Canadian Democracy Farce update

Public Order Commission documents reveal the threat to take trucker’s kids came from the PMO–and other disgusting news

Good morning beloved sentients. I took a lot of time off blogging because of an overwhelming feeling of ennui and hopelessness at the current state of humanity. As I have said many times on this blog over the years…when I stop posting it’s never because I run out of subject matter. It’s because I have too much subject matter and it all topples down on me like an avalanche. I am frozen under the pile and need to dig myself out.

Also, I had a great time this past week preparing for and celebrating Hallowe’en…preparations both in Coquitlam where I carved a pumpkin and then back here on the Malahat where I carved four pumpkins with my granddaughters. I have some Hallowe’en photos to post but am having connectivity problems between my devices. Also, the Internet was mysteriously down on just the Malahat for a whole day yesterday. The JFTurvert government has just passed Bill C-11 censoring free speech on the Internet–so there will no doubt be more repression for bloggers in the near future.

But, in the meantime, while I can still post about it…I’ve been diligently following the news…especially the Canadian news–where our once robust democracy has now shriveled up like a prune or an overripe apple fallen from a tree in fall and now rotting on the soggy ground. Canadians are being treated to several political farces at once, thanks to JFT. The biggest by far is the Emergency Act Inquiry being conducted in Ottawa. Here are a few links about that:

Public Order Commission documents reveal the threat to take truckers’ kids came from Trudeau’s inner circle

Rex Murphy: Singh betrays NDP with pledge to grant Trudeau parliamentary immunity


Greencrow continues: Then we have the second most notorious scandal involving JFTurvert somehow finding the massacre of 22 Nova Scotians highly useful in promoting the gun legislation that he had been preparing for perhaps months, if not years, beforehand. As longtime readers will know…coinkydynks like this tend to stick in the greencrow’s craw.

Mass Casualty Commission Star Witness Commits Suicide

The Mass Casualty Commission going on in Nova Scotia... has been looking into how a local denturist, Gabriel Wortman, a “lone nut”[TM] mass murderer, was able to travel in a marked RCMP police Cruiser all around a tiny rural hamlet in Nova Scotia one night in April 2020 and murder 22 people:

Wife of N.S. mass killer explains why she didn’t report earlier violence to police

What do locals in affected communities of Nova Scotia’s mass shooting think of the Trudeau RCMP scandal?

Drea Humphrey’s ‘Must Watch’ interviews with the people from the area about what really happened:

Last evening, I watched/listened to a Laura Lynn Tyler-Thompson video interview of authors Paul Palango and lawyer Adam Rogers–two men who have written books on the Portapique Nova Scotia murder spree. They had block buster news for Laura Lynn. They said that Leon Joudrey, one of the main witnesses…a man who had actually met with the common-law partner of Gabriel Wortman on the night of the murders…has just recently committed suicide. This man told a very different version of the atrocity than the ‘official narrative’ of the government and the RCMP. He said that the woman he met at his door, who told him she spent the night [of the murders] hiding out in the bush, was wearing a clean, dry yoga outfit and did NOT look like she spent the night in the bush! He told his version of events to the Commission, and in Media interviews. His testimony was, however, discounted and airbrushed out of Media reports. Now he’s killed himself.

Can we now up the number of victims to 23?????

Here is the link to that Laura Lynn Tyler-Thompson Interview:

Greencrow Continues: Then we had the additional JFT scandal–of how he and his entourage managed to blow $400,000 in taxpayer funds over just three days...while partying it up in London, England at the funeral of the Queen. JFT’s hotel suite alone cost $6,000 per night. Meanwhile, senior citizens in LTC facilities are wallowing in their own feces due to staffing shortages and Canadians are struggling to put food on the family table–due to skyrocketing inflation.


Chris Selley: $7K hotel suites. $93K catering bills. Trudeau’s buying himself a populist backlash


Greencrow continues, how many scandals is JFT now embroiled in? Is anyone keeping track? Still, he shows up daily on my Twitter feed, mewling away in his arrogant, lisping style…so cringeworthy that only someone with the strong stomach of my blogging colleague Northerntruthseeker, who hails from the boreal forests of Manitoba, is able to watch/listen to him.

Every day Canadians speculate how much longer we as a nation can survive JFT. We muse what we did to deserve such nightmarish opprobrium. We pray for the day when the failed, substitute student drama teacher will finally exit–stage left. Will he mercifully leave ‘at the end of the year’ like his criminal Plandemic cohort “Dr” Fauci?


