spring Planting


  23. Jim Stone:

    Dark winter ahead –
    At first I thought the news about fertilizer shipments being halted was overblown and chat room rumor but as it turns out, it is happening. Over 30 individual fertilizer companies cannot ship their fertilizer because rail way companies simply refuse to pick it up. They simply said no. It is not possible to arrange trucking fast enough to pick up the slack before spring planting hits as well. There will be, as a result, a severe fertilizer shortage right during planting season when it is needed the most.

    Adding to the problem is the fact that a lot of the new diesel farm equipment has to have DEF fluid to put in their exhaust “to reduce emissions” or the computers that control the tractors won’t let them run. DEF is completely unneccessary and a leftist con job. It is obvious it was put in short supply on purpose for the explicit pre-planned goal of doing defacto equipment shut downs when planned. There can be all the diesel in the world available but without the DEF fluid the engine computers won’t let the equipment run. How can DEF be in short supply at the same time farmers can’t get fertilizer, when the fertilizer is readily available if the government and whoever is conspiring in the rail industry would simply ship it?
    You let an election get stolen and the nation subsequently be run by dual citizen enemies that want the country destroyed. Throw this on the pile of vax deaths that are now happening in their multitudes. So many there’s now an 11 percent home vacancy rate when it normally sits at around 1 percent. STOLEN ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES, AND EVEN THOSE NOT VAXXED ARE PROBABLY GOING TO SEE THEM.

    I’d say there is BIG trouble on the horizon, This Infowars report appears to be BANG ON. I was ignoring this topic because I figured it was just a few people crying wolf. We are accustomed to hearing doom only to have things work out OK in the end. What if that’s not the case this time? Sure looks like it won’t be. This time it really could be showtime.


    As I said earlier..keep an eye on the bigger picture..there are multiple distractions and red herrings unfolding daily. ie wars, sanctions, inflation…

    I recall last year in April 2021Jim Stone saying “Watch the Farms”.
    Here is BC the farmers usually plant in early May.
    The snow melt starts soon..will we have devastating flooding again..rigged by PerpZ?

    If we have crop failures..or early signs….we will be SOL..”the seeds will be sown”…errrr “UNsown”

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  24. Hi FreakedOut and RAH:

    Further to FreakedOut’s comment about the Ukraine War which was held for moderation but which I just approved…I went to RT and nary a word about the Moskva on the site. Hal Turner is not reliable in my opinion. NOR, as I said earlier, is Jim Stone.who RAH quoted regarding the coming famine. But both the Ukraine War and the coming famine are realities in the multi-pronged Globalist war on humanity. Famine was always next on the agenda. And yes, weather weaponiZation will likely play a major part in the famine.

    One site I have a lot of respect for is Rixon Stewart’s I went there and no mention of the Moskva. Although there is a post about the coming WWIII. I do believe this is their game plan…weaken the public with the lockdowns, vaxxxZines, famine then the war. Whether they pull it off remains to be seen. They are being uncovered by the MINUTE…already I can feel a huge swell of belief in the snake vaxxxZine theory firestorm…and it’s almost amusing who is trying hardest to stomp out the fire.


  25. Hi FreakedOut:

    RT must have scrubbed it on my version. :Looks like Russia is going to down play the sinking from the report…saying it’s due to a fire and a subsequent explosion. One way or the other it’s a significant event for sure. Almost as significant as Mariupol falling to the Russians the other day.

    Back on topic, I just put this on Twitter:

    When the🐑find out about the🐍💉they’re going to

    lolololol gotta find humour during these dark says,

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    1. GC says:
      “Looks like Russia is going to down play the sinking from the report…saying it’s due to a fire and a subsequent explosion.”

