Northern Truthseeker’s Sunday Rant – with comments

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, September 4th, 2022

NTS says:

“….Well, I took the time early yesterday to actually ‘listen’ to most of that criminally psychotic dementia filled pant shitting pedophile who still has the nerve to call himself ‘US President’ make his speech at that venue that absolutely looked like it was done in HADES, and beyond the gibberish and the nonsense, that man indeed came across like a raving lunatic….

I will not break down some of the parts of the dribbling lunacy coming out of robotic “Joe Biden”‘s mouth, but needless to say he was not only all over the map, but what he spewed was nothing but hateful rhetoric and the machinations of a madman… THIS is how bad the Communists in charge now in America have become as they are now, and probably most purposely, dividing the once great American nation into two separate camps AND sadly I can see this being permanently….

So, what was ‘Joe Biden’ trying to gain by that speech of pure insanity? I am still trying to figure that out myself, as all I can see is that he and his evil followers are wanting the destruction of the American Republic to actually accelerate…. MY take is that this is indeed the signalling of the beginning of the end for America, and if what was spewed out of that asshole’s mouth was not enough to drive the American people into preparation for a bonafide ‘civil war’, then nothing will… Be prepared my American readers, for you have to be armed and fully prepared for what these Commie bastards definitely have in store this Autumn, and to me it will be disastrous…

I have come under fire since my post earlier this week stating clearly that former President Donald Drumpf is NO HERO, and in fact is probably THE WORSE THING that anyone in America could possibly vote for, short of that pant shitting Joe Biden…… Lets be clear here that Drumpf has basically thrown ALL of his supporters, that have been on a massive rise since that Mar-a-lago “incident” from nearly a month ago, ‘under the bus’ for his insane statement that he stands firm behind his claims that he is the father of the American KILL SHOT program with his ‘Operation Warp Speed’ insanity of nearly 1 and 1/2 years ago, and he is ‘proud’ of that fact…

Many have now tried their damn best to get Drumpf to admit ‘mistakes’ with “Operation Warp Speed” but that narcissistic fool just continues to rant and rave about the KILL SHOTS themselves and how HE was the one that ‘saved America’ by having everyone shot up with these 100% lethal injections…This shows clearly that he is 100% controlled by the maniacs behind Big Pharma and is 100% behind the program to continue to jab Americans with death jabs…. But this all makes sense, for Drumpf has absolutely taken a lot of ‘kickbacks’ from these criminal Pharmaceutical giants, which I can guarantee is in the TENS of Millions of dollars at least..

Therefore you American fools that actually think that Drumpf is some type of ‘American Hero’ think again…. This man is clearly a sell out, and is 100% controlled by the criminals that really run America… He bows down to JEWISH power and the criminal JEWISH elite, especially the JEWS that run and control the Pharmaceutical giants… He definitely does NOT listen to the American people who have just begged him to take the proper stance against these lethal injections, and thus should have already destroyed any chances of him reassuming office of the Presidency in 2024….

And look, and this is a reality check… The American people have to stop looking for some type of ‘White Knight’ who is going to somehow save America, for those ‘White Knights’ that have already been out there in the past, and especially now with ‘Drumpf’ are not there for the people but bow down to their masters’ wishes… If the American people would stop supporting such criminals, and actually worked together to save their nation themselves, instead of looking for a saviour that is not there, then there would be hope to remove the criminals in charge and actually restore the Republic to some form of true greatness….”


Greencrow commented: “Great RANT, NTS. I will copy parts of it for my next post. The only part I disagree with is when you continue to insist that JFTurvert is the son of deceased Cuban leader Fidel Castro. I reject that nonsense, as I have lived long enough to see many deceased leaders’ reputations besmirched by the PerpZ using sexual innuendo.

It is a trademark ploy of the Satanically Sexually Perverted/Pedophilic Ziofascists to destroy the reputations of their dead enemies by accusing the deceased of having been just as sexually depraved as the Ziofascists themselves during their lives.

Witness JFK, RFK and MLK just to mention three. I submit that while Castro was a socialist, he did manage to save his country from becoming another El Salvador, Columbia or Panama–ravaged by US Imperialist CIA disappearing assassins. Cuba retained it’s integrity. I visited Cuba for a week on holiday a decade or so ago and listened to the Cubans telling us personally what had happened in their country under Castro. They told us that just before the Cuban revolution, the US “usual suspects” Mafia was poised to take over Havana, turning it into one of the biggest, most corrupt and venal Casino cities in the world. That was what led to the revolution…Cubans rising up to kick out the US mafia in Cuba. And that was one of the factors that led to the JFK assassination. Some of the mafia who had wanted to take over Havana never forgave JFK for not carrying through with the Bay of Pigs invasion to take over Havana again.

During his lifetime, Castro never had one word said about his sexuality. It was only after his death that the cowards began their besmirching campaign. Accusing Castro of siring the piece of shit that lords over Canada is just about the worst thing you could ever accuse a dead man of. Castro would never have involved himself with the Maggie whore. And JFT does not look a single thing like Castro. He has PET’s ugly deformed mouth…which becomes more apparent as he ages and finally gets the face he deserves.

