UPDATED: France falls into tyranny and Trudeau calls for public Emergencies act inquiry

UPDATED: April 25, 2022 The announcement wasn’t even 24 hours old but it has already been discovered that the judge appointed by Justin Trudeau to oversee the mandatory inquiry into the [mis]use of the Emergencies Act is a long time Liberal donor. Oh my God! JFT’s so arrogant he thinks he can pull this off. He has absolutely NO respect for Canadian law or Canadian citizens. He is corrupt to the core!. Can he be gone this evening? The stench of this man is not only stinking up Canada…it is now stinking up the entire world.



Le Pen was leading by over 200,000 votes but thirty minutes later Macron was declared winner…sound familiar???

Good Monday morning readers. Yesterday we witnessed another Globalist victory over democracy, this time in France. Former Rothchild banker and “Young Globalist Leader” Emmanuel Macron…who was polling at 38% popularity for years…suddenly leaped ahead of his opponent, right wing Marine Le Pen and beat her 58% to 41%. Math and logic must not have been taught in French schools for generations for the people to swallow that one. Late last night there were riots in the streets all over France. Crowds were chanting they were going to decapitate Macron like King Louis XIV. But today on Twitter and in the MSM there’s a deafening silence. It would appear there’s been a shut down of all information coming out of France.

You have to feel sorry for the French. No citizens have demonstrated longer more energetically or more vociferously to get their freedoms restored than the French. The French citizens tried to play by the rules, went to the polling stations and were [again] kicked in the teeth by the cheating Globalist Tyrants. It seems obvious that none of these traitorous so-called leaders like Turvert, Biden, Macron, Johnson, Andrews and Ardern are EVER going to leave their posts until our entire species has been transhumaniZed and enslaved by vaxxxZinations and other means of mutation. Please read the report below about the French selection from The Truthseeker.uk and I will have more comments to follow:

Meanwhile, here in Canada, it would appear that the Turvert is up to something [which begs the question…When is he ever NOT up to something?] . Every single thing JFT does is illegal, immoral, corrupt or a combination of the three–so all we need to do is analyse the headline below from the perspective of timing and advantage to the perp agenda:

Yes, this Press Release is timed to provide a distraction from more draconian measures at home and from the abomination that went down on the weekend in France…It’s also a virtue signal from the King of virtue signalers and a crumb thrown at the trodden-down Canadian plebs. Most of all…like the public inquiry into the mass murders in Nova Scotia two years ago…it’s a means of controlling and stalling any investigation into the original crime. It is a means of piling one crime [invoking the Emergencies Act for political advantage] upon another [obstruction of justice]. Imagine, for instance, if a murder suspect was given the power to decide the timing and personnel who would make up his own murder trial? How convenient.

Yes, I and many Canadians can no longer physically tolerate the sound of his voice

Trudeau has been appointing his campaign donors to judicial posts lately…Let’s see who gets put on this Public Inquiry into the Trudeau invocation of the Emergencies Act boondoggle.

Meanwhile, greencrow is still waiting for some dogs to bark in the Ardis snake venom in the vaxxxZine, water theory he postulated a few weeks ago. [see more about this at the end of this post] Top experts like Mike Yeadon, Sucharit Bhakti, Judy Mikovitz, Carrie Madej and many others are still mulling it over I presume. The fact that none of them has of yet dismissed the theory outright speaks volumes...at least to me. There have been a few 20/20 hindsight comments in alternative press/blogs/forums like on Twitter see the comment below:

“A lot of people are reporting positive covID Rapid antigen test for tap water /beer and other drinks.

In light of that, what should we think when we’re told waste water is showing higher incidence of CovID?”

A lot of people, including little moi are paying a lot closer attention to the water that we drink, use in cooking and bathe in. A lot of people are asking some hard questions about the quality and safety of it…as we should.

Speaking about investigations. The Legacy media only informs the sheeple about the controlled “investigations” run by the PerpZ themselves. But, meanwhile, other investigators have come up with important reports and findings like this one:

NGO provided evidence Germany sponsored the COVID-19 biological warfare attack to obtain $350 billion annually for the insolvent UN and its Sustainable Development Goals


Greencrow continues: I was thinking this morning about the difference between the occupation by the Perp Tyrants in France–vs the occupation they have going on here in Canada. The last selection here in Canada had the Turvert gaining a minority government–with the collusion of the Jagmeet Singh NDP.

The French PerpZ OTOH, having no Jagmeet Singh-like collaborator, had to fraud an outright win for Macron. That was probably is a more risky outcome [because it is more obviously a fraud…given the unpopularity of Macron]. Here in Canada, the selectors were able to reflect the hatred felt nationwide for the Turd in the minority he was “given”…which was less risky for them.

