Greencrow 2022 -Year in review/Predictions for 2023


Elon Musk [perhaps contemplating the coming year 2023?] Tweeted this image of himself this morning with the caption “some nights“.


Good morning beloved sentient readers. An unprecedented series of power outages here on the Malahat, one lasting 16 hours and needing the use of our generator have taken place starting on Boxing Day. Today, however, the power is on so I can finally sit down and tackle the onerous end of year responsibility–to sum up the past year, 2022. I will also make predictions about the coming year 2023. As I always mention around this time, as a New Years Eve baby, my life has been tidily compartmentalized into yearly balance sheets. I will be starting off a new age and a new year together on January 1st, 2023.

As I look back on 2022, I wonder how I ever survived it. I was down and out for the count this time last year having just been informed by my husband of 43 years that he had taken two doses of the jab without my knowledge and/or consent. My long distance friend and blog contributor FreakedOut spent a couple of hours with me on Zoom and prevented me from going for a ‘walk in the snow’. I will never forget FreakedOut‘s support during my hours of need.

I staggered through January in a blur. Then, a miracle took place in February, The Truckers Freedom Convoy[s] made their epic cross-Canada trip to save our nation from crippling and killing never-ending lockdown mandates. They and their pan-Canadian supporters demonstrated in central Ottawa for two weeks. It was like the Truckers were performing CPR on a national corpse, lying lifeless in the snow. They slowly coaxed the pulse back into Canada and set it on a course to turf out the evil mass psychosis-deploying tyrants who make up the Lie-beral WEFer regime. For the rest of 2022, Canada was an invalid, making a slow and painful recovery, with several setbacks. Even today, our nation is ‘touch and go’–but at least we’re still alive–and our core resistance is as strong, committed and determined as ever. Its numbers slowly growing as the lies are exposed one-by-one.

Today, as we stand precariously perched, like Batman in the drawing above, on the precipice of 2023 we have a new leader in our cause. Elon Musk has crossed the ‘Truth’ Rubicon, bought up Twitter and is now using it as a sledgehammer to batter the Globalist WEFer-ites. Just last night there were podcasts on Twitter where for the first time, doctors with alternative views were allowed to express them without censorship. What difference will it make? Well, prepare for a massive culture cancel operation against Elon Musk. When the demons are finished with him…they’ll be having the sheeple convinced he boinked his own mother in the back seat of one of his Tesla automobiles! Wait for it!

Insofar as other important events to include in a yearly review, please read the following report written by John Hamilton that FreakedOut found in great blogger Henry Makow’s blog. Please read and I will continue my comments thereafter;

2022 in Review

John Hamilton – 2022 in Review – Pandemic Hoax Falls Apart (Part One)—2022-in-review.html

To access the link above click on the headline not the link which appears non-functioning.

Greencrow continues: As always, there was a lot of farce–and black humour–that got us through the very dark times of 2022. We were always able to laugh at the quintessential stupid villainy of JFT. See, for example, his hypocritical performance in the video below….where JFT sheds a tear for the homeless…who are tragically asking for advice on Turverts’ new MAIDS suicide legislation at the local food bank. Then, JFT jets off with his family on a week’s taxpayer-funded vacation in Jamaica.

Greencrow continues: 2022 was also a year where we reflected back on all the times the sheeple were bambooZled by treacherous governments. Somebody on Twitter dug up the video below from 30 years ago where a doctor accused the US CovID Mengele, Anthony Fauci, of crimes against humanity. If the authorities had arrested him back then it’s doubtful we would be living through this three year [so far] nightmare now:

History seems to repeat itself. Fauci isn’t who many people think he is.


Greencrow continues: Every day during the past several months we’ve had doctors breaking their silence and speaking out against the mRNA depopulation genocide Hoax. Here are several in the video below. It is these doctors who Elon Musk is finally giving a platform to on Twitter. Too little, too late? We shall see in 2023!

Here in Canada, we have our national hero, Dr. Byram Bridle, Professor of Immunology at Guelph University who eloquently sums up the gladiatorial war being fought by the silenced doctors. Below is a “must read” article where Bridle [again] throws down the debate gauntlet to all the conveniently quiet “experts” pushing the official narrative. They have been given carte blanche by the media, Bridle contends…but no longer will they be allowed to make all sorts of assertions and accusations without a smidgen of scientific proof!