      If the Russians lost one of their Flagships due to an unseen/undetected untethered mine in The Black Sea wouldn’t that be embarrassing!
      Apparently these untethered mines have been a problem in the Black Sea. Penny has reported on it recently.👍👍

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    2. GC says:
      “When the🐑find out about the🐍💉they’re going to

      lolololol gotta find humour during these dark says,” 😂

      “Addicted To Masks? Maskers Anonymous Can Help.” 😂😆

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  26. Would it be safe to say we’ve ALL been Traumatized over the past two years by various PerpZ attacks such that we all now suffer, to some degree, of PTSD? Or how about CTSD(Continued Traumatic Stress Disorder…or Shell Shock…)? Every time I turn on the computer and get bombarded with loads of emails alerting me to more PerpZ BS attacks it just about sends me over the edge!

    Could this “Shell Shock” affect our ability to focus on new Truth disclosures?

    Going through some of the News Headlines in this Comments section how can you NOT be traumatized!?!?

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  27. The Moskva is a distraction that both sides can play as Joker on/in the deck.
    It was an old ship.
    Russia is using up decades olde weaponry and newer recruits, saving the best for last.
    When SHTF we will likely see some of the most exotic weaponry being employed.

    That said..the classic “bloodless” war tactic is starvation…engineered famine.
    GOOGLE Holomodor.

    If the crops don’t get fertilizers, and the seeds don’t go through a full season of growth till harvest, and the PerpZ do weather warfare….and countries like China buy up available food stocks this will be a slow insidious death for many. We may know as early as Late May the status of crops. As Mike Adams said…we have a 90 day cycle of food revolves every 90 days

    The vaxx , wars, snake venom fear porn etc. etc. will then become irrelevant and immaterial once we reach Global Holomodor 2.0


  28. RE: Earlier discussions re: gatekeepers..

    I don’t place 100% faith in any one of them…no one is perfect ..but I also don’t throw the baby out with bathwater

    Many believe in the HoloCau$t..or Moon Landings…etc etc.does not mean they are gatekeepers nor that other issues they submit are not valid nor at least food for thought. I like Jim Stone because he is edgy and often proven bang on. Mike Adams discussion on Alex Jones I linked earlier was excellent, it logically corroborates what we have discussed re: snake venom theory.

    If we don’t have healthy dialogue buttressed with good objective personal analysis then we are truly lost.

    Otherwise….. we Pre – Judge … become prejudicial …and prime candidates for propaganda.


  29. Ukrainians arrive unvaccinated while Canadians banned from travel

    In this video pregnant mother of soon-to-be-two children Hannah says that they fled Ukraine on February 26th and were “on the road, from country to country,” for nearly two months. Later in the video the host family notes that both families are not vaccinated and it will be at least another week until they receive their first dose.

    Suddenly the Canadian Government is welcoming unvaccinated people, after banning unvaccinated Canadians from almost all aspects of society for the last several months?



    A thought just occurred that if military biolabs existed in Ukraine…

    ….could these UNvaxxed refugees be acting as “Trojan Horses” and become weaponized with biolab viruses that will infect the citizens of the countries they have escaped to ?

    Even if they aren’t this flies in the face of Turdeau demonizing UNvaxxed Canadians .

    Something is very amiss here….

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    1. Hi GC:
      My thoughts exactly…in the multicultural fiasco, many will never assimilate in their new country but use it as a base to settle old country scores. It could get volatile if Ukrainian refugees in Canada attack Russian-Canadians. We saw this play out with the UNMarked graves fiasco leading to church burnings.


  30. Mariupol: Ukraine troops ‘holding on’ in defiance of Russian ultimatum to surrender


    Mariupol, the last stronghold of Ukrainian troops in the south-east of the country, appears to be very close to falling — but by Sunday afternoon the forces loyal to Kyiv were still holding out.

    Russia has given Ukrainian soldiers in the area, a chilling ultimatum to “surrender or die”. A Russian defence ministry spokesman has warned that “all those who continue resistance will be destroyed”.

    But Ukraine’s deputy defence minister said that the key port was still holding despite the continuing Russian attacks.

    Hanna Malyar said on Sunday that the Russians have continued to hit Mariupol with air raids and were possibly preparing an amphibious landing to beef up their forces in the city.

    SHTF the fan on Easter Sunday…
    Strategically…Russia has to make a move..fasten your seatbelts !!!

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