Canada is ROADKILL on the WEFer Highway

Canada’s national symbol the beaver — seen as roadkill on JFTurvert’s road/agenda to the WEFer Globalist/Communist State

Minister of “Justice” and Attorney General of Canada David Lametti

LILLEY: Trudeau government won’t share secret legal basis for invoking Emergencies Act

By using a legal basis and definitions not found in the act, the government is making a mockery of Parliament’s intentions

Brian Lilley

Good morning readers. It is a clear and sunny, but cool, day here on the Malahat. I have to get busy because my granddaughters will be here in a few hours but, before I do, I want to present this excellent op ed that I found on Twitter but which appeared in today’s edition of the Toronto Sun. In yesterday’s post, which I urge you to review HERE, I reported on several very important developments in the POEC which I have been calling the Emergencies Act Inquiry now wrapping up in Ottawa.

While there have been several winding rabbit hole roads the Inquiry has gone down during the Inquiry…the essential jist of what it’s all about is succinctly captured by Toronto Sun journalist Brian Lilly‘s editorial which I will copy in full below. I will have a few comments to make after you read this:


“Justice Minister David Lametti admitted Wednesday that the Trudeau government didn’t use the legal definition to decide to invoke the Emergencies Act — they used their own reasons, but you can’t see them.

This is the opposite of what the legislation calls for and flies in the face of what the inquiry is really all about.

Yet, time and again on Wednesday, Lametti cited solicitor-client privilege and refused to answer questions on the guiding legal or intelligence reasons for invoking the act. As justice minister, Lametti is the government’s lawyer and he’s saying he can’t reveal his advice unless the government allows it to be released.

Justice Paul Rouleau tried to gently press Lametti on this issue, asking how he could understand and pass judgment on the legal basis of invoking the Emergencies Act when the government was not forthcoming on the legal rationale.

“I guess the answer is we just assume they acted in good faith in application of whatever they were told,” Rouleau said.

“I think that’s fair,” Lametti replied.

Fair for the government, not fair to Rouleau or to the Canadian public.

The main question for the Emergencies Act inquiry in Ottawa is supposed to be whether the Trudeau government was justified in using the emergency legislation. The text of the Emergencies Act legislation is clear, and strict, on what constitutes a public order emergency, which is the kind the Liberals invoked.

Invents its own definition

Section 3 of the act states that a national emergency is one that “cannot be effectively dealt with under any other law of Canada,” while section 16 says that a public order emergency is one “that arises from threats to the security of Canada.” The act lays out the definition of what constitutes a threat to the security of Canada as a threat that “has the meaning assigned by section 2 of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service Act.”

If that sounds complicated, it’s not. This legislation, and section 2 of the CSIS Act, are written in very plain language that is simple for any Canadian to understand. The act lays out four key areas that meet this definition of threats to Canada’s national security: Espionage or sabotage, foreign influenced activities detrimental to the interests of Canada, the threat or use of acts of serious violence for the purpose of achieving a political, religious or ideological objective, and attempts to overthrow the government.

We know that neither the RCMP, the OPP nor the Ottawa Police thought invoking the Emergencies Act was necessary. We also know that the official report by CSIS said that the convoy protests did not meet the legal threshold set out by law on any of the four points.

When CSIS director David Vigneault was asked why his agency said that the legal threshold wasn’t met but he still advised invoking the act, he said the justice department lawyers briefed him. When asked what they said, solicitor-client privilege was invoked.

There was another reason — there was another definition used to define a threat to the national security of Canada but you, as a Canadian citizen, aren’t entitled to know what that definition is. Neither is the commission investigating the use of the Emergencies Act allowed to know – at least not in public.

When Parliament passed the Emergencies Act in 1988, the goal was to ensure there were limits on the use of extraordinary powers by any future government. They wrote in clear instructions and clear definitions as a public assurance that the act would not be a political tool.

By using a legal basis and definitions not found in the act, the Trudeau government is making a mockery of Parliament’s intentions and the efforts of the inquiry they called to pass judgment on their actions.

