France selection News Update Plus: Dennis data dump

Police & Citizens Go Head To Head In Streets Of Paris Over Macron Selection

Good morning brave and resilient sentients. It is a cool and overcast morning here on the Malahat. Spring is struggling to find it’s way this year…coming in fits and starts…several hours of warm sunshine here and blustery rain there. We have daffodils growing wild on the mountainside, which provides an unexpected cheeriness struggling up between last year’s dead foliage. My post today will be made up mostly of links I received this morning from my loyal source, Dennis. Dennis has again sent me a Truth Treasure Trove of links that are like a panoramic flash of lighting across a bleak, lonely landscape…so here goes.

Everything seems to be a struggle these days. Everyone feels isolated and alone. Nations feel they are battling a huge intergalactic technocratic behemoth…with no one to come to their aid. Look at what happened in France last weekend. The French democracy was trampled–just like the police horses trampled on the old people in Ottawa last February 18th. And, no doubt the perpetrators of the stolen French democracy are laughing about it now, just as the Canadian(?) police laughed and joked about trampling the Trucker Convoy demonstrators. The French citizens, even though they belong to an “alliance” called the “European Union” are now abandoned and on their own. Nobody’s going to come to save them from the boa constrictor-like Globalist tyranny that has France in its grip. It’s every nation for itself now.

Nations and individuals alike have been systematically isolated, abandoned and left vulnerable to the international predators.

Witness the poor suckers in the video below. They compliantly took their vaccines without even questioning what might be in the admittedly experimental injections. Now that they’ve been grievously injured…they’ve been abandoned by the system that injected them…

I got the vaccine because….

I Got The “Vaccine” Because…. Then…!


It must be the worst psychological horror in the world to realize that you permanently injured yourself for crass short term physical advantages like travelling or going to a pub. Worse, how horrible would it be to live the rest of your life on tenterhooks…wondering if every ache/pain/shortness of breath…is a harbinger of a life of vaxxxZine injury/shortened lifespan to come? This is the lifetime sentence the vaxxxZed have given themselves.

But, Wait! Is EVERYONE being forced to walk the vaxxxZine plank in order to maintain their employment and “freedom’ to travel? No! Apparently there ARE some exceptions, see below. We’ve been aware for some time that Canadian politicians and some other bureaucrats have been given vaccine exemptions…As George Orwell wrote in his allegorical “Animal Farm“: “Some animals are more equal than others.”

Please read and I will have more comments to follow:

Offered fake vaccine cards for NO vaccine? So no firing of you? If they say ‘NO’ jab?

“Let me be simple: some senior doctors/CEOs in hospital (s) in various State (s) in US, have come forward to us advising that they decided to find us and come to us to say they are ready to talk. Scared about safety and careers will be destroyed. They were offered vaccine cards (fake) when they told their hospitals that they do not want the vaccine when they were mandated to take it, and the hospital leaders advised this will ensure they will not be suspended or fired. So you and I will ask, why? How come? Is it due to the lack of safety that these people know about? Or only to not fire these valuable doctors? We are told it may be country wide. So this is very very troubling.

Were told too valuable to the hospitals so offered/given fake cards. This is a real ongoing situation and this is being dealt with delicately by us for we want the doctors to come forward and they sought us out. So huge bravery by them. The rate limiting step so far is the proper forum and some cold feet (bullish one day, reticent the other) for people are scared for safety and careers. They do know there is risk but are willing as high level doctors/CEOs. But its delicate I know you would understand. But we are working on it for this is something the nation needs to know for the underlying reasons may be as disturbing and catastrophic. It could bring this vaccine mandate nightmare to a halt.”


Are COVID Vaccines Causing Liver Failure?

Could this report be related to the above?

Multi-Country – Acute, severe hepatitis of unknown origin in children…helloooow…is anyone going to ask the “elephant in the room” question? Where the children vaxxxZed?


Coronavirus messenger RNA creates permanent changes in the human genetic code

pril 26, 2022 Dr Mark Trozzi

“The forced covid injections being administered in the Western nations are forms of genetic “therapy”. Some including Pfizer and Moderna using lipid nanoparticles to get patented messenger RNA for a synthetic variation of the coronavirus spike protein into the victims’ cells. Others including Astrazenica and Johnson and Johnson use modified monkey adenoviruses to get DNA for the artificial spike protein in the victims’ cells.

Pfizer and Moderna have repeatedly deceived the public claiming that the injections are safe and effective, that they don’t invade the whole body, and that they do not modify the victims’ own genetic structure. We have previously presented some of a growing body of evidence that this is not true, including research involving human liver cells.


