Good Friday morning beloved sentients. Earlier this morning my spideys came to me with the turgid question: “Is the Turvert on the Cusp?” Is JFT just about to be arrested for Treason, massive corruption and other crimes? Worse, is he about to be arrested as an accomplice in the worst mass murder in Canadian history–the Nova Scotia False Flag mass murder of 22 innocents in Portapique, Nova Scotia?

Folks, it’s very hot up here on the Malahat. IMO, we’re in the middle of yet another, now normaliZed, weaponiZed weather event. A lot of the day is just spent trying to keep cool…keep my pets and my plants cool and watered. So if I don’t keep up with the biggest avalanche of raw newZ in my 10 year blogging history, I beg your patience. Also, I am in some pain from my arthritis so if I am a bit testy at times it could be that I am in pain. I do not take meds except sometimes at night I will take one pill to sleep. The worst pain comes in the mornings, when it take hours for my joints to get functioning.

But, as I said above, there’s an avalanche of unprecedented hard core breaking news–as the justice system closes in on WEF/WHO/Big Pharma/NATO–the biggest crime syndicate in the history of the planet. Longtime readers will recall that I always said it would come down to the courts and the justice system if it was ever to be beaten at all.

Last night on Twitter a poster said words to the effect: “Canadians should be aware that Trudeau will be arrested in the next four weeks…by September.” That prognostication fits with my own spidey senses. The Turvert has made so many enemies that his tenure in the top job in the land has become untenable. Even the perpZ don’t want him around anymore–because he’s a liability to their dying cause. Just as I was beginning to format this post, an e-mail arrived from Rebel News alerting readers to yet another crime committed by the Turvert–ordering the government to spy on farmers and punish them for supporting the Trucker Convoy Freedom Movement.

IMO, the reason Turvert should be taken down, arrested and tried is for his High Crimes imposition of the Fake CovIDian Cult Plandemix/vaxxxZination HOAX on Canadians…which is ongoing…and in particular his forced vaxxxZination of children. IMO, he should be strung up by the ballZ for the latter crime. But, as usually happens in politics on this planet…the worst crime that a leader commits is not the one he’s finally arrested for. NOOOOOooooooooo. If that were to happen, too many big wigs all over the world would ALSO go down with him. NO! the PTB always arrange that their former asset is taken down on a relatively minor charge…perhaps, say, the murder of “only” 22 people in a remote community in Northern Nova Scotia.

The video in the Tweet below, folks, is, IMO, the smoking gun that will take the Turvert down. Watch and listen carefully, as Conservative party federal MP Raquel Dancho questions several members of the group of authorities involved in the investigation into the Nova Scotia mass murder. I will have more comments to follow:

There is enough evidentiary “meat” on the bones of the above testimony, gleaned by Dancho, to arrest the Turvert this afternoon. If he were an ordinary joe he’d be in manacles [like he had activist Tamara Lich in] by now. Read the National Post report at the link below for still more evidence:


This is shocking. Two more participants in the teleconference call confirm RCMP Com. Lucki told them she was under pressure from the PMO/MP Blair to release information about firearms used by a mass killer–to push through legislation. Trudeau and Lucki must immediately resign.

Meanwhile, the deep, dark mysteries of the Mass Casualty event are lost in the politicizing. Questions like: 1) What happened to the $400,000+ Wortman got from an RCMP acct.; 2) Why haven’t the men who sold illegal guns to Wortman been charged?

Folks, it is looking more and more to me [and others on Twitter] that Turvert did more than just capitaliZe on the murders for his gun control agenda. It is looking like a situation that we, who lived through the 9/11 atrocity, refer to as LIHOP or MIHOP.

LIHOP – “Let it happen on purpose.”

MIHOP – “Make it happen on purpose.”

Yep! It looks like the Turvert is a mass murderer.

As the Turvert crime syndicate modus operendi unravels, we’re forced to look at all the other Canadian false flags in a brand new light–or in the case of seasoned old truthers like myself–a very old light. Looking at the recent Saanich Bank Robbery fiasco, as just one example, we can see enough holes in the official story to drive a MAC truck through. Reader and commenter INONT [formerly JONT] has been looking at that particular false flag, which he first reported on in an earlier GATCF Blog post that can be accessed at this link:

INONT recently sent me a further analysis complete with photos which I have copied in full below. Please read and I will have final conclusions to follow:



First, a series of six photos:

INONT says: “I am sending this excerpt from my notes that you may be able to use on any follow up you do regarding Saanich op. Photos are attached: [see photos 4, 5, 6 above]

The Third camera angle

The third camera angle is also along the passenger side of the white van but it is taken from the inside of Oragano’s pizzeria . This video is taken from ground level and it is live footage . It shows one of the suspects being shot and crawling across the pavement towards the front of the van . An man in black appears to exit the side door of the van where we see blood streams running out in latter pictures . He stands very close to the van and watches what is happening . 

