Vaccine Fascism prevails in Canada

Separated at Birth?

“Grey Alien”
“Grey Alien” Duclos

UPDATED: July 5, 2022 – Latest news from the Tamara Lich Bail Hearing/show trial – the Judge is reserving decision on Tamara being again freed on bail until Friday. So Tamara must spend three more days in jail. This [and the Patrick King incarceration] is starting to stink and reek of the Assange Travesty of Justice that has been going on for years in the UK:

Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Tamara Lich Not Allowed to Appear Personally in Court due to Not Submitting to Fraudulent PCR Test

Good morning readers. Well I had a lot of hits to the last two posts on my blog about the Saanich murders. I also had one comment to “Leave it alone”. Chilling. Someone wants me to abandon my right to access the free speech laws in Canada–guaranteed under our Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms. I am considering reporting the e-mail address to WordPress because….threats like this are an indubitable sign of encroaching fascism. Fascism is something we must rout out of our Country ASAP and at all costs. IMO, Canadians must be prepared to give up our freedom in the short term–and even our lives–to preserve our nation from fascism.

Evidence of encroaching Fascism is also resplendent in the JFT government’s treatment of Trucker Convoy activist Tamara Lich this morning. Tamara is not allowed to appear personally in court for her Kangaroo Court Bail Hearing show trial in Ottawa, scheduled for today. Why? Because she will not submit her cribriform plate/brain barrier to a massage with the HOAX PCR test swabs. Sentients have known for well over two years that the PCR test is a giant fraud. But it’s a good tool to threaten, bully, possibly physically harm…and deny basic legal rights to political prisoners.

There is a lot of other newZ today. The fall out from the Grey Alien Duclos announcment yesterday is still hitting the fan. Yesterday, the grey alien pronounced that the vaxxxZine nightmare will never end…if the JFT government has any say in the matter. NO. The suckers who submitted their bodies already to two and perhaps even three of the dangerous DNA destroying mRNA experimental injections will need to re-submit their bodies EVERY NINE MONTHS FROM NOW ON…if they want to participate in society.


From regular contributor Dennis:

How ironic it is that the only fully vaccinated people left of the planet are the Unvaccinated!


Greencrow continues: My mind recoiled at what kind of terror the JFT fascist/communist government has in mind to leverage this kind of slavery submission. Are they going to unleash a catastrophic bioweapon? Are they going to invite hundreds of thousands of foreign [UN] [Chinese?] soldiers in to go door-to-door arresting and dragging off non-compliant Canadian citizens to their already-prepared Gulags? Are they going to withhold food and water and other basics for survival pending submission?

To make such a horrific threat…as the grey alien Duclos made yesterday…they must have some horrific penalty up their alien sleeves.

But the JFT government was forced to act…surrounded as it now is with a gathering and unifying Canadian citizenry. Just the day before the gray alien spoke, a coterie of Canadian doctors spoke out against the vaxxxZine mandates, saying they were dangerous and the injection campaign should be stopped immediately. Here is a list of doctors who have so far come out publicly against the vaxxxzines…there are many more not on this list:

Doctors who have so far spoken out against the Vaccines

Greencrow concludes: No. the JFT government is now surrounded and more dangerous than at any other time during the past two years. It has jailed those who first spoke out against the Communistfascist agenda….See the interview with Patrick King, the other activist hero who is languishing illegally in jail as I type:


“Stay true to your heart”….says Patrick King from prison–where he has been incarcerated [mostly in solitary confinement at his own request] on an allegation of “committing mischief” since February, 2022.

We are in end times, folks. As Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said more than two years ago now, “This is the apocalypse”. Certainly it is in Canada…and in The Netherlands where the entire nation is close to civil war against a government that wants to destroy the main economy–farming.

This is the time where we must stand up for freedom or die. And, as Colin James sings so eloquently:

Nothing is Better Than Freedom!

Soooooo….. “Give me Liberty or Give me Death!”

17 thoughts on “Vaccine Fascism prevails in Canada

  1. Government-funded school pamphlet calls Canada’s Red Ensign a “hate symbol”

    A booklet made for school children that calls the Red Ensign flag a hate symbol and identifies the Conservative Party as a target of “infiltration” by racists was approved by Cabinet yesterday as a taxpayer-funded project.

    “This new resource will be delivered through workshops in schools across the country and it will help raise awareness with students,” Diversity Minister Ahmed Hussen told reporters. The booklet would help “teach core values to our kids,” he said.

    According to Blacklock’s Reporter, Hussen approved a $268,400 grant to fund the guide Confronting and Preventing Hate in Canadian Schools. The guide, written by the Canadian Anti-Hate Network (CAHN), also warns students to be wary of classmates who speak fondly of Donald Trump.

    CAHN is a federally-subsidized group that earlier received an identical $268,400 grant to operate its website. Hussen says it is “an organization that I respect very much.”

    etc. etc.


