NewZ Update Plus: Trudeau vs. Canada

Boris Johnson agrees to resign–will remain PM for now

Good morning beloved sentients. The newZ is coming at us at warp speed now and so this post will just be devoted to brief updates and notifications. First, yesterday we had the implosions of the Georgia Guidestones which set everyone off in a Twitter wondering what the significance was. I asked my spideys early this morning and they suggested that it was a signal/communication/messaging between the Globalist perpZ that a new phase in their war on humanity has begun. Keep in mind that 95% of all terror attacks/bombings that take place in the world are committed by those I usually refer to as the “PerpZ”. Other significant events that have taken place since bear this out.

Today we have Boris Johnson, the kingpin in the Globalist, WEFer Puppet Western leader/assets resigning…well, sort of. As of yesterday, over 33 UK MP’s had resigned over Boorish Johnson’s “leadership”. Yesterday we had the comical situation where one of his chief cabinet ministers threatened to also resign if Boorish did not resign immediately. So Boorish fired him. lolol.

Today we have the announcement that Boorish is resigning–but staying in office until a new replacement is [s]elected. Folks, this latest stalling tactic of the PerpZ letting go of their untenable assets is very new to politics. Used to be when a leader quit…s/he quit. None of this “clinging to power”…until an equally corrupt replacement could be installed. But we know why Boorish is clinging to power. He knows something that the sheeple don’t know.

According to the announcement in the video below…NATO is going to drag the world into war with Russia and…the wheels are going to come off the Global Economy Bus on July 15th. So if he can just hang on until then….he’ll get to become…..wait for it…..”a Wartime Prime Minister”.

Yep, according to rumours flying around from many sources,

NATO has secretly decided to drag all the Western Nations into a War with Russia and has put hundreds of thousands of soldiers into Ukraine. Frankly, folks, I don’t know where they would get hundreds of thousands of nationally based soldiers. Canada can’t even get its soldiers to go door-to-door force injecting citizens–as Trudeau has been trying to make the military do for a couple of years now. I don’t know how Canada would get hundreds of thousands of soldiers to go off and fight Russia on behalf of…wait for it…the likes of JFT. But, anyhooooo….

Yep, diesel fuel [heavy fuel comes from Russia] is going to run out...all farming will be ended…so we’ll be eating cockroaches and other bugs. Most sentients are aware of the chaos that’s taking place in The Netherlands right now. I have been following Canadian real reporter Keean Bexte on Twitter. He’s on the ground in The Netherlands and reports it’s an all-out mostly non-violent war between the farmers/ their supporters vs the Dutch Globalist elite political assets.

The Tristate Citythe Globalists want to bulldoze the Netherlands to create a huge Capital for their Globalist Government…that is why the Dutch Farmers are protesting

Keean Bexte


If you don’t side with the farmers in 🇳🇱🇮🇹🇵🇱🇺🇸🇨🇦🇫🇷🇩🇪 today, enjoy eating cockroaches tomorrow.


The epitome of corruption! Pfizer Inc. has Ontario head of public health, Dr. Kieran Moore ON THEIR PAYROLL AT $800,000/YEAR. While he uses his APPOINTED Government authority to push vaccine mandates. If that wasn’t bad enough, he was appointed head of a Lyme Disease Research Committee that will now APPROVE THE FIRST EVER LYME DISEASE VACCINE in a multi-hundred million dollar deal for his real boss.–Kieran-Moore-in-conflict-of-interest-with-pfizer

Greencrow wonders whether Moore’s opposite number out here in BC., Bullshit Bonnie, has a similar contract with Big Pharma. Worth looking into.


In other news. Pfizer has pulled out of Uruguay, as well as India, because they would have had to reveal the ingredients of their “so called” vaccines. Time to wake up normies.

Meanwhile, here in Canada everyone is now hoping and praying that Trudeau will be swept out of the PMO in the escalating wave of national revulsion against him that exceeds even what Boorish Johnson was/is facing. Every single day JFT remains in the PMO…corrupting that office and all the other Canadian institutions…is an abomination. Here’s the latest on his latest scandal–the PMO obstruction of justice vis a vis the Nova Scotia Massacre [which I believe and have stated was a[nother] RCMP/CSIS false flag].

In this latest report, by Rebel News Reporter Drea Humphrey, the Witness List of the Inquiry has been jimmied–so that the lawyer for the families is not allowed to ask questions of the prime witness–the girlfriend of conveniently deceased patsy Gabriel Wortman. Why can’t the lawyer not ask her any questions? Wait for it….she’s been so traumatiZed that it would not be kiiiiiiind to ask her any upsetting questions. Nevermind the hell that the families are going through not knowing why their loved ones were offed. Can you believe it? This is what passes for “justice” in Canada these days:

A brief update on the Saanich Bank Robber Twins murders that I was posting about a few days ago. The local rag CHEK is now saying that “We’ll probably never know what motivated the boys to try to rob a bank in broad daylight, calmly wandering around the bank wasting time while waiting for the police to arrive”.

