Seven degrees of being red pilled

Redpilled – definition from The Urban Dictionary

“A term used by conservative internet users to favourably describe their own sociopolitical viewpoints; at its most basic level, it means to have been made aware of something obscure or forbidden.

It originates from 1999 film “The Matrix,” ironically written and directed by two transgender women, in a scene where the protagonist is offered a choice between a literal blue pill to “wake up…and believe whatever he wants to believe” and a red pill to “stay in Wonderland, …be shown deep the rabbit hole goes,” and join a rebellion against the simulated reality he lives in. The red pill itself is believed to have been been modeled after red Premarin-brand tablets, popular as estrogen-boosting medication for transgender women in the 1990s.

Has exactly the same denotation and exactly the opposite connotation as “woke.”…


Greencrow adds: LOL …that Premarin med…we never heard it was used by transgender “women”. Back in the ’80s and ’90’s it was constantly being advertised on TV as an estrogen booster for those going through menopause. It was a get rich quick scheme to make money off the bumper crop of Boomers going through menopause. I never took it because it was one of the worst Big Harma products ever sold–It was made out of pregnant mare URINE! Yes, folks idiots were taking horse urine Rx back in the day. They’ve stopped selling it…I wonder why.

Being “blue pilled” is what all my injected relatives and former friends are: Totally brainwashed by the government bullshit that is fed to them 24/7/365 over the criminally controlled mass media. So now that we’re all on the same page vis a vis the terminology, on with the post:


Good afternoon folks, another blistering hot day on the Malahat so it’s another insider day. We get very few temperate outside days anymore. It’s either blistering hot or unseasonably cold. Although we’re in a temperate climate, with all the criminal geoengineering tampering…you wouldn’t know it.

But, I digress

Today I’d like to present a great post by one of my favourite bloggers, Henry Makow. He did a piece recently where he listed the levels of personal awareness of what is really going on in the world…which truthers have come to refer to as being “redpilled”. I will present his post in it’s entirety and then make a few comments thereafter.


The Seven Degrees of Being Red Pilled

by Henry Makow

July 29, 2022

“Arcy” charts his awakening which began as a suspicion that vaccines caused his son to be autistic.

“My son was diagnosed with autism back in 2010.  I had heard of the autism-vaccine link, of course, but I dismissed it because I had blind trust in the mainstream media and doctors.  I avoided the alternative media as well and only trusted the “experts”.  It took me years of research into medicine/health (in order to treat my son) before I finally became cynical enough to look into the autism-vaccine link in depth and begin waking up.  Luckily, this happened (1st degree) just before the COVID lockdowns started.”

The 7-Degrees of COVID Red Pill
by “Arcy”
I’m currently a 6th-degree COVID RedPiller  who hopes to be promoted to the 7th degree someday. 

Higher degrees are obtained by learning fundamental truths which are but facets of the Full Truth.  Obtaining the 1st-degree is the hardest one because only YOU can wake yourself up.
Zero-degree: Blind-trust in the mainstream media, government and the so-called “experts”.  Sheeple are at this degree.   

1st-degree: Vaccines are NOT safe and effective. I graduated with this degree in 01/2020.

2nd-degree: Big Pharma controls the Mainstream Media, politicians, academia and public health officials.  Public Health officials LIE about the safety of vaccines and drugs.    

3rd-degree: COVID is a depopulation agenda via the clot shots. I obtained this degree in 04/2021.

4th-degree: COVID is a hoax and one of the motives for the fake pandemic was to cover up imminent global financial collapse due to massive global debts ($300 Trillion) and a derivatives Ponzi scheme.  The Federal Reserve printed $11 Trillion in 2019/2020 to bail out banks!

5th-degree: Globalists (Illuminati/cabal/Satanists/Freemasons) control the modern world via the central banks.  (Those who control the money supply control the world.  The Illuminati create fiat currency out of “thin air” as debt, which is owed to them instead of allowing governments to issue debt-free currency on their own!)   The Illuminati is comprised of a small group of elite “bloodline” families and their minions who number in the millions, which includes the WEF.  The system is organized as a pyramid and the vast majority at the bottom are “useful idiots”.    

Politicians are just puppets and Democracy is a hoax. The New World Order, a massively depopulated One World government, is the real goal and planned financial collapse and WW3 will be used to achieve it.