Just trust us doesn’t cut it, the government needs to release the legal opinion they acted on.”


Greencrow concludes: So, there you have it folks. That’s the legal premise that the Turvert Regime is resting its historical invocation of martial law/The Emergencies Act last February 2022 on. JFT and his co-conspirators are admitting that the Emergencies Act did not legally give them the powers to bring on the police horsemen/Gestapo that they did. They’re saying–because it did not–they decided to rewrite it in secret so that it DID give them the powers. To this day, they refuse to disclose the language of that revision. In other words, they behaved just like JFT’s model “…the basic Chinese dictatorship” in the Tiananmen Square massacre way back in 1989.

NOTE: Even in China the citizens are fed up with the CovIDian Biometric ID caper. Here is a tweet from November 23, 2022:

Greencrow continues: Folks, if the Lie-beral regime of JFT gets away with invoking the Emergencies Act on the basis of their political agenda…which IMO they will…then Canada has just been rendered roadkill on the way to the WEFer Global/Communist World Government. I’m starting to believe that JFT is the anti-Christ. What else COULD he be–to have destroyed such a beautiful sanctuary of freedom. But. Wait. Maybe he didn’t do it all on his own…maybe all of the 90% of Canadians who stupidly and ignorantly went along with him as step-by-step he cinched the python strictures on Canadian society tighter and tighter…cowardly and passively aided and abetted him.

Yesterday evening I had tea around my dining room table with two women who until recently were living in the Ontario cocoon of servility. I was mildly pissed off that they had dropped in on me unexpectedly as I was settling back into our Malahat cabin after repositioning from Coquitlam the day before…so I decided to gently red pill them. I brought up the topic of my trip to China and listed the social and economic repressions that we saw in the population while we toured around that nation in 2018. They agreed with me–that the Chinese system must be very unpleasant for the population–not being able to travel/relocate…having to live in high-rise ghettos where the apartments are basic down-to-the-studs spaces that don’t even have toilets in them when purchased. Then I told them that Trudeau was planning to bring the same ‘Chinese System’ to Canada. They were dumbfounded. They were totally oblivious to the ‘tiptoe to tyranny’ agenda that has been foisted on Canadians for the past two years.

Yes, folks, these ignoramuses are partly to blame for what is coming–once this farce of an Emergencies Act Inquiry is over and Judge Rouleau’s already written decision is revealed. His decision will state the Government of Canada Communist Regime can do whatever it damn well wants, regardless of any previous legislation. Game over. Stay tuned.

7 thoughts on “Canada is ROADKILL on the WEFer Highway

  1. Agreed.
    These REPTILE BRAIN BOUGHT OFF GLOBALIST WHORES shilling for Klausy and Billy are VERY FUCKING serious about their AGENDA
    You Canucks with your heads up your ass are the NUMBER ONE problem.
    Stop willingly being fucking COWARDS!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If you’re an American, I have very little respect for your clueless citizens either. False Flag after False Flag has gone totally uninvestigated–until the Satanic criminals have now taken over completely in the former “home of the Brave and the Land of the Free”. So don’t throw stones.


  2. All those that complied to Trudolt’s edicts created this mess. The government is the new god for the majority since mention was taken from the schools and ‘family’ slowly destroyed. I can’t imagine JFT saying anything truthful, even if he answers a question or two. That belly dragging reptile hasn’t the intelligence or morals to do anything but what his reptilian brain stem can muster. I hope there’s a miracle and I won’t hold my breath waiting for it.

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    1. Hi OkanaganGoddess:

      I didn’t watch any of the MP’s so far in the Inquiry. Just read highlights/lowlights. Their voices and faces make me physically ill…as does the voice and face of JFTurvert. He’s a hellish abomination…but most Canadians don’t see it that way. Their ignorance is astounding–and petrifying.


  3. Hi Francis:
    The accountability is and will in future be non-existent. Just like in China…the rulers will be anonymous and will rule by absolute fiat. My visitors from Ontario last evening said ‘There are some good things about the Chinese government…like the way everyone is equal.” See what I’m saying?


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