The video was taken by Matthew Bull-Weizel with his cellphone from inside the pizzeria. As he was showing the video to a reporter, they were being recorded by a third person who posted the interview. Given the fact that this video captures a live shooting event , I have to wonder why was it has not been more widely discussed . It was published by CBC’s , “The National”. Although a journalist is narrating over the video as it plays, you can hear repeated gun fire even after the suspect has dropped his weapon and is crawling towards his brother who is already down and possibly dead. His body can be seen on the ground as the camera briefly sweeps to the left side of the van.

This story of heroism could be upended with the shooting of an incapacitated suspect . He was injured and had dropped his weapon. He may even have surrendered . We don’t know. If the two young men thought they were in a practice drill, that would explain why they were so calm and why the didn’t make off with the money, but lingered until the police arrived. Videos from the bank security camera on the wall overlooking the parking lot could answer some important questions.

gc, I recommend you watch the video from about the 1 minute mark.”                                                       


Greencrow continues: INONT refers to the six photos posted above to illustrate his points. What he says below refers to the first three photos 1, 2, and 3:

“First image show perp on the ground to left of van. Second image shows shooting of perp on his knees crawling towards his brother.- I hope you get some reprieve from the heat.- INONT

1. License plate missing top right corner of frame.

2. Two cops as seen before perps emerge from bank.

3. Cops milling around dead?perp.

All from perspective of back of Shultz house.”

Greencrow continues: Yes, the Saanich Bank Robbery False Flag came off so flimsy that it puts all British Columbia police investigations into extreme disrepute. Even the criminally complicit MSM dropped their coverage of it like a hot potato. I am thinking back to those two boys who went on a cross country shooting/suicide mission two years ago. Did any of their relatives belong to the armed forces? We forgot to ask. Also, of course, the daddy of all failed false flags, the Nuttall/Korody “Travesty of Justice”. Where CSIS and the RCMP police spent millions of taxpayer dollar$ trying to goad a mentally feeble and socially vulnerable Vancouver couple into bombing the BC Legislature. We never asked the question: “Why?” IMO, all of the police involve False Flags are geared to corrupt, compromise and blackmail members of the police forces.

Several weeks ago, regular contributor RAH sent me this e-mail and link which in light of INONT’s observations above now appears to be very relevant indeed in terms of the Saanich Bank Robbery False Flag:


RAH says:

“Here is a great article…”


Compare notes later….but IMHO that Saanich robbery was a psy-op false flag…but why was the obscure Auchterlonie name dragged in?…attracts too much inquiring minds…as opposed to Smith or Jones…was [Cdn military commander] Bob Auctherlonie in on this…or this was a message to him?

I like the intriguing discussion about military and Communism….they claim to fight communism…when in fact they want THEIR brand of communism…the article claims Auctherlonie is a CIA plant in Ukraine..is he hoping to be part of NWO military police planet???


Greencrow concludes: I highly recommend reading the Gangsters Out Blog article that RAH submitted. Humanity is increasingly demanding answers to why the perps commit False Flag crimes in the first place–and why they have ratcheted up the commission of false flags in the past couple of years. Mass shootings in the USA are now off the charts. BTW, I have often pointed out that almost all the US false flag mass shootings have taken place during Democratic Party Presidential Regimes. Someone should do a statistical analysis of this to see if I am correct.

I have digressed a lot in this post from my original premise…that the Turvert’s days are numbered…some say he’ll be gone by September. I say that it will be the Nova Scotia False Flag that finally brings him crashing down. Not all the other heinous crimes he’s been accused of committing. As I have submitted…this is to protect the perpZ from being dragged into the vortex of criminality that will finally eliminate the Turvert from the power structure. Since the heinous vaxxxZine caper crimes will not bring him down–these crimes, consequently, will be spared investigation–and can still be proceeded with in the Fall–when it is threatened that the entire Plandemic will be resurrected, complete with lockdowns, maskings and mandatory passports proving vaxxxZinations. This time, the caper will be augmented with the climate change HOAX–with it’s attendant mass famine depopulation strategy.

That is why the resistance to the WEF Agenda 2030 Plandemic/Climate change agendas MUST continue even after the Turvert is removed. As hideous as he is and has been…he’s just a symptom and an asset of a much greater evil. Stay tuned.


  1. Wow! quite the reports, eh? Just wanted to add a couple of things I recall involving the mass shooting here in NS: First, one of the TV stations interviewed an emergency dept. nurse at a hospital in Truto and she stated, in so many words, that the RCMP called the hospital sometime during the whole episode and told them to prepare for many injuried people, which the hospital did. Nobody ever showed! Secondly, it was also reported on the TV that the RCMP sent the Truro police to the outskirts of the town to a grocery store, I believe it was, that the shooter had been seen out there. Of course nothing came of this except that the highway was void of local police. Both these reports were seen by me on the TV and should still be on record somewhere at one of the stations in Halifax. I realize these items aren’t very meaningful to the whole incident but they do give us cause to ponder what really was going on.All the best.

