Twitter Wars – the final conflict?

BREAKING NEWS: NOTE: Apparently the Babylon Bee is a Parody Blog – How bad is Canada’s Healthcare You Ask? Update December 13, 2022, Canadian Healthcare System Introduces Punch Card Where On Your 10th Visit You Get Free Suicide

Good morning readers. Something very curious is going on this morning in our Malahat cabin. We have a partial/selective electrical outage. Some force has cut the electricity just to a few of our appliances and lights…not all. Wierd. I’ve been very busy on Twitter this morning and usually get booted off the Internet every few minutes or so. I’ve gotten used to it and just reboot my connectivity and Bob’s your uncle. I carry on. But it almost seems like someone has tried to disconnect my computer but hit the wrong switches. LOL. I’ve been Truth blogging for almost 10 years full time so am used to these quiZZical connundrums but this is a new one. Just thought I’d mention it so that the gremlins can see that I’m aware. Whatever…down to the business of this post…which is related…

While it has been five days since I posted on this blog, I’ve been very active on Twitter–where I’ve now amassed 450 followers…many more than I have on this blog. I’ve also made a lot of friends/connections some of them ‘influencers’. Twitter is, IMO, ground Zero for the final battle between humanity and the Satanic Globalist WEFer Artificial Intelligence purveyors of the Apocalypse, which is now in full swing.

Twitter is going through a revolution within its corporate structure led by it’s new owner Elon Musk. When Musk first indicated he wanted to buy up Twitter I must admit I was highly skeptical and Tweeted so many times. I considered him just another Globalist asset…and in some of my darker moments I still do. But just in recent days something truly miraculous has happened. I can hardly believe it. It started a week or so ago when Musk tweeted that he ‘was not suicidal‘. You know whenever somebody does that, it means they feel under serious threat by the Globalist Deep State. The next thing he did was call for the arrest of Dr. Anthony Fauci, the American ‘Dr. Mengele’ behind the vaxxxxZine roll out in the US.

Now, Musk is saying he’s going to publish some compelling evidence that will ‘result in the arrest of Dr. Fauci.’ Everyone is encouraging him to do it ASAP. Of course, there’s a ton of evidence already in the public domain to arrest all these ba$tards 1,000 times over [Fauci, Tam, BS Bonnie, Duclos, ‘the Alien’ minister of HELLth in Ottawa, etc. etc.]. The problem is not the evidence…it’s getting the corrupt police and judiciary to do their sworn duty to uphold the law.

But the Evil Empire is beginning to fight back, also on Twitter. They’ve got their minions like Elton John to very publicly ‘quit Twitter’ and they’re revving up their MSM ‘cancel culture machine’ to destroy his reputation in any way they can. After all Twitter was their playground and they made a lot of hay off it…controlling it completely, ‘shadow-banning’, blocking and ejecting users at their whim. Now it appears to be all over…the PerpZ simply cannot allow that to happen. Expect something to happen to Elon Musk. Expect something to happen to Twitter.

The thing about Twitter is that IMO it is designed like a honeycomb…separate compartments where like-minded are in geopolitical echo-chambers. I rarely see the Tweets of the woke, left Liberals. And they rarely see tweets from the anti-vaxxing right wing conservative group. So, to that extent, peace was maintained by way of informational walls…the virtual equivalent of the cold war Berlin Wall. Will Musk get rid of those walls and allow the free passage of information/ideas/debate? If he were to do that, all hell would break loose.

So that’s why I’m not posting as much these days…I am following this existential virtual battle to the death between freedom and total control that is being fought on Twitter. As an example of the free ideas and evidence on this platform, to conclude, I have posted below some links recently gleaned off Twitter. See for yourself the rich sources of evidence and what is being presented. Browse the links below and I will have a few words more of commentary thereafter:

Greencrow continues: The link below is the opening salvo of the MSM firing back at Musk:

Greencrow says: Below is a ‘MUST WATCH’ Rumble link I found on Twitter. It is testimony by a Saskatchewan woman of the hell she’s being going through ever since being vaxxZed. I reposted this many times on Twitter and even sent it to the Turvert…so he can see what havoc his Satanic agenda has wreaked.

Greencrow concludes: Is Elon Musk for real? Is he the ‘white knight’ who has finally come to save us? Readers, the jury is still out on that one. More water has to run under the bridge. But there has been a ray of hope…sadly it has come at the cost of the possible safety/survival of Musk. Stay tuned.

Elon Musk in Baphomet costume with mother. As discussed in Rumble link below H/T FreakedOut.

11 thoughts on “Twitter Wars – the final conflict?

