Christmas Greetings from The Greencrow

And a Merry Gaslighting Extreme Climate Event to you!

Good morning beloved sentients. Today is Christmas Eve on the Malahat. We are in the midst of an extreme weather event and all I want for Christmas this year is for the power to stay on!

The past week we had a record snowfall and minus 10 degree cold. Last night the weather changed dramatically, with the temperature coming above zero by about 5 degrees and a rainstorm. The rain made the two-foot high snow on the roofs, treetops and ground soggy and flooded. Now we’re waiting for one of the trees to fall or branches to snap off and down a power line. We do have a generator but you can only run one of those to a few electrical outlets [fridge, stove] and only for as long as you have propane to run them.

I hear from my husband who watches the MSM that 200 million North Americans are under a severe weather warning. Canadians in Ontario are experiencing unprecedented weather conditions as well. A Via Rail commuter train between Ottawa and Ontario was stranded for 18 hours with just water on board.

Folks, I don’t care what the Sheeple might think. This is a weather modification and weather weaponiZation attack by the usual suspects. Coming as it does right at the end of the ‘Best Before’ shelf life of the Plandemic Hoax it is yet another fear porn psy-op. Timed to destroy our Christmas and separate families yet again. Who is in charge of these Satanic episodes? Well look below for a clue. Real journalist Rebel News’ Alexa Lavoie reports on some information about how deep the corruption in the JFT Lie-beral Regime is. Please read and I will continue comments thereafter:


What kind of influence does McKinsey, an American strategic consulting firm, have within the Canadian government?

During the pandemic, McKinsey was the central company providing advice to various governments around the world. But McKinsey is a consulting firm, not a scientific firm, so why entrust such important files as ‘pandemic management’ to this company?

Alexa Lavoie for Rebel News and today I present to you an Order paper question about The McKinsey firm that Tako Van Popta, Conservative MP for Langley—Aldergrove posed to the government.

What is really the influence that McKinsey has within the Canadian government?

McKinsey is an American strategic consulting firm, created in 1926.

We know that during the pandemic, McKinsey was the central company providing advice to various governments around the world. On their website it says that “Around the world, McKinsey quickly shifts to remote and hybrid working and focuses on supporting our people, our clients, and our communities through the pandemic.”

McKinsey is a consulting firm, not a scientific firm, so why entrust such important files as ‘pandemic management’ to this company?

Van Popta asked the government to provide details about any contracts it may have with McKinsey, including the value of those contracts and the services provided by the firm.

A total of more than $86 million was paid out to McKinsey, excluding amounts that were not disclosed to the public, the non-calculated amount of contracts, taxes not included in certain amounts, etc.

First, the National Defence spent $18,356,565 on contracts. And you won’t believe what we paid this company to do. They made the military more woke.

Of this amount, approximately $7.5 millions has been injected to advance Culture Evolution through stakeholder analysis and to progress Culture evolution through the development of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

But seriously, to advance the WOKE culture within our defence system against a probable war or other critical situations? But where is the urgency of diversity and equity among those who must be trained to be resilient, tolerant and rigid in case of national problems? Do we have fighters or woke activists? What will other countries think of us! In short, McKinsey is paying millions to advance a woke agenda in the military and I bet the world’s tyrants are laughing at us.

Over $5 million  used to improve their complaints system, too?

Here are some departments that offered McKinsey contracts:

Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) offered $857,282.34 plus $5,742,857.53 not contracted.

Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC): $857,282.34.

Export Development Canada (EDC): $7,316,000.00.

Destination Canada (DC): $2,795,000 (excluding taxes).

Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC): $8,852,091 (before tax).

Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA): $1,975,270.50.

Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL): $540,000.00, to look at the potential use of nuclear energy in the fight against climate change, and opportunities for CANDU technology in particular.

Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA): $1,975,270.50.

With respect to Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) as a Common Service Provider, it offers $ 45,662,321 under contract, all untendered.

So the government just gave McKinsey the contract without competition or bids.

What is more shocking to see is that there’s no detail on the intended purpose or whether everything has been achieved or not. It is still more than $45 million, from taxpayers, offered to a multinational company, and we do not have access to the goal for the contract? 