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    1. Hi Blair:

      I do remember that hospital worker saying nobody showed the night of the murders. My Theory is the RCMP thought they were on a drill and so many of them broke the law to make it “look realistic”. Now they’re afraid to speak.. Foreign ops came in and did the deed, dressed as RCMP. A lot of RCMP with peripheral knowledge of what went on must be scared into silence by how bloody it was and how far the perpZ took the operation so they won’t talk in fear of revenge..


  2. Hi Greencrow;

    I remember reports from the time of the Nova Scotia shooting where people were saying that it was not uncommon to see RCMP cars at Wortman’s residence – like they were buddy-buddy.
    Also that barrels of muriatric acid were found under his deck.

    My theory is that Wortman was/is an assassin ( RCMP, or top levels of government) who was about to be found out, so they sent him on his spree so he could be “killed”. He is now under a new identity, ready to take orders from his employer again.
    With that kind of money involved, and the huge distraction that this event/cover-up created, they were setting him up for some serious deep undercover business.

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  3. Hi CanadianNotCommunist:

    I did post a Rebel News report by Drea Humphrey where she interviewed some neighbour witnesses. One of them said the police were always up at Wortman’s. I did not know about the muriatic acid. I think it is highly likely that Wortman is alive and living under a new identity. I also think the Saanich Bank Robber duo are also alive and off being trained for more missions. The reason I suspect this is the complete lack of family reaction. It is absolutely NOT normal for parents and siblings not to want to speak out about this tragedy and try at least to explain to the community why so many police were injured..


    1. Hi GC:

      I am noting this more and more…victims, families, friends witnesses etc. like emotionless zombies ..

      ……is this vaxx damage and/or are many of these “tragic events” staged for psy-war /fear porn???

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      1. Hi RAH

        It is highly likely the “silence of the lambs” families after such tragedies is due to the fact that it is all a charade meant to dupe and terroriZe the public as well as corrupt and blackmail the police.


    2. Hi Greencrow;

      Yes, muriatic acid and lime.
      Allegedly he also ran drugs and weapons from Maine.
      There is some evidence he even had grenades, which he may have used to rapidly set fire to the houses and vehicles.
      Here is a link to an opinion piece. It’s lengthy, but contains some generally unknown information.
      There are updates at the article’s end where the grenades are mentioned.


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      1. WOW thanks for the link to the Cabal Times website CNC. I added it to my favourites!

        So many people think the Nova Scotia mass murders were a Police/Gangster Black Op. This must be very hard on the families–no justice even from those at the very top. Well, ESPECIALLY not from those at the very top…or bottom…of the moral dogpile.


  4. The key to solving the NS shooting mystery will be the details around the $475K payout to Wortman. If the RCMP fight tooth and nail to prevent that information from becoming public we will know they were complicit.

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    1. Hi Ron:

      This is undoubtedly true. It is flabbergasting that we don’t know these details by now. Already the lack of answers to simple, straightforward questions stinks to high heaven.

      Every day these questions go unanswered the guiltier everyone involved appears.


  5. Hi GC:

    Re: Gangsters Out Blog


    Will delve into this more later…but this BC blogger was an average Joe who had a wake up call re: Surrey 6 murder.

    He intricately dissects many crimes and the players….and I highly recommend his current posts and his archives.

    Re RCMP…I think it is fair to say he considers them as a corrupt organization whose role is to manipulate, manouever, compromise and obstruct etc. justice. Much like Gary Webb exposed the CIA as drug runners….one of the RCMP’s role in Canada is to support the H. Angels and remove competition.

    If you read enough of Gangsters Out Blog it will explain a lot what goes on behind the scenes and why….and you’ll likely need a shower afterward.


  6. Re Saanich BMO bank heist

    The 2nd photo posted above clearly shows the “shot” suspect with black toque lying on ground is a mannequin/dummy. If you go to the Gangster Out blog link posted and compare photos you can see it was also moved….

    It is unclear if police are wearing bulletproof vests??? …if there were actual shooters the police would not be walking around nonchalantly….they would be behind such barricades as vehicles. Doesn’t a well -armed and well -equipped SWAT team usually appear in such cases?

    For a couple of 20+ year olds shooting and wounding 6 trained cops is ludicrous…easy to lie and coverup woundings versus actual deaths…

    One of the comments posted is Admiral Auchterlonies wife works at a nearby BMO branch.
    What are the odds and WTF ?

    I submit no one died….. no one was wounded…this was a seriously botched false flag.


  7. Good work all! I presume better known among you the travails of James Fetzer over his and others’ exposé of SANDY HOOK (https://www.poznervfetzer.com/). I mention here the sleuthing work of Miles Mathis and, occasionally, guest writers, who have examined in some detail “mass shootings” that, in the final analysis with data available, do not appear to involve dead bodies, for instance:

    Click to access amish.pdf

    Click to access uvalde.pdf

    From the posts above, I’d say we’re well on the way to concluding similarly with the Nova Scotia “event”.


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