Greencrow comments: You can call the next link: “We need to destroy the patient in order to save him/her.” Kind of like the old quote from the Viet Nam War: “We needed to destroy the village in order to save it.”

Ontario requires the mRNA Gene therapy shot before you can get actual medication for MS?


I will leave the last word on the collapsing yet still lethal CovIDian Cult Caper to Paul Craig Roberts:

Paul Craig Roberts: Covid: A Summary


Greencrow continues: The remainder of Dennis’s links have to do with the economic prong of the multi-pronged “Great Reset” attack on humanity. Please review the following links and I will have concluding comments to follow:


Who Will Eventually Own Everything, Including You?


Dr. Joseph Mercola April 26, 2022


  • The vast majority of the world’s assets are owned by just two investment firms — BlackRock and the Vanguard Group. Combined, they have ownership in nearly 90% of all S&P 500 firms, and through their investment holdings they secretly wield monopoly control over all industries
  • By now you may be familiar with the World Economic Forum slogan, “By 2030, you will own nothing.” To that end, BlackRock and other investment firms are buying up every single-family home they can find, making cash offers of 20% to 50% above asking price
  • Buying a home has been part of the American dream since the founding of this country. It’s been a significant part of financial success, security and freedom. George Washington declared that “Private Property and freedom are inseparable.” Now, lower to middle class Americans are being intentionally positioned to become permanent renters, which means they cannot build equity
  • This is wealth redistribution from the low- and middle-class to the upper, and it’s in line with plans for societal reorganization described under banners such as The Great Reset, Build Back Better, Agenda 21 and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
  • These agendas all work together toward the same goal, which is a global monopoly on ownership and wealth, with a clear separation of the haves and have nots; the owners and the owned; the rulers and the ruled; the elite and the serfs


The “Great Reset” and the Future of Money… Here’s What You Need To Know

The “Great Reset” and the Future of Money… Here’s What You Need To Know


Greencrow concludes: Again, I thank Dennis for almost all the above links. Folks I apologize if this post is a downer but that’s where I am at this moment/juncture in the CovIDian caper that has been going on for well over two years now. As the last unvaccinated person in my circle of “friends/family”, the isolation sometimes becomes intense. I have absolutely no one in real time who I can talk with about what is going on.

In that regard, I have to admire the thoroughness and [evil] genius of the Globalist PerpZ. This is an amaZing achievement on their part–and must have been in the planning hopper even before I was born 75 years ago. Well, according to George Orwell, it was!

This is a good graphic to describe where I’m at socially:

Actually I have two [small] dogs ; )

But, folks, no matter how isolated I feel…or what other horrors are set to come down the pike…at least I am better off than the poor suckers in the video at the top of this post. The regretful, injured AND isolated and alone vaxxxZinated. Unlike them…I still have my bodily integrity. I know in my heart that whatever physical symptoms I might be experiencing…[ and I am experiencing pain all the time now] at least it isn’t self-inflicted…I don’t have to endure THAT particular mental horror.

However bad it gets, I still know that there is a higher creator/power I can rest my isolation and pain in the arms of. My body might be bent, but my spirit is unbowed and free. At this late stage in my life I’ve finally come to the realization that “Freedom is the Air of the Human Spirit”.

No genetic “therapy” or transhuman manipulation will do more damage to our species than the removal of freedom.

Our species cannot exist without freedom.

The French and the vaxxxZinated are just finding that out, but sadly too late.

7 thoughts on “France selection News Update Plus: Dennis data dump

  1. The Okanagan is having the same long slow tetter/totter spring. Rain, hail, sun, wind, repeat. My daughter took the jab for a work party as the venue required it. Then the BC lockdowns happened. When they were to have the party in February the venue required 2 jabs. She refused and stayed home. Greencrow my heart and my thanks go out to you. Although I am far from you physically, I am ever close in heart/mind/prayer. I spend my days looking after my old granddog. I am so glad he’s around to keep me company. Unfortunately my chatting with him spill over to my grocery shops. I’m the crazy old lady, covered with dog hair, talking to herself in the aisles. Find the beauty and the humour in life one day at a time. hugs, joan

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    1. Thanks OkanaganGoddess. It is comforting to know there are many in my position…isolated for having made this choice, In the big picture…I am a very lucky old lady…Surrounded by natural beauty and virtually surrounded by wonderful online friends.