Canadian Immunologist Byram Bridle on the 3 year government operation to silence alternative views to the official CovID-19 vaxxxxZine narrative



But, as the Spielberg sequel to the first StarWars movie premised: The Empire WILL Strike Back. And we can expect that in 2023. As I will discuss further in my Predictions for 2023, Turvert is already scheming how to manipulate and corrupt our national institutions further against us. One strategy is to hire foreign mercenaries for the Canadian army and then turn these killers-for-hire against Canadians, using our own tax dollars:


Opening doors of military recruitment to PR, Canada is undermining its national security

Greencrow’s Peerless Predictions for 2023

  1. Turvert will pull out all the stops in a last ditch effort to destroy Canada for his Globalist WEFer handlers. He will use the climate change hoax as one strategy to bring our nation once and for all to its knees. Some bloggers have said there is no such thing as weather modification and weather warfare. I invite them to study the research of Dane Wigington just for one source. Unlike these bloggers I am not a scientist and thank God for that! I do not have to clutter up my mind with all the lies that have been floated around in the ‘scientific community’. Just for one instance, years ago I remember when ‘El Nina’ was touted as a force that affected our climate over a period of years–it was described as a ‘warming’ force. Now, apparently, El Nina is a ‘cooling‘ force. Whatever! I have certain immutable laws that I apply to a situation which have always served me in arriving at likely possibilities. These laws are: a) If the evil ones CAN use a technology to destroy humanity then they WILL use that technology. Ergo, since weather modification and weather warfare are facts…we can rest assured they have already been deployed against us. b) Timing. I always look at the timing of suspicious events. The PerpZ can conceal a lot of their evil behind smoke and mirrors but they cannot conceal the timing of their Bull Shit. They always time their events for maximum fear and destruction. So, this past Christmas we had continental/nation-wide extreme weather events. Canada being the ‘true north’ we can always expect extreme weather in the winter. But unprecedented extreme weather nationwide just when people are traveling to be with their families at Christmas?! C’mon.

2. The evil ones will continue their perversion of our children. We should keep a close eye on how their legislation impacts our children because they are out to get them. SteriliZe them, brainwash them, make them ill and die. It is an all-out war! Even Turvert’s $10 per day daycare legislation is geared to get his filthy, bloody hands on our youngest children.

3. The time is approaching that the Canadian police and the military will have to drop their neutral stance on the war between the Lie-beral Regime and the sentient Canadians–and choose sides. Turvert has tried his hardest to bully and humiliate the military and the RCMP into doing his evil bidding without much apparent success. That is why he has rigged the system/changed the goalposts so he can bring in foreign mercenaries to further his agenda for a Chinese Communist-style basic dictatorship in Canada. It will be interesting to watch how far he can push the police and the military.

4. Control and eradication of the free press and free speech in Canada. Turvert has brought in new legislation [passed by his anti-democratic ‘deal with the NDP devil’ minority government] to severely censor free speech on the Internet. Of course you won’t be reading this in the MSM. No doubt they consider this legislation to be throwing them a lifeline, as they are withering on the vine for lack of readership. The only reason they’re still publishing/broadcasting is due to JFT’s infusion of $600 million printed money loan on the backs of the Canadian taxpayers. They no doubt believe they’ll get their audience back once the blogs and the podcasts and Twitter are dead and buried. Personally, I doubt it. I would rather watch for smoke signals on the horizon than go back to reading the filthy shit put out by the MSM. Watch for blogs like little moi finally being put down like an elderly dog. You know something? I’d rather be put down by the evil government than quit!

5. Finally, keep your eyes on what’s happening in Canadian courts. Again, you will never read a word about these class action lawsuits in the MSM. There is a big one going on here in BC right now. A social justice group is suing Bull Shit Bonnie Henry for all the murderous damage she’s done to British Columbians by rolling out and forcibly mandating the toxic mRNA gene-editing fiasco. Of course, we’ll also hear the results of the POEC inquiry into the Turvertian invocation of the Emergencies Act against the peaceful demonstrators in Ottawa last February. I don’t have much hope for this because POEC Judge Paul Rouleau has already displayed his bias, caught by the courtroom cameras, when he silently motioned to WEFer board member Chyristia Freeland to “zip her lips” rather than answer a question posed by the lawyers for the Convoy. But, just like there are more and more doctors speaking out for humanity, there are more and more lawyers. Finally, these two professions are reaching the foregone conclusion that if Canada is destroyed…so will be their lucrative careers!

