Another Black OP False Flag in Saanich?

Good afternoon readers. We have another potential black op false flag on our hands this day after Canada Day. Last Tuesday, in a daring daylight attempted robbery, two [?] masked and camouflaged men, wearing bulletproof vests, entered a bank in Saanich, BC, a sleepy coastal town near Victoria, BC.

According to a middle aged woman witness, who happened to be doing business in the bank, the two men acted very strangely, calmly walking back and forth as if they were waiting for something. She said she was hiding in an office and called 9/11 bringing the police–who took the two men down in a shootout under a hail of bullets. The female witness said there were three men in the bank at one point.

Well, now that the police officials belatedly have their stories straight, they finally gave a press conference today, after days of shock and disbelief by citizens that so little information was being given out about such a strange, violent episode. Please read the news stories linked and copied below and I will have final comments to follow:


RCMP say Matthew, left, and Isaac Auchterlonie were the armed bank robbers killed in a shootout outside a Bank of Montreal in Saanich, B.C., on Tuesday. Twin 22 year old Brothers from Duncan are alleged to be the masked hold-up men killed in Saanich Bank Police Shootout
BC Police gave press conference today, five days after the bloody broad daylight shootout at the Saanich Bank

Twin brothers identified as armed bank robbers killed by police in Saanich, B.C.

RCMP officers in Saanich, B.C., have identified 22-year-old twin brothers Matthew and Isaac Auchterlonie as the two armed bank robbers who were killed by police in a shootout on Tuesday.

Six police officers were injured in the shootout late Tuesday morning at the Bank of Montreal in Saanich on southern Vancouver Island.

Police also said they had to dispose of explosive devices that were in a vehicle associated with the suspects on Thursday.

The Auchterlonie brothers, both 22, were from Duncan, B.C., on central Vancouver Island. According to RCMP, neither of the brothers had criminal records; they were not previously known to police.

“There are still many questions and investigation efforts that need to take place in order to fully understand what took place and why,” said Cpl. Alex Bérubé at a Saturday news conference.

“The motive behind the armed robbery and subsequent exchange of gunfire with police has not yet been determined.”

The investigation into the Tuesday shooting is being led by the Vancouver Island Integrated Major Crime Unit (VIIMCU). Concurrently, an investigation has also been launched by the Independent Investigations Office, the oversight body which reviews all police actions that result in death or serious harm.

Bérubé said that police had spoken to the family of the suspects, who were cooperating with the investigation. The B.C. Coroners Service identified the brothers on Friday, according to Bérubé.

Police said they are still looking for public tips regarding the suspects’ car, a white 1992 Toyota Camry with two black racing stripes over the hood and roof.

They are asking anyone with any information regarding either the brothers or their car to contact VIIMCU at 250-380-6211.

What we know about the deadly bank robbery in Saanich, B.C.

‘So many questions we want to know’: Expert offers possible reasons why details are being withheld in Saanich bank robbery

Rob Gordon, professor of criminology at Simon Fraser University says investigators may also still be looking in to motive.

He says banks don’t often have lots of cash on hand, so the robbery is an unusual one.

“It was a very unusual bank robbery for a suburban bank,” Gordon said. “It’s gotta be a very slick operation which is why not many of them occur. I mean, bank robberies in that sort of Butch-Cassidy tradition are a thing of the past.”

Given the weaponry and explosive devices, Gordon believes they were targeting the bank’s vault and safety deposit boxes.

“I think what you might have there is a couple of opportunists who had some inside knowledge and decided that it was worth a shot to get that money,” said Gordon.