The information was given for the year 2021, but it would be interesting if the request was also made for the year 2020 to know more about the role of McKinsey within the government. We will continue to dig deeper.


Greencrow continues: folks, this is just the tip of the corruption iceberg. The Turvert is not even trying anymore. As I’ve mentioned previously, he and his equally corrupt MP’s have taken to trolling Canadian citizens. Turvert did a video a week ago where he asked Canadians to send him questions…then completely ignored the questions [which were mostly pointed] as if Canadians asking him questions was just a joke.

Then yesterday I saw another video he did with the Minister of Transportation where he pretended to be a detective on a phone with an assistant…I did not listen to the video because I cannot stand the sound of his lisping voice. But it was done in the format of those 30’s and 40’s mystery movies.

Again, Canadians were shocked and insulted. Is this the way that paid employees spend their time on the job? Who paid for the video? Taxpayers?!

One thing after the other. Yesterday he announced he was off with his family for a week’s vacation in Jamaica. Thumbing his nose at Canadians who have to face extreme weather brought on them by his international WEFer Climate Change Hoax criminal mafia. I had a pleasant image in my head last night of his plane suddenly exploding in mid-air…just like Air India did back in the 1990’s [also the product of government criminality].

Yes, folks, I have had some no-so-festive thoughts going round in my head and they’re NOT sugar plums. So tired of the gas lighting with no end in sight.

I will end this ‘Christmas’ post with some recent cartoons gleaned off Twitter…and then a short video sent to me by my loyal blog contributor FreakedOut. Stay safe, fellow warriors. Nobody ever promised that the Armageddon/Apocalypse was going to be easy!

Greencrow says: This should have brought the entire genocidal house of cards crashing down. See the video clip below where PfiZer CEO, stepping down, admits the vax is not ‘safe and effective’.

And here is FreakedOut’s contribution for this very Unmerry Post:

Folks I promise before I post again I will sit for a couple of hours under an anti-SADS heatlamp. I’ve asked Santa to give me one for Christmas!

Merry Christmas and stay tuned.

5 thoughts on “Christmas Greetings from The Greencrow

  1. Merry Christmas, Greencrow and thanks for this McKinsey revelation (I had not come across it before). Your work on your blog is always appreciated. Stay warm and dry and may all the trees stay upright.

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  2. Hi GC…

    Here’s what Buffalo, NY had along with Ontario: THE MOST INTENSE BLIZZARD EVER INTERCEPTED! Motorists stranded in Buffalo

    I remember (at the young age of 19 and just married) the blizzard of 1977. Before internet, cell phones and all tech…we helped people stranded on our country road to get their car moving. No four wheel drives back then. Back in the day. We had to dig out from the door just to dig out the car then dig out to the road…then crawl up the road to dig out my mom’s car so she could get out too. lol Everybody was out digging out…no one waited on big brother for rescue either. No fear porn in those days. We had the Mighty Shovel!

    ps…Big LOL @ [I had a pleasant image in my head last night of his plane suddenly exploding in mid-air…] because I can’t count how many times I’ve said the same concerning every single chemtrail plane I see except I imagine me having a SAM with 1000% accuracy.

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  3. Merry Christmas to MR and Sparrow. Thanks for your comments. Merry Christmas also to all my wonderful beloved sentient readers! We just finished opening our Christmas gifts by the tree and I have a wonderful array of thoughtful gifts, including a voucher for a day at a nearby Spa! After almost three years of no spa I am ecstatic!


    1. Looks like Santa was good to you Greencrow! A day at the Spa should certainly help after spending the last three years riding on the SCAMDEMIC …”Crazy Train”.

      I’m sure many of us can relate to this song…

      Ozzy Osbourne – Crazy Train (Lyrics)


  4. Merry Christmas young lady..

    Still bitterly cold here in the true centre of Canada with daily highs in the -20C range..

    Here’s to you and other real truth seekers… We can only hope for a true awakening of the masses in 2023 that has been so long overdue!

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