NOTICE TO READERS + The SHTF re the Messenger RNA vaxxxZines + SOME other wEIrd stuff

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh’s constituency office in Burnaby, BC [suburb of Vancouver] Nobody likes him and they’re going to tell him so next Saturday


Good Monday morning Sentients! It’s snowing here on the Malhat, so I’m glad I got my daffodil bulbs in the ground yesterday when it was sunny and mild. Before we get into the subjects of this morning’s post, I have a few housekeeping announcements to make. For the past several weeks the connectivity of my devices, cellphone, e-mail and computer have been disrupted. I cannot move information from my cell phone to my computer and I can no longer access my Proton mail account on my computer.

So, if anyone wants to connect with me, please leave a comment in the comments section of the latest post on the blog.

I don’t know when I’ll be able to fix the problems with connectivity and with my Proton Mail…because my default is to simply wait and see if the problems fix themselves…I’m kind of like the federal Canadian government in that respect.

Speaking of ill-favoured governments. I’ve been following

Brazilians refuse to accept the results of the last selection which they claim was stolen by the WEFer Globalists


Greencrow continues: People all over the world are waking up to the mendacity of the Globalist Satanic WEFers. They have now got Brazil in their clutches. Brazil is a big prize for them because it is a member of the Russian, Chinese alliance called BRICS [Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa]. Everything in their evil minds is geared towards bringing Russia down and attaching themselves, like the parasites that they are, to its enormous natural resources. It’s what they dooooooooooo.

Now switching gears again back to the Plandemic VaxxxZine HOAX, we have a new study coming out in Sweden which says research shows that the mRNA will edit the DNA of the injectee. Sentients have known this for well over two years. There really is little that is truly NEW about the vaxxxZines…everything was at least suspected from the beginning. So now it’s annoying when the media, even the so-called alternative media, pretends that we just found out how dangerous it is. I hope the perpZ don’t think they’re going to get away with the “I didn’t know the gun was loaded” alibi. Please watch the short video below and I will continue thereafter.

The BIG Picture of what “They” are doing [above]


Greencrow continues: No, we’ve pretty well known everything there is to know about the toxic shots from the first year they were rolled out. I haven’t changed my assessment of what’s in them and what they do to the human body for almost two years. I personally believe they’re mainly graphene oxide like the Spanish Research Team La Quinta Columna discovered about two years ago. Why else would many have noticed magnetic properties in some of the dose lots? Of course, there are lots of dose lots and it has been determined that some are far more deadly than others.

I also personally believe there might well be snake venom in at least some dose lots of the vaxxxZines. Why else would Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin [two known snake venom antidotes] work so well with covid symptoms? I always base my theories on a combination of anecdotal information, logic and gut feelings which I sometimes call my “spidey senses”. It is truly amaZing to me that after almost three years there still is no official information from Big Pharma as to what is in their vaxxxxZines—they always say that what’s in them is a “trade secret”. How the governments of the world have let them get away with this monstrous criminality is one of those mysteries of our modern times.


I have spent about nine hours listening to the testimony of the Convoy Protest Leaders at the Emergency Act Inquiry now going on in Ottawa. Why am I so fascinated by this procedure? Because it combines two of my longtime favourite topics–geopolitics and law. Longtime readers may know I was a legal assistant for 12 years before quitting to raise my family. Then I was a child protection social worker and spent a lot of my time drafting legal documents and testifying in court. So, I found the parry and thrust of the examinations and cross-examinations of the witnesses riveting.

Tamara Lich, Freedom Convoy Protest Leader, Testifying to the Emergency Act Enquiry


Greencrow continues: Some of the witnesses that were particularly interesting and surprising included retired army veteran Chris Deering, who wore his medals to the Freedom Convoy Protest last February and to court.

