The Queen is DEAD–Long Live the Reptilian Agenda – Plus…


Well, well, well, 70 years exactly, the Queen shuffles off this mortal coil…as Shakespeare would put it. As with everything else to do with the “Royal Family” this newZ stinks of Sulphur.

UPDATE: It did not take long for the agenda of the Queen’s sudden death to become clear. I just saw a post on the forum where the death of the queen is explained. The UK and all the country members of the Commonwealth [including Canada] will need to replace the currency with pictures of Charles [who publicly supports the Great Reset Agenda] on the denominations. Will they use this as an excuse to bring in digital currency and outlaw all the cash and old currency we’ve been saving? Answer: Does a bear shit in the woods?

The PerpZ needed a BIG distraction to take the Sheepilian eyes off their Globalist CovIDIan Climatological Train flying off the rails…and we now have a change in the reptilian guard at Buckingham Palace. All the TV propaganda outlets were on the story like flies on shit. That’s what the sheeple will be dinned with for the next month at least…the funeral…the coronation….all the Globalist Perp Political ASS-ets showing up in Londonium to “pay their respects”. JFTurvert will be preening and prancing down the various Cathedral aisles. OMG what a future BARF-A-RAMA. Enough verbal vomit to drown all the various and sundry investigations going on about his corruption.

Before the noxious newZ of this morning I had the following links prepared to post around the headline “The Point of No Return“. What a coinkydynk that all the headlines below are now totally usurped by the Strategic Death of the Reptilian Queen. Please browse through them and I will have final comments to follow:


Turvert – Red in the Face and Speaking real fast – again threatens Canadians with a killer lockdown


Greencrow continues: The younger generation never even considered the possibility that the vaxxxZes will likely steriliZe them–and their offspring, despite the fact fertility has been in steady decline for generations and Big Pharma has publicly admitted devising steriliZing vaxxxZines!

Speaking of the younger generation. Look at this poor wo/man crying his/her heart out over the mess s/he has made of his/her life! Doctors and psychologists know what they’re doing. They are deliberately fucking up the entire lives of humans–because they simply do not give a shit

More links to truths about the depopulating vaxxxZines they’re forcing on Humanity.

LOL. Watch this Ontario MP get shouted into silence by a very angry group of constituents. This is what’s in store for every single member of the Lie-beral government when they call a DominionSelection this Fall…they will ALL be chased down the street. Any wonder the Globalist PerpZ sacrificed their Queen as a distraction/pre-emption of democracy?

This is the guy who called the Globalist Asset Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland a bitch a week or so ago when she was in a Calgary Hotel Lobby. Seems like a nice chap to me. Now Freeland is being touted as the next head of NATO. Good riddance to bad rubbish. This is an entity who hasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell of being re-selected in Canada…even with all the Dominion fraud they have going in all selections now.

And Finally, Here’s a copy of the letter that an Alberta doctor wrote to the Head of the Canadian Medical Association complaining about the now 32 doctors who have died as a result of the full blown attack on them via mRNA vaccines. All doctors have to take the full schedule and now it’s up to 4 mandatory doses of the toxicity. 32 confirmed deaths is a lot…but not enough for the reptilian assets here in Canada to call a halt to the Globalist Agenda.


Greencrow concludes: So, folks, this day will go down in history as the end of an era and the beginning of another era…the era where the Reptilian Globalist WEFer Depopulation launch their final attack on humanity…lead by the tampon-loving Charles. Charles is not a very lucky name for British monarchs historically…if memory serves. I was around when Diana died and Charles was revealed to be a lowlife cheat and probable murderer [of Diana and her lover]. So put on your seatbelts folks…it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

LiZ-ard Queen

2 thoughts on “The Queen is DEAD–Long Live the Reptilian Agenda – Plus…

  1. What I find interesting is that there is so much mention of sterility, yet I know of people that are vax Ed and having children just like normal.


    1. Yes, the vaxxes are like playing Russian Roulette. Many if not most are unaffected in the short term. But as in all experiments…the experimenters are using different dosages and formulations. There is even a placebo group that will get injected with saline solution. Also there are variations as to “batches” as some investigators have discovered. Ergo, it’s a crap shoot if you want to participate. But it should be an informed choice in an ethical/moral society. Here is what the BBC had to say about fertility rates:


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