HUGE! Russian Forces Intercept Tac Nuke from the West! – Russell Bentley

Russian Coat of Arms

H/T FreakedOut

Watching a new video of Russell Bentley right now talking about the Russian military intercepting a tactical nuke that he says may have been provided by [the US] 😲😠


“Russian forces intercepted a Western Tactical nuke in Ukrainian Military Control! This is a changing point, and incredibly dangerous. Tune in!…”

Greencrow comments: Have not watched the video yet but Russell Bentley aka “Texas” has lived in Donbass for years, fought for the Rebels in the 2014 civil war and has very good creds re reporting on events in that area of the world. Will add more comments after I watch the video.

Okay, watched the video. The Tac nuke incident happened back in February of this year when the Russians took over an airport in Donbass. They discovered a tactical nuke on one of the planes that was ‘ready to go’ according to Russell. A woman named “Flower” in Ukraine also related that some ‘dirty bombs’ had been found by Donbass soldiers [now all Russan citizens] and some of the soldiers had suffered radiation poisoning from these ‘fuel rods’. Russell says that intelligence sources told him about the tac nuke and also told him that the reason they took over the nuclear power plant in Ukraine is because they suspected and later confirmed that “experiments” were going on in the power plant. These experiments had nothing to do with generating energy but were also related to the production of nuclear bombs.

Most concerning was Russell’s expressed disappointment with the way the war was going up until recently. He says that the recent change in commanders will hopefully give the Russian military an advantage on the battlefield and the war can be brought to a successful, swift and conventional conclusion [i.e., no nuclear weapons involved].

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