Nuttall and Korody now suing Police and government for million$

John Nuttall and Amanda Korody in a recent photo

Good morning readers. Well the other shoe has finally dropped in the John Nuttall and Amanda Korody Case that I reported on ad nauseum years ago. This was the infamous instance where the CSIS put the RCMP up to spending millions of taxpayer dollars stalking, manipulating and extorting a vulnerable BC couple up to an attempted bombing of the BC Legislature on Canada Day way back in…lemmee check the year….it was waaaaay back in 2013.

I reported on the incident and the trial at length because it was a blatant example of how CSIS is probably the most criminal element ever to invade our nation and destroy it from within…using the RCMP as a willing tool.* I believe the Nuttall Korody set up, investigation and trial cost Canadian taxpayers upwards of $400 million dollars. That’s right…millions and millions. $200 million in RCMP overtime alone!

Hard to believe…that not one single member of CSIS and/or the RCMP was ever identified by name…much less brought to justice for this infamy. All we can conclude is that there is absolutely NO justice in Canada and it has only gotten worse since this episode. All I need to proffer as proof is the $455,000+ that Gabriel Wortman withdrew from a special RCMP account just one month before he murdered 22 people in Nova Scotia back in April of 2020. The so-called investigation of that matter is ongoing and the report has now been “delayed” from this November to some time in 2023…just long enough for JFTurvert to call a selection and thus dissolve not only Parliament but all the investigations being conducted by the current parliament. That’s how corruption in Canada works, folks. When the law gets too close…just dissolve parliament and call another Dominon-determined selection!

Here is the report about the Nuttall Korody lawsuit from CHEK news and I will have final comments to follow:


B.C. couple at centre of undercover terror investigation sues police, government

“VICTORIA — The couple accused in a plot to bomb the B.C. legislature building is suing police, prosecutors and the federal government, citing the impact of an undercover terror investigation and years of legal proceedings that followed.

John Nuttall and Amanda Korody unknowingly worked with undercover RCMP investigators for months on plans for the 2013 terror attack.

A jury found the couple guilty of terrorism offences, but the proceedings were stayed in B.C. Supreme Court in 2016, with Justice Catherine Bruce concluding the defendants had been entrapped by police. That decision was upheld in the B.C. Court of Appeal.

“Simply put, the world has enough terrorists,” Bruce said in her decision. “We do not need the police to create more out of marginalized people who have neither the capacity nor sufficient motivation to do it themselves.”

A notice of civil claim filed Aug. 29 says the pair suffered serious harm as a result of the investigation, including imprisonment, emotional distress, psychiatric injuries and damages to their reputations.

At the time of the investigation, the couple had recently converted to Islam and lived in Surrey, according to the civil claim. They had previously been homeless and addicted to drugs and were both reliant on methadone leading up to and during the RCMP investigation. The couple’s only source of income was social assistance.”


Greencrow concludes: So there you have it folks, Canadian taxpayers will be on the hook again for millions to settle this obvious criminal conduct by CSIS and the RCMP. When will Canadians finally realize that CSIS is without a doubt the worst thing that ever happened to our nation? It is a cabal of criminals without equal who are relentlessing corrupting every single institution in our nation from within.

How much do you want to bet that the above lawsuit is quickly settled out of court and the amount of the settlement will be a well kept official secret?

Stay tuned.

*NOTE: Also just this year, the RCMP was involved in yet another very suspect attempted “bank robbery” in Saanich, BC by a young set of brothers who “died” of police fire at the scene. I also wrote about this episode and alleged that it was yet another corrupt police “drill” activity. The Saanich attempted bank robbery Official Narrative had so many holes in it that even the totally corrupted, compulsively lying MSM quickly dropped coverage of it;

2 thoughts on “Nuttall and Korody now suing Police and government for million$

  1. It’s a shame things like this entrapment happens.
    This is the first time I heard somebody actually was able to avoid Jail / prison from the entrapment of being terrorists.
    A young 18 year old wasn’t so lucky in Chicago a few years ago, maybe after so many years the kid’s case will be overturned and he will be released.
    This couple was lucky.

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  2. Nuttall and Korody had the rare good fortune to have their trial heard by an uncorrupted judge…who, in her reasons for judgment, called what CSIS and RCMP did to the couple a “Travesty of Justice”. But, even that judicial condemnation was not sufficient to cause an investigation…and the beat went on with several more “drills”, each one worse than the last.

    These drills are so commonplace now that I believe the perpZ consider them a mandatory part of vetting the new recruits into the force:

    1. They are able to see what recruits are able to “keep a secret” about the corruption and thus be put on a pathway to higher appointments within the force.

    2. They can blackmail all those involved in the illegal activity by saying…”If you reveal what we’re doing, we’ll have a REAL investigation into corruption and you’ll be caught in the net.”

    3. Then, of course there’s the standard gladio-style black terror ops on the public. To terrorize the sheeple and reveal to the sentients just how corrupt they are…and the lengths they’ll go to [crimes they’re willing to commit] to achieve their Satanic ends.


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