UPDATED: October 15, 2022 – “We need an inquiry. Politicians and health experts promised Canadians that the vax would prevent transmission. Pfizer admits it never tested for that. Its executives sat in silence while trusted officials gave incorrect info to the public. That’s just wrong.” CPC Ontario MP Dr. Leslyn Lewis

Must watch video: former RCMP Cpl Daniel Bulford says: “This is how MP’s in CANADA (everywhere) should be addressing emerging information. 12:00 mark, 2 questions that must be answered. 21:00 mark, shout out to incredible work of @CCCAlliance & impressive closing from @AndersonAfDMdEP

And in the short snippet below, PfiZer CEO Albert Bourla says what he didn’t dare repeat to the European Parliament Inquiry. The Satanic lie that his vaccine protects against transmission. This guy is the biggest fraudster in modern history.

PfiZer President Albert Bourla Lies through his Teeth at the Best of one of the top representatives of Satan on earth – Klaus Schwab


In the Rumble link below, Dr Michael Yeadon, former VP of Research for PfiZer and now the world’s primary whistleblower against this satanic corporation gives an interview commenting on the recent development where PfiZer admited to never testing the vax for transmission. Watch, as Dr. Yeadon argues eloquently and passionately that the entire Plandemic is “a macabre game” being played on humanity by governments and the pharmaceutical companies. Dr. Yeadon pleads with parents NOT to allow their children to be injected with the “unsafe” mRNA product.



Original post begins here: good morning readers. This is my first post after several days off. Well, I wasn’t off exactly, I was binge following and participating in Twitter’s take of the Emergency Act Inquiry. For my non-Canadian readers, an Emergency Act Inquiry is legally required to take place afterwards, if the government ever declares Martial Law. The Liberal government of JFTurvert called martial law in February 2022 during the Trucker Convoy Freedom demonstration that took place in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada’s national capital.

Turvert, as many will recall, refused to meet with the hundreds of thousands of demonstrators at all last February. He first hid away, then said he had come down with ‘covID”. Now, during the Inquiry when he should remain silent because the matter is under investigation…he’s blathering away…pleading his cause and justifying his behaviour before the media.

I want to update folks on what’s going on but, first let’s start with a merry little ditty about the vaxxxxZine that started it all off. Enjoy this rendition of “The Jab That Never Worked” that just appeared on Twitter moments ago and I’ll continue thereafter.

My favourite lines from this song are “…We all warned ya.” and “It’s psychotic.”

Greencrow continues: Here is a great op-ed showing what a farce JFT is trying to render the Inquiry into. He’s such a terminally corrupt scofflaw that his only strategy when faced with a legal inquiry into his corruption is to make the entire procedure into a travesty of justice.


Greencrow says: I tried to watch the live feed of the Inquiry yesterday but had to give up in disgust. As one Twitterer said: “It is not normal for a legal proceeding to begin with a lot of ‘victim impact statements”. Those are usually saved for the end, after all the facts and evidence have been presented to the court. But in the Inquiry farce, JFT put some of his Ottawa federal government workers on the stand [no doubt at time and a half] and got them to talk about how they were kept up at night by the honking. They also told several blatant lies, such as about old ladies having their masks ripped off by the demonstrators.

Back in February 2022 I, like many Canadians was glued to the alternate media following the demonstration and never saw one video of any of the demonstrators attacking any of the Ottawa citizens or counter protesters. If such an event as a mask being ripped off a counter protestor happened…we would have seen video/photos/interviews about it nonstop.

Then there was this National Post op-ed outlining how high the stakes SHOULD BE regarding the Inquiry and Trudeau’s future:


Yes, folks, the fix is in. The JFTurvert Tyranny dictatorship is going to pad the Inquiry with ‘frivolous, vexatious and hostile’ witnesses…taking up time and dragging the entire nation down dead-end rabbit holes. Unless someone can grab the reins of the inquiry back [this would normally fall to the judge but Judge Rouleau is a longtime Liberal hack/donor] and save the process…the EA Inquiry will be just another lost/wasted opportunity to salvage our nation–which the Turvert is bound and determined to destroy.

