Good afternoon sentients. I haven’t said much if anything about the WEF conference that just wrapped up in Davos, Switzerland yesterday because not much happened. Just the usual extreme wierdness of the elites who think they have the Satan-given right to rule all humanity. But something caught my eye on Twitter this morning that I thought worth a short post. Don’t know whether the photo below will show up when I press “Publish” but it’s a photo of a Davos policeman wearing an arm badge that says World Economic Forum Police. Then below the words is the graphic of two demonic goats or rams with outsized horns head butting each other. I thought that graphic is one for the books. Here it is and I will have more comments to follow:

Greencrow continues: The horns on the goats’ heads also resembles the bottom half of the HAZMAT symbol, which I have copied below:

If you look at the bottom half of this HAZMAT logo, you will see the same ‘horn effect’ as in the badge above

The PerpZ got very upset when the photo of the Davos police with the badge went viral this morning on social media. They got their “fact checkers” right on the case. Reuters ‘fact checkers’ came out with a hurried denial that the WEF has a police force. They said the local DAVOS police force was hired by the WEF to provide security services and that WEF does NOT have a police force. This Fact Check raised more questions than it answered. If a group hires a police force to do their security services…does that not mean they DO have a police force, albeit perhaps for a limited time?

Well, whether the WEF does or does not have its own police service–it did design a badge for its security services to wear on their arms and what an interesting design it is! The goat—which since time immemorial has been one of the symbols of Satan [see Baphomet below]

Baphomet or Satan as depicted by his/her followers

Is the WEF reaching some Zenith of hubris…that it could openly flaunt a Satanic Symbol on its Police Force Badge? No wonder I can’t load the badge image up onto my computer directly but can only copy and paste. I do believe that the WEF has adopted a satanic logo for its police force and that this is yet another indication that the WEF and all of its members…and all those who were ever mentored by it…are to be considered Satanic.

WEF’s leader, Klaus Schwab, has admitted that this Satanic force has penetrated all the government cabinets of the West, including Canada. Therefore, Canada is now occupied by a Satanic-affiliated foreign force. Want more proof? Look at this photo which also surfaced just this morning

OMG – What is this if not a photo of a possessed future PM

Ironically, I had already saved the May 18th post by Blogger Henry Makow which also deals with the Satanic forces that appear to have taken over the Western World and are dragging it towards an apocalypse. See Makow’s post below and I will have concluding comments to follow:


Henry Makow We’re Dealing With the Devil

May 18, 2022

Please send links and comments to hmakow@gmail.com

It’s rare we come face-to-face with pure evil. It’s happening on a daily basis but we’re in denial. We are in a death struggle with the Devil.

The Devil is our governments which have been subverted. Anyone who supports the covidscam, “vaccines”, Ukraine and the shibboleths of the Left – the WEF, WHO, UN, Agenda 2030, globalism, BLM, migration, CRT, gender dysphoria etc. — is wittingly or unwittingly an agent of the Devil.

We are in denial. We are up against Pure Evil.

What does the Devil look like? Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Clinton’s, Bushes, George Soros, Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Anthony Fauci, Fidelito, BoJo, Macron. Their hatred of Christian civilization mirrors the hatred Cabalist Jews feel for the goyim.
The central banking cartel is the economic heart and bloodstream of society. Our corrupt ancestors gave Satanists (Cabalist Jews and their Masonic flunkies) our national credit cards. What does anyone do with stolen credit cards?  The bankers maxed them out with gratuitous wars and phony pandemics. They bought everything and everyone. Most people have literally sold their soul to these Satan worshippers.

The bloodstream is poisoned. Mankind is doomed unless we stand behind Vladimir Putin and refuse to comply! The Satanists have crossed every red line. No one has called them on it until … Russia...”


Greencrow concludes: Go to the link above to access the rest of Makow’s very long post with lots of links. One other item in the social media news this morning may or may not be connected to the Satanic penetration of all Western governments, including Canada. Trudeau is in British Columbia and as usual all his public appearances have ended up being schmoZZles. People of all stripes hate him and are repulsed by him…yet he pathetically believes [hopes?] that just a few “fringe” groups hate him.

He went to a heavily curated event at the First Nations community near Kamloops yesterday and was literally drummed out of town. Trudeau pathetically pleaded with the hecklers not to interrupt his speech out of ‘respect for their elders’. Can you imagine? Hiding behind grandmothers’ skirts to avoid the obvious repulsion of the carefully targeted audience. Then, taking his diabolical doublespeak hypocrisy to the highest level, he virtue-signaled about Canadian Freedoms that he has personally stripped from 6 million Canadians, including me:

You can’t make this stuff up.

Later, he had to cancel a $1,000 a plate luncheon in Surrey, BC due to more hecklers standing at the gates to the convention centre.

His criminally controlled legacy press lied and said that the hecklers were shouting “racist” remarks–when the videos clearly show the demonstrators were only shouting anti-Trudeau slogans. Commenters suggested the REAL reason for the sudden cancellation was due to low turnout at the luncheon. Nobody wants to be seen in the same room with this traitorous Satanic WEFer….nevermind pay $1,000 for a plate of rubber chicken….or was that goat?

Yes, the word to describe Trudeau’s latest BC sojourn is “Pathetic” i.e., “deserving of scornful pity”. If pity is the only emotion evoked by Trudeau during these tax-payer funded visits to our province…perhaps, as MEP Christine Anderson said so eloquently when Trudeau spoke to an almost empty European Parliament several months ago, Canada’s WEFer PM could…“Please spare us your presence”.


  1. GC says:
    “as MEP Christine Anderson said so eloquently when Trudeau spoke to an almost empty European Parliament several months ago, Canada’s WEFer PM could…“spare us his presence”.”