    Another sign of full blown Communism and desperation by Turdeau and Co,.

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  2. Hi RAH:

    Yes, I did read about that indoctrination operation.

    They don’t like the red ensign shield because it contains the icons of the founding settlers in North America–the Brits, the Welsh, The Scots, the Irish and the French.

    They want to wipe out our history and replace it with…what? Well perhaps they’ll say that North American began when the visible minorities mingled with first Nations…cutting white Europeans out of the loop entirely…lolololol.

    That’s what Horgan was tricked into facilitating–when he suddenly and without public consultation–announced the BC Museum closure and rebuild at a cost of a billion of mostly Federal Canadian taxpayer money. He was quickly disabused of that notion by a majority of British Columbians, who immediately smelled a Federal Rat–and knew the “airbrushing” of white settler history in BC was on the chopping block…lolol

    Now Horgan’s retiring. He knows he’s dead meat to the Feds–for backing off.


  3. Hi GC:

    People should research the “SWASTIKA” symbol….it is an ancient symbol thousands of years old.
    Yet,,,it is demonized and censored.

    I’ve done a lot of research re various cultures and civilizations….and one major and consistent reason for their downfall was allowing multiculturalism. This is not the same as racism.

    To consider an old Canadian flag as racist symbol etc. is implying any/all “white” Canadians are racist…that’s gov’t sponsored discrimination which no other ethnic ancestry would tolerate.


    1. … “allowing multiculturalism” … appears to be misused in this context.
      There appears to be the intentional implication that M-C is synonymous with an implied, or perceived racial differentiation. STOP it.
      ’tis worth remembering that a difference of ‘culture’ can, and more-often does occur within the same [perceived] racial groups, viz. rich/poor, Catholic/Anglican, etc. etc. Therefore, one should be cogniscent of elitist conditioning and petty ‘labelling’ to intentionally create divisions and mental polarisation of society.
      We’re ONE even though we’re MANY …

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      1. Hi Hotrodoy

        Tis very true that today’s politicians are ALL about divide and conquer of all sectors in society. In fact, I don’t even call it divide and conquer so much as “mincing” our society down to the smallest entities…even a family is divided within itself according to their strategies. That was one of the purposes of the Plandemic…divide sentients vs sheeple…vaxxxZed [privileged] vs unvaxxxZed [punished]. So many new ways of doing it.


  4. Hi RAH

    Turvert is trying to cancel white Canadians…who knows what diabolical influence is controlling him to hate his own race so much. Wait for Horgan to leave office and his replacement bring back the concept of the new “Airbrush-out-the-Whites” museum plan. These fiends don’t ever give up,


  5. Re: Multiculturalism ???

    Being on the SAME page !!!

    I am a first generation Canadian whose parents were WW2 refugees of Germanic roots. German was my first language…but I forgot it as I became an old school Canadian aka spoke English only in a western culture. My spouse is 5th generation Canadian of Irish/Scots/English roots.

    I am very proud of my Germanic heritage but I accepted the Canadian culture I grew up in.

    Having been a classic student of not following the herd, my spidey senses started tingling in the 1970’s when not a trickle …but waves….. of non “white” immigrants started pouring in. Many of these have never assimilated and never will. I also had the advantage of listening to …and learning from… old school media who exposed this as a dirty trick by then PM Pierre Trudeau to garner votes via the divide and conquer tactic…..whose goal was clearly to DESTROY Canada which his son Justin Turdeau is continuing the family agenda/business.

    I accept change as a historical given…but not to the degree I should STFU and not see a more insidious agenda to basically marginalize me and those of my and others European roots…as the extrapolated implication is we are to be disposed of through various means, such as Coudenove Kalergi Plan etc. NONE of the aforementioned purging could have occurred without 100% Gov’t planning and approval.

    I’d actually have more respect for Gov’t if it was upfront and said we will round up those dissidents of European roots and then _________ them.

    I watch CBC and Global news….and am increasingly shocked/amused how more and more the MSM anchors and reporters are visible aka non- white minorities. The blatant anti- white discrimination is in your face.

    The PerpZ are too gutless to blatantly demonize whites, but any white person can see the Cultural Marxist noose slowly but surely tightening by these satanic commie devils. We are being exterminated via the death of a thousand “commie” cuts.

    IMHO…Canada is at the very brink of the death throes.
    Maybe just as well…a Trudeau double barrel cancer of 60 plus years needs a logical conclusion….no political palliative care….simply crash..burn..purge…. REbuild .