The Inquiry resulted from the Trucker Freedom Convoy resistance which, in turn, was responding to the nation-wide lockdowns and vaxxxxZine mandates. The vaxxxZine mandates stipulated that, unless a citizen was injected with the mRNA experimental injection [first it was supposed to be one injection, then two, then three, and then, this fall, the Federal Health Minister Mark Duclos announced it would be injections every 90 days], that citizen could not travel on public transport anywhere in the country and/or overseas. That unvaxed citizen was at risk of losing their job and, for over a year, was prevented from going into restaurants or other public venues. It was at the height of this vax mandate lockdown prohibition that the Truck Freedom Convoy movement gained speed and travelled across the country to Ottawa.


Then, shockingly, this past week a PfiZer Vice President of Marketing Janine Small testified before the European Union Parliament and said under oath that the mRNA vaccine was never tested to see if it prevented transmission. This bombshell announcement, during normal times, would render the entire vaccine program moot and would enrage those who were forced to become vaxxxxxZinated to save their jobs, risking their health in the process.

There are Sooooooo many people I’d love to send the above clip to. But experience has taught me not to bother. The Sheeple have been brainwashed to have at least 15 excuses why someone like Doug died.
I saw on Twitter the other day that a mother’s son in his early teens took the jab, came down with ‘covid” the following week and then died of heart failure. The mother said that her son died of ‘covid-induced heart failure’ not the jab.

Please read the following excellent report that appeared in yesterday’s edition of the Toronto Sun:




Greencrow says: The above report is a ‘Must Read’ because the testimony of the PfiZer excutive was garbled/unclear. Many listeners came away not realizing what she had actually said. The reporter above goes back to PfiZers own document and a subsequent inquiry he made with PfiZer and managed to ascertain that YES, what the Pfizer witness testified to the European Union Parliament was that, indeed, shockingly, stunningly, the PfiZer vaccine that was injected into billions of human arms WAS NEVER TESTED TO SEE WHETHER IT PREVENTED COVID-19 OR NOT!

As someone on Twitter tweeted: “This certainly didn’t age well.”

So, as I keep repeating, in a NORMAL world this would STOP the roll out dead in its tracks. This would force the Emergencies Act Inquiry to flash forward to whether JFT knew that the vaccine did not prevent transmission or not. If he knew and kept imposing mandates which led to the resistance…then he should be stripped of his position and jailed–yes folks, that’s what would happen in a ‘Normal’ World. But we are not in a normal world. We are living under a globalist dictatorship that has stolen our most fundamental freedoms by force and stealth.

Greencrow continues: So, what has happened since the blockbuster, bombshell revelation by the PfiZer executive? Nothing. The criminally complicit Mainstream Media has not said word one about the announcement.

The war for truth has now shifted entirely to the social media forums like Twitter. That’s why I am posting less here on this blog and posting for hours every day on Twitter. Example below:

Someone said the other day: “Who knew that WWIII was going to be fought on Twitter!? I responded: “Elon Musk, apparently.”

Yes, all the breaking news from all over the world is being funneled through Twitter [and Telegram and TikTok and others that I’m unaware of] so I highly recommend my readers, if they have not already done so, create Twitter/Telegram accounts and join the fray.

Sad to say the era of the blog is almost over. Google has basically algorithm-ed us to death. I don’t know how many people who go on the Internet have access to my blog through search engines anymore–but it’s fractional to what it used to be. Blogging colleagues Northerntruthseeker and Penny for your thoughts should create Twitter accounts, if only to link to their blog posts. But, I’m sure, once they get a sense that this is where the action is…they’ll join in the war that’s raging there and other social media platforms for the hearts and minds of the majority of humanity.

Twitter is where you find out which one of the politicians has the gonads to stand up for our freedoms and democracy. It’s shocking. Only one elected politician in the entire nation of Canada has spoken publicly about the bombshell disclosure from PfiZer and that is Ontario Federal Conservative MP Dr. Leslyn Lewis (Haldimand—Norfolk, Ont.). Where did she speak up about it? On Twitter, of course.

