UPDATED: On the Brink!


Good Sunday afternoon sentients. Today we sit on the precipice of some historic events coming up in the next week. There are so many critical developments I don’t know where to start. First, let’s look at what’s going on in Ukraine. Penny for your thoughts has a fabulous post where she speculates that one of the key Russian military targets, a small town called Bakhmut, is surrounded by Russian forces.

I recommend you read Penny’s report and also fellow blogger Northerntruthseeker’s regular updates on Ukraine at his blog. I am focusing on the Canadian political crisis surrounding the now determined to be illegitimate Prime Minister of Canada, JFTurvert. Below is a link to a recent Tweet which sums up the crisis very well. Please read it…and also browse through all the other links I have lined up about the unbelievably deep corruption that has consumed the Canadian nation for up to three years now [probably much longer]. Criminal fraudulent election strategies capitaliZing on racism? Who knew? Crimes engaged in by two co-conspirators–the Communist Party of China AND Justin Fuck Trudeau!

Watch/Read below and I will have final comments to follow:

A Crisis took place over this past weekend after Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre joined JFT at a Ukraine War Rally AND dissed Trucker Freedom Convoy supporter German MEP Christine Anderson during her visit to support the Truckers on the 1st anniversary of the Convoy for Freedom. Rank and file Conservatives were apoplectic at PP’s abandonment of freedom ideals and merger with the Lie-beral warmongers. The CPC is now hemorrhaging supporters/voters.


Of course, Peoples Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier [who I have voted for in the past two selections] came out smelling like a rose because all along Max has stood shoulder to shoulder with the Truckers and with Christine Anderson.

Back to the Chinese Election Fraud crisis–JFT so far has behaved as though he can just ignore it and it will go away. That ain’t gonna happen this time–and I will tell you why at the end of this post…


Lilley: Trudeau deals with China’s alleged election tinkering by hunting whistleblower


NP View: Canada’s stubbornly unethical Liberal government


Trudeau blasts Canada’s spy agency after leaked docs show China backed his 2021 reelection



On a chilly night, Trudeau receives a frosty reception outside a carpenters’ union HQ in Vaughan, Ont.



Interesting as the Chinese election fraud crisis/scandal was broken by the Globalist Globe and Mail and is being pumped by the even more Globalist Global TV. All this brings to mind one other crisis simmering away in Canada…Turvert’s [perhaps too late] effort to shut down freedom of speech:



And, for a brief reprieve from the crisis reporting. Read the article below I found in RT…where Shakespeare has been flagged as ‘far right’ speech by the ‘woke’. Also saw where Dr. Seuss has also suffered the same fate by those Orwellians who want to obliterate white culture.


Shakespeare flagged as ‘Far Right’ literature in UK – Media


“The works of the British playwright were among those reportedly included in a list of ‘key texts’ read by white nationalists

Several of the UK’s most respected television shows, movies and works of literature have been included in a list of works that could potentially encourage far-right sympathies, compiled by the taxpayer-funded and government-led ‘Prevent’ counter-terrorism programme, according to the Daily Mail.

Works by JRR Tolkien, Aldous Huxley, George Orwell and even William Shakespeare, as well as classic movies ‘The Bridge on the River Kwai’ and ‘The Great Escape’ were cited in a list published by the British paper on Saturday as being highlighted by the counter-terrorism watchdog, for their potential use by far-right agitators to promote troublesome viewpoints online.

“This is truly extraordinary,” historian and broadcaster Andrew Roberts said of the list to the tabloid. “This is the reading list of anyone who wants a civilized, liberal, cultural education.

“It includes some of the greatest works in the Western canon and in some cases – such as Joseph Conrad’s ‘The Secret Agent’ – powerful critiques of terrorism. [Edmund] Burke, Orwell and Tolkien were all anti-totalitarian writers.”

In addition to movies and works of literature, television shows such as the original ‘House of Cards’ series and even the BBC’s ‘Great British Railway Journeys,’ presented by former Conservative politician Michael Portillo, are mentioned by ‘Prevent’ as being potentially attractive to people with far-right viewpoints.

