“CANADA has lost its way” – Peckford

Brian Peckford, former Premier of the Canadian Province of Newfoundland and Labrador…and the only living signee of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms says that “Canada has Lost its Way“. Well, as I have been blogging for over two years now, Canada has not only lost its way…our nation has been kidnapped and is being held hostage by a group of national assets for the Globalists, who I am now calling “Trufascists”. Since being kidnapped, Canadians have settled into a “Stockholm Syndrome“-like existence where the majority have “knuckled under” to the diktats of the Tyrant JFT. Here are just a few of the many capers he and his fellow foreign mole assets have been up to that I gleaned off Twitter and other sources over the past week or so: Please review and I will have more comments to follow:



Government watchdog committee finds Trudeau and Freeland both with serious conflicts of interest re foreign states and corporations:


Tamvestite Tells it like They Want it to Be


Greencrow continues. This gross “In your face” style of government corruption is evident at all levels. Witness this just sent to me by Dennis:

Ontario’s chief medical officer of health also sits on Pfizer’s board



Greencrow continues: I saw recently where the Canadian Federal government has fired generals of all the branches of the Canadian military and has put new generals into their positions. Turvert keeps playing musical chairs with the Canadian military leadership–in the hope he’ll finally assemble a group that will go door to door to all Canadians and shove needles in all our arms. That’s what Turvert stated was his intention over two years ago…and it remains his intention.

Over 10,000 Canadian members of the military will be fired shortly for remaining unvaxxxZinated. Folks, every once in a while a mysterious Tweet will pop up on Twitter that “help/rescue is on the way for Canadians”. Could this be from loyal Canadians within the captured Canadian military? Stay tuned for the answer to that question but…

…so far, to use a favourite metaphor of mine…the military is still “a dog that has not barked”.

Cdn Defense Dept. dismisses former navy commander – the punishing/dismantling of the recalcitrant Canadian Armed Forces continues apace

H/T Dennis

Here is what former Premier Brian Peckford has to say about the current state of Canada:

2022-04-14Much Needed Knowledge, Wisdom, and Guidance with Brian Peckford “Our country has lost its way, we’ve lost our moral compass, and we are no longer a democratic society” Brian Peckford, coauthor of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
Peckford continues “Hopefully we can recover it, but it is going to be a hard, hard fight, to recover what we have lost.”

Canada has become a lawless country. The mighty and revered Charter of Rights and Freedoms is being desecrated by Crime Minister Trudeau and his many accomplices.


Greencrow continues: One of the saddest indications that Canada has lost its way is the wasteful, demeaning and corrupt misuse of our armed forces on the international stage. Turvert keeps sending groups of our soldiers overseas, perhaps to divide, conquer and get recalcitrants out of the country at this time of national crisis...perhaps to destroy our international reputation–in preparation for Canada’s national dissolution into a Globalist World Order. As I have reported previously on this blog, military whistleblowers have disclosed that Trudeau has forced Canadian military to travel overseas to train rapists, extremists and criminal elements in other countries. Below is a report that he has sent Canadian military to train NaZis in Ukraine:



Photos posted on social media suggest otherwise


“The apparent connection came to light in photos posted on social media by the Ukrainian National Guard, according to a report on Monday by Radio-Canada. The pictures show soldiers wearing Azov Battalion patches on their uniforms while participating in training with Canadian forces.

Canada’s military has reportedly provided combat training to members of Ukraine’s neo-Nazi Azov regiment, contrary to stated policy and despite previous denials of any official relations between Ottawa and the notorious militia.

“According to Oleksiy Kuzmenko, a journalist specializing in the Ukrainian far right, the presence of these patches strongly suggests that the Azov regiment had access to Canadian military training,” Radio-Canada said in its report. The patches display a crest that is “firmly and exclusively associated with the Azov regiment,” Kuzmenko told the media outlet.

Adrien Nonjon, who researches Ukrainian nationalism at the National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations, agreed. “I can assure you with absolute certainty that this is an Azov crest,” he said.

Another picture taken during the same training program shows a Ukrainian soldier wearing a patch associated with the 14th Waffen-SS Grenadier Division, which Adolf Hitler’s regime created in 1943 to fight the Soviet Union’s Red Army with Ukrainian Nazi collaborators. Ukrainians held marches as recently as last May to honor its fighters. 