I guess the criminally complicit asset media thinks British Columbians have completely forgotten the John Nuttall/Amanda Korody “Travesty of Justice” fiasco. What motivated John and Amanda? Constant mentoring/badgering/brainwashing/manipulation from a powerful authority–the RCMP/CSIS officers–who racked up millions of taxpayer money in overtime and expenses. Case closed. Except to submit that the boys are probably off somewhere receiving training in “Advanced Black Ops” for their next assignment.

Finally, today folks I leave you with a dose of sanity. In a crisis, you never know where heros will come from. Such is the case in Canada during the Globalist Plandemic HOAX/economic reset. Below we have two new Canadian heroes conversing about how Trudeau is systematically and methodically dismantling/destroying our nation. Well worth a listen to what they’re saying. Rex Murphy is steeped in Canadian history and has his finger on our national pulse like few others.

Dr. Jordan Peterson interviews longtime Canadian Broadcaster/journalist Rex Murphy

Greencrow concludes: Watching and listening to Rex Murphy in the video above, I was suddenly reminded of the very first time I had my eyes opened to what’s really going on in the world. It was while listening to a radio broadcast of Murphy’s old radio call-in show “Cross Country Check-Up” back in the early 1980s. We were building a ski chalet near Mount Baker, Washington State, USA. Yes, folks, we once owned property in rural Washington State. Good thing we don’t still own it…because I cannot travel across the border–due to JFT’s vaxxxZine fuckery. Anyhooooo…I was painting the place and listening to Rex Murphy’s “Cross Canada Check-Up” on the radio. A caller came on the line and asked a question:

“How come we never hear any news about Russia, China, India or any other of the many huge countries with millions of citizens…but most of every news broadcast is devoted to a tiny middle eastern country that is always at war with its neighbours?”

The questioner never identified the country but I knew immediately that it was the tiny, borderless entity called Israel. A light bulb went on over my head. Suddenly, I started thinking and questioning. Rex never answered the question and the caller was quickly cut off...which made me think even more that this was the most important question I had ever heard asked on the mainstream media. Well, folks, as we say….”the rest is history”…

Speaking of history…we are currently in one of the most crucial times in history. So pay close attention to what will take place in the coming days and weeks. IMO, it will change our entire existence on this planet. One thing I am sure of. Russia/Putin will never hang humanity out to dry the way the PerpZ are trying to do.

Stay tuned.

6 thoughts on “NewZ Update Plus: Trudeau vs. Canada

  1. GC quote:

    “How come we never hear any news about Russia, China, India or any other of the many huge countries with millions of citizens…but most of every news broadcast is devoted to a tiny middle eastern country that is always at war with its neighbours?”

    Unless the world realizes that the main roots of the worlds problem are due to what emanates out of this (((safe house))) and the City of London…we are SOL.


  2. Former Japanese PM Shinzo Abe shot dead

    Japan had only one gun-related death reported in 2021
    From CNN’s Mayumi Maruyama in Hong Kong

    Japan reported only one death due to firearms in 2021, according to the National Police Agency. A total of 10 firearm-related incidents were reported in the country in 2021 — up from seven in 2020.

    Eight of the 10 reported incidents were gang-related, the agency’s report states.

    In the past five years, the highest number of firearm-related deaths per year reported in Japan was four.

    Can’t exclude NWO/Deep State….but regardless one can be sure the PerpZ will lever this rare Japanese gun killing as “See…they aren’t even safe in Japan …we need 110% gun laws compliance worldwide.”

    In addition…as a qualifier….the video shows little…I wouldn’t be surprised if NOTHING happened.


  3. I will wait until I hear from James Corbett at The Corbett Report on this, RAH. He should have the inside track.
    He has posted on the assassination already and is going to have an “open source” for subscribers only to gather information on the event. I know Abe was considered quite corrupt when he was the PM.


  4. Re;” Tri State City” in Netherlands noted above:

    Never heard of this before…but its been on the table for years.They want to incorporate parts of Germany and Belgium as well to create a mega City..hence “Tri State”.

    Clearly, the plan is to use “Green” agenda (ie Nitrogen pollutes?= scam)to displace and eliminate Dutch farming, and acquire the UNdeveloped land and build a “smart city”….of course SHEER hypocrisy of destroying more natural farmland permanently and polluting the environment during and after the construction process. As well…the world loses a prime agricultural producer, another PerpZ goal.

    Netherlands is too small a country to resist, and this will likely be a template elsewhere.

    Watch this one closely.


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