Catherine Austin Fitts: ‘They are trying to kill us’

Catherine Austin Fitts – HT FreakedOut

Good morning sentients. According to the “Weather Makers”…that’s what I’m going to call the MSM/TV meteorologists from now on because that’s were this info comes from–this April, 2022 has been is a record-breaking Cold April in the Pacific North West. How do I know personally? My arthritis has never been this bad. It’s spread from my knees to my ankles, hips, and back. I am a walking [hobbling] pain machine. The best remedy I’ve discovered so far is cannabis cream spread on liberally. I can hardly wait for it to warm up to a true Spring and my joints can begin to loosen up.

But, after the revelations of Dr. Ardis…I keep wondering whether it’s “something in the water”. Economist Catherine Austin Fitts appears to be the first alternative spokesperson speaking up about the possibility of snake venom mRNA in the vaxxxZines and/or in the water, at least obliquely. She now calls what’s going on: “The Great Poisoning”. Here is her latest video which I highly recommend:

We are at War Right Now – CatherinE Austin Fitts

We are at War Right Now – Catherin Austin Fitts (

H/T Dennis


Greencrow continues: There seems to be a mild walking back of the agenda since the Ardis revelation. The US cancelled the CovIDian Cult Masking ritual on airplanes a few days ago. Perhaps that was also in response to the news on Twitter that a 31-year US Passenger Jet Pilot went public after he passed out in the cockpit six minutes after landing a passenger jet plane.

Capt. Bob Snow speaks out about his near death experience…and the near death experiences of his 200 passengers H/T FreakedOut

The pilot has now been diagnosed with a career-ending heart injury subsequent to what he calls “vaxxxZination under duress“. It’s these kinds of victim testimonials that will ultimately, IMO, bring the entire evil house of CovIDian cards down. Here’s a link sent to me by Dennis recently:

H/T Dennis

(Yes, they think that we are all just that stupid!) CovID vaxxines are not meant to prevent all infections, experts say. Americans need to reset their expectations:

WTF? What? After you took people’s jobs and income and people died from shot?

This is why we investigate them all and if you made sensible data decisions, ok, you can have your pension, but if we show Fauci and Francis Collins and all in Trump and Biden admin costed lives..then

Dr. Paul Alexander2 hr ago4511

“…we strip them of all money and pensions and never let them near public office or givn office again and we imprison them, once it is shown they costed lives. We were told we all needed the ‘safe’ vaccine and it will help keep us all safe, yet we saw the vaccines were ineffective and unsafe and deadly…so we imprison them all who did this. All! No matter who. The pain is unbearable for those who lost family and friends and those who lost children to these vaccines…we punish them all! And never stop! So many took their lives, business owners killed themselves, employees laid off killed themselves, and children, killed themselves. The lockdowns were too much!

COVID vaccines are not meant to prevent all infections, experts say. Americans need to reset their expectations.


Greencrow concludes: The PerpZ will drag it out as long as possible…trying to kill and maim as many sheeple as possible. Every person they kill is one less retirement benefit they will have to pay out from their bankrupt Ponzi-scheme economic system with its Rainbow Unicorn Fart-based currency. That is a win for them. And believe me folks, with all the Boomers now deep into their retirement…this has become their Number 1 Priority--killing boomers and stealing their resources.

Again, I encourage readers to watch the Catherine Austin Fitts video because she ties up the economic foundations of this War on Humanity into a neat package. That IS what it is and has always been about. The banksters are broke and are coming for your assets…one way or the other.

8 thoughts on “Catherine Austin Fitts: ‘They are trying to kill us’

  1. Hi Greencrow.

    I’ve been a regular visitor to your site since the beginning of the scamdemic, and as such I couldn’t help but reply after reading the introduction to today’s post.

    The arthritic symptoms that you’ve described are similar to those that I’ve also been suffering with for the last two years—the onset of which was acute, and coincidentally began in early January 2020.

    At first I thought it was just a temporary ailment, but now with each passing day, I’m beginning to suspect those white streaks in the skies, the water supply, and heaven knows what else in our environment here in Ontario!

    Be that as it may, we enjoy visiting your site and value the great work that you do.

    Bye for now.


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  2. Greencrow,

    I have a concoction of ginger, turmeric, horseradish, black pepper, dried hot pepper (I use super hots [Trinidad Scorpion] – do not use these if you are in any way sensitive to heat), garlic (optional). Vinegar and salt and puree. I make enough for an entire year. Just a teaspoon goes a long way. I have no joint pain at all.

    The Dr Ardis saga is one for the ages.

    I think Ardis is 80% to 90% correct. But a Doctor of Chiropracticy CANNOT BE SMARTER THAN the Phds.

    One story can tell is one when I was overseeing research grants. My agency granted funding for a very sophisticated finite element study of fracture critical transportation structures. I met with the researchers and asked them who developed the modeling. They finally admitted that a housewife in Los Alamos developed it!

    She had no college education but she was the only one capable of developing the model. A room full of PhDs and their paper didn’t even acknowledge her.

    So Ardis may have a unique talent of putting the puzzles of Covid together.

    He has to have security now. He is targeted.

    My theory is that the spike protein was grown on a Corona virus in a lab and the mRNA spike protein manufacturing nanofactory was invented from this process. The spike protein would contain venomous analogs to snake venom and other venoms. It makes sense.

    Off the subject. As a long time US Department of Transportation official I just went insane over this US Railroads refusal to transport fertilizer even though they are contractually obligated to do so. The railroads are claiming Force Majeure for this contract breach because of a labor shortage! Whoever in the US DOT approved this should be bull whipped and banned from any public office. I would tell the railroads to ship the GODDAMN FERTILIZER.

    I agree that all the perpZ need to held to account. My idea is to evacuate Diego Garcia island(s) (I think that is the name), which is the most remote place on earth. Then try and convict the perpZ and ship them there and provide only the most basic necessities for survival. Their wealth would be confiscated to make the ‘vaccinated’ people whole.

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  3. Hola. Buenas noches desde Zaragoza (España) Le pido encarecidamente que lea toda la información contrastada con análisis serios sobre el contenido de las vacunas. Le aseguro que no le dejará indiferente y verá, como lo vemos nosotros, con total claridad cual es la verdad. Es un ataque en todos los frentes: Chetrails, alimentos, agua, anestesias, trabajos dentales, mascarillas, geles y por supuesto las vacunas. La dirección es También en Telegram y en Twich todas las noches en directo. Un abrazo grande.
    P.D. No tengo ningún beneficio ni participación en la nombrada plataforma excepto el interés por la verdad y la libertad.

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  4. Translation to English via Google Translate:

    “Hello. Good evening from Zaragoza (Spain) I strongly ask you to read all the information contrasted with serious analyses on the content of vaccines. I assure you that it will not leave you indifferent and you will see, as we see it, with total clarity what the truth is. It is an attack on all fronts: Chemtrails, food, water, anesthesia, dental work, masks, gels and of course vaccines. The address is Also on Telegram and in Twich every night live. A big hug. PS. I have no benefit or participation in the named platform except the interest in truth and freedom.”

    Thanks 665440559

    My readers and i are very aware of the great work of La Quinta Columna and we often refer to it on this blog.


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