Breaking News: Smoking gun–JFT MUST resign tomorrow?

Plus: Transgender men are misogynistic men

Good evening folks. You never know what scandal will bring down a terminally corrupt deadbeat politician like JFTurvert. Could have been any of a doZen or so scandals. But methinks it might be this one. Why? Because according to the Global story below, CSIS actually met with Trudeau’s PMO office staff and recommended this guy have his nomination rescinded. JFT did not do so. Please read the Tweet and watch the video and I will have further comments afterwards:


“We’ll be expecting your resignation tomorrow @JustinTrudeau. . You knew CCP we’re working to interfere in elections and you did nothing but let them do it!?. It’s over.

Liberal MP Han Dong is alleged to have been helped by the Chinese consulate in Toronto during his 2019 nomination race, by bussing in seniors & students to vote for him, according to CSIS docs & sources CSIS asked the PM’s senior staff to rescind Dong’s nomination, per sources.”


Then there’s this:

Greencrow comments; Trudeau with the financial and logistical help of the CCP, used racist strategies to get his preferred Liberal candidate nominated in at least two recent Federal Canadian elections. That means, despite his infamous overweening hypocrisy…JUSTIN TRUDEAU IS THE BIGGIST RACIST IN CANADA!

Interesting that GlowBull News is the MSM network that’s breaking this story. As their name denotes, they are the Globalist mouthpiece in Canada and have supported the JFTurvert throughout his entire turgid career. Now. they’re pulling the rug out. Why? Because, IMO, they need to change the puppet before the entire puppet stage collapses bringing all the actors down. Glow Bull is just following orders from it’s international handlers.

Every day the Turvert remains in office, PPC and it’s leader Maxime Bernier escalate in the REAL public opinion polls–not the fake ones you see on the MSM and on social media. As Kenny Rogers used to sing: “Ya gotta know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em…know when to walk away…know when to run.”

And just as the cherry on top of this good news story…we have another outing…this time of the Toronto area transgender big boob shop teacher: S/he’s the kind the Turvert is always defending when he attacks “misogynists”. In his own illiterate way, JFT shows that he doesn’t even know the meaning of the word ‘misogynist’ which, broken up into syllables can be defined thusly:

Miso = ‘hate’

gyn = female reproductive organs

ist = follower/believer

Since the guy below obviously does NOT have female reproductive organs—anyone who hates him can NOT be labeled a misogynist. Perhaps calling him/her a transgenderphobe would be more accurate.

This idiot is riding the “woke” inclusion surf in order to express his psychopathic hatred of women

The Canadian Independent @canindependent

New York Post claims big breasted Oakville Trafalgar High School teacher Kayla Lemieux spotted looking like a dude. “After shopping at a department store and pet supplies shop dressed as a woman, Lemieux headed home to get changed and emerged dressed as a man 30 minutes later.”


Finally, listen to what the female athlete below has to say about her run-in with a transgender. Hopefully this sad phase in the ‘woke’ component of the Globalist agenda 2030 will soon be over. Nobody’s buying this crap anymore. Maybe it’s all gonna come down, fake woke values…fake politicians…fake everything! Stay tuned.

7 thoughts on “Breaking News: Smoking gun–JFT MUST resign tomorrow?

  1. Eventually Trudope will run out of support. This is groundbreaking information but we shall have to see how his teflon works this time. Definitely a story to follow. Thanks for the heads up. I had already just posted a bit on boob man; very weird and twisted. I wonder if he is trolling on an almost intergalactic level here.

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      1. Maybe Trudeau will invoke the EA on himself, get another pass from Rulough the doughboy and then proceed to resume his “duties” as the worst pm in Canadian history.


  2. From the day the Lemieux story broke I thought he was laughing in the face of ‘wokeism’, and I still do. Minus 7 , light snow in Kelowna. Winter is revisiting. Watched Viva Frei in the new Rumble studios this morning. He was saying that he can no longer roll his dress shirt sleeves, wear colourful dress socks, up as JT has ruined that, just like he’s ruining Canada. I had a good chuckle with that bit. Sure hope this transgender political theatre sinks faster than it rose into awareness. Stay cozy Greencrow, Spring is on it’s way.

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  3. If Trudeau steps down, is he not automatically replaced by Freeland? Frig ! Just another WEFer.
    This act of treason should trigger a vote of non confidence which could expose all the traitors including those propping up this minority government .
    If we get rabidly Russophobia Freeland , the puppet show is going to get real.

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    1. Good point. All the treasonous d-bags in gov’t have got to go. (Preferably they’d go get charged, prosecuted, and if found guilty of treason, then they’d at least get sentenced to life in prison)


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