Labour Day Greetings + Neil Oliver

This Photo Was Uploaded Onto Twitter by Someone Who Works
Voluntarily Sharing Information

Good afternoon sentients. Today, the first Monday in September, Labour Day in Canada, I wish to salute all workers who gave up their jobs over the past two horrific years–rather than take the Clot Shot, aka jab. These workers were denied their fundamental rights as enshrined in the Canadian Constitution and The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms by a government so corrupt and so evil that all members of it should be tried for treason and, if found guilty, hung in a public square!

Policemen who gave up their jobs to fight their employers, military who ended their careers, doctors and nurses who walked away from lucrative and satisfying careers under the vilification and sneers of their employers and peers are to be especially honoured on this Labour Day. They are all true heros.

I also want to honour a segment of the population that I belong to. Those of us who have toiled for years and decades without pay as bloggers and the other volunteer activists for freedom. Those who have shared their talents and their energies to share information on blogs and social media, organize marches and demonstrations. I want to mention in particular those activists who not only voluntarily organize marches and public events but who are the creators of news forums. Norbert and Odessa Orlewicz live here in Vancouver who created I met both many times when I attended nine marches back in 2020/2021. I am a member of and cross post my blog onto it. Then there are all those who have compiled documentaries and videos about what is going on [Like Odessa Orlewicz’s blockbuster production “Informed Consent”]…putting their on money, their names, and necks on the line for the sake of our children and grandchildrens’ lives on this planet. Bravo to all of you on this Labour Day!

As we saw in yesterday’s post–the video interview by Mike Adams with Geoengineering Researcher Dane Wigington, the global crisis is serious and the time is short to survive as a free species. The existential threat to our species and our planet is so ephemeral, so shape-shifting, so demonic, it is difficult to describe it in mere words.

So, today I want to thank all those humans…the labourers…who put their health and human freedom before their financial well-being…and the volunteer resisters…such as myself and my two great blogging colleagues here in Canada, Northerntruthseeker and Penny for your thoughts.

I want to also thank all my sources for this blog, Dennis, Simon Hicks, Renate, Ron and others. It is not easy to keep finding and submitting links and post ideas. But you have held fast to your commitment to sharing your research as widely as possible and I very much appreciate your loyalty and steadfast persistence to support the cause of sentient human freedom.

Finally, I want to thank those artists who create political cartoons and graphics to inspire and motivate we in the resistance…and those who share these creations such as my blogging companion Noor al Haqiqa, blogmaster of Snippets and Snappits.

We don’t often stop and think about all the work we do and how much actual labour it takes to maintain a blog…so I am going out of my way today to give myself and my fellow bloggers a long deferred pat on the back. I am also posting a series of great recent cartoons off Twitter and elsewhere. But, first, another great Rant by the courageous mainstream journalist/documentary writer gone “rogue”–Neil Oliver!

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