UPDATED: Ukraine – Drunk Zelensky? PLUS: Mariupol NOW Likely Under Russian Control

UPDATED: April 19, 2022 Important video of captured Brit Prisoner of War mercenary Aiden Aslin.

ALSO – New Post by Penny for your thoughts. Penny is my main source for what’s going on re the Ukraine War:

Good afternoon readers. Took a long weekend break from blogging due, as usual, to information overload. So much going on and only one blog and one laptop to capture it on. Here’s an interesting item from Twitter. Apparently Ukraine Globalist Puppet Zelensky uploaded the following tweet this morning and then it was quickly deleted. It shows him in his office slurring his words…either drunk or drugged. I would love to get a translation of what he’s saying. Sadly, the only Ukrainian I know is Canada’s warmongering Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland but I don’t know if I could trust her rendition.

Things are very murky over in Ukraine these days. The West has absolutely no reputable journalists covering the story on the ground. The best source on the Internet is Penny for your thoughts. Here are a couple of her latest posts:

From Penny for your thoughts


Greencrow continues: The sheeple fail to comprehend that this war is brought to you by exactly the same “usual suspects” who have waged every single war in my lifetime…75 years…the corporatist military industrial complex of the West. These bastards NEED to have a war every 10 years or so in the same way as a heroin addict needs a hit or an elite needs a drink of adrenochrome. The PerpZ cannot live without the boost to their egos, their anemic economy [yes, it IS THEIR economy] and their florid psychosis that a war gives them both individually and as a tiny, elite 1% group.

With the Ukraine War, they have suckered Russia into a war of self preservation. The Western parasites have selected Russia as their next “Host” now that they have economically hollowed out the United States of America. Russia was supposed to have become a Host during the Yeltsin Era but Yeltsin pulled a fast one and handed over the keys to Russia to KGB agent Vladimir Putin in an act of uncommon patriotic genius.

Vladimir Putin is undoubtedly the greatest leader in at least the last 100 years. Putin tried for decades to wait out the parasitic West...knowing it is in the final stages of bankruptcy. But, when he discovered the West had set up a doZen or so bioweapon labs in Ukraine with the plan of poisoning Russia by “gene therapy” stealth…it forced his hand.

Here is a good background by American Intelligance Analysist Scott Ritter. It all could have been avoided says Intelligence Analyst Scott Ritter who was booted off social media shortly after the following video came out.



Scott Ritter, the former Marine and U.N. weapons inspector who the New York Times called “the loudest and most credible skeptic of the Bush administration’s contention that Saddam Hussein’s government was hiding weapons of mass destruction,” sat down with Gerald Celente for a candid interview about the Ukraine War. The Trends Journal is a weekly magazine analyzing global current events forming future trends. Our mission is to present Facts and Truth over fear and propaganda to help subscribers prepare for What’s Next in these increasingly turbulent times.”


Greencrow continues. Russia will win the Ukraine War–not because it will smash the pathetic Ukraine NaZi Army…but because it has most of the world’s wealth and natural resources as well as the means to protect them from the Parasitic Usual Suspects in the West. Take the Russian ruble as one example. Putin has now backed it with a gold standard. What genius! Who doesn’t want to get in on a currency that’s not based entirely on Rainbow Unicorn Farts…like the bankrupt western currencies and the Dollar?

Russian Ruble Relaunched, Linked To Gold & Commodities


Russian Ruble relaunched linked to Gold and Commodities – RT.com


None of this bodes well for dollar-linked currencies.

Greencrow concludes: It’s an indication of how stupid Western society is that they cannot see the well worn pattern in the Ukraine war. The setting up of Ukraine as the “good guys” and the comic, cross dressing Zelensky as some sort of “hero”? The video in the Tweet above cuts to the bone. Rather than being a hero or the kind of leader that Vladimir Putin represents…Zelensky appears from the above hastily deleted Tweet to be a drunken or drugged incompetent. Who’s really running the show over in Ukraine? I saw a report from a French mercenary who made his way back from the battlefront who reported that Americans out of the Pentagon are completely running the show in Ukraine.

If that’s the case…then, like Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and many other countries where the US has tried to prove it’s prowess on the battle field…I hope there’s a handy embassy or a hotel rooftop in downtown Kiev that will allow helicopters to land and take off in a hurry.

20 thoughts on “UPDATED: Ukraine – Drunk Zelensky? PLUS: Mariupol NOW Likely Under Russian Control

  1. Americans should do some SERIOUS sober research and reflection on how their founding in 1776 was Masonic and their destiiny and ultimate role in history was to be killer robot for (((usual suspects))).

    If the USA was never created the world would be a much better safer place.

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    1. Can’t argue with that conclusion RAH. We need to do a lot of work to restore ourselves to a great country.

      A quote from a smart guy who new:

      “Life is never easy. There is work to be done and obligations to be met—obligations to truth, to justice, and to liberty.”

      – John F. Kennedy

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      1. FreakedOut:

        Ironically, I was going to say in the post that the only other great leader of the past 100 years was JFK. Sadly, all his promise was stolen from the US by the “usual suspect” perpetrators–who are now behind the Ukraine War on Russia and Putin. At least Putin was able to fulfill his destiny [so far]. Leaders like JFK and Putin come along but once every half century or so.


  2. GC says:
    “If that’s the case…then, like Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and many other countries where the US has tried to prove it’s prowess on the battle field…”

    It seems our real prowess is in making weapons of war.