It said in a recent report by its Research Information and Communication Unit (RICU) that far-right corners of the internet had promoted ‘reading lists’ and ‘important texts,’ as well as other media which could potentially stoke radicalism online.

The ‘Prevent’ counter-terrorism programme was set up by the British government in 2011 as a means to safeguard against “vulnerable people being drawn into criminal behaviour,” with an emphasis on combating ultra-right groups and Islamic extremism.

However, a recent audit of its practices found that ‘Prevent’ “often falls well short of the extremism threshold altogether” and that it “has a double-standard when dealing with the extreme right-wing and Islamism.”

Amnesty International has also been highly critical of the project, saying it is “deeply prejudiced” and has “no legitimacy”.

Despite its perceived failings, as highlighted by the review into its standards and practices, major changes are not expected in the management of ‘Prevent,’ which has operational costs of £49 million per year.”


Greencrow comments; Trudeau is having his last gasps, folks. I predict he’ll be gone by the end of the week…of course I’ve said that before and been woefully WRONGO!

The Link below describes one of his last hurrahs…where he was “Sorry not sorry”. For attacking the Freedom Convoy as a “fringe minority”. He who laughs last, laughs best…as my mother used to say:


Rex Murphy: Trudeau feigns regret for attacking Freedom Convoy as a ‘fringe’


More on the endemic media corruption which led directly to the government crisis we are now on the brink of. If the Fifth Estate had been doing it’s job…this corruption would have been nipped in the bud years ago!



Justin Trudeau is digging a deeper hole for himself on Chinese meddling in Elections


“….Here’s another non-partisan source who thinks we should take it seriously. Jean-Pierre Kingsley, a former chief electoral officer of Canada, tells La Presse that “the integrity of the system has been broken and Canada cannot leave it at that.” He’s calling for an independent inquiry…”


And, in this ‘blast from the past” we see how political dirty tricks morphed into criminality and nearly destroyed the budding PPC party.

Kinsella consulting firm worked to ‘seek and destroy’ Bernier’s PPC party, documents say



Greencrow concludes: Folks, the above is an embarrassment of riches! So many links and reports that I cannot comment on each and every one. Just recommend that you read/watch/listen to them as background to what is about to happen.

The only politician in Canada who will come out of this smelling like a rose is Peoples Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier…who I dearly hope will be Canada’s next Prime Minister. I haven’t a clue how that will happen…but let me say that after the last 48 hours, Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre is ‘dead in the water’. His gaffs over appearing on the same Ukraine War Mongering stage as JFT and dissing the German Member of the European Parliament, Christine Anderson, cost him dearly!

Now I will speculate as to why I believe Canada is on the brink of a successful “non confidence” motion and a collapse of the Terminally Turgid Turvertian government. Whoever is behind the strategy to Turf the Turd has planned this carefully. The strategy is brilliant. Forced to guess who’s behind it I would say that the Liberal Party bagmen/fixers are behind it…belatedly realizing their entire party will soon be dust if they don’t Turf the Turd.

They got CSIS to “leak” the information about the Chinese co-conspiracy with the Liberals re election fraud…using racism to load the nominations of Chinese power brokers like Han Dong who, incredibly, still sits as an MP! There have also been two other big leaks about Chinese/Liberal Party corruption…the funding of 11 MP’s by China and the presence of Chinese Police Offices in several cities throughout Canada. IMO, all of these scandals are intricately connected and one facilitates the other.

Those Liberal MP’s who were not in on the electoral fraud and whose nominations were supposedly legit are probably furious...to be tarred with the same brush and have their political careers ending so opprobriously. They have a very brief window of opportunity in the next few days to make their voices heard and defend themselves from the piss shower of evidence of deep corruption. Of course all the MP’s sitting in the House of Commons have had ample time to clean up the corruption and not only went along silently, but had their snouts deep in the Tax-payer funded trough.

A Non-Confidence Motion is the quickest way to turf the turd…he may very well resign when it becomes clear that’s his fate…but knowing how pathologically insane JFT is…this could become dangerous if he flips and flops like a caught fish on the deck of a boat. He could do some damage…as I have said for years…he’s deranged.

So, friends, the wheat will soon be separated from the chaff. I will continue to add to this post as events unfold. Hold onto your seats!

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