    1. If, in your jaundiced perspective, you can feel this way, one can only imagine how Canada’s First-Nations must feel.
      As justified as WE think we are to gripe and groan, I often wonder if any ‘woe-is-me’ Europeans ever, take a moment to reflect on our latent feelings of ‘entitlement’ or empathise with the original Canadians, and the violent nature of their dispossession?? The question is rhetorical …
      In all the peripheral research conducted, there doesn’t appear to be any historical documentation of First-Nations people extending an invite to Eurpeans to come and over-run and control their native lands. Moreover, there is no record of ‘native’ Canadians willingly ceding any titles to their natural wealth and resources to greedy and avaricious European plunderers, is there?


      1. My forte’ is not to indulge in ad – hominem attacks.

        With all due respect, I do not subscribe to the theory,… and I repeat “theory”…. that those categorized for political purposes as “FN” are the original citizens and hence the displaced owners of Canada.

        FN are simply pawns being used in classic Gov’t divide- and- conquer.
        If you seriously believe the Gov’t gives a sh*t re: FN…..OMG.

        They want FN’s DEAD ..asap….why do you think they priortize FN members for vaxxes????

        I suggest you research “diffusionism”.
        This objective analysis of history exposes much of “history” as propagandized gov’t fiction.

        I can trace my European ancestry back to an area in central Europe from the 1200’s…but I do not claim other groups did not have earlier roots there.

        How about MILLIONS of GERMANs were not only slaughtered and raped in 2 World Wars..but perpetually demonized almost 80 Years after WW2 ended ?

        I do have sympathy for what FN suffered…but lets compare apples and oranges re: victimization ?
        Our mutual beefs would be with British Imperialism.

        GC and I have discussed our sincere concern for FN….the rank -and -file FN are being betrayed by their own FN leaders. Dr Hoffe from Lytton was a “white” person who stuck his neck out because his FN patients were suffering adverse vaxx reactions and he paid a dear price for upholding his MD oath.

        I have yet to see ANY FN leaders stand up on par with Dr Hoffe sacrifice.
        Should we non- FN like myself and GreenCrow STFU and let FN genocide continue?.

        The FN are being played like a fiddle and we will ALL lose.
        That’s the PerpZ plan.

        Regardless…..if the FN want to have a gov’t funded and encouraged ” chip on their shoulders”….. that is their right.

        However…I do NOT wish to be a subject of continual demonization and humiliation via Gov’t propaganda that I am deemed eternally guilty because of my skin colour and ethnicity.

        In my 60+ years I have not seen such direct and indirect Gov’t encouraged and sponsored HATE directed to an identifiable group as people of “white” ancestry…this is off the charts.

        Tell the Queen and her inbred family to F*ck off and pay any/all reparations.

        I hope I have clarified my position.


  6. @ hotrod07, can you say virtue signaling?

    it is obvious that your JAUNDICED perspective on history is that only certain peoples need to answer for their past. You are somehow oblivious to the facts of history (or more likely refuse to acknowledge them in order to maintain your skewed viewpoint) that record almost NON-STOP warfare between different lands/nations/ethnic groups from the earliest beginnings.

    EVERY piece of land on earth has been conquered and populated by someone else at some point in time, and every tribal group has been enslaved, taken slaves, or both. But no, you only rant at one conquering people group, and expect them – only – to answer for it. It is a very easy, popular and self-righteous enterprise these days.

    I will apologise for, and feel guilty for my ancestor’s past, when everyone else does for theirs.


    1. It might have inadvertently escaped your notice, but my initial reply was in response to an interpretation of wilful cognitive dissonance, in a case of subliminal, ‘virtue-signalling’.
      Have a great day …


  7. Okay guys:

    What the above debate says to me is that the perpZ have done a very good job dividing us via the “splitting of hairs” in the debate of “who was here first”. Europeans like the Irish [my ancestors] were literally starved out of their country by the same Satanists who are doing the depopulation vaxxxZine scam now. We came here and usurped the First Nations. But in the end we are all humans and must share this planet because it is all we have and all we will ever have.

    Long ago I learned about the Van Allen belts and how bands of toxic radiation will forever prevent human space travel beyond the upper atmosphere of our planet. We’re trapped here, along with some alien entities who have also been trapped here–and regard us as their slaves/playthings.

    So the debate about ethnicity and indigenous rights will take us only so far. We need to respect those limits for the survival of our species that is now under attack. We need to coalesce and feel safe talking about our beliefs, fears and hopes. That’s what I hope will happen on this platform and all the platforms I contribute to such as Twitter and

    Let’s talk freely–debate–but play safe–with respect.


    1. Hi GC:

      “WAR” has been declared by the PerpZ… going back now.

      I’m not advocating violence…but acknowledging the obvious starts the logical conclusion and RE build focus/process for the truly awake and cognitive.

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      1. My latest post fleshes out your statement:

        :“WAR” has been declared by the PerpZ… going back now…”

        Some interesting details I just learned this morning.


    2. Touche! It’s far better to be proud of who you are than to be side-tracked into believing what others told you to THINK.
      At the end of the day – ALL of us are better than ONE of us …
      Stay cool.

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