Who will tell us Where the hub of evil is on this planet?

Does this look normal to you?

One of the biggest questions long time truthers have is: Where is “control central” for the PerpZ? Where is their main base? This is why they have been and will continue to be so difficult for sentients to defeat. “War by deception” is their rule above all and this includes never revealing who their real leaders are and where their RatZ nest is.

The above photo of the isolated cloud dropping torrents of rain begs the question: Who’s behind this and Where was this obvious weather weaponiZation operated out of? Is it an isolated island like tiny military base island Diego Garcia located in the Indian Ocean? Is their base located in Antarctica? When I saw the above photo on Twitter yesterday I thought we might be getting close to that time when some whistleblower will spill the beans. Once we find out where their base is…particularly for the weaponiZation of Earth’s weather and the consequent environmental destruction of our planet…then we can move to shut it down.

Who will make that discovery? We have recently learned from the Dr. Brian Ardis revelations about the snake venom mRNA, such precious information often comes from a very unlikely source. Regular offbeat commenter “Bob” makes a very sage assessment in his comment I have copied out in full below. Please read and I will add my comments to follow:

“The Dr Ardis saga is one for the ages.

I think Ardis is 80% to 90% correct. But a Doctor of Chiropracticy CANNOT BE SMARTER THAN the Phds.

One story can tell is one when I was overseeing research grants. My agency granted funding for a very sophisticated finite element study of fracture critical transportation structures. I met with the researchers and asked them who developed the modeling. They finally admitted that a housewife in Los Alamos developed it!

She had no college education but she was the only one capable of developing the model. A room full of PhDs and their paper didn’t even acknowledge her.

So Ardis may have a unique talent of putting the puzzles of Covid together.

He has to have security now. He is targeted.

My theory is that the spike protein was grown on a Corona virus in a lab and the mRNA spike protein manufacturing nanofactory was invented from this process. The spike protein would contain venomous analogs to snake venom and other venoms. It makes sense.

Off the subject. As a long time US Department of Transportation official I just went insane over this US Railroads refusal to transport fertilizer even though they are contractually obligated to do so. The railroads are claiming Force Majeure for this contract breach because of a labor shortage! Whoever in the US DOT approved this should be bull whipped and banned from any public office. I would tell the railroads to ship the GODDAMN FERTILIZER.

I agree that all the perpZ need to held to account. My idea is to evacuate Diego Garcia island(s) (I think that is the name), which is the most remote place on earth. Then try and convict the perpZ and ship them there and provide only the most basic necessities for survival. Their wealth would be confiscated to make the ‘vaccinated’ people whole.”


Greencrow continues: IMO, this is why they have been dumbing down humanity for decades and why this has escalated by way of the CovIDian VaxxxZination Caper. Human progress has more often than not been spurred by the most unlikely inventors and “free thinkers”. There is really no saying how or why that is the case…but that is one of the purposes of the attempted genetic modification of our species…to make sure it doesn’t happen again in the future. Why? Because the fall out from such discoveries is out of their control. Control is everything to these perpZ.

Case in point…I come from a family of nine siblings. Three of my siblings were/are lawyers. One was a lawyer and a tax accountant. When my father passed away in 2013, he had some important papers related to his discovery of a Grand Canal plan to control the water flows in the rivers and lakes in northern and eastern Canada. What to do with these papers? Nobody had a clue. Suddenly, after a couple of months I came up with a plan to give them to the university where he taught engineering for decades. In return, the University would give each of his beneficiaries an equal fraction of a tax credit. I told my siblings about this plan and eventually that’s what happened. Now I always snickered to myself: “Why didn’t my lawyer siblings and especially my tax accountant/lawyer sibling come up with that solution”? I don’t even know where the idea came from. It just popped into my head one day.

Another situation came about more recently when my husband and I sold 1/2 interest of our home in the Vancouver suburbs to my younger son and his wife. We are renovating the basement into a separate suite for ourselves while son and wife take over the top floor. By doing this deal now, we’ve avoided all sorts of taxes AND we get to still use the property while getting a much needed financial infusion. We’ve paid off all our debts and have a nice tidy little nest egg for the rest of our retirement.

Why didn’t my businessman son or my businessman husband think of this scheme? Who knows. Again, it just popped into my head about a year and a half ago. Keep in mind, I failed math all throughout school. I have a numeracy dyslexia. I wanted to be a nurse when I was growing up, but eventually ended up being a social worker because I could not pass the science courses which involved math and statistics.

Yet, both the brain waves I had which benefitted my family involved math. I always tell my family: “I have people to do the math, I just care about the Big Picture.” What I’m saying here is that trained skills do not automatically make an independent and/or original thinker. That’s a gift! That’s why Dr. Ardis came up with the snake venom mRNA in the vaxxxZine theory and not some biochemist. Ardis has likely trained his brain to think out of the box and to compensate with original solutions…likely because of some disability he has in using the usual tools…like my numeracy dyslexia.

Hopefully, that is how humanity will find out where the hub of evil is on this planet. The hub where the equipment is that controls the weather. I am suggesting that more than likely when this information becomes available to us it will be by way of an original thinker and we will be totally amazed at the source. Remember, it came out a few years ago that Einstein relied heavily on his wife’s research to make his own discoveries. That says it all.

But we need to locate this hub of climate control weaponry in the very near future. I do not think our planet can endure another summer/fall/winter of extreme temperatures like last year.

Greencrow concludes: Speaking of original thinkers. Watch and listen to this video interview of investment manager Edward Dowd by Dr. Naomi Wolf. They toss around a few theories and a few revelations that came out of the PfiZer document dump. It is absolutely shocking how evil these Big Parma PerpZ are. They need to be stopped ASAP!



Finally, I got a good laff out of this….so true!

3 thoughts on “Who will tell us Where the hub of evil is on this planet?

  1. The video with Edward Dowd and Dr Naomi Wolf was really excellent!👍👍

    The video of the sheep going for the booster shot was even better!😂😂

    Speaking of the CDC and FDA, I came across this hard hitting evidence of what the bioweapon shots do to your body as presented by activist/writer Steve Kirsch:

    “My offer to share videos and blood clot tissue samples from multiple embalmers with the CDC and FDA”


    I guess the CDC and FDA are NOT interested in Steve’s evidence…go figure.👎
    Steve says:
    “This is extremely important evidence that has been in the public domain for a while that they have been willfully ignoring.”

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