    I love Christine Anderson and that speech she made to Truedope about his going against the Trucker convoy.

    German MEP Christine Anderson rebukes Prime Minister Trudeau. 👍👍

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    1. Thanks for contributing these videos, FreakedOut. Christine’s comments came at a very low point in Canadian History last February. She pricelessly validated our patriotic heroes–who Trudeau and his criminally complicit MSM were ruthlessly vilifying, beating up, trampling, arresting and shutting down their bank accounts.. Canadians should never forget who stood with us during those dark days.

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  2. What we are actually dealing with on a daily basis worldwide are Kenites, sons of Cain. “They” have nothing to do with true Israel and hide themselves within the tribe of Judah. These “jews” know who they are and do the will of their father Satan. But never forget that YHVH our Father is still on His throne and only allows these kenites the power that HE deems neccesary to do HIS will. Soon, Satan will appear in Jerusalem claiming to be JESUS CHRIST and most Christians will believe it is Jesus’ second advent — It is not, it will be Antichrist. Educate yourselves people, read your KJV Holy Bible. Find a Strongs Concordance that will aid you in taking the Scriptures back to the original languages –Hebrew for the Old Testament, Greek for the New Testament. The “Key of David” is knowing who the Kenites are and their 4 “hidden Dynasties” as their mode of operation which are Economics,Politics, Education and Religion. Learn who these people are and everything will make sense. Stay on the all people.


  3. Hi HEH:

    Some goyim believe that ALL Jews are part and parcel of the Satanic influence on this planet. I have never believed that. I see all around me many Jews who are on the frontlines of humanity’s battle against Satanism. So in that regard, I find your comment has merit. However I don’t know and likely never will, who is Satanic and who is not. I don’t look at bloodlines or “history” only at actions and alliances.

    I do personally believe that Justin Trudeau is a Satanist…by his actions and his alliances. I want him gone from Canada ASAP and work every single day towards that goal.


  4. Greencrow,

    I stumbled on this Joni Mitchell cover by Crosby, Stills Nash and Young.

    How she composed this song boggles my mind.

    She couldn’t make it to Woodstock.

    Crosby, Stills Nash and Young put the Rock and Roll to it!

    Thanks for the Justin Turdeau photo. I’ve never seen anything so horrible.


  5. Bob, every single one of your comments comes thisclosetobeingdeleted due to being off topic. No more warnings

    Everyone else: Here’s a woman who really underestimates the strong feelings Canadians have for the Turvert.

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    1. I will try to be on topic from now on.

      But I hate being in this negative space.

      I hate thinking about Biden and Trudeau.

      Off topic one last time. I’m going to a Joan Jett concert this June.

      On topic I’ve suscribed to Thomas Renz ‘s substack.

      The man goes after it.


  6. I like a straight shooting woman who doesn’t hold back.👍

    I’d bet if she got within 5 meters of Truedope she’d be able to blow past his body guards and gouge out his eyes in under 10 seconds.

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      1. Watched the video, FreakedOut. Like Claudia, I was also a “Green Environmentalist” back in the day that the “Greenpeace” movement took off in Canada. But, like every other movement [except the antisemetic movement strangely] it was taken over by the usual suspect perpZ and twisted to be the antithesis of what it publicly stood for.

        The Davos Demons are exploiting the natural concerns of humanity for our earthly environment…and perverting the cause for profit and amusement. They hide their diabolical weaponization of the weather behind the Climate Change agenda. I sometimes wonder what our climate and environment would be like without their evil machinations behind the Oz-ian curtain.

        Perhaps we would be living in an environmental Garden of Eden–were it not for them creating their ‘extreme weather events’ all around our planet.


  7. “…blow past his body guards and gouge out his eyes in under 10 seconds….” Her and six million other Canadians. He should go back to the Ukraine War Zone. He’d be safer there than he is here in Canada.


  8. Hi Greencrow;

    I read an article based on a German book titled, “COVID Vaccines- Consequences on the Soul, Spirit, and Life After Death”, by Thomas Mayer.

    The book details investigations by a group of gifted individuals (clairvoyants, people who can see the aura, etc) on the effects of the covid vaccines on people, in the manner the book title suggests.

    Among the findings are that the four main vaccines do indeed introduce a demon into the recipient, which they labeled the Vaccine Being, and whose purpose it is to separate the soul and spirit of the vaccine recipient not only from the person, but from the Divine as well.

    Most people, while alive don’t notice this process taking place within them, but…..

    One seemingly common result, which horrifies me, is that of the 48 recently deceased vaccinated people investigated, 47 were trapped in isolation and darkness between earth and the afterlife; they were blocked from moving on to the light and their loved ones.
    With over 5 billion people vaccinated on the earth now……. what have they done.

    We surely are dealing with the devil.

    Here is how to find the article if you’re interested;

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    1. Hi CanadiannotCommunist:

      Observing my totally vaxxxZinated family around me I do notice they are separated from spirituality by the vaxxxZines. My older son and my husband have always been atheists but now they openly scoff at anything about a Supreme Being.

      Having completed the AAnon program years ago I know how important accepting a higher spirit/power is to staying healthy and unaddicted. Perhaps this is where the perpZ are going with the vaxxxZines–creating a population of spiritually starved, enslaved addicts.

      Interestingly, I think the untimely death of actor Ray Liotta in his sleep yesterday might provide a tipping point moment of insight for the vaxxxZed:


      Hopefully the information about whether this celebrity was vaxxxZed or not becoming public will be like a lightbulb going off over their heads.

      So many vaxxed are dying this way now, but the Sheeple never hear about it.


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