Emergencies Act Inquiry Update

Protester arrested in Ottawa February 2022

Some General Concerns

Good afternoon readers. It is a mild, rainy day here on the Malahat. We’re expecting lots of rain and even snow over the next few days, but the trees have already been severely stressed and damaged by the three-month drought last summer. How that will affect our rain forest over the long term is still very worrisome to me.

For the past two days I’ve been watching the live broadcasts of the Emergency Act Inquiry from Ottawa. I watched the examinations of Freedom Convoy “leaders” Pat King and Tamara Lich in full. I’ve watched snippets of other examinations and cross examinations. Right now they’re examining Jeremy McKenzie who’s podcast spawned “Diagolon” the imaginary coungry – a figment of his imagination. McKenzie’s being interrogated from his jail cell. I didn’t even know that Jeremy McKenzie had been arrested and incarcerated for his “role” in the Freedom Convoy demonstrations that took place in Ottawa in January/February 2022. There’s a lot that I’m finding out about the nuts and bolts of the operation–from both sides of the demonstration–government vs demonstrators.

All the Freedom Convoy leaders have conducted themselves well. I am particularly partial to Pat King. His geopolitical views are very closest to my own–and those of my fellow bloggers, particularly Northerntruthseeker. Pat King says a goal of the Trudeau government is to get rid of the white race in Canada. I’ve believed that for years. Witness the government announcement of a few days ago to bring in half a million new immigrants [during a time of economic crisis, when our health system is in collapse?]

Turvert’s racist comments about whites

Pat pulls no punches and he got a good one off in his testimony that I’m sure the Legacy Media will not write about. He said he has in his possession a copy of a document relating to a certain MP’s non-disclosure agreement with an underaged person. LOL. We all know that JFTurvert was turfed from his student teaching position [substitute drama teacher] due to sexually interfering with a teen girl. This was the only real job Turvert ever had–and he was fired from it–and kicked out of teacher’s college!

What can I say about Tamara Lich’s testimony. She had me crying and suffering PTSD from the outset. All the feelings of isolation and despair I felt last February leading up to the Truckers Convoy journey across Canada came back. I tell my family the Truckers literally saved my life. They have no clue what I’m talking about. But it’s true. I felt dead inside before I saw the Truckers headlights and big rigs coming down the highways of Canada through the snow. Tamara told how her father habituated the same restaurant in his small town in Saskatchewan for years but–during the discrimination against the unvaxxxZinated and particularly after the notoriety of his daughter–he was refused entrance to this restaurant. I shed a tear at the baseness of the division that would lead to such a ban. Tamara had no ill will towards Pat King who the government is trying to paint as the ‘fringe minority racist, misogynist with unacceptable views”. When asked if he should have been kicked out of the convoy, she replied that Pat was “part of the story’ had many supporters crucial to the overall movement and was a “passionate Canadian”. Tamara and the other demonstrators staunchly resisted government efforts to divide them into “warring factions”.

I’m going to go back to watching this painful ripping back of the scab covering the gaping CovIdian wound shortly but, before I do, I’d like to register some general concerns I have about the Inquiry so far:

  1. There is absolutely no acknowledgement by the government side that these Canadians had a fundamental right to protest and everything they did was legal and nonviolent. The government is trying to create the impression in the mind of the audience [judge] that the demonstrators were law breakers…that the demonstration itself was unlawful and always on the cusp of violence.
  2. I am worried that when the government officials take the stand, if they ever do, the tables will be turned and there will be a shroud of legitimacy placed over their testimony. The Questioning will come from a place of ‘assumption of innocence’ whereas the Questioning of the demonstrators comes from an ‘assumption of guilt’. This really bothers me.
  3. Finally, with each subsequent witness, the elephant in the room gets bigger and bigger. By that I mean the raison d’etre for the entire Freedom Convoy: The Plandemic/vaxxxxZine mandates. There is an overall assumption that the government had a right to lockdown and mandate experimental injections–due to a deadly virus that was killing huge numbers of Canadians. That is the premise the EA Inquiry is operating under and it is FALSE from top to bottom.

THE TRUTH OF THE MATTER IS: There was NO virus AND there was no Pandemic. There WERE lots of people dying…especially in the first months after the mandatory vaxxxzines were rolled out. But these poor souls were being murdered in cold blood in fact–like my 78 year old brother in Collingwood, Ontario who died in March, 2021, due to the lockdowns and “hospital protocols”. The latter two strategies were–murderous instruments of torture–deliberately implemented to kill off the elderly and medically/socially vulnerable, thus upping the stats of so-called “Covid-deaths”. We all are now well aware of how the governments and so-called HELLth authorities lied with these statistics to fear monger the sheeple into allowing themselves to be injected.