“Dr” Fauci [promises?] he’ll retire before start of next US Presidential term


Or, will there be even more warm scandals of yellow piss showering down on Canadians from JFT. Witness this clue to a scandal that hasn’t even broken yet.…CSIS nabbing children and trafficking them to ISIS. Child trafficking? Well, that sordid activity would be right up CSIS’s alley, wouldn’t it?


Canada’s Spy Agency Accused of Nabbing British children and trafficking them to Islamic State


Greencrow continues: And I haven’t even mentioned the biggest scandal in the history of modern civilization–brought to Canadians by JFT–the CovIDian Mass Cull of Humanity Plandemic HOAX. For the latest clues to that please watch:

Died Suddenly – the trailer

H/T Dennis who says:

Even the Trailer is a wake up call!

OCTOBER 26, 2022

“Why do we never believe them? For centuries, the global elite have broadcast their intentions to depopulate the world – even to the point of carving them into stone. And yet…we never seem to believe them. In this Stew Peters Network EXCLUSIVE, the award winning filmmakers behind WATCH THE WATER and THESE LITTLE ONES present the truth about the greatest ongoing mass genocide in human history.”


Greencrow concludes: Finally, as a response/antidote to all the above shit we have Neil Oliver...a true hero, speaking truth to power:

One of Neil Oliver’s best!

Neil Oliver with another blockbuster RANT


And here’s another courageous man: Dr. Ryan Cole, a REAL doctor who amazingly is still abiding by his Hippocratic Oath:

One of the many images that gave hope to the hopeless last February 2022

Reminder: Please watch the live proceedings of the Emergency Act Inquiry–now hearing evidence from the organizers of the Truckers’ Freedom Convoy at the link below:

List of witnesses for the Truckers:

  • Peter Sloly*
  • Chris Barber*
  • Steeve Charland*
  • Brigitte Belton*
  • Keith Wilson*
  • Tom Marazzo
  • Pat King
  • Benjamin Ditcher
  • James Bauder
  • Tamara Lich
  • Chris Deering and Maggie Hope Braun
  • Jeremy MacKenzie
  • Daniel Bulford

*Already taken the stand and presented their evidence. Video records can be accessed by clicking on the date at the right

6 thoughts on “Canadian Democracy Farce update

  1. I always look for your posts, thank you. Looking forward I have ordered a very expensive greenhouse kit from arctic My neighbours in Clinton village have handy man built similar structures from a Russian based site I don’t have the links. Where do we go living in a corrupt, unhealthy and repressive culture? We build our own culture, we work with the technology and skills and money available to us. My multy vaxxed rancher neighbour has helped me prep the ground for this greenhouse, I hope that when he needs help I’ll be there for him. I have had mistakes made by tire and brake garages on work done that should not have happened: a tire with a chunk of metal in it that was given a leaky seal treatment but missed the chunk of embedded metal lying in the tire rubber; brakes done but left the corroded metal brake pan guard that needed replacing. All told small and significant errors, maybe running under short staffing, workers off sick due to “covid” problems. I can’t give you anything definitive, except normally these mistake should not have happened. I also wonder if some communities such as my neighbouring 100 Mile House that has a strong core of protestors has been particularly targeted with potent vaccine .formulas? I have nothing to indicate this other than the hazardous service I’ve received there. Certainly in the unlikely eventuality that something definitive comes along I’ll send it on to you. Again thanks for your posts that keep my questioning mind awake and alive. Edith McLorn Clinton BC


  2. Hey… I barely can stand TURDEAU, young lady.. .You know that..

    And about listening to him.. I watch to view his body language and how he speaks, and it shows all the indication that he is thinking he is still doing theatre when he was a failed ‘drama teacher’ that loved to fondle and have sex with underaged girls…

    All indications that I see from watching him shows him to be not only a prima donna with a sociopathic thinking that he is ‘superior’ to everyone and that he can ‘do no wrong’…

    And again, about that ‘inquiry’… We already know what the outcome will be as the people running the entire fraud are bought and paid for ‘Liberal’ supporters and ‘judges’… TURDEAU will get a ‘slap on the wrist’ but be ALLOWED to remain as PM! If that inquiry was somehow ‘real’, then the outcome would be different and TURDEAU could be facing jail time..

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi NTS

    I was giving a nod and a bow to those days a few years ago when you would watch the politicians “debate” and I could not…even though we were both sickened by the sight and sound.

    It is incredible, on the face of it, that the Turvert could be juggling as many as three major scandals [two with commissions of inquiry] and still not even be on the cusp of getting the boot. Today on Twitter someone asked what it would take for Canada to change out our PM. My reply? Two words: “An enema.”

    Perhaps the Nova Scotia mass murder scandal will be the one that gets him defecated out of the PMO. After all, twenty-three people have died, so far.


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