Again, the Canadian perpZ could afford to do that because they always knew Jagmeet Singh was a traitor they could trust. Another difference is in the quality of the demonstrations against the Perp Puppets. In France, the demonstrations are not organized by any group but are just made up of woke citizens. Meanwhile, here in Canada, we have a different kettle of fish. We have the Truckers–who have joined forces with the Bikers and other groups of citizens who would normally be in the army if their nation were under a recognized foreign attack. Because what’s going on in all NATO nations amounts to a COVERT international attack…no such army has been authorized to defend Canada. But the Truckers and the Bikers are soldiers–make no mistake. The Truckers proved their professionalism during the February, 2022 Trucker Convoy to Ottawa…where they amazed the world with their dignified, peaceful but determined approach. It is my belief that the Truckers and the Bikers [who are now travelling to Ottawa to demonstrate again at the end of April] are augmented [led?] by police and by military, who have been booted out of their jobs due to the illegal and unconstitutional vaxxxZine mandates. So, folks, this is a big difference between Canada and France and it certainly gives me hope. Here’s some information about the upcoming bikers Ottawa rally–which will be taking place beginning the end of this week!

Greencrow continues: Another ace up our Canadian sleeves are the many lawsuits that are now being heard in court. These law suits were filed at the beginning of the oppression but, due to the length of time it takes to bring a suit to court…they are just beginning to bear fruit. One against the infamous BC Bullshitter Bonnie Henry just wrapped up last week here in Vancouver. It will now take a few more months for the judge to hand down the decision in this matter:

Greencrow concludes: Finally, this little item piqued my curiosity the other day. I went on the Librti website and tried to access the video below but was stopped initially by one of those red warning pages saying the link was “dangerous” etc. But, as I always do, I plowed ahead and low and behold the “dangerous video” was just Librti Founder Odessa Orleweicz with her usual Liberty Talk news video. Why the big warning? Well have a look below and I will have final comments to follow:

[NOTE: I see that the video link has been broken. I will attempt to find it again and post it. If anyone else finds this video link, please put the link in the comments, thanks! Update: The link has at least temporarily been restored and I have embedded it in the headline below]


CIA Stockpiling cobra venom – NYT report from September 11, 1975.

In the above video Odessa mentions some water regulating company admitting publicly that they put graphene oxide in the municipal water supply. But, go to the last ten minutes or so of the above video where Odessa talks about some Internet sleuth finding a 1975 article in the once reputable New York Times that says the CIA admitted to stockpiling…wait for it….cobra venom in their bioweapon labs.

The Senator Frank Church Inquiry was probably the last real inquiry into government corruption in the West…after all the revelations it uncovered…they closed that democratic loophole [the independent public inquiry]forever.

Yes, folks, back as long ago as 1975…cobra venom was being used as a bioweapon. let that sink in.

Buffalo were wiped out to genocide the North American First Nations

4 thoughts on “UPDATED: France falls into tyranny and Trudeau calls for public Emergencies act inquiry

  1. Greencrow,

    Watch this.

    Cynthia McKinney is no longer politically relevant. Wow, a surprise.

    I guess child trafficking, gross financial mismanagement, almost treasonous dereliction aren’t important.

    When I was working if you couldn’t account for what taxpayer resources were expended you were beaten to a pulp.

    One time we (our grantee and my agency) couldn’t locate the documentation for a $25,000 expenditure. The auditor told me ‘You better have this by COB tomorrow’. We travelled overnight to the vendor in New Jersey. We got a bad copy of the documentation and we passed the audit.

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  2. https://pennyforyourthoughts2.ca/2022/04/25/microplastics-face-masks-deep-in-the-lungs-of-living-people-lung-cancer-risk-increased/

    GC, thanks for stopping by and I’ve left the link to another post because the micro plastics have been found in living lung tissue- and the Guardian doesn’t mention two years of toxic mask wearing even one time! Not once.
    Yet, I did a post on this at my big tech censored blog Jan 2021- talk about being ahead of the curve
    Think North covered it too- it’s crazy between the jab, the masks and the lockdowns how sickened we’ve become (intentionally)

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  3. Hi Penny thanks for the link. I do believe that the ways we’ve been poisoned environmentally and “medically” are just a fraction of what has gone on. As I’ve said many times I PUT NOTHING PAST THEM! We knew from the get-go that the masks were harmful in every way possible…psychologically, respiratorily, and toxically. Yet the evil ones pushed them relentlessly. Even today Trudeau has diktated that Canadians cannot travel without poisoning ourselves.


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