The US, which was founded by Freemasons, was fully taken over in 1913 with the creation of the privately owned Federal Reserve.  Benjamin Franklin famously said we have “a republic, if you can keep it”.  Franklin was part of the cabal so he meant this as a threat, not a warning. The cabal has controlled Europe for millennia and now also controls Australia, Canada, Israel, New Zealand, China and the US.  The global Deep State is owned by the cabal and encompasses Hollywood, the music industry, the Mainstream Media, Big Tech and the medical-military-intelligence industrial complex.  The key insight is that an elite satanic cult runs the world.  Nothing else makes sense unless you know this.  

6th-degree: Many “conspiracy theories” (e.g. 911, JFK, PizzaGate, Franklin Cover-up, NASA/Fake Moon Landings, AIDS, chemtrails, etc.) are valid after all. Lots of official history and science (e.g. CO2 hysteria) are fraudulent.   

7th-degree: Who is really at the top of the cabal?  There are 3 options:

Lucifer leads the cabal.  The Bible is real and we are in the End Times per Revelations.  In this scenario, deaths via the clot shots are akin to satanic human sacrifice.
Non-human lifeforms (aliens, other-dimensional beings) influenced human history and perhaps even created us. They still control the cabal to this day.   

Many CLAIM to be 7th degree COVID RedPillers and there are endless debates about option 1 (Fallen Angels, Nephilim, the Shroud of Turin, the Anti-Christ, etc.); option 2 (Annunaki, Archons, Elohim, Grays, etc.) and option 3 (“religion is a PSYOP/control mechanism”), but where’s the PROOF?     

Higher degrees may exist as well.  But I’ll never know unless I obtain the 7th degree.


Greencrow comments: Interestingly, like “Arcy” the father in the post above, one of my earliest epiphanies occurred when I was dealing with my older son’s ADD. As I’ve mentioned many times on this blog, I traced his symptomatic behaviours to shortly after he received the standard, mandatory MMR shot when he was two and a half or three. When he became an adult he told me one of his very first memories is of waking up the morning after the shot and not being able to feel his legs for a brief period. I have told him I now believe he–and now his daughter, who has been diagnosed with autism–are both victims of the “vaccine program”. Of course, he does not believe me.

So being personally affected by some of the Satanic agenda will prompt a few scales to fall off the eyes as the old saying goes. Looking at the list of seven levels of being redpilled I would say I am right up to Level 6.

With regard to Level 7 [Who rules the world? ] I’m still fluid/flexible on the question but at the moment feel comfortable with the following:

I believe John Milton‘s Paradise Lost is true–to the extent there was a great battle in “Heaven” [perhaps a planet or a series of planets in another Galaxy] untold eons ago and some bad angels, led by Lucifer/Satan, were defeated, ejected and imprisoned on our Planet Earth. At the time they fell to earth as aliens, there were some hominids [Adam and Eve] living here. The Satanists wanted to enslave them as workers, so they injected some of their DNA into the hominids and created transhominids called Homo Sapiens. Perhaps that is why our DNA has three strands and not two like all the other animals. The Satanists/Luciferians then interbred with the homo sapiens–but were careful to preserve their bloodlines in 13 families. Since the Satanists/Luciferians are no longer aliens but transhomids they are, like all mammals, prisoners on this planet. This is the reason for the Van Allen Belts…they are the prison bars. That’s one of the biggest red pills I had to swallow about 40 years ago now….that man can never go to outer space–no matter what lies NASA tells us about the Apollo missions….which are a load of steaming crap.

Folks, think about it, if you were “God and the angels in heaven”, would you want entities like Satanists/Luciferians back in your bailiwick, especially after having defeated and thrown them out? NO! You would erect bars around the planet so they could never leave.

So, one by one, the myths I was taught and that I believed in my early years fell…till now I’m a complete outsider to over 90% of humanity. Sometimes I wish that I was wrong about everything…especially what is going to happen to the homo sapiens who fell for the ruse about the mRNA “vaccines”. The Satanists/Luciferians have been tampering with our genome for millennia and so it was no surprise to me they would do it again with the Plandemic HOAX synthetic mRNA vaccines. But this time, the agenda is to sterilize and depopulate.

Folks, looking at it through their reptilian eyes, we are no more than ants in anthills. They feel it is their right…nay, their DUTY to keep the ants in check and reduce numbers every few eons.

Is there a God above the Satanists/Reptilians? Contradictorily, I do believe in Jesus Christ. I do believe Jesus was an alien come from the same planet [or group of planets, or galaxy or group or galaxies….] that the Satanists/Luciferians came from…but He, Jesus, was from the victorious side. He did teach us that the biggest weapon to use against the Satanists is Love. Love and peace. They just can’t deal with it. Whether Jesus was the son of a God who rules the universe? I expect to find that out, perhaps, when I make my final journey off this mortal coil.

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