Malahat snow storm, JFT trolls Canadians [again]


Good snowy morning, sentients. There’s a weather warning for the Malahat this morning. We are already under about 6 inches of snow and it’s falling steadily. Supposed to be about 20 centimeters [I know, I was born in the period between inches and centimeters and use both] by the end of the day.

Normally we wouldn’t go out, especially driving the always treacherous Malahat highway but we need to go shopping for groceries. So I do believe we will venture out this afternoon, barring a bliZZard.

I just wanted to update on a few geopolitical events going on. The first being–JFT trolled Canadians again the other day. Trolling that ‘minority’ of ‘unvaxed’ Canadians seems to be all he does anymore these days. If we unvaxed troll back, however, JFT seeks bloody vengeance, such as invoking the Emergencies Act as he did almost a year ago.

This latest episode had him suddenly and without warning going on Elon Musk’s Twitter and asking Canadians to ask him questions which he said he would respond “Stay tuned”. Well, what happened then was he got over 30,000 negative and insulting ‘questions’ statements with very rare positive ones [I scrolled for about an hour through hundreds and hundreds of questions and did not see a single positive one].

Now he’s off in a sulk, saying that he was ‘surprised’ at the negativity, He ‘does not know how to counter such negativity on social media.’ He hasn’t answered any questions and of course he won’t. All he will do now is bear down harder on censoring social media. In that regard, many are thinking this was always a trap and the thought occurred to me as well. JFT never does anything on the level. He always has an ulterior motive. Below is the tweet sent out by JFT and I will continue my comments thereafter:

Greencrow continues: So now, according to social media, JFT’s gone off to sulk and plot his revenge. In his tiny, psychotic brain, a complete clamp down on social media will be justified because of the 30,000+ rude questions he received. My question to him was this:

“I will ask the same question as the lawyer for the Freedom Convoy asked you: “When did you and your government become so afraid of Canadians”.

Now for something completely different...or maybe not. US real journalist Tucker Carlson gave a video editorial the other day where he basically accused the CIA of assassinating US President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. I have done many posts on this public execution of a sitting president as part of a government coup many times over the years. The last time I dealt with it was on my former Google/Blogger blog [since cancelled by Google] when I reviewed the latest evidence on the murder that was posted on the blog [can’t remember the name of the blog at the moment but will fill it in when it comes back to me]. This information laid the blame mainly on the Israeli government and Zionist moles within the US bureaucracy such as James Jesus Angleton.

Please watch/listen to the Tucker Carlson rant and I will have concluding comments to follow:

Greencrow concludes: My final point is this: I have lived for almost 76 years. In my formative years when I was 15, JFK was assassinated. His public execution “shot down like a dog in the streets of Dallas’ coloured and affected my life ever since. I lost my political naivete that day. There is a very evil, dark, secretive and powerful entity that rules humanity on this planet. It surfaced and made itself known that day. It has popped it’s monstrous head out intermittently throughout the years and decades since.

In January of 2020, it came out and revealed itself as the ‘mastermind’ behind the CovIDian Cult Apocalypse Plandemic HOAX and has been doing it’s busywork ever since. Managing and manipulating the medical/pharmaceutical, political and media asset hit men ever since. So what JFT is up to here in Canada is just a continuation of what the Dallas shooter/hit men were up to on the grassy knoll and elsewhere in Dallas on that day. He is no better than one of the JFK hitmen. JFT’s targets are the elderly, vulnerable, children–and all the brainless sheeple that have taken the vax toxin he’s so heavily invested in financially. Yes, JFT is a hitman and we are his targets. Here’s what Tulsi Gabbard had to say about him recently. That’s it for now…got to face the snowstorm and bake my Christmas cookies. Stay tuned!

8 thoughts on “Malahat snow storm, JFT trolls Canadians [again]

  1. With respect, I’d recommend you take a daring step and head down the “JFK rabbit hole” one more time. I’m 76 years of age. I found the “conspiracy theory” advanced by Miles Mathis the most convincing. MM has also “de-spun” Tucker Carlson as well, so you might want to reconsider the source.

    Click to access barindex2.pdf

    Click to access tucker2.pdf

    A gentler, brief introduction you can read here.

    Click to access news2.pdf

    Good reading for the snowed-in!! Formerly of the US and Canada, then Kalifornication, French-Canadian wife (northern Ontario) and I reside now in Mexico. But we knew winter and snow!

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  2. I love the meme “I brought chairs here for everyone who came to read the comments” What a good laugh I had. JT couldn’t see his supporters comments? He obviously didn’t like the questions many asked and saw them all as negative. Dictators are not to be questioned? Other countries see his tyranny and the politicians in Canada seem to sputter and pop with nothing real done. They must be afraid of losing their cushy jobs. Hope you made it out for groceries and home safely. Enjoy baking. I”m doing the same. Merry Christmas with all your family. Cheers! Joan

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  3. Assassination of JFK, RFK, et al …Plus the timeline since 1900 building up to the 1960’s take over of Lucifer installed in Vatican II…to present day. You will notice that JFK a devout Catholic was assassinated approx. 5 months after the enthronement ceremony of Lucifer:

    1962/10/11 – Roman Catholic Pope John XIII convoked Second Vatican Council (Vatican II). Through the council, Satanic globalists expanded and deepened their infiltration to destroy the institutional Catholic Church and weaken Catholic faith around the world.

    1963/06/30 – Enthronement of Lucifer ceremony coordinated with consecration of Pope Paul VI.

    1963/11/22 – President Kennedy assassinated; President Johnson took office.

    And to continue with this is a recent video with James Corbett interview by CHD what they are planning now (or have planned) for present. This video confirms the above article but even in this video they seem to not know the ‘beginnings’ of this madness that is exposed by Katherine Watt in collaboration with Todd Callender’s findings.

    This IS the connections confirmed through Federal Bill’s most illegally passed and through vague language the Satanists (WHO ARE REAL) as exposed through the Vatican II coup, their agenda of depopulation in the name of ‘HEALTH’. They and their ‘tribe’ have set up the Noahide Laws in the US Federal Government signed into law by Bush Jr that has taken precedence over our Constitution. All that they have done was to override it with legislation that they themselves are guilty of violating to set up the seat of Satan…which most nations know by now except sadly the American people! And we all know by now it involves the world.

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    1. Hi and Merry Christmas to you and yours…
      I didn’t read the wiki…but I was quoting the substack article written by Katherine Watt. She wrote that. What alerted me was the timing of JFK assassination. Then her detailed timeline of the subversion of our Constitution to pave the way for this Health control via bioterrorism. I’ve been passing it around because most of the population doesn’t know how far this deep dark plan goes back and the evil behind it. Just want to share it. Don’t eat too many cookies 😉 Stay warm! I know it’s normal for you all, but because of our understanding of geoengineering, this cold blast is definitely one of them. Yesterday it was high 40’s and by midnight -0. The wind chill here is -30 deg. and the wind gusts are approx. 45-50 mph. I went outside only twice to feed the birds and make sure they had water. The population of all wildlife has drastically dropped here. My bird visitors have been reduced to more than half even though I feed them. They just can’t take this man-made geoengineering terrorism and now I can’t anymore. I remember when things were much different.

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