Bonnie Henry Leads the Globalist Depopulation Agenda in British Columbia


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UPDATE: Odessa Oreleweiz interviews Rick Dignard about the Bonnie Henry Data Dump

FOI documents Released! Bonnie Henry’s FORCED Email Dump Shows She Knew Bad Things Were Happening From The V’s…

FOI documents- Health Authority (Bonnie) Knew 1.4 Years Ago Terrible Things Were Happening

Link below H/T FreakedOut

Watch Odessa’s Interview with Rick Dignard on YouTube

Good morning readers. One bombshell after another is rocking the world of the Globalist depopulators but yet all of them remain in their cushy, powerful tax-payer funded jobs with the great pensions. Yes, yesterday we learned that, according to evidence presented under oath in examination for discovery by the chief Canadian epidemiologist and the chief Canadian transportation authority in the Federal government, the vaxxxZines were never ordered according to science…but were always politically mandated in order to force public compliance with the biometric, mRNA gene altering agenda of the international Globalist depopulators.

It was a shocker, to be sure. But as has happened with all the shocking revelations during this two year plus crisis, the perpetrators are still in place…still raking in taxpayer money, still wielding their evil power over humanity. Trudeau has now “cleared” himself from his self-imposed “covID quarantine” after his trip to California…where he entered Canada illegally after testing positive for covID.

Trudeau is above the law that applies to the rest of Canadians

Soon he will be flitting off again to attend the G20 summit. Anything to stay out of Canada, thus avoiding a mutinous caucus and a raucous House of Commons.

The information reported yesterday that JFT imposed the vaxxxZine travel mandates for purely political reasons and to please his international handlers is like “water off a duck’s back”. He simply ignores it and is able to do so because the criminal co-conspirator MSM will never question him–about the under oath Testimonies of the Chief epidemiologist in Canada and the head of Transport Canada.

I suppose we’ll have to wait until the trial scheduled for September when all of this shit will hit the fan…unless of course the Turvert embroils Canada in WWIII to pre-empt the testimony being aired in a court of law.

But, just this morning, there was another bombshell. A series of e-mails was just released which show indisputably that so-called “Doctor” Bonnie Henry was fully aware of many adverse events to the vaxxxZines as early as January, 2021. Yet she kept–and she continues to keep–on pushing the vaxxxZines for younger and younger victims.

There is no indication where these e-mails surfaced. You can read them at the PDF link at the top of this post. I found them on Twitter and suspect they’re part of the evidence being presented in court here in British Columbia in the several lawsuits being currently tried against Henry.

The e-mails show the “doctor” calmly discussing several serious adverse events with other bureaucrats. Obviously fully aware of the deleterious effects these injections were having on the health of unsuspecting British Columbians…she nevertheless continued to plow ahead with her weekly TV press briefings…badgering, threatening and hounding the public to knuckle under to the vaxxxZines.

Ask yourself dear readers…what DO you call a person who knowingly uses their powerful position to push a product that is harmful or fatal when used as directed? Is there a word strong enough to capture such evil?

Candlelight Vigil in Victoria BC to remember all those injured and killed by the Lockdown and VaxxxZine Mandates imposed duplicitiously by “Doctor” Bonnie [Mengele] Henry

I am at a loss for such a word. Will the bullshitter continue to prance in front of the TV cameras and push her poison on the sheeple? Stay tuned.

H/T FreakedOut

11 thoughts on “UPDATED: Bonnie Henry Knew – WATCH ODESSA’S INTERVIEW!

  1. I have a couple of questions I am sure we would all like to see answers to:

    1. Did Henry get a payoff? There must have been a motivation. I hope her finances are scrutinized.

    2 If Horgan gets implicated will he through Henry under the bus to save is own ass? My guess is yes.

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  2. Hi Ron:

    1. I would like to know if there’s a connection between Henry and CSIS. To me, she has never come across as a doctor..other than a “spin” doctor. She seems more like an infiltrator/spook. Her real finances other than than “vineyard in the Okanagan” are likely in a Swiss Bank Account…far away from the curious eyes of sentient Canadians.

    2. Horgan already has an Exit Plan. He can say he’s battling cancer. Again…very little information on him other than he’s a career bureaucrat/politician. I am sure there’s blackmail schemes going on deep into all the BC WEF operatives. They’re all sewn up tighter than a drum. We’ll see if any of the lawsuits like the one that produced the e-mails discussed in the post above will crack the codes.


  3. Some OTHER observations…

    Is the BC health care system run by a bunch of feminists(or worse)?

    I’ve reviewed the e- mail correspondence a few times and it appears over 90% of those involved are females. What’s up with that ?

    Dr Hoffe’s letter is cut -and- paste stand alone, barely acknowledged.

    I would hazard a guess that the majority of these females have no children..aka no skin in the game. Certainly Dr Bonnie has none via her bio….its even unclear if she is married.

    Finally, I take issue with their knee jerk deferral in many e mails of these civil servants effectively claiming to be a trespasser on First Nations Lands. Take your WOKE political correctness with you, as this otherwise confirms we have a communist agenda firmly in place.

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    1. Hi RAH:
      How the “health care” bureaucrats could completely ignore/override the suffering of British Columbians is the question that will haunt our province for generations…should we survive this attack on humanity.

      The only way they could deal with the courageous Dr. Hoffe was to ignore and cancel him out of the system…never deal with his allegations about the harm being done to his patients.

      It’s true that the BC bureaucrats have been trained to acknowledge their residence on ancestral indigenous lands…all the while surreptitiously eating away at those lands…and targeting first nations particularly with the toxic injections…as Dr. Hoffe has inconveniently proved via his D-Dimer tests of his first nations patients.



  4. With thoughts to all those injured or killed by the toxic jabs and harmed by the mandates, thinking about the Candlelight Vigil being held in Victoria BC tonight I’d like to dedicate this song:

    “You Will Never Be Alone”

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  5. Its interesting to note the dates of the correspondance to Dr. Hoffe approps the extensive injuries mentioned in his email, and then coincidently the devastating fire that levelled Lytton. the injuries of the vaccinated would have been completely eclipsed by the news of the loss of their village….

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    1. Dr. Hoffe has alleged that he believes the firestorm in Lytton last year was manufactured in part to destroy his medical practice/office–with all the evidence of D-Dimer tests from his aboriginal patients–who had developed blood clots after receiving the CovID-19 vaxxxZines.


    1. Hi RAH

      I am not surprised that the Librti.com links have been rendered inoperative. You can go on the Librti.com site itself and find the links to the interviews on Odessa’s page and watch them there.


      This is what Odessa says on her Librti page:

      Yesterdays episode that is UBER important. Bonnie Henry was forced to release 6 months worth of emails (parts redacted) at a FOI request by a lawyer. She definitely KNEW that bad things were happening from these experimental jabs. Listen to her emails…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhfkKmp36lk&t=561s I have been trying to upload it since yesterday but I have a bug that Roman is figuring out

      The link was operative when I updated the post last night. This link and other links on this topic of Bonnie’s e-mails are bombshell. Bonnie Henry will never be able to show her face in public again once these links become general knowledge. They show that time after time she receives horrific, damning information about the vaxxxZines but then the very same day she goes on TV and says they’re “safe and effective” and tells people to “be kind” and go get vaxxxZinated.
      What kind of “human being” does that????!!!.

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