Tamara Lich to receive freedom award + Dr. Ryan Cole Reads the Vax Riot Act

One of the Freedom Convoy Organizers to receive Award in Toronto

Tamara Lich, Canada Trucker Convoy Organizer, to receive George Jonas Freedom Award in Toronto

Good morning readers. I have some very good news to report today. The Mainstream Media, of all outlets, is reporting that Canadian Trucker Convoy Organizer Tamara Lich will shortly be receiving the George Jonas Freedom Award in Toronto. [CORRECTION: Tamara Lich is banned from Ontario where the award ceremony will take place in June. She is appealing her bail conditions.] Guest speaker at the award ceremony will be longtime CBC journalist Rex Murphy. During the past two horrific years, Murphy has written some hum dinger RANTS against the CovIDian conspiracy for the National Post and other news outlets.

The mere fact that this award ceremony was reported in the MSM is a serious breakthrough which should be celebrated. After all, it was only two months ago that the Canadian Prime Minister was referring to the Truckers as “a fringe minority with unacceptable views”...and the entire MSM was an echo chamber for that lie. Does this MSM story mean that there is a chink in the Globalist MSM armor against the truth?

I feel pumped by Lich’s award and I’m sure the resistance as a whole is feeling validated by this unexpected recognition of one of our leaders. I am also sure the Turvert is pooping his pants at the news. JFT’s tiny little withered pea brain is no doubt exploding at the thought that his enemies…who now comprise the vast majority of Canadians…are suddenly getting a leg up. What ELSE is going to happen? the terrified coward asks himself. Does this mean that the MSM is going to cover the Bikers rally that is slated for this coming weekend? The Federal Government…which thinks it OWNS our nations capital…has been desperately and frantically attempting to stop the Biker Rally/Demonstration outside the city gates with pre-emptive draconian Ottawa police by-law enforcement.

Another interesting news item of today that I gleaned off Twitter is that the Conservative opposition in Parliament is attempting to resurrect the Turvert/Aga Khan corruption scandal of over two years ago. This was the scandal [one of many corruption allegations made against JFT] where Trudeau accepted a $200,000 vacation for him and his party on the private island of the Aga Khan. At the time of the vacation gift, the Liberal Government was being lobbied by Khan for billions of dollars in grants…for god knows what. At the time there was an RCMP investigation into the charge of corruption [accepting a bribe] but Brenda Lucki the Chief of the RCMP, decided to go against the recommendations of the RCMP investigators and NOT charge Trudeau. As one Twitter commenter said: “Lucki for him!”

Of course, the sub story here is that if Trudeau were retroactively charged with corruption by the RCMP he would automatically have to step down from office and Canada would finally be relieved of the huge millstone now hanging around its neck.

Do you think that the PTB have finally had it with their detested puppet and are wanting to “move on” to a puppet with at least a modicum of “soft power”…so their agenda can move forward? Well, stay tuned.

Trudeau recently released a bizarre photo of himself and his wife, both masked, in a padded cell swinging on swings. Was this a coded message?

Greencrow continues: The methaphorical ray of sunshine represented by the Tamara Lich award could not come at a better time out here in British Columbia where a true Spring has yet to arrive. Premier John Horgan reportedly dropped an “F” bomb in the Provincial legislature the other day. He was being vociferously questioned by the opposition about the story below. Please read and I will continue my comments after:


BC to attract foreign nurses, will not allow unvaccinated to return to work


Greencrow continues. It beggars the imagination to contemplate how many lawsuits are going to arise out of the above insanity. If I were a government worker today, I would be in the midst of a very expensive lawsuit myself. They had to wait until the boomers were largely retired before even attempting such a grotesque perversion of our Charter Rights. Needless to say, the provincial government is being sued up the ying yang…and Your Tax Dollars are paying for their [lack of] legal defense:

Another legal action filed to end vaccine order for BC healthcare workers


Greencrow concludes: An important brief of any legal defense against the Provincial government’s vaxxxZine mandates will be the research of true medical scientists–like that reported below

H/T Dennis:

Dr Mark Trozzi  April 27, 2022

world class pathologist and pioneer of Covid science explains how the injections are causing cancer; plus he supports WCH calls to end the WHO