In any case, other than that…the RANT was great. Especially the part about the Biden speech. I would like to hear more details about what Biden actually defecated out of his mouth. As you know, I almost always avoid exposing my tender ears to such sewage myself.”

Good summation here:

Greencrow concludes: Yes, NTS’s Sunday RANTS almost never fail to disappoint and todays was exceptional. I would love to read an analysis of Biden’s speech that goes into more detail but dread actually having to listen to it…which I may well have to do if no comprehensive examination of it surfaces soon. I see whatever he said as being a planned, deliberate escalation of the divide and conquer ploys that the Globalists have been relentlessly rolling out over the past more than two and a half years. They want to take down the Western white nations from within and then blame the citizenry for the chaos and massive depopulation which will result.

They have been rolling out their Satanic ploys in Canada first, defecating shit out of the mouth of JFTurvert and assessing carefully how it riles up the population. Finding out what works best, they’re now defecating it out of the demented Biden…or one of his stunt doubles…whatever.

And NTS is absolutely correct when he says that Trump is no better and certainly no saviour. The only possible leader[s] who could save the US would be Ron Paul, Rand Paul and/or Robert Kennedy Jr. Years ago I suggested the only solution to save the US would be to dissolve the electoral process entirely and appoint a Constituent Assembly made up of uncorrupted patriots like the above three and a few others like Jessie Ventura, Ron DeSantis, Tucker Carlson and a few other notable sentients.

Turning to the Canadian fiasco…again, the Canadian Conservative leadership contender, Pierre Poilievre, is just like Trump. He is the other wing of the same Globalist bird.

The March of Tyranny – H/T

PP WILL NOT save Canada from the Lie-beral WEFer party under JFTurvert. PP was the minister in charge of the file when Stephen Harper signed onto the WEF Sustainable Development Goals [SDG’s] in 2015–which is the WEF agenda that includes the cutback in farming, Carbon Tax, Climate Warfare disguised as “Climate Change”.

See, eg, Mike Adams’ interview with Dane Wigington about the “deliberate takedown of the planet”:

H/T Simon Hicks

It is crucial to remember that PP has said that while he doesn’t support the WEF…BUT he has been very careful not to renounce the SDG’s. This is the clue that PP is yet another toady who, once in power in Canada, will continue and even accelerate the roll out of the depopulation agenda.

The only real leader Canada has is Peoples’ Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier. Canadian Sentients are so lucky to have Maxime. He has stayed with us in the trenches of the vaxxxxxZination Plandemic wars. He has not succumbed to the vax scam like PP. I have decided that I will never vote for a political leader who has been vaxxxxxxZed. I don’t care if that would be a strategic move to kick out the Turvert. I simply could not live with myself if I voted for a betrayer of humanity.

So, by some miracle, Canadians do have an unvaxxxxxxxZed leader to vote for in the next Dominionselection…which I predict will be called just as soon as PP is installed as the Conservative Party Leader. The Hubristic JFT…thinks he can call a selection and drive an even deeper wedge between Canadians than the last selection–which was frauded to the hilt and, even then, JFT ended up with a minority and lost the popular vote by a large margin. It was only by the Satanic marriage between the Lie-berals and the NDP [No Democracy Party] that he has been able to continue his methodical and diabolical destruction of Canada:

4 thoughts on “Northern Truthseeker’s Sunday Rant – with comments

  1. Trump is alienating his base by continuing to back the vaccines even in the face of more and more evidence coming out showing they are poisonous. That’s exactly what Jason Kenney did in Alberta and it did not work out very well for him. He is now on the outside looking in. Ron DeSantis is a straight shooter and I hope he runs for president.

    The premier of New South Whales in Australia had to resign awhile ago after it was reported that she is under criminal investigation for allegedly taking $10 million dollars in kickbacks from Pfizer and Astra Zenica to push their vaccines. I wonder if Trump was offered an even more lucrative deal. I also wonder what our provincial leaders were offered.

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  2. Hi Ron:

    No doubt almost all the political puppet/assets have been bribed, blackmailed and coerced to join the WEF “Lockstep”. Just a few notable exceptions like Bernier, DeSantis…you can count all the North American patriots on the fingers of two hands

    I keep waiting for some sentient, patriotic military and law enforcement personnel to show their hand. We’ve been patient beyond measure. Some have been awake for over two years but I have been fully awake since September 11, 2001 and partially awake long before then.


  3. I listened to the Mike Adams / Dane Wigington interview and watched the video mentioned in the interview – The Dimming 2022 Documentary (at

    OMG, this is really scary and worst than the Plandemic. I wonder who is authorizing this. It must be part of the Globalist’s depopulation agenda. Mike Adams said he now going to have trouble sleeping. I think I will as well.

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    1. Hi Ron: I think climate change is being used to blackmail/threaten the political puppets like JFT and Biden into bullying and terrorizing their citizens. As in: “If you don’t get all your citizens vaxxxxxxxZinated and biometrically chipped by X date–we’re going to freeeeeZe dry them in the dark.

      I do believe that’s why the turvert seemed panickey in his last presser…Red in the face, talking very fast and warning everyone they had to “keep their vaxes up to date so we could all have a peaceful fall with no need for more extreme measures/lockdowns…or words to that effect. Here is a clip from the presser. See what you think:

      IMO, JFT was threatening–to the point where I think the military should be called in.


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