In closing, may I add that the Turvert went to the island of Jamaica with his family for the holidays; Aside from his ‘carbon footprint’ being through the roof from all his jet travels during 2022, IMO, he likely met with his evil cohorts in the Carribean. Demented Biden was apparently also in St. Croix. I can’t imagine these cowardly thieves, murderers and perverts NOT meeting when their Globalist Agenda 2030 appears to be on the ropes with the rogue elite Elon Musk destroying their hermetically sealed/airtight strangle-hold on the official narrative. No doubt they’re meeting as I type to devise a counter-attack against him and all their other enemies.

Happy New Year 2022 to you and your families

…in spite of it all and…stay tuned.

Lyrics to Old Lang Syne by Robbie Burns

Old Lang Syne

  • Should old acquaintance be forgot
    and never brought to mind?
    Should old acquaintance be forgot
    and old lang syne?
  • [Chorus – this part repeats after every verse]
    For auld lang syne, my dear
    for auld lang syne
    we’ll take a cup of kindness yet
    for auld lang syne.
  • And surely you’ll buy your pint cup
    and surely I’ll buy mine
    And we’ll take a cup o’ kindness yet
    for auld lang syne.
  • We two have run about the slopes
    and picked the daisies fine;
    But we’ve wandered many a weary foot
    since auld lang syne.
  • We two have paddled in the stream
    from morning sun till dine
    But seas between us broad have roared
    since auld lang syne.
  • And there’s a hand my trusty friend
    And give me a hand o’ thine
    And we’ll take a right goodwill draught
    for auld lang syne

Here is a wonderful and very timely rendition of The Prayer for all to enjoy, thanks to FreakedOut.

17 thoughts on “Greencrow 2022 -Year in review/Predictions for 2023

  1. Great Blog Greencrow.

    Regarding your first 2023 prediction. I think Turvert may try to win a majority government in an early election next year before he implements that horrible strategy. If Turvert goes full on tyrant, Singh may be get cold feet and yank the rug out from under him. Turvert can’t take that chance so he may make another desperate attempt to get that majority. My guess (and hope) is that he will get a humiliating defeat if he tries.

    All the best for 2023 and keep up the good fight. Your courageous work is greatly appreciated.

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  2. Hi Ron:

    You may be right about an early selection in 2023. JFT is hoping to capitaliZe on the many deep fissures and fractures he’s worked so hard to create in Canadian society.

    Re Jagmeet Singh–banned in India and the US as a terrorist–I have said many times on this blog that IMO Singh is far more dangerous than JFT who, after all is an unhinged dimwit. India certainly knows how a terrorist acts and talks and Canada walked into a trap set by the WEFer Communists when he was allowed to even enter our Parliament.


  3. Philippine singer Marcelito Pomoy is apparently self taught , starting at 7 years old, and by the time he was 18 years old he figured out the broad range to be able to cover female and male vocal ranges.
    Some thoughts from a voice teacher on Marcelito Pomoy’s incredible singing abilities.:

    “Voice Teacher Reacts: Marcelito Pomoy – The Prayer LIVE from the Wish Bus”

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  4. I’d like to hear him sing other songs, FreakedOut. Need to hear more before I believe he’s for real. But it did bring tears to my eyes. Tried the link to the other Celine Dion song you sent but it didn’t come up.


    1. Here you go Greencrow:

      “Morissette Amon and Marcelito Pomoy – Secret Love Song (Little Mix) 2nd Wish 107.5 Music Awards”

      Marcelito is one of a kind!