Pathologist Dr Ryan Cole possesses very deep understanding of coronavirus infections , and the disastrous impacts of the forced covid injections. He has performed autopsies on many injection victims, and studied their diverse organ tissues under microscope. He is a world leader in the techniques of immunoflourescent staining which reveal the profound microscopic vandalism caused by spike proteins throughout the injection victims’ bodies. People have been genetically modified (See: One and Two) and their own cells produce a hyper toxic patented version of the coronavirus spike protein. The genetic modification appears permanent, and the spike protein is much more durable and toxic than a natural coronavirus spike protein.”



Finally, click on the link below, sent to me this morning by John Kaminski, which shows a graph of “CovID deaths in Canada” vs. “Covid deaths in Afghanistan” a country with a similar population. This is the kind of information that has been coming out for over two years, but which has been totally ignored by the MSM. This enforced ignorance is exactly the reason why the sheeple lined up for the deadly shots and will soon be [according to Dr. Ryan Cole and many other scientists] paying a very heavy price for the…



When WILL Canadians wake up and Stop Getting Played? Perhaps as soon as THIS WEEKEND, PRAISE THE LORD. Stay tuned.

7 thoughts on “Tamara Lich to receive freedom award + Dr. Ryan Cole Reads the Vax Riot Act

  1. Greencrow,

    It looks like Hillary Clinton actually plotted to stage a coup against Trump when he became President.

    US Attorney Durham released more information regarding his Russia Hoax investigation. It turns out that Jake Sullivan (US National Security Adviser) was involved also.

    Now Biden is known to have met with Hunter Biden’s business partner. And potentially deals with the CCP were discussed.

    It just keeps getting worse.


  2. It doesn’t matter how bad it gets Bob, Americans are still too comfortable to do anything about it. How’s the American Trucker Convoy going? Where is it right now?

    Canadian veterans are planning a huge biker rally in Ottawa [the asshole of the earth] this weekend. This is in fact a veterans and police rally against Trudeau. They are taking a big risk because the Trudeau government through it’s puppets on the Ottawa City Council are threatening this group with severe repercussions.

    Who knows, the Turd might even freeZe the protesters’ bank accounts again. But still they’re going to that hellhole Ottawa. Meanwhile, the Yanks continue to talk, talk, talk, jaw, jaw, jaw.


    1. RE USA

      I agree GC…

      All hat and no cattle

      As I have stated numerous times,, the USA was a Frankenstein monster/killer robot cobbled together by Freemasons at its founding. If it never existed the world would be a much better place.

      USA is the embodiment of a vaccine..it injects itself into other nations affairs under the auspices of democracy but ultimately destroys them.


      Liked by 1 person

    2. The truckers never made it into DC.

      They are someplace in Maryland I think.

      You are right about most Americans. My Brother in law was stealing from my mother. A place in Aruba, Mercedes, $100 scotch.

      My sister can’t retire after 40+ years because of him.

      I couldn’t tell my mother this though. It would have broke her heart.

      I knew this Covid was all a fraud in May 2020. But everyone – mostly male – were elbow rubbing, etc.

      I have a meetup with some friends in DC. First time in over a year.

      My dates have been something else. One girl sent me a photo with her mask on, never met in person, one girl wouldn’t dine indoors, in January!, another girl left me on a night out because I wouldn’t cover my nose (she was double masked! – sexy NOT).


  3. RAH:
    Boy do I agree with your thinking here!!
    “USA is the embodiment of a vaccine..it injects itself into other nations affairs under the auspices of democracy but ultimately destroys them.”

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Re USA

    Sorry….the American culture is 100% Kosher….designed by (((Hollywood Moguls))).

    The culture was never allowed to evolve organically.
    It was pre -ordained
    Washington DC was designed via employing creepy Freemason symbology.

    Excellent documentary

    Jews, Movies and the American Dream

    As I said…USA was molded to be the parallel mythical Jewish feature “Golem”.
    Once the USA sheeple were herded into this kosher “USA” culture, it became a quasi – religion for manipulation.

    The kosher parasites are at or near sucking the last drop from USA and letting it implode.


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