      Need to get out more and soak up some vitamin Ddddd’ss as i did today…


  2. GreenCrow quotes:

    “….I have absolutely no one in real time who I can talk with about what is going on…”

    “….No genetic “therapy” or transhuman manipulation will do more damage to our species than the removal of freedom…..”


    IMHO we are being bombarded on all fronts locally and globally…, so one needs to keep one’s head on a swivel.

    The ” snake venom “epiphany…whether it is real or not is a distraction…things have gone so far its irrelevant. ie ” OK…We caught you(again) “…now what ???

    Green Crows quotes are very apropos and relevant.
    We “purebloods” ie UNvaxxed can relate to it.
    I submitted that I am feeling more coldness, less emotion..less empathy.
    I perceived this as a survival instinct kicking in as preparation for when SHTF.

    My personal sympathy for vaxx victims is waning quickly.
    Cold and sober analytical insurance firms nailed it with simple actuarial analysis.
    The vaxx victims chose to take an UNtested vaccine = suicide = SOL.

    Saw my vaxxed brother- in- law…..awesome person…discussed a few things like Ukraine …..HOLY SHIT..almost had my head taken off…never seen him like this. W-o-w.!!!.

    Listened to CBC discussion re: access to accessing family MD.s .
    I think the system is collapsing rapidly by design and default that MDs will accept salary and be available on- line only and simply become salesmen for Big Pharma, till they are replaced by AI.
    We are simply seeing the tip of the iceberg…the Titanic is rapidly approaching

    Just my 2 cents…

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  3. RAH says:

    “…Listened to CBC discussion re: access to accessing family MD.s .I think the system is collapsing rapidly by design and default that MDs will accept salary and be available on- line only.”

    It popped into my head the other day that the Federal Government is proffering universal dental care because of the “savings” they’ve accrued by the destruction of the medical system and the denial of medical services to the unvaxxxZinated. Of course, the universal dental care will only be offered to the vaxxxZed.

    Let’s call it a TAX ON IQ POINTS!


    1. Hi GC:

      As a senior myself…..back in the day…..politicians and bureaucrats actually were concerned about taxes and budgets.

      Now…millions of $$$ are promised here..billions of $$$ are promised there..WTF?
      What Unicorns poop shute is this vast free money coming from ???

      If we accept that we are, globally… increasingly becoming victims of Communism..this ideology is consistently focussed on “bait and switch” ultimately leading to loss of societal and individual freedom

      Gov’t ” Free Lunch.” is almost always THE most costly.
      Gov’t is always THE largest addiction pusher re: “free” social services.

      In USA, the Feds created Federal Education Department, against the CONstitution.
      Education was the jurisdiction of the individual States. Before it was challenged the Fed funding bribe $$$ came out, the States became addicted to ” Free $$$ ” …now the COMMIE Feds call the tune of what to teach.. Same with religions..5013C rules gives them tax privileges..which is why they bent over and capitulated to COVID rules etc….Obey OR ELSE taxed !!!.

      Once the COMMIES lure the citizen -suckers into a ” Free Lunch”..the strings attached first become a catch all NET ……that soon morphs into a NOOSE. Obey or else…. Resistance is FUTILE.

      RATIONING then becomes the next COMMIE level…..CULLING by the back door.

      GOOGLE “MAIDs” here in Canada…..”Medical Assistance In Dying”….whereby many people will literally demand assisted suicide as COMMIE vaxx damage kicks in

      Again..NO free lunch…it’s ALL A COMMIE TRAP !!!

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  4. ” Benevolent Billionaires” like Elon Musk et al

    Elon Musk’s Digital ID Agenda for Twitter

    I’ve always been suspicious of these Young Turk Billionaires.
    Sorry…..the story never adds up.

    Like Bill Gates..frauds that either stole another’s idea and/or are simply front men for bankster/military industrial complex.

    In the realm of their fi$cal ether….by literal default and definition ……they are COMMUNIST via their non -elected control as quasi- gov’ts. With few exceptions few become Billionaire$$$ without stepping on and cheating a large victim base…..moreso now.

    As I submitted earlier…its always bait and switch amongst the elites as the role play as “White Hats versus Blacks Hats”….. and ultimately act as Judas Goats to lure the gullible masses who simply lap it up.

    F^ck em and H@ng em


  5. Greencrow,


    95 years old!

    I bet she could give Trudeau a beating in his nether regions with that stick. Oh wait he might like it.

    I lost a lot of so called friends. I have two loyal friends but one has cancer and we don’t communicate much.

    I lost my dog during the Cofraud. She had a heart condition. I was debating getting her heart surgery, that got put off.


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