Damar Hamlin – Black Swan

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What Is a Black Swan?


A “black swan” is an event with a very low probability of occurrence that produces catastrophic outcomes when it does occur. Retired New York University professor and former derivatives trader Nassim Taleb popularized the term in his book by the same name: “The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable.” He describes a black swan as having three properties: high unpredictability, potentially severe consequences, and being retrospectively predictable.



Good morning readers. And a Happy New Year 2023 to all of you. We’ve repositioned to Coquitlam and just getting readjusted but I thought I’d publish a short post on the Damar Hamlin case. Here are some headlines and links gleaned off the Internet since the Monday Night Football incident where a player suddenly collapsed on the field in front of the US TV cameras…thus provoking a national crisis:

Damar Hamlin has lung damage and is still on ventilator


FreakedOut says: “Henry Makow posted Jim Stone comment:

“Clotshot Monday night football death

Update: Probably dead but not admitted to by Jewish doctor who at least admits he’s in a coma following cardiac arrest.

RUMOR: The game was canceled because too many recently vaxxed players walked out. Games do not get shut down for injuries, which this still qualifies as.

Damar Hamlin of the Buffalo Bills collapsed on the field and died after successfully completing a tackle while playing against Ohio and it’s an obvious clotshot death, there were no serious hits, he got up, and then collapsed and died of a heart attack. Probably knocked a 4 foot long clot loose and it plugged the heart. Game Canceled.

He had just completed a totally mundane tackle. The media, NFL, and entire vax wagon is now trying to claim he took a massive hit to the chest and that triggered cardiac arrest. That is a lie, nothing “hit him” and if that normal tackle could trigger cardiac arrest there would be no game called football. There would also be no such thing as airbags and shoulder belts.”


This is a MUST Watch/Listen Rumble video. Dr. Peter McCullough gives a lot of essential medical background to CovID-19 vaccine-induced myocarditis aka ASDS [Adult Sudden Death Syndrome].

NFL Star Drops Suddenly With Peter McCullough, MD, MPH



Greencrow continues: As an unvaxed sentient I’ve been following this case closely because we’ve all been hoping that such events will wake up the terminally somnolent Sheeple to the genocidal Vax depop HOAX referred to as the CovID-19 vaxxine rollout. I agree with Jim Stone [for once] that Damar is likely already dead. They may be keeping him on a vent and his heart beating while they wait for the furor to die down and the “Official Narrative” to be cast in stone on the MSM.

I am interested the case also because it’s a good example of a “Black Swan” event. These are unpredictable happenings beyond the Satanists’ control that offer the best opportunity to derail their carefully strategized evil plots. As such it would almost appear they are “Acts of God”…which is another term sometimes used for them.

Already in the media they are calling what happened to Damar a Commotio Cordis event. It always helps the Official narrative if the name of the made-up lying excuse is in latin…gives it much more gravitas.

In conclusion, Damar Hamlin is most likely funcionally dead. Putting someone who suffered a heart attack on a vent doesn’t help and may do more harm. Vent’s are usually harmful when forcing air into unresponsive lungs. Family is now saying Damar has suffered lung damage.

It was most interesting to see the reaction of the players to the event on the field. They knew. They knew and they were terrified because they’ve also been force vaccinated to keep their jobs. They watched as Damar received CPR for 10 minutes after his collapse–knowing that after 10 minutes without oxygen, brain damage is inevitable. They refused to play after he was carried off the field and that’s why the game was cancelled.

It will be interesting to see whether the NFL players will submit to the official lies that will be coming thick and fast in the coming days or whether they will speak up for their own safety. It is now becoming clear that the more boosters, the more damage. There IS apparently a sliding scale of damage caused by the vaccines. The first two cause RELATIVELY little [short term] damage to the general population. There are severe reactions, but it appears most Sheeple carry on in relatively good health. Anecdotal evidence seems to support the notion that the 3rd and 4th boosters cause great damage…blood clots and heart attacks. Will the football players, hockey players and other athletes allow the government/big pharma to destroy their health by forcing them to take the gene-editing injectibles every six months or so as has been threatened? Stay tuned.