  1. Interesting thoughts on Musk/Twitter Greencrow. I’ve been following the Twitter disclosures somewhat to see where things are going with the platform. I came across some interesting info on Musk/Twitter and free speech the other day and it got me thinking. Here’s a Rumble video with Dr Palevsky and Dr Merritt talking about Musk/Twitter/Free speech, please FF to the 30:30 minute mark and check out the commentary from the two Doc’s about the video played by Dr Palevsky on “Free Speech along with extent of REACH”:

    “Critically Thinking with Dr. T and Dr. P Episode 123 – Dec 8 2022”

    Definitely gets ya thinking. 🤔

    Is this what it will be about with Twitter?

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  2. Can we say that the lying Canadian whore MSM attempted to limit the…REACH…. of the SPEECH… of the Freedom Convoy protesters last winter in Ottawa? How about Twitter?

    Algorithms limiting Truthful Blogs trying to get the message out.

    ” Scream all you want but no ones going to hear you.”…. So say the Perps.

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  3. Hi FreakedOut:

    Talk about censorship! I responded in a long comment only to have it Zapped after I “published” it. So now I have to start over.

    I said that I watched/listened to the relevant comments about Musk in the video and would have entirely agreed with them right up until the last few weeks when he has gone against script to the extent he now appears afraid for his life.

    He wants Fauci arrested and prosecuted. How can this be part of ‘their’ agenda?

    The last several paragraphs were about my recent two hour long ‘red pill’ discussion with my new neighbour on the Malahat over tea the other day. I finally told her the entire tragic saga of my anti-vax journey of the past three years. She paid careful attention and did not try to silence me which was phenomenal.

    She told me she had her three vaxes becase as ‘someone with a science back ground’ [she had a career as someone who operated a radiology machine in a clinic] she felt comfortable that she knew and agreed with ‘the science’. But, when I questioned her about her knowledge of ‘spike proteins’ and ‘shedding of same’ she drew a complete blank. Same thing when I asked her if she understood how the synthetic messenger RNA worked with the DNA to produce the spike proteins.

    The sheeple are entirely clueless and if they knew what we knew, if they were exposed to a debate that included Drs. Mike Yeadon, Sucharit Bhakti, Roger Hodgkinson, Charles Hoffe and many other real doctors/scientists they would be marching in the streets, IMO. There needs to be a platform where the ‘science’ can be openly debated and perhaps this is where Musk comes in!

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    1. “There needs to be a platform where the ‘science’ can be openly debated and perhaps this is where Musk comes in!”

      We can only hope Greencrow! 🤞

      “He wants Fauci arrested and prosecuted. How can this be part of ‘their’ agenda?”

      Good point! I was amazed to see that Tweet. 😮

      “She told me she had her three vaxes becase as ‘someone with a science back ground’ [she had a career as someone who operated a radiology machine in a clinic] she felt comfortable that she knew and agreed with ‘the science’. ”

      Cognitive dissonance creeping in?

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      1. A lot of people with ‘science backgrounds’ like my friend and even my oncologist daughter…are totally clueless about the vaccines. This manufactured cognitive dissonance is perhaps the PerpZ greatest achievement. Makes you wonder about what Dr Deagle said in the video above about how the vaccines could affect the human brain.


    1. In my original comment to you that was Zapped, I included dr. Peter McCullough in the list of sentient doctors. He has done yeoman service to try and educate the masses about the Plandemic/vax HOAX.


      1. Wouldn’t you love to see that short(1 minute) video clip of Dr McCullough talking the TRUTH on the MSM…talk about having REACH. Sheeple heads would literally explode!
        If Twitter/Musk maintains course and reports ALL truth then it’s going to get wild! Stock up on popcorn for the Lefty/Liberal meltdown show.

        In Greg Hunter’s latest interview with Dr Betsy Eads, Twitter and truth suppression comes up.
        I HIGHLY recommend this 48 minute interview as it’s chock full of good info. Possible big happenings in Florida with Gov. Ron Desantis looking into the quackccines. Dr Eads, like Dr Merritt, believes big pharma is eventually going down.
        “DEVELOPING: Governor DeSantis Calls on Grand Jury to Investigate Covid Vaccine-Related Injuries (VIDEO)”

        Dr Eads also has good recommendations on how the vaxxed, and shed upon unvaxxed, can restore health. She also mentions how she believes a new medical paradigm is arising because of all the loss of confidence of the Allopathic cult and their “Science”.

        “Tsunami of Vax Deaths Coming in Next Two Years – Dr. Betsy Eads”


  4. Musk, messiah or magician? Have thoughts that he might be a very good distraction now that the Ukraine has fallen in the popularity polls. What are ‘they’ doing behind the curtain while everyone is fawning over the fabulous free speech fellow. I will wait and watch. He and his mother play with the dark side. I don’t care if they have cookies, I’m not going there. Not a Twit-Face and glad of it.

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