Canada has reportedly spent nearly CAN$1 billion ($794 million) on training Ukrainian soldiers since the former Soviet republic’s democratically-elected government was overthrown in 2014. Neo-Nazi fighters were instrumental in the US-backed regime-change process, and the Azov Battalion was used to quell dissent afterward.

The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) have repeatedly denied providing training to members of Ukraine’s fascist militias. In 2015, Canada’s then-Defense Minister Jason Kennedy called the Azov fighters a “small number of rotten apples.” However, after a report last year showed that Azov-linked soldiers were bragging online about receiving training from Canada and other NATO members, the CAF issued a statement saying that it would conduct a “thorough review” and analyze whether its procedures were adequate to prevent it from “unwittingly aiding those whose views it fundamentally opposes.”

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been one of the most vocal Western leaders in speaking out against Russia’s military offensive in Ukraine. He has accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of being a war criminal and made Canada one of the first countries to ban imports of Russian energy products.

READ MORE: Under the Wolfsangel: The uncomfortable truth about radical ideologies in Ukraine

Ironically, Trudeau was accused of being a fascist himself after his crackdown earlier this year on the Freedom Convoy protests against Covid-19 vaccine mandates. Billionaire Elon Musk and other critics likened Trudeau to Hitler, and the hashtag #BlackFaceHitler was a top-trending term on Twitter in Canada for several days in February. The hashtag alluded to a 2019 scandal in which old photos surfaced showing Trudeau wearing blackface makeup at multiple events.”


Greencrow continues: Meanwhile, Turvertian sidekick, NaZi sympathiZer Chrystia Freeland’s side gig with the WEF is endangering Canadian democracy



Greencrow concludes: Yes, folks, Canada has not only lost it’s way, as Premier Brian Peckford observes…but Canada has been captured, blindfolded and locked in a trufascist closet…and the Turvert is about to throw away the key [with his draconian anti-free speech legislation that is coming down the pike].

The reason we are now facing this national existential crisis is because Canadians have been spoiled. We were given this precious gift of a free and democratic society by our forefathers who suffered oppression in their nations of origin…like Ireland, my nation of origin. For a few generations, the offspring of Canada’s settlers remembered the lessons taught to them by their parents and grandparents. But, slowly, those lessons/memories faded and/or were obliterated by the brainwashing/mind control media. Now, Canadians are sleepwalking towards the cliff of tyranny…looking neither right nor left…only down at their zombie-control cell phones.

Freedom needs to be constantly reinforced by stiff spines, uncorrupted institutions and group resistance. Freedom needs to be respected and treasured. Even though you can’t buy, sell, eat or watch it, even though it is ephemeral, Freedom is the most precious thing known to mankind.

5 thoughts on ““CANADA has lost its way” – Peckford

  1. Excellent piece. Sums it up pretty well even if barely scratching the surface of our problems. But I just broke my “gone fishing” rule and read about that creature. You know the one with the wig and false eyebrows.


  2. Great article Greencrow;

    Couple of other notes:

    Ontario is putting together a Bill 100 that would allow government to seize your house and car for protesting in a manner that they don’t like – without there ever being a trial.
    It’s supposed to be about border blockades,but it is written so vaguely it could be used against protesters in any protest if they wanted to expand its application in the future.

    The Canadian government wants to write a new law giving it the power to spend the monetary assets it seizes – starting with Russia, of course. Presently they can only seize assets.


    1. Hi Canadian Not Communist
      Everything points to the banksters being bankrupt and needing to blatantly steal money from their victims…whether in Canada or internationally.

      We have reached the inflection point on the lies. I think the Bikers rally in Ottawa at the end of April will be the moment where Canada either rises up and makes mass arrests…or sinks beneath the waves of tyranny.


  3. Greencrow,

    Biden is sending his two stooges to the Ukraine. Austin – US Secretary of Defense and Blinken – US Secretary of State. I have this feeling that one of them may not come back.

    The maskateers are much less common now here in Northern Virginia (NOVA).

    The Ardis controversy continues. Now they are saying many infections, injuries, poisons act exactly like snake venom?!

    Being of Italian heritage we always hung out with a lot of Irish american kids.

    I still rememember the Irish girl I dated and she sent me a racy photo but all her private parts were hidden with playing cards. She grew much bigger than me. Didn’t work out.

    I even tried to learn how to dance.

    But this Irish girl can dance!


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