Greencrow comments: Folks, I have to laugh, ruefully…even though some parents surely are in deep shock today…totally stunned that their beloved young sons are gone. But, I have to say right out of the starting gate at this, probably the 200th or more false flag I have examined and reported on on my blog…that this one appears at first blush to be a quintessential false flag police op. It has every symptom ever documented. Here are just a few anomalies:

  1. The two boys [22-year-olds are NOT men] never had any association with crime…but suddenly do the worst crime possible and get killed doing it.
  2. The boys were professionally dressed for a black op, completely outfitted in army gear and bulletproof vests…masked…apparently even their eyes were covered [with what???] heavily armed with assault weapons and explosives…Where on earth did they get them?
  3. The boys calmly moved around the bank like they had all the time in the world and were “waiting for something/someone” according to the witness. As in all FF’s there are witness reports of more than the reported number of “assailants”.
  4. The witness said they had plenty of time to get the money and leave the bank before the police arrived–but they did not. Why?

Finally, here are some questions I have right off the bat:

  1. Did the boys have any association with police [in their family, relatives] did they ever have any association with military? Did they ever live near a military base?
  2. Did they belong to any shooting clubs, rifle ranges, anywhere–where they would have learned how to handle firearms?
  3. What were their finances like? Did they have jobs? Did they have the means to purchase either legally or illegally all the expensive weaponry and explosives found in their possession? Were they given huge sums of money shortly before the escapade? If so, by who?
  4. Did they live in Duncan all their lives? Where did they live, if anywhere, prior to moving to Duncan? Did they ever live and/or travel to the US?
  5. Finally, did either of the boys ever have mental health issues, social issues? What was their family life like? Did they belong to any religion or social clubs?

The above questions are just normal questions in an average inquiry…but I’ve discovered over the years that these are exactly the questions that are seldom asked publicly in these investigations….or at least not asked until the official story is written in stone.

My gut feeling tells me that this incident is remotely related to the Nova Scotia Massacre–in that there is a concerted effort to bambooZle [thus divide and conquer?] the police forces with black ops…as well as make it appear that it’s easy for 22 year old boys to get assault rifles and full SWAT team gear…which would, of course, support the need for draconian gun legislation “from coast to coast”...i.e, from Nova Scotia all the way to the West Coast of British Columbia. Now how convenient is that???!!!

Timing is everything with these episodes. What a coincidence that the Saanich Bank Robbery took place the very day that all hell was breaking loose over in Nova Scotia–as revelations of political interference in the Massacre investigation surfaced! Revelations that suggested the Federal Liberal Government was wanting to….wait for it….USE the tragedy to further their gun legislation!

Stay tuned for more reports on this tragedy as this story develops. And say a prayer for the family of the two boys–who obviously got caught up in something very evil and sinister.

8 thoughts on “Another Black OP False Flag in Saanich?

  1. Hi GC:

    This may be the “kill shot” (no pun intended) that takes the PerpZ out…it has all the appearances of a badly written and poorly acted Monty Python skit.

    When it was first reported I could smell the Bullshite miles away.

    How stoopid do they think we are FFS ???

    Discuss more later

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  2. Hi RAH:

    If you read the female witness report in one of the links in the post you will see that she was quite skeptical as to what she was witnessing. She made it very clear she believes more than two persons were involved. She also questioned the behaviour of the would-be robbers…very unusual behavior–including dawdling around and acting super calm. Does this seem like the behaviour of two 22 year old’s on their very first heist? OMG!

    It seemed as if the witness wanted to get her version out into the public realm–before the ‘script was rewritten’. More power to her for giving the interview. I have learned to pay careful attention to the first versions…particularly by eye witnesses of any incident like this. They are almost always the most reliable.


  3. Tried a post re: the “A” twins and their family…didn’t post..I’ve tried several time already since yesterday evening.

    FYI…someone with same last name as “A” twins is senior officer in Canadian Navy originally from Vancouver Island


  4. Hi RAH:

    That is a very interesting development in the Saanich Bank Heist Black Op story for sure. You and I discussed it via e-mails. I am going to post about it today but will be very circumspect as to what words I use [and don’t use] so as not to CSIS the matter into a puff of Internet smoke.


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