Happy Easter!

Bunny Cakes I made and decorated for my granddaughtersmade one round layered white cake, cut it in half, sculpted it and iced it – the girls decorated it

Good Easter Morning Sentients! Easter celebrates one of the many victories of God over Satan on this earth. Apparently, as I am beginning to realize at the ripe old age of 75, there have been many battles between the forces of good and evil on this planet and the one raging now is just the latest.

Girls with the Bunnie Cakes – They helped me decorate them

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. correctly identified this latest battle as the Apocalypse–that has been foretold for eons. I am keeping an eye on what is going on in Ukraine and elsewhere on this momentous Easter Sunday. I note that as of yesterday at least, JFT did not wish Canadians a Happy Easter as he slathers over every other celebration during the year. This is an important indication [as if we needed another one] of what side he is on.

The Pope is coming to Canada, or so I read in yesterday’s headlines. Will this visit be timed to coincide with the bikers going to Ottawa at the end of April? I have no idea but the timing, as usual, is everything in these publicity jousts. The Catholic Church which could have easily put an end to the mandatory MOTB agenda of the PerpZ has gone “Full Satan” this time….

Today, during the brief Easter Sunday portal opening between Heaven and Earth, I suggest all readers say a prayer for Canada and for sentients all over the world...that we survive this brutal onslaught…for the sake of our children and grandchildren.

The Catholic Church in 2022 – Worshipping at the Alter of the Serpent Snake Venom

From The Lord’s Prayer

“…Give us this day our daily bread

and forgive us our trespasses

as we forgive those who trespass against us

and lead us not into temptation

But Deliver Us From Evil…”

11 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. Happy Easter!
    To a grandma who stands tall both for her blog and for the values she is passing along to her grand- daughters. They will not forget your quiet lessons or those Bunnie cakes!

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  2. Greencrow,

    At my mother’s burial the catholic clergy wore masks! I was so angry.

    I hate that symbol of slavery so much that I help myself to handfuls of masks at the local hospital. Masks make excellent toilet paper, they don’t flush well though.

    I need a haircut, a dentist visit, a doctor visit etc. But this Cofraud has put me in a fear mode.

    I read that the Hunter Biden laptop now is known to contain the worst child abuse imaginable.

    I guess being a bagman for a sitting Vice President wasn’t bad enough.

    Hunter won’t even disclose who is buying his shitty art for 10s of thousands .

    The Dr Ardis saga is a story for the ages.

    People don’t understand immune suppression, or genetics. They understand snake venom though.

    A very simple toxic protein easily inserted into the spike protein.

    Your grandchildren’s photo reminds me of my mother taking care of her grand kids.

    My one niece Sadie was obssessed with the movie Jurassic Park and would watch it with my mother everyday, but would hide during the awful parts.

    I was not allowed to view the movie with her because I would laugh when the dinosaur ate the lawyer off the toilet!

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  3. “In the name of Jesus Christ:

    I acknowledge and accept that I am fearfully and
    Wonderfully made in the image and likeness of God. 
    I do not consent to any attempts or actions that would
    seek to harm or damage my bodily temple and violate my 
    DNA through pharmakeia or any other means, 

    I pray to our Father Lord God Almighty to intercede and 
    protect mankind from the violation of our bodies with unholy 
    and unclean substances. As your children, we do not
    consent to this violation of our body temples which house the Christ 
    within our hearts,

    I ask you God to speed up the day of judgement upon the
    fallen ones currently working behind the scenes to bring 
    about the fall of mankind and the destruction of the children 
    of the light and planet Earth, 

    We ask in the name of Jesus Christ for our prayer to be heard in the 
    courts of Heaven and for action to be taken,
    By my own free will I choose to disengage from any complicity or involvement with the fallen one’s plans and I choose to 
    follow God’s plan for my life,

    According to God’s holy will, Amen.”

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  4. Greencrow,

    I found this video.

    Seems to sum everything up about the PerpZ.

    I’m not really a prayer person. I go into God’s creation every morning and seeing the silent moon in the wilderness is enough for me. Sometimes almost 20 miles!

    I go rain, blizzard or sunshine.

    The Cofraud has really plowed me under though. It just saps my spirit.

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  5. Israel’s Secret Plan for a «Second Israel» in Ukraine


    Wayne Madsen — Strategic Culture Dec 3, 2014

    Written more than seven year ago, this article prefigures the rise of Ihor Kolomoisk’s puppet President Zelensky

    Israel’s Secret Plan for a «Second Israel» in Ukraine
    Flashback!! In 2014 Wayne Madsen warned that Jewish oligarch’s planned to use neo-Nazis to create a safe have for Zionist extremists in Ukraine. Is this what we see happening today? Are we witnessing the creation of a second Israel, in Eastern Europe?
    Very intriguing article , morseo as it is very prophetic from 7 years ago.
    It alludes to the fake Jews..the Khazars,who once had their ancient empire in portions of Ukraine.

    NOTE: I always find the irony is the faith is based on deceit..so if Khazars are not original jews..faking it is still in sync with the faith anyway.

    The article submit that the Israelis are concerned that their Khazar roots will become more public and thus need a back up plan in case their stolen Palestinian land become an issue.

    Of course, they love war and feed off conflict, but the end game may be to take back their Khazarian empire lands with the Goy dying doing all their dirty work.


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