Pierre Poilievre is chosen CPC leader – but Max still my man

Peoples Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier

Good Sunday morning readers! It is a great morning up here on the Malahat even though all lower British Columbia is enveloped in wildfire smoke. There are forest fires burning in northern Washington State and Manning Park in the BC interior. The smoke is converging on the BC west coast and lower Vancouver Island. Everything has an unearthly orangey glow. We have not had significant rain here on the Malahat for about two months now. I have spoken before about what this portends here in a rainforest–not good. But at least we didn’t have the searing heat this summer that we had in 2021.

Yesterday, the Conservative Party of Canada chose a new leader, Ontario MP Pierre Poilievre. Overall, this is a very healthy development in Canada–even though I will not vote for the man. PP is a long time political enemy of JFT and can run circles around the dumbkoff in the debate ring. PP is actually able to think on his feet which JFTurvert is congenitally unable to do.

Nowadays, the Canadian Parliament, is a remote “Zoom Parliament”.

Canada is still the only country in NATO still labouring under remote government. This is by JFT design. The coward simply cannot tolerate up close and personal opposition-–witness him running and hiding from the Trucker Convoy last January/February 2021. There are at least two investigations ongoing against the Turd. He’s up to his eyeballs in alligators as the saying goes. Canadian parliament has the unfortunate rule that if a parliament is dissolved for a selection, all the investigations are also halted and must start over again from scratch once a new parliament is established…if they are allowed to commence again at all. So, Folks, the incentive for the Turvert to dissolve Parliament and call another selection this Fall is immense.

Below is the Western Standard interview with my PPC leader, Maxime Bernier that he gave following Pierre Poilievre’s victory last night. Max says exactly what I’m thinking. When you consider it, is pretty amazing to have a leader available who voices precisely your own personal views. Please read and I will have final comments to follow:

Bernier has no regrets as second CPC leader since Scheer is Chosen

“As the Conservative Party chooses its second leader since Andrew Scheer stepped down, People’s Party of Canada head Maxime Bernier says he has no regrets at leaving the party he might be leading if he had stayed.

“I took the right decision when I left. I told them, ‘Why are you not taking some of my ideas? They were popular,” Bernier recalled in an interview with Western Standard.

“Scheer had told me, ‘Maxime, they’re popular, but with the membership of the Conservatives, not with the general population…We are living in a socialist era. And if we want to be in power, we need to have that kind of electoral platform.’ So that’s why I said the party ‘is intellectually and morally corrupt,’ because they have the name ‘Conservative’ and they’re promoting leftist ideas.”

Bernier said Scheer and O’Toole spoke like a Conservative to win the leadership, then moved left on their federal election platform. He says Poilievre is “a bit more intelligent than O’Toole” but will use polls and focus groups to deliver a message that pleases voters east of Manitoba.

“We know that the Conservative Party of Canada is taking the vote out west for granted. And when you have a Conservative candidate that is winning by 60% of the vote, the leader can say okay, ‘I’ll do that policy. I know that it’s not popular out West, so my candidate instead will win by 45%.’

“They’re doing that and they will do that. So I don’t want to be part of that. I said no, no, let’s, let’s fight for what we believe. And that’s what I’m doing.”

Asked what he would say to those who believe the People’s Party is splitting the right-wing vote, Bernier had an answer.

“Don’t vote against something, vote for something. Vote for what you believe. And we’re not splitting the vote. Actually, that’s the Conservatives who are splitting the vote. They are splitting the liberal votes to be in government.

“You’re taking for granted that all our voters are former Conservative voters, they’re not. We have people that are coming from the Green Party, the NDP because we are a common sense political party with common sense policies, and they like it. So that argument about splitting the vote is the only argument that the Conservative party has, and it’s a fake one.”

Bernier said the Conservatives match the Liberals but differ with his party on issues like immigration and using the Constitution to override the provinces to get pipelines built. He says Conservative leaders are more cautious than he is on condemning late-term abortions and a euthanasia agenda he says has gone “too far.”

“On climate change, they signed the Paris Accord. Yes, (Pierre) Poilievre said he is against the carbon tax, but the problem is not the carbon tax. The problem is the Paris Accord. We must not sign that. So Poilievre won’t impose a carbon tax, but he will impose more regulation on businesses to achieve the goals of the Paris accord,” Bernier said.

