Motherlode of evidence PROVES the vaxxes are a deadly fraud

But the Gigantic Fraud/Cover-up Continues

Folks, just a brief post to remind you to check out my previous two posts which have important information and links. Both have been updated since being published. The information is coming so thick and fast now it’s very hard to keep abreast of the crucial geopolitical developments all over the world.



And here are two new links. The first very disturbing…and the second is a hilarious disclosure about the “Diagalon” controversy–which will give you some insight into what a farce the Lie-beral government of Canada and its invocation of the Emergency Act truly is…

Greencrow says: Look at this Tweet from Sept 17th. This is typical and tragic of those few vaxxinated who will admit they’ve made a mistake:

Clare Harding@Mybeedingheart·15h Replying to @scartyke

“I’m on constant alert for signs of adverse affects, I’m fit and healthy but I am so angry that I got duped. I only had the poison to visit our kids overseas but the arrivecan put paid to that. Just feel like we’ve been taken for fools especially since the Pfizer revelations.”


Greencrow concludes: Finally, here’s the biggest laugh I’ve had for months, if not years. Enjoy:


2 thoughts on “Motherlode of evidence PROVES the vaxxes are a deadly fraud

  1. Last night my TV was telling me to get ready for the “Variants”…. “that can bypass the COVID vaxxes”…. oh my!!! How terrible! I need a big pharma (PROFIT) “booster”!!

    Bunch of A-hole talking heads. 👎😠 The name of one of them is Dr Ashish Jha who’s the “White House COVID-19 Response Coordinator”.
    Do you think Dr Jha knows what’s in the shots?
    “What is in the so-called COVID-19 “Vaccines”? Part 1: Evidence of a Global Crime Against Humanity”


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