Important UPDATES about the Nova Scotia mass murder

UPDATE: July 31, 2022, 6:15 pm Just thought I’d drop these two related links I’ve been saving elsewhere into this post.

UPDATE: July 30, 2022 – 3:15 p.m. – Rebel News’ Drea Humphrey is reporting that one of the chief police investigators into the Nova Scotia Mass Casualty Shooting is testifying under oath that he was told NOT to proactively tell the MCC public inquiry about a call he received from RCMP Commissioner Lucki seeking info on NS mass murderers guns.

The Bumper Sticker that SHOULD have been on every Nova Scotian’s car

Cabal Times: Stay the BlaZes Home

Good morning readers. Another forest destroying heat event today in the Pacific North West…brought to British Columbia by the folks behind this:

A pilot flying over the North Pacific Ocean a week or so ago took this highly illuminating photo of why we’re in a Heat Wave now. – Obviously they’re using the remote waters of the North Pacific to concoct weather events

Folks, I am not going to write a post this morning. Instead I spent the last few hours doing research, including reading the post from Cabal Times about the Nova Scotia Mass Murders from beginning to end. This link was sent my way by regular reader CanadianNotCommunist as a result of my post about False Flags of yesterday.

I am extremely proud of that post and the response to it. It has become a treasure trove of links and rare information about the Nova Scotia and Saanich, BC False Flags. As a follow-up to that post I invite readers to delve into the information at the link above and become familiar with some of the players and details of the Nova Scotia mass casualty atrocity.

This information is going to be very important background to completely understand what is about to happen during the next four weeks. The Nova Scotia mass murder has been revealed to have been a police-involved black op which is being covered up at the highest levels. Something has to give here. There is an enormous struggle going on behind the scenes between the criminal elite that have Canada in their clutches and the remnants of our formerly pristine security and legal institutions. Yes, there are still a very few uncorrupted people in the RCMP, the House of Commons, and the justice system. These folks are trying their hardest to break this dam of criminality open. Whether they will succeed remains to be seen. Prepare yourself, is all I can emphasize. Knowledge is Power.

5 thoughts on “Important UPDATES about the Nova Scotia mass murder

  1. Hi GC:

    Good move to highlight this Cabal Times article…I read it earlier today…I highly recommend it.

    Great info,analysis and expose’ …..moreso since it was written shortly after the Nova Scotia incident.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. HI RAH:

    The PerpZ always get rid of their political deadwood before the end of the summer. I do believe the Turvert will be gone by September. They’re going to use the bodies of the dead once again as fuel to create a scandal that will toss him and a few of his criminal cohorts.

    We should keep in mind this leaves the WEF Globalist Agenda intact…ready to foist on the citizenry again later in the fall under the cover of a new group of political hand puppet assets.


  3. Hi GC:

    JFK wanted to effectively get rid of CIA and scatter it to the winds….

    IMHO, RCMP is beyond redemption and needs to be disbanded…the “good cops” need to bail before they become tarred with same brush. If it is not disbanded will in Canada will end up with quasi KGB

    Max Igan posted that in Queensland they are mandating police in the 50 + Years old cohort must have their 4th jab, while other civil servants not required such a vaxx regimen.

    Scroll to 4:00 mark

    In another post I will discuss how the Pope is the Pied Piper destroying religion …..and how the Gays are being suckered into another death trap via MonkeyPox scam.


  4. Understood GC:
    We appreciate the great work you do and we should respect your focus.

    The problem re: demarcation of seemingly separate issues and events is that so many of them often dovetail together.


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