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  5. ” The Prayer” Italian lyrics translation:

    One of the passages:

    “Sogniamo un mondo senza più violenza24
    Un mondo di giustizia e di speranza
    Ognuno dia la mano al suo vicino
    Simbolo di pace, di fraternità”

    English translation 👇👇

    “We dream of a world with no more violence
    A world of justice and of hope25
    Everyone shakes the hand of their neighbor
    Symbol of peace, of brotherhood”

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  6. Greencrow, I totally agree with you that Biden and Trudeau are meeting in the Caribbean. If Trudeau and Biden officially met it would create an official record. Biden fled the polar vortex that killed dozens of US Citizens.  Here in Northern Virginia (NOVA) it was about -10 Celsius for a few days.   The ‘vaccine’ maniacs are retreating though.  NEVER FORGET NEVER FORGIVE. There seems to be a saboteur in NOVA. Covid vax signs seem to end up in storm drains.  Covid vax/testing centers have their door locks crazy glued. Who could this be?

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android


  7. Canadians dumbfounded ,😲 react to Marcelito Pomoy doing a cover for The Prayer

    “CANADIANS was MESMERIZED by Marcelito Pomoy singing The Prayer by Celine Dion & Andrea Bocelli”


  8. Hi FreakedOut
    I did go on Google and searched for live performances by Marcelito. Started watching him on stage in an American city [can’t remember the name of the city] He lacked stage presence. Was wearing an ill-fitting suit [too small] and the musical accompaniment was very low volume. Next time he goes on tour, he would do well to hire a manager/adviser who can rev up his stage performance. He does have a spectacular voice!

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    1. Right Greencrow, I’ll bet that’s the plan right now with him. Get some fine tuning in different areas. Some of the voice coaches I saw couldn’t find too much to fault on his singing.
      I see that Ellen DeGeneres says she’s going to try and hook him up with Celine Dion. Wouldn’t that be an interesting interview(maybe Duet)!?! 😲 Unfortunately, Celine isn’t doing too well health wise since getting the quackccine. I guess she has “Stiff Person Syndrome”(muscle spasms). One of the side effects of the jab.

      The song The Prayer, is probably making the demons hiss.

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  9. Yes, I meant to comment on Celine Dion, who, just before she came down with Stiff Person Syndrome [page 48 of the PfiZer adverse effects] made a commercial/video for some satanic children’s wear ?!? The disease being incurable, I don’t think we’ll be hearing her sing again…which is sad. She would do well to speak out against the perpZ who attacked and destroyed her health! Now THAT might make a difference!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good point Greencrow! Celine needs to mock the Demons.

      Since her husband passed from cancer(treatment…IMO), the future of her children isn’t looking too good if she succumbs to the jab. I’ll be honest, I’m not generally a big Pop fan but after seeing some of her songs done by Marcelito I have renewed interest in her music.

      I did see that bizarre commercial with the children, what’s with that!?!?!

      On another note, You Canadians have produced some incredible musicians! My all time favorite is Gordon Lightfoot. What a legend! Would love to see Marcelito do Gordy! What song would be good to cover? “Carefree Highway”?


  10. Hi FreakedOut:
    Celine seemed to go off the rails after her husband passed. I agree the Satanic sharks will be out to get her children if/when something happens to her. Re Gordon Lightfoot. I attended one of his concerts in 1967 in Montreal. It was at a venue called The New Penelope, which was quite popular, especially during Expo 67! Gordon was great. Small stage and audience very intimate. Just him and about 4 musicians. He was drop dead handsome. And I was a 20 year old star-struck Lightfoot fan who had all his albums. At the end of the concert, as I was leaving, Gordon was actually standing at the Exit to the street, shaking hands and talking with concert-goers. I went up and got him to autograph my poster of the ad for his Concert. I later framed that poster. It’s been on the walls of my home all these years. I’ll take a pic of it and post it when I get back to Coquitlam. As far as my favourite Gordon Lightfoot hit. I like ‘Song for A Winter’s Night’, ‘Early Morning Rain’ and of course, “If you could read my mind.” Also, ‘Rainy Day People’, which is about the people who helped him overcome his addictions.

    We’ve had a lot of great musicians/singers come out of Canada. Dion and Lightfoot are two of the top.


    1. ‘Song for A Winter’s Night’… one of my favorites!

      One thing I like about Gordon and Marcelito is neither one came from a musical family. Extra credit for their amazing talent! 👍😎

      Have you seen the latest craze musical talent from a millennial named “Dimash”? He has a 6 OCTAVE range!?!?!

      He’s worked the “Whistle Register”!! Crazy high notes. 😲


  11. The fucking wheels are coming off this charade. Anyone with an IQ above 90 should be able to connect the dots. Peace and love greencrow


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