We also now know that the vaxxxxZine(s) were a diabolical scam. I’m not going to get side-tracked into all the evidence that now shows how ineffective and downright dangerous they are. But even PfiZer has now admitted publicly that their “vaccine” does not prevent transmission. That public admission under oath before the European Parliamentary Commission should have stopped the vaxxine roll outs in their tracks…especially the roll out here in British Columbia where the provincial government is still shilling with our taxpayer dollars on TV–pushing the poison on our children!!!

The PfiZer admission and all the other expert evidence should have made the Emergency Act Inquiry Moot. It should not even be taking place!!

Why should these activists have to justify doing their patriotic duty to stop the governments from rolling out such a genocidal depopulation cross country massacre?!

Instead of the Emergency Act Inquiry we should be holding Nuremberg Crimes against Humanity Trials. A completely different set of accused should be taking the stands one by one. JFTurvert and his evil ilk. One by one testifying where they got their orders to kill Canadians and enslave the survivors in a digital prison–where they “Will Own Nothing And Be Happy”[TM].

But here we are, the Emergency Act Inquiry is, instead, criminalizing the Canadian patriots–at the behest of the Satanic Globalist Enslavers and their political puppet assets. In closing, I will repeat my prediction that the Turvert will NOT testify before this Commission Inquiry. I don’t know how he’ll get out of his summons to testify. As I said to Northerntruthseeker recently, perhaps he’ll declare war on Russia and say he’s much too busy being a ‘War Time Prime Minister’ than sit down with the peons and testify at an Inquiry that is now just so much ‘water under the bridge’. I don’t know how he will manage his escape from justice…just that JFTurvert has never faced legal cross-examination under Oath–and he certainly does not intend to now. Remember I predicted this. And stay tuned

11 thoughts on “Emergencies Act Inquiry Update

  1. Someone coined the crime minister as Teflon Trudeau. I sincerely hope he gets his turn to squirm in the box, his mother’s little darling. I am curious as to where I can find the statement source that has become a meme. I was thrilled when Tom Morrazzo refused to talk to legacy media because they have lied for 3 years. Touche! Praying that more and more folks arise from their slumber and take up the sword of truth. Bless you, Greencrow.

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  2. I’d love to see him squirming in the box too, OkanaganGoddess but doubt very much that will happen. These types are like hothouse plants. they wilt very quickly when taken out of their rarified environment.

    For these entities, testifying under oath is the equivalent of pleading guilty to murder.


  3. Hi GC…

    SyrianGirl has a video on her Twitter about the perps asking for Amnesty…this alone means guilt. It focuses on Australia where she lives…but represents the world. Canada, the US and Europe is also in it. If Trudeau tries to evade the trial…the people should take this to the ICC:

    What can ICC investigate?
    The International Criminal Court in The Hague prosecutes those accused of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. In 1998, 60 countries signed the Rome Statute after it was opened for signature by the United Nations.

    The International Criminal Court (ICC) – Government.nl

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    1. Hi Sparrow:
      The ICC has a checkered past. It tries people that the PerpZ don’t like and doesn’t try people that the PerpZ like. Of course, we can always hope that the ICC will respond to such egregious trampling of human rights. But I would not hold my breath.

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      1. Wishful thinking on my part…we all need a permanent reprieve. How ’bout a gallows reaching from DC to BC? Wouldn’t that be the ultimate display! Best to all.


  4. I would love to see him testify under oath where he has to actually answer embarrassing questions. Every single time I have seen him respond to a question all he does is repeat a well rehearsed talking point, which is not even remotely related to the question, then give a smug grin when he is done. The grin is probably because he is so proud of himself for being able to regurgitate the line without flubbing it. It’s so nauseating. I agree Green Crow, he will do everything he can to avoid testifying.

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    1. Hi Ron:
      As I’ve said, standing up in the HOC and lying is one thing. Lying on TV to the press is yet another. BUT, lying under oath in a court of law is something completely different because of the laws relating to perjury. These include jail time if found guilty.

      A congenital liar testifying under Oath live on National TV? Well, you can probably agree that JFT would prefer declaring Canada at war with Russia than risk going to jail for perjury. That’s what I’m afraid of. He needs to have an excuse that justifies ignoring a subpoena…one that virtue signals and one that communicates to the sentients his absolute distain for them and the legal process they’re engaged in.


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