    “War is a Racket” (1935) by Maj.Gen. Smedley Butler


  3. Re USA

    Don’t get me wrong..I really like Americans and enjoy travelling there.

    Unfortunately, what is unfolding is a (((PACT WITH THE DEVIL))) and payment is soon coming due.

    Their ultimate destiny planned long ago at its founding is now being manifested.

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    1. Hi RAH

      Trudeau has proved to the world that evil dictators and warmongers don’t necessarily come from the USA…Canada has always run along after the USA saying “Me Too!!!


      1. Hi GC

        I think any Canadians have been somewhat traumatized , subconsciously at minimum, via what Turdeau has done, morseo via the camouflage of his “innocent appearing” young persona.

        They can’t compute/admit the reality..

        Rest of us realize this f*cker is pure evil !!!

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  4. Greencrow,

    I love Scott Ritter.

    I disagree with him on abortion and gun control.

    Abortion should be an agonizing last resort descision.

    Also Ritter is proposing a bureaucracy to vet gun ownership. Wow that would work well under Trudeau.

    It’s obvious Ritter’s been thru a lot.

    Trying to stop a war could not have been fun.

    My moment came when my mother may have been dying and my ’employers’ told me I had to attend mandatory training. I told them I couldn’t travel because of this situation.

    Those bastards called my boss’s boss and told her I was embarrassment for refusing to attend their boondoggle.

    Can you imagine!? Spending a week listening to these bloviating losers, who just like to hear themselves talk and to squander tax dollars. And then learning that your mother died in some hotel room hundreds of miles away!

    Most of them travel to cheat on their wives with strippers.

    I told myself it won’t happen again.

    I know about information overload! It’s awful. But it will get worse.

    I have my Moonshine meetup this week. The good ‘shine’ is at least 100 proof or more. The legends can just shake mason jar full of ‘shine’ and can tell the proof just from the bubbles.

    One legend Jim Tom says if his batch don’t come up to standards then ‘I just throw her out’. Jim Tom went to prison for a few years for his shine making and they pulled most of his teeth out for no reason.

    He’s still around at 80+ years old.

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  5. Hi Bob:

    I notice Stew Peters this morning is saying that Trump with his Rallies is an example of how the US just talks, talks, talks, about resisting the oncoming storm…but nobody does anything real about it. This has always been my main frustration with the United States. The people are waaaaaaay too comfortable and life is so easy that what’s happening is like being stranded on a beach sand bank…when the tide is slowly rising until you can’t make it back to shore.

    Stew really nails America in the opening of this RANT:


    As someone [I believe it was a US President] summed it up in the 1970’s, when I first started noticing this fatal tendency, the US is “all hat and no cattle”.

    But the moonshine is great!


    1. I can send you a mason jar of shine.

      Strawberry shine. And if you can chew up and swallow one of the strawberries and you survive then super respect!

      I have my cooking socializing group meetup tomorrow. I can’t get the young women to do anything.

      And don’t tell me about men and young women. I know two women in my group who have very young boyfriends, and they treat them like s#/+. I was SHOCKED!

      Biden is gone soon. But who will they replace him with?


  6. Hi FreakedOut

    Watched the video of the Passenger Jet Pilot. What a Travesty. This man devoted his whole career to flying and providing a valuable service. Then he gets the bums rush..”Vax or Else Fired!” Then he has a heart attack and will likely be an invalid for the rest of his [shortened] life. And he can’t even SUE THE BASTARDS!!!

    These kinds of stories should wake up the sheeple big time! Share this one as widely as possible readers!

    US Passenger Jet Pilot of 30 years speaks out about what happened to him due to mandatory vax

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  7. Re: Ze video
    My attemp to translate with poor internet download. There is not much substance to his talk. Would be interesting to see that doc in better quality.
    Here it is.

    “52nd day, what can I say”
    But it seems that he is pointing his camera at document in his hand, them picture on his desk, figurines and uk flag mumbling words of aleggiance.
    “I will overpower all”

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  8. To understand the video (likely filmed alone in his office) what he said has no real meaning but when taking in account ts every detail and knowledge of their culture the vid said a lot.

    He seems to be desperate feeding his hope with false believes.
    I thing he is on end of ropes.

    In a mean time few cities are going through horrors nearing Stalingrad.

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  9. “…He seems to be desperate feeding his hope with false believes. I think he is on end of ropes.”

    I linked an interview with UK mercenary/POW Aidan Aislin in this post. In that interview Aislin says the big shock was how easily/quickly the PTB running the Ukraine war abandoned the mercenaries to the Russians. IMO, this is what Zelensky is afraid of…they will abandon him too when he has served his usfulness. They might even have him assassinated as a pretext for escalating the war. It’s what they dooooooooo.


  10. Re: Ze.
    Once the vultures figure out how to take over his assets he is gone.

    Re: UK mercenary/POW Aidan Aislin
    He is none of above. Retarded adventurist at the best. Hoping to come home and brag about video-game-like shooting Russian piggeons to his brittish pub buddies.

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  11. Re: Ze…like Jeffrey Epstein before him…he doesn’t really own those assets and riches. They’re temporarily deposited into his bank account in order to lend the appearance of wealth/power. We can’t have a penniless church mouse leading Ukraine, now can we?

    With regard to AA. His wife is Ukrainian and he was apparently trying to impress her. Was she his wife or his handler. You be the judge.


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