In closing, here is a submission from regular blog contributor Dennis. It’s a quote from Alberta CPC MP Dr. Leslyn Lewis who, incidentally, also ran for leader of the CPC recently and lost out to MP Pierre Poillievre [who is disturbingly silent, so far, on the PfiZer bombshell disclosure]. In the quote below, Dr Lewis tells it like it is in Canada these days and drops a bombshell of her own–the recently revealed secret 150 Million dollar contract that Canada awarded to the WEF to work in partnership to create a digital ID system to be imposed on all Canadians. Please read the quote and I will have final concluding comments to follow:


H/T Dennis

The facade of Canadian Democracy dropped long ago. This is just another confirmation.

“As a Canadian, I find what’s going on in my country just insane. The current government prostitutes itself to the WEF. Canada is no democracy anymore. It has become a dystopian dictatorship.

The Liberal government has admitted in writing that they have an ongoing $105.3 million contract with the World Economic Forum to introduce digital identities for travel to Canada.THE GOV’T FINALLY ADMITTED THAT THEY HAVE A $105.3 MILLION CONTRACT WITH THE WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM FOR THE KNOWN TRAVELER DIGITAL ID. TAKE A LOOK AT THIS ORDER PAPER. IT’S NO LONGER A CONSPIRACY THEORY – IT’S A CONTRACTUAL FACT! HTTPS://T.CO/VKKN6LSZDF


Greencrow concludes: Yes, I have gone over to Twitter–and am fighting the final battle for humanity there. That doesn’t mean I will be giving up this blog. This blog is my home base. It is and will be where I express my opinions much more fully than I can in the 300 characters or so that are the maximum letters allowed in a Tweet.

Combining Twitter and this blog allows me the greatest opportunity to gather the threads of information, on an hourly and daily basis, and then synthesize them into my own opinions–which I will then run up the GATCF flagpole of this blog to see who will salute.

Twitter itself is also evolving–just like our WordPress blogging platforms. There is definitely a controlling hand deciding what opinions are “good opinions” to be elevated into the feed–and what opinions are “not good”–to be suppressed and disappeared from the feed. I figure only about 1 in 10 of my tweets gets any traction at all.

But I have met and followed real Canadian leaders such as former RCMP corporal Daniel Bulford and PPC Leader Maxime Bernier on Twitter and follow both. And here’s the kicker–they also follow me. Do you see what I’m saying?

In conclusion, the first two days of the Emergency Act Inquiry have indicated that JFT has set it up to be another corrupt travesty in his never-ending sequence of such abominations. There was also a huge announcement/admission by PfiZer last week–basically admitting they’re all criminal, mass murdering frauds–but very few of the vaxxxed sheeple even know about it because the Legacy, bought media and the politicians have been as silent as the grave.

Next week we’ll see whether: 1) someone pulls the Inquiry back onto the rails, and; 2) whether the politicians and the mass media will own up to the devastating [for the vaxxxZed] announcement by PfiZer.

Stay tuned…and I’ll see you on Twitter!

4 thoughts on “Updated: MP LESLYN LEWIS CALLS FOR COVID VACCINE INQUIRY+ Emergencies Act inquiry

  1. Hi FreakedOut:

    That mRNA song is a take-off on the old American folk song: “MTA – The Man Who Never Returned” sung by the Kingston Trio in the 60’s. It was a hit when I was a teenager.

    It boggles the mind how much shit can fly with all the revelations about the jab and yet, to this day, not one elected official has been removed from office because of it in the West. The Alberta HELLth authority was removed the other day, but she was an appointee.

    Every evening there are BC government commercials on the BC TV channels pushing the vaccine for OUR CHILDREN! It is sickening. I have to mute the TV. Still pushing it after PfiZer has admitted it was never tested for transmission.

    MP Leslyn Lewis got into a shitload of trouble for saying the unvaccinated were the most discriminated against minority ever in her lifetime. NOBODY wanted to hear it! They tried every ploy to cancel culture the statement–but the evidence is overpowering. We were fired, denied unemployment insurance, forbidden to travel, refused entrance to restaurants and other social venues, not allowed to play sports, refused organ transplants, kicked out of universities. What other group has ever been subjected to such discrimination?

    And now it comes out that it was all based on a lie and instead of backing off, they merely double down on their busted flush.

    Next week should be interesting at the Emergency Act Inquiry. Turvert will have to do cartwheels to distract from it.

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