Good morning readers. Today I’d like to present some links I’ve been saving for weeks regarding the Ukraine Proxy war on Russia. Although I have not posted on this topic in months, I have been keeping an eye on it. From the war’s beginning I’ve been bogged down with ennui regarding the details of it. It is so boringly like all the other Ziofascist Globalist Wars of Empire…to take over all sovereign nations and parasitically strip them of their cultural artifacts and resources. We’ve seen it over and over and over…and yet the brain dead sheeple keep falling for the same old story and raise the requisite flags in obedience to their masters.

Putin is having none of it. He saw this coming decades ago with the Western designed implosion of the Old Soviet Union. He knew and he knows the Rothchild banksters are coming for the Russian treasures…be they oil, gas, farmlands, waterways, precious metals, cultural artifacts. The Parasites are quickly depleting their ill gotten gains from the middle east wars on Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, etc. They desperately need another host to suck the blood out of and Russia is the only game in town.

So, folks, what’s going on now is a simple waiting game. Putin is waiting for the blood suckers to become fatally weak from lack of nourishment. The bloodsuckers are waiting for Russia to become weakened through isolation, being cut off from markets for their resources. And the beat goes on….

Just this morning we have Russia complaining that they cannot get their UN negotiators over to New York to negotiate an end to the Ukraine stalemate:

The US State department will not grant the Russian diplomats’ visas. Folks, this is yet another reason, as if we needed one, to move the UN to an island in an ocean somewhere far from the Banksters lairs. The UN proves its irrelevancy over and over again by being held hostage to the banksters…who braZenly drag out nationalistic rules and regulations when it suits their fancy…yet at all other times, run roughshod over Constitutions and Democratic Institutions. It is a laff…a joke…a farce.

So, here are the other links I have saved from RT and elsewhere. Please review and i will have final comments to follow:

Former Russian president presents future map of Ukraine

Medvedev offers Kiev a geography lesson of what might happen if conflict continues

Please read the entire RT article here.

From Putin’s Latest “State of the Union” Address

Greencrow concludes: The Proxy war has reached a kind of stalemate…with the Rothchild Banksters holding the world to ransom by threatening a nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine. The Russians want to prevent a holoco$t by negotiating an end to the war at the United Nations. The Satanic, Ziofascists are throwing a nations’ [the US that houses the UN] own laws and regulations down–like landmines–to stop the negotiations from taking place.

This could and will go on for perhaps years. One interesting tidbit I gleaned off RT yesterday was that when the Russians liberated certain quarters of Donetsk from the Globalist Bankster fiends, they discovered that the schoolchildren had been brainwashed by western propaganda and were totally ignorant of certain facts–such as the huge bridge that Russia had constructed to join the Crimea with mainland Russia. The children had been taught that bridge was a hoax!

Kerch Bridge Joining Crimea with Russia – Donetsk Schoolchildren were being taught it was a HOAX!

It makes you wonder what other horrific big and small lies, inaccuracies and omissions all humanity have been subjected to by the Satanic “Masters of Deception”. All around me I see sheeple, friends and family who are totally ignorant of facts which, if they only knew the truth of, would bring a sudden end to the Prison Planet we’re now living in.

Facts. Like the diabolical agenda that everyone now needs an injection of synthetic mRNA EVERY 90 DAYS IN ORDER TO SAVE THEMSELVES FROM THE LATEST COVIDIAN CULT VIRUS!

Facts–like the geoengineering of earth’s weather to foment all manner of civilization-ending HEAT DOME-created droughts, EMP and DEW fires and floods…poisoning of our entire planet via chemtrails. IMO as I have said many times on this blog and will say once again: The weaponiZation of our weather and climate is the last frontier of Truth–it is a Mount Everest of Lies and Coverups which humanity MUST climb and conquer if we are to survive!

Our planet is now drowning in lies…bloody lies….sewage lies about vaxxxxxZinations. Lies coated in cricket/grub protein. Lies hurled, like grenades, against all nations who value their heritage and sovereignty. We sentients are sinking fast below the turbulent sewage waves…just our noses above the toxic drudge now. Stay tuned.

I have reached another Stage: “Let go and Let God

2 thoughts on “UKRAINE UPDATE: MEDVEDEV’S GEOGRAPHY + War Crimes Trial in Donetsk

  1. Russia shutdown the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline 3 days for maintenance. Yesterday, the day it was to restart, Russia not surprisingly found problems with it and said it will now be down indefinitely. The pipeline was only running at 20% capacity because only one turbine compressor was still in operation and now it is at 0% capacity. Europe and especially Germany will run out of gas before the winter is over. Not only that but the price of natural gas and electricity, which is already sky high, will go much higher still. Electric heaters are sold out in Germany so when the gas is rationed or gone the heaters will be plugged in which will over stress the grid causing rolling blackouts.

    When the Europeans are freezing in the dark with no employment because their industries are shutdown they will (it’s already starting) wake up and start pushing back against the EU, WEF, and NATO. What happens in Europe this winter will be very interesting. I think the EU will break apart, ending this nonsense along with the Great Reset.

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  2. Hi Ron:

    The Globalists have been trying to shut down Russia’s energy pipelines to the West literally for decades. The Ukraine war is being waged to accomplish this longstanding goal. The West literally thinks it’s feasible, environmentally and otherwise, to ship huge tankers of gas and oil to Europe to replace the Russian supply.

    It is not too much of a stretch to call Vladimir Putin the potential saviour of the entire planet. That’s what I call him, at least!


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