Decorated Canadian military veteran Chris Deering testifies before Emergency Act Commission of Inquiry

Chris fought in Afghanistan where he was severely injured in an armored car roadside bomb incident–that killed three of his fellow soldiers. Chris testified he “had” to go to Ottawa because he felt Canada was in danger and as a Canadian soldier it was his duty to defend it. He stood in the front lines of the protesters when they faced down the SWAT team police. He offered himself for peaceful arrest but instead was thrown to the ground and kicked by the police. His war injuries [which included a broken back] were exacerbated by the beating and later denial of access to his pain medication. I said on Twitter that I view Chris Deering as “the conscience of Canada”. At the end of his testimony, he looked Judge Rouleau right in the eye and told him the future of Canada was in his hands as the Judge had the power to “…make sure this never happens again. If you [the judge] were to do that…you would have the support of all Canadians.”

Gordon Lightfoot singing “The Canadian Railroad Trilogy”

But, JFT has now brought Canadians…..

The Canadian Railroading Trilogy

Another witness that was a complete surprise was comic and podcaster Jeremy Mackenzie, who testified from a cell in Saskatchewan where he is facing ‘weapons charges’. Please read this background on Mackenzie. You will likely agree with me that he’s being railroaded by the Federal Canadian Government [along with Tamara Lich and Pat King…who were also jailed for ‘mischief.’]


Who Is Jeremy Mackenzie, and Why Is He In Jail Right Now?

“…Like many Canadians, until recently I had never heard the name Jeremy Mackenzie. Today most Canadians still don’t know who he is. This is understandable since as a vocal opponent of covid measures, Mackenzie has been heavily censored by the big tech companies.

But Twitter jail is not quite the same as actual jail; for one thing, the latter costs Canadian taxpayers a lot more. While Mackenzie faces the same censorship as everyone else these days, he also appears to be the target of a concerted effort to not only silence him, but to isolate and smear him as well. I’ve compiled some information in case you want to decide for yourself…” [please continue reading at the link above]


Greencrow concludes: Yes, Patrick King, Tamara Lich and Jeremy Mackenzie are an unlikely trio of Canadian heroes being railroaded by the Federal Lieberal Turvert government. None of them is perfect…and that’s what makes them so compelling. I said on Twitter that “Someday there will be a monument in Ottawa honouring what happened during the Freedom Convoy of January/February 2022 and all the names of the leaders will be inscribed on that monument.”

I would love to see such a monument but probably it won’t be built during my lifetime.

Finally, back to the cause of the Freedom Convoy—the fake Plandemic and the toxic vaccines. Here’s a bit of black humour to end the post:

Ted Nugent speaks volumes to the VaxxxxZed. [See Twitter Link above]

7 thoughts on “NOTICE TO READERS + The SHTF re the Messenger RNA vaxxxZines + SOME other wEIrd stuff

  1. Thanks Greencrow. Okanagan is a skating rink after another 4 inches of snow and freezing winds. Watched some of Tamara and all of Jeremy’s testimonies. Yes it looks like these people were set up to be the scapegoats of government. The Ted Nugent remark made my day. Bless you. Stay cozy. Keep sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi OkanaganGoddess:
    I see the MSM wants everyone to watch today’s EA testimony of the Coutts Blockade demonstrators…probably going to pillory them too. Make up stuff about guns and why the police vandalized the trucks that were parked on private property.


  3. Hi Greencrow;

    I don’t know if your connectivity problems are resolved yet or not; so please forgive me if I’m out of line using the comments section to share with you something kind of weird that I just noticed was going on at this COP 27 summit in Egypt.

    World religious leaders will be climbing a fake Mount Sinai in Egypt to do a Climate Repentance Ceremony and then descend with the “Climate Justice: Ten Universal Commandments”.

    I kid you not…..

    Canada has a delegation there though I don’t know if any will be climbing the fake Mount Sinai.

    Seems to me more like their version of climate change is the new golden calf.

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  4. Hi CanadianNotCommunist:

    Thanks for this important development CNC. The Satanists have always used weird ceremonies to dedicate and celebrate their atrocities. This one sounds over the top, but the golden calf is certainly in their bailiwick.

    I keep saying over and over on Twitter that humanity will not take ‘climate change’ seriously until the PerpZ tell us what is in the chemtrails, who’s in charge of putting them in our skies 24/7/365 and what effect chemtrails have on our planet! This is the time to find out what the MF’s are doing to the planet!


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