“I can go on. Wokeism and socialism, he is not speaking about that. He didn’t tell anybody that there’s two sexes only, not five genders or 25 genders. I know he’s afraid of that because it’s not popular.”

“We were the only political party the last election that said we must unite everybody under the freedom umbrella. Now, it’s more popular. You have mainstream establishment politicians, Pierre Poilievre that is thinking about freedom, because of all the freedom fighters across the country, because of the truckers, because of us. And because of people who did rallies across the country, we were able to shift the majority of the population. 

“Now there’s more people that are saying, ‘Enough is enough, we won’t take the third or the fourth or the fifth shots.’ If you do politics based on conviction, you will be able to gain support.”

“Poilievre is speaking against inflation, but he created inflation with Justin Trudeau with these huge deficits – $450 billion the last two years. Poilievre and the Conservatives voted for that. So I just want to say to people here, ‘Wake up and smell the coffee,’ you know?’”

Greencrow concludes: So folks the die is cast. There will almost certainly be another selection this Fall. The big question in my mind is: “Will they allow Maxime Bernier to participate in the debates? Last selection in 2019 they did not–saying the PPC did not have enough of a following to be considered a real party. This was yet another JFT lie and was an unconstitutional denial of the democratic rights of millions of voters–just one of the reasons why the last selection was an outright fraud.

So the first thing I will be looking at is whether they allow the PPC status as a political party. Even by their own rigged polls, the PPC is polling at 6%, well above the Green party. Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Pierre Poilievre is chosen CPC leader – but Max still my man

  1. Mr Bernier, is exactly right on his observations of the political landscape in the conservative domain. Unfortunately, the average canadian has an obfuscated view on the true meaning of freedom, so Mr Berniers message simply won’t appeal to the general masses. His principles are in the correct place, however. The real issue is of course, who owns the media. He who controls the mass media, controls the masses.

    Mr. Poilievre is media savvy. He’s young, energetic and definitely has enough intellectual acumen to be able to keep our blackface leader in hiding for quite some time. It will be very interesting to see if indeed a snap fall election is called. Given Mr. BF popularity even among rank and file canadians is plummeting like an icbm on re-entry, no doubt he will desparately attempt to kling to whatever remaining power he has in the hopes of continuing to spread his kommunist wiles amongst the masses. He will not survive a one on one with Mr. Poilievre. Nor in all likelihood, a fall election.

    The real concern if Mr. Poilievre does become PM, is if he will become or already is a hand maiden for the WEF. Looking around on their site did not reveal his profile under the Young Global Leaders alumni. Neither was Mr. BF present on their current site, perhaps they were surreptitiously removed. However one notable was present, Mr BF best NDP buddy: https://www.younggloballeaders.org/community?page=25&region=a0Tb00000000DC9EAM

    Very thought provoking..

    One way or another, the late fall is going to shape up to be an interesting time here in Kanada……

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  2. Hi MRK

    Thank you for your comment. The fact it relates directly to my post is another plus. In recent times past I would go to some trouble to write and publish a post–only to have commenters post totally irrelevant material as comments. It is refreshing you actually took the time to read the post!

    Anyone who watched PP cross examine JFT over the SNCLavalin scandal a few years ago will be salivating to watch round 2 of that battle. PP had JFT blinking and blathering semi-coherently in response to questions about facts–YES!?! or NO!?! Lolololololol. Non of the lie-beral politicians are congenitally able to answer a yes or no question.

    I can hardly wait! But PP, although he has publicly renounced the WEF…HAS NOT RENOUNCED THE SDG’S. The Sustainable Development Goals are the Agenda 2030 steps that all the countries of the world [virtually] signed onto in 2015. These goals include reduction in Carbon and all kinds of cutbacks that make living on this planet palatable for humans–‘palatable’ even in the literal sense. They’re planning to replace our omnivorous diet with a plant and insect-based diet!

    So, until PP renounces the SDG’s he is still in the WEFer camp along with JFT and The Singhular. The only leader who exactly espouses a humane approach to the future is Max. And this is why Max is still my man.



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