21st Anniversary of 9/11

The 9/11 Poster I did back in 2013

UPDATE: September 13, 2022 Penny for your thoughts posted this great link about what happened on 9/11 and I’d like to repost it HERE. So many great research links disappeared in the years following 9/11 [were scrubbed from the Internet by the perpetratorZ] that to see one still surviving is remarkable.


Folks I cannot let this day end without at least a paragraph or two about the 9/11 atrocity. Like many other alternative bloggers…the 9/11 False Flag was the most important influence in my blogging career. I have written thousands of posts about it on my now defunct Blogger platform and have referred to it hundreds of times on this WordPress Platform.

9/11 was probably the biggest Deep State “usual suspects” operation in modern times. It’s success in duping the sheeplebrained public gave the PerpZ the gall to continue with many other operations since: many mass shootings, air plane crashes and disappearances, assassinations, controlled weather events/catastrophes and bioweapon epidemics, bankster-orchestrated financial meltdowns–culminating most recently with the Globalist takeover of our planet under the guise of a health crisis–which we now refer to as the CovIDian Plandemic HOAX.

All these operations have been, and are, inter-connected and done by the same relatively small cabal of anonymous deep pocketed psychopaths. Their goal is control and depopulation…theft of resources and property of their victims and enslavement of the sterile, transhumaniZed, biometrically branded survivors.

They are a Satanic Force on this earth and they are going for broke. 9/11 was just their sortie into the Middle East but now…as we have seen during just the past year…they have spread their evil into the Ukraine and are poised to attack Russia.

While the sheeple see all the events from 9/11 as separate unconnected catastrophes…the sentients have connected the dotZ and see all the events as a river of blood red evil flowing uninterrupted–from September 11, 2001 down to today.

5 thoughts on “21st Anniversary of 9/11

  1. Hi Sparrow:
    Thanks for your ‘on topic’ comment. I did look into Dr. Judy Woods’ extensive research on DEW at the WTC on 9/11 back in the day. Her evidence was very compelling…particularly the way that the cars parked outside of the WTC were reduced to ashes on one side, yet virtually untouched on the other. Years later, the “forest fire” at Lytton, BC was the same—trees burned to ashes on one side and virtually untouched on the other.

    I do believe DEW is being used on a regular basis by the perps during the so-called “climate catastrophes”. I always mention DEW when I list all the geoengineering weaponry that is being used in the regular attacks on humanity that are continually going on.


  2. I just got wiped out trying to respond…so I will try to repeat. I went and looked up the
    ‘Paradise, CA’ fire pictures to examine the cars and they looked very much like the ones in above pics. Insidious. It is hard to comprehend such evil. Dutchsinse just got a killer hack to shut him down so he isn’t live streaming right now. He was live streaming one time and as we were on a format that was showing CA fires…suddenly a red beam came down from the sky and escalated one of the fires. It was absolutely diabolical. Dutch has explained the DEW among other sinister workings of the MIC and when we all saw that he about fell off his chair. We were all shocked. Since then the fbi, the usgs and the rest of the thugs involved in this has attacked him in many ways. This time Dutch lost everything. He is using his wife’s computer and has to go back to the old ways…but he’s back and we all are happy. Thank you for keeping this horrible truth ever so fresh. Dane Wigington and others have worked so hard to keep the awareness in the forefront. I’ll be honest, I hadn’t seen those pic’s of 911 before so I was like…wow.
    https://www.youtube.com/user/dutchsinse [He’s been using the ‘Community’ tab to update info other than his usual earthquake updates and breaking news.]

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  3. Hi Sparrow:

    I’ve been saying for the past couple of years…geoengineering/weather weaponiZation is the last frontier of Truth. Flying close to the edge of the known truther world…is one of my things.


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