Roots of Freedom – Tamara Lich’s acceptance speech

Trucker Convoy Organizer Tamara Lich giving her Acceptance Speech for the George Jonas Freedom Award in Toronto this past week
Listen to Part of Tamara Lich’s Acceptance Speech – The Words about Freedom Now Ringing Throughout the World

Dear Readers: I will make this very short this grey Sunday Morning. First, if you have not already done so, I urge you all to read my updated Post of yesterday about the revelations contained in the FOI disclosure of Bonnie Henry’s E-Mails a few days ago. These e-mails are blockbusters because they confirm what we sentients have known all along. Bonnie Henry was fully aware at least as far back as January 2021 [and no doubt much earlier than that] of the harm being caused to British Columbians by the mandatory covID-19 vaxxxZines. In the e-mails she asks “How can we mitigate the harm [being caused by Dr. Charles Hoffe]?” Chief HELLth Officer “Doctor” Bonnie Henry‘s not referring to Dr Hoffe’s then thriving medical practice–made up of mostly First Nations in Lytton, BC.

Henry was, rather, cynically referring to the public letter Hoffe wrote to her telling her about his patients alarmingly coming down with blood clots after being vaxxxZinated. Henry never referred to Hoffe’s letter publicly…but paddled furiously like a duck’s feet under calm waters in cover-up mode…as a result of it. Around July 1, 2021 Hoffe’s office–with it’s medical records/evidence–as well as the entire town of Lytton was destroyed by a suspicious fire. Dr Hoffe was later stripped of his medical licence for writing the letter.

The Bullshitter’s has been in cover-up mode all along–and ever since–behind the scenes all while publicly going on TV time and time again preaching that the injections were “safe and effective” and that we should all “be kind” go out and get ourselves, our elderly and our children multiply vaxxxZed with the experimental mRNA gene-editing injections.

I don’t know how this braZen woman could ever show her face in public again…but I’m sure she will. Only when she’s arrested and dragged off to jail for facilitating a genocide will she STFU!

Also watch the video above of Tamara Lich’s acceptance speech after receiving her “Freedom Award” in Toronto the other day. Tamara is the other side of the feminine coin to be sure. Tamara did spend weeks in jail–for peacefully demonstrating against the Satanic mandates in Ottawa last February, 2022 following the Truckers Convoy.

Tamara eloquently reminds us of the roots of freedom…going back to the beginning days of the Athenian Democracy. She calls on us to fight for freedom–like the founders of Athens did. Lich’s call to defend freedom reminds me of the clarion call of Patrick Henry–by which I have lived my life:

“Give me Liberty, or Give me Death!”

All sentient Canadians must now rise up and defend freedom.

Tamara and her Truckers led by example. Canadians must now follow their example because, due to the Trucker Convoy Legacy, Canadians have been shouldered with the premier responsibility in the world–to lead humanity out of this tyrannical Globalist extinction-event hellhole. Stay tuned.

Canadian rocker Colin James sings “Freedom This is dedicated to Tamara and all the Freedom Convoy heros.


Night, is the time for the hunger
Through these rooms, you and I, we wander
Too much, too long, holding back the tears
I wait, do hard labour and I count the years
(Heah)Soon the angels will unlock the sun
Break away these chains and turn away the gun
Nothing is better than the freedom…
Yeah-eah nothing is better yeah than the freedom

Let the law take a man from his family
See the evil on the fences down the highway
Too bad, so sad to be on the lam
From my home I must crawl on my knees and hands
(Hey-hey)And soon the angels will unlock the sun
Break away these chains, yeah and turn away the gun

Nothing is better than the freedom…
Yeah-eah nothing is better than the freedom.

Yeah-eah nothing is better than the freedom
Yeah-eah nothing is better than the freedom


Nothing is better than the freedom
Nothing is better than the freedom
Nothing is better than the freedom
Nothing is better than the freedom

Ooo baby nothing
Nothing is better
Nothin’s better
Yeaaah hey

4 thoughts on “Roots of Freedom – Tamara Lich’s acceptance speech

  1. Hi GC:

    IMHO….will refer to Cullen Commission re: money laundering in BC casinos.
    The mafia built Las Vegas casinos as a venue to launder $$$….it’s a given.

    I watched Cullen discuss the report on TV…cutting through the usual bureaucratic BS…. it became clear that the main goal was to exonerate the Politicians and RCMP of any blame. As one whistleblower stated…..people should be charged and in jail.

    This is the same modus operandi re vaxxes etc…the overwhelming evidence is irrelevant and the Gov’t and its toadies are simply a cabal circling the wagon to frustrate and obstruct justice.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The corruption in BC is deep and goes back decades, RAH. That is why they could deliver provincially on the vaxxxZine depopulation agenda. They’ve had so much practice being criminally corrupt and the rot has metaticized to all our institutions.


  3. How do we actually know if all discussion amongst the Gov’t poobahs is recorded ?

    Also: It appears that the Gov’t has vaxxed as many gullible sheeple as possible…many are refusing boosters.

    This leaves the 6 month to 5 year old cohort..which I anticipate will have their vaxxed parents line them up to get jabbed. This is what the PerpZ last “shot” at this cohort, which will further act as a masking agent for vaxx damage as these innocent children get impacted and UNvaxxed lilkely blamed.

    Pure Evil….


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