Damar Hamlin, US football player who collapsed on the playing field Monday night with sudden cardiac arrest

H/T FreakedOut


From Rogan O’Handley’s Twitter Account

Today I received this message from a former NFL player So many current & former players are scared of what this vax is doing to their friends & they’re not allowed to discuss it publicly I promised him I would be his voice But my God what is happening to us This is horrible


12 thoughts on “Damar Hamlin – Black Swan

  1. Greencrow says:
    “They may be keeping him on a vent and his heart beating while they wait for the furor to die down and the “Official Narrative” to be cast in stone on the MSM.”

    Good call GC, I agree completely. The MSM is bringing on “official” cardiologist doctors to spin this as some big trauma to the chest. Any fan with two brain cells to compute with can see this was a standard tackle and nothing special. The MSM wouldn’t even show Damar collapsing after getting up from the tackle. Thanks to Twitter for complete video footage. 👍

    Damar was apparently well liked by many, a real young leader and rising star! I saw some info on how the black community is not too happy about this event. They KNOW!

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  2. Hi FreakedOut

    Fortunately nobody watches the MSM anymore. Recent statistics show less than 1% of Canadians watch CBC/CTV–the two biggest Canadian TV networks. At any other point in time this would be a huge scandal. Today, nobody bats an eyelash.

    I was going to suggest a reason why Dr. Benjamin Eidelman, the Doctor in the Tweet above admitted administering the vaccine [booster?] to Damar–and then deleted his tweet.

    IMO, this was an insurance policy against assassination. The perpZ would have loved to assassinate the doctor responsible, steal his files, then claim Damar was unvaxed. So, the Dr. figured this likely scenario out–and pre-emptively confessed to administering the vax–so assassination would not provide the ‘denial option’. Then Eidelman took a screen shot for posterity and deleted the Tweet. Smart!

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      1. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/jaguars/2023/01/03/former-jaguars-guard-uche-nwaneri-praised-for-his-consistency-leadership/10984146002/

        Above is a mainstream media report on the death of Nwaneri. Several alternative reports confirm his statement that he thought the unvaxed should go to jail. This is the second instance where someone who made denigrating remarks about the unvaxed ended up dying an untimely death…likely from the vax.


  3. Looks like there will be some aftershocks to the Damar Hamlin story. The Dr. Peter McCullough interview is important. Dr. McCullough demands that people be told whether or not Hamlin was vaccinated as a matter of public safety! Hey, when during the past few years was THAT ever a concern?


  4. RE: @drbeneidelman

    I get this message “This account doesn’t exist.” Did he or “they” cancel that account? I don’t know how twitter works. Couldn’t Dr. Ben just delete that one tweet and still kept his account active?

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  5. Probably deleted the entire account due to the furor. Or…the entire post could be a hoax. I have noticed more and more fake news on Twitter. It’s as if the PerpZ are going to plant fake news in it to make it as unpalatable as the MSM.


    1. VERY interesting commentary from Brian Wilkins @ The CovidBlog on Damar Hamlin:

      “Damar Hamlin: 24-year-old NFL Buffalo Bills safety in critical condition after collapsing on the field, while former NFL player Uche Nwaneri dies suddenly”


      From the article:
      “A fake doctor claimed to have administered a booster shot to Mr. Hamlin on December 26.”


      “The fake account was created two weeks ago; and tweets nothing but vaxx zealotry. It worked as interference for at least a few hours. Both the tweet and the account were quickly deleted, but not before a lot of people shared it, and pointed to it as evidence of whatever….”

      Don’t miss the Comments! 😲

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  6. Hi FreakedOut
    In the last several weeks I’ve noticed a LOT of fakery on Twitter! Don’t know whether my awareness has gone up or there’s simply more to notice. Biggest example is the report that PfiZer CEO Albert Bourla stepped down–saying with regret he was misled by the scientists who told him the injections were ‘safe and effective’. Sadly, I fell for this ploy and copied the Tweet/video into one of my posts. Now I know that the main thrust of the PerpZ in the coming year will be to destroy freedom of speech all over the world by deception, “legislation” and their usual thugery.


  7. Happy New Year GC…
    Just sharing this:

    University, Dr Masanori Fukushima, Blows Up Over the Covid-19 Vaccines and His Government’s Covid-19 Response.

    …and the Rumble link that is in above article:


    I had to access the Rumble link through